TL866II Plus Universal Programmer Support Chip List

TL866II Plus USB programmer

TL866II Plus USB Chip Programmer support more than 15000+ chip models,below show the full list of TL866II Plus USB Chips.

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TL866II Plus USB programmer

[ ACE ]


ACE24AC02                           ACE24AC02 @SOIC8                    ACE24AC02 @TSSOP8                   ACE24AC04

ACE24AC04 @SOIC8                    ACE24AC04 @TSSOP8                   ACE24AC08                           ACE24AC08 @SOIC8

ACE24AC08 @TSSOP8                   ACE24AC16                           ACE24AC16 @SOIC8                    ACE24AC16 @TSSOP8

ACE24AC32D                          ACE24AC32D @SOIC8                   ACE24AC32D @TSSOP8                  ACE24AC64

ACE24AC64 @SOIC8                    ACE24AC64 @TSSOP8                   ACE24AC128                          ACE24AC128 @SOIC8

ACE24AC128 @TSSOP8                  ACE24AC256                          ACE24AC256 @SOIC8                   ACE24AC256 @TSSOP8

ACE24AC512                          ACE24AC512 @SOIC8                   ACE24AC512 @TSSOP8                  ACE24AC1024

ACE24AC1024 @SOIC8                  ACE24C02A                           ACE24C02A @SOIC8                    ACE24C02A @TSSOP8

ACE24C02B                           ACE24C02B @SOIC8                    ACE24C02B @TSSOP8                   ACE24C04A

ACE24C04A @SOIC8                    ACE24C04A @TSSOP8                   ACE24C04B                           ACE24C04B @SOIC8

ACE24C04B @TSSOP8                   ACE24C08A                           ACE24C08A @SOIC8                    ACE24C08A @TSSOP8

ACE24C08B                           ACE24C08B @SOIC8                    ACE24C08B @TSSOP8                   ACE24C16A

ACE24C16A @SOIC8                    ACE24C16A @TSSOP8                   ACE24C16B                           ACE24C16B @SOIC8

ACE24C16B @TSSOP8                   ACE24C32                            ACE24C32 @SOIC8                     ACE24C32 @TSSOP8

ACE24C64                            ACE24C64 @SOIC8                     ACE24C64 @TSSOP8                    ACE24C128

ACE24C128 @SOIC8                    ACE24C128 @TSSOP8                   ACE24C256                           ACE24C256 @SOIC8

ACE24C256 @TSSOP8                   ACE24C512                           ACE24C512 @SOIC8                    ACE24C512 @TSSOP8

ACE24C1024                          ACE24C1024 @SOIC8                   ACE24LA02A                          ACE24LA02A @SOIC8

ACE24LA02A @TSSOP8                  ACE24LA04A                          ACE24LA04A @SOIC8                   ACE24LA04A @TSSOP8

ACE24LA08A                          ACE24LA08A @SOIC8                   ACE24LA08A @TSSOP8                  ACE24LA16A

ACE24LA16A @SOIC8                   ACE24LA16A @TSSOP8                  ACE24C64A                           ACE24C64A @SOIC8

ACE24C64A @TSSOP8                   ACE24C256A                          ACE24C256A @SOIC8                   ACE24C256A @TSSOP8

ACE24C512A                          ACE24C512A @SOIC8                   ACE24C512A @TSSOP8                  ACE24LC02

ACE24LC02 @SOIC8                    ACE24LC02 @TSSOP8                   ACE24LC04                           ACE24LC04 @SOIC8

ACE24LC04 @TSSOP8                   ACE24LC08                           ACE24LC08 @SOIC8                    ACE24LC08 @TSSOP8

ACE24LC16                           ACE24LC16 @SOIC8                    ACE24LC16 @TSSOP8                   ACE25AC512G

ACE25AC512G @SON8                   ACE25AC512G @TSSOP8                 ACE25AC100G                         ACE25AC100G @SON8

ACE25AC100G @TSSOP8                 ACE25AC200G                         ACE25AC200G @SON8                   ACE25AC200G @TSSOP8

ACE25AC400G                         ACE25AC400G @SON8                   ACE25AC400G @TSSOP8                 ACE25C512C

ACE25C512C @SON8                    ACE25C512C @TSSOP8                  ACE25C512C(OTP)                     ACE25C512C(OTP) @SON8

ACE25C512C(OTP) @TSSOP8             ACE25C100C                          ACE25C100C @SON8                    ACE25C100C @TSSOP8

ACE25C100C(OTP)                     ACE25C100C(OTP) @SON8               ACE25C100C(OTP) @TSSOP8             ACE25C200C

ACE25C200C @SON8                    ACE25C200C @TSSOP8                  ACE25C200C(OTP)                     ACE25C200C(OTP) @SON8

ACE25C200C(OTP) @TSSOP8             ACE25C400C                          ACE25C400C @SON8                    ACE25C400C @TSSOP8

ACE25C400C(OTP)                     ACE25C400C(OTP) @SON8               ACE25C400C(OTP) @TSSOP8             ACE25QA512G

ACE25QA512G @SON8                   ACE25QA512G @TSSOP8                 ACE25QA100G                         ACE25QA100G @SON8

ACE25QA100G @TSSOP8                 ACE25QA200G                         ACE25QA200G @SON8                   ACE25QA200G @TSSOP8

ACE25QA400G                         ACE25QA400G @SON8                   ACE25QA400G @TSSOP8                 ACE25QA800G

ACE25QA800G @SON8                   ACE25QA800G @TSSOP8                 ACE25QA160G                         ACE25QA160G @SON8

ACE25QA160G @TSSOP8                 ACE25QC160G                         ACE25QC160G @SON8                   ACE25QC160G @TSSOP8

ACE25QC320G                         ACE25QC320G @SON8                   ACE25QC320G @TSSOP8                 ACE25QC640G

ACE25QC640G @SON8                   ACE25QC640G @TSSOP8                 Q25Q64A                             Q25Q64A @SON8

Q25Q64A @TSSOP8                     ACE25QC128G                         ACE25QC128G @SON8                   ACE25QC128G @TSSOP8

ACE93C46(x8)                        ACE93C46(x8) @SOIC8                 ACE93C46(x8) @TSSOP8                ACE93C46(x16)

ACE93C46(x16) @SOIC8                ACE93C46(x16) @TSSOP8               ACE93C46A(x8)                       ACE93C46A(x8) @SOIC8

ACE93C46A(x8) @TSSOP8               ACE93C46A(x16)                      ACE93C46A(x16) @SOIC8               ACE93C46A(x16) @TSSOP8

ACE93C56(x8)                        ACE93C56(x8) @SOIC8                 ACE93C56(x8) @TSSOP8                ACE93C56(x16)

ACE93C56(x16) @SOIC8                ACE93C56(x16) @TSSOP8               ACE93C56A(x8)                       ACE93C56A(x8) @SOIC8

ACE93C56A(x8) @TSSOP8               ACE93C56A(x16)                      ACE93C56A(x16) @SOIC8               ACE93C56A(x16) @TSSOP8

ACE93C66(x8)                        ACE93C66(x8) @SOIC8                 ACE93C66(x8) @TSSOP8                ACE93C66(x16)

ACE93C66(x16) @SOIC8                ACE93C66(x16) @TSSOP8               ACE93C66A(x8)                       ACE93C66A(x8) @SOIC8

ACE93C66A(x8) @TSSOP8               ACE93C66A(x16)                      ACE93C66A(x16) @SOIC8               ACE93C66A(x16) @TSSOP8


IC Support: 208 PCS


[ ACT ]


93LC46(x8)                          93LC46(x8) @SOIC8                   93LC46(x16)                         93LC46(x16) @SOIC8

93LC56(x8)                          93LC56(x8) @SOIC8                   93LC56(x16)                         93LC56(x16) @SOIC8

93LC66(x8)                          93LC66(x8) @SOIC8                   93LC66(x16)                         93LC66(x16) @SOIC8

93LC86(x8)                          93LC86(x8) @SOIC8                   93LC86(x16)                         93LC86(x16) @SOIC8


IC Support: 16 PCS




AC25LV512                           AC25LV512 @SOP8                     AC25LV010                           AC25LV010 @SOP8

AC39LV010  @PLCC32                  AC39LV010  @TSOP32                  AC39LV020  @PLCC32                  AC39LV020  @TSOP32

AC39LV040  @PLCC32                  AC39LV040  @TSOP32                  AC39LV080  @TSOP40                  AC39LV088  @TSOP48

AC39LV512  @PLCC32                  AC39LV512  @TSOP32                  AC39VF088  @TSOP48


IC Support: 15 PCS




AT25SF041 @UDFN8                    AT25SF041 @TSSOP8                   AT25SF041(OTP) @UDFN8               AT25SF041(OTP) @TSSOP8

AT25SF081 @UDFN8                    AT25SF081 @TSSOP8                   AT25SF081(OTP) @UDFN8               AT25SF081(OTP) @TSSOP8

AT25SF161 @UDFN8                    AT25SF161 @TSSOP8                   AT25SF161(OTP) @UDFN8               AT25SF161(OTP) @TSSOP8

AT25SF321 @UDFN8                    AT25SF321 @TSSOP8                   AT25SF321(OTP) @UDFN8               AT25SF321(OTP) @TSSOP8

AT25SF641 @UDFN8                    AT25SF641 @TSSOP8                   AT45DB011D[Page264] @SOIC8          AT45DB011D[Page256] @SOIC8

AT45DB011D[Page264] @UDFN8          AT45DB011D[Page256] @UDFN8          AT45DB021D[Page264] @SOIC8          AT45DB021D[Page256] @SOIC8

AT45DB021D[Page264] @UDFN8          AT45DB021D[Page256] @UDFN8          AT45DB021E[Page264] @SOIC8          AT45DB021E[Page256] @SOIC8

AT45DB021E[Page264] @UDFN8          AT45DB021E[Page256] @UDFN8          AT45DB041D[Page264] @SOIC8          AT45DB041D[Page256] @SOIC8

AT45DB041E[Page264] @SOIC8          AT45DB041E[Page256] @SOIC8          AT45DB041E[Page264] @UDFN8          AT45DB041E[Page256] @UDFN8

AT45DB081D[Page264] @SOIC8          AT45DB081D[Page256] @SOIC8          AT45DB081E[Page264] @SOIC8          AT45DB081E[Page256] @SOIC8

AT45DB081E[Page264] @UDFN8          AT45DB081E[Page256] @UDFN8          AT45DB161D[Page528] @SOIC8          AT45DB161D[Page512] @SOIC8

AT45DB161E[Page528] @SOIC8          AT45DB161E[Page512] @SOIC8          AT45DB161E[Page528] @UDFN8          AT45DB161E[Page512] @UDFN8

AT45DB321D[Page528] @SOIC8          AT45DB321D[Page512] @SOIC8          AT45DB321E[Page528] @SOIC8          AT45DB321E[Page512] @SOIC8

AT45DB321E[Page528] @UDFN8          AT45DB321E[Page512] @UDFN8


IC Support: 54 PCS




AF24BC01                            AF24BC01 @SOIC8                     AF24BC01 @TSOP8                     AF24BC02

AF24BC02 @SOIC8                     AF24BC02 @TSOP8                     AF24BC04                            AF24BC04 @SOIC8

AF24BC04 @TSOP8                     AF24BC08                            AF24BC08 @SOIC8                     AF24BC08 @TSOP8

AF24BC16                            AF24BC16 @SOIC8                     AF24BC16 @TSOP8                     AF24C32

AF24C32 @SOIC8                      AF24C32 @TSOP8                      AF24C64                             AF24C64 @SOIC8

AF24C64 @TSOP8                      AF24C128                            AF24C128 @SOIC8                     AF24C128 @TSOP8

AF24C256                            AF24C256 @SOIC8                     AF24C256 @TSOP8                     AF93C46(x8)

AF93C46(x8) @SOIC8                  AF93C46(x8) @TSSOP8                 AF93C46(x16)                        AF93C46(x16) @SOIC8

AF93C46(x16) @TSSOP8                AF93C56(x8)                         AF93C56(x8) @SOIC8                  AF93C56(x8) @TSSOP8

AF93C56(x16)                        AF93C56(x16) @SOIC8                 AF93C56(x16) @TSSOP8                AF93C66(x8)

AF93C66(x8) @SOIC8                  AF93C66(x8) @TSSOP8                 AF93C66(x16)                        AF93C66(x16) @SOIC8

AF93C66(x16) @TSSOP8                AF93C86(x8)                         AF93C86(x8) @SOIC8                  AF93C86(x8) @TSSOP8

AF93C86(x16)                        AF93C86(x16) @SOIC8                 AF93C86(x16) @TSSOP8


IC Support: 51 PCS


[ AiT Semi ]


A24C02                              A24C02 @SOIC8                       A24C02 @TSOP8                       A24C04

A24C04 @SOIC8                       A24C04 @TSOP8                       A24C08                              A24C08 @SOIC8

A24C08 @TSOP8                       A24C16                              A24C16 @SOIC8                       A24C16 @TSOP8

A93C46(x8)                          A93C46(x8) @SOIC8                   A93C46(x8) @TSOP8                   A93C46(x16)

A93C46(x16) @SOIC8                  A93C46(x16) @TSOP8                  A93C56(x8)                          A93C56(x8) @SOIC8

A93C56(x16)                         A93C56(x16) @SOIC8                  A93C66(x8)                          A93C66(x8) @SOIC8

A93C66(x8) @TSOP8                   A93C66(x16)                         A93C66(x16) @SOIC8                  A93C66(x16) @TSOP8


IC Support: 28 PCS


[ ALI(Acer) ]


M8720                               M8720 @PLCC32


IC Support: 2 PCS




AS29F002T                           AS29F002T @PLCC32                   AS29F002T @TSOP32                   AS29F002B

AS29F002B @PLCC32                   AS29F002B @TSOP32                   AS29LV160B @TSOP48                  AS29LV160T @TSOP48

AS29F200B @TSOP48                   AS29F200B @PSOP44                   AS29F200T @TSOP48                   AS29F200T @PSOP44

AS29LV400B @TSOP48                  AS29LV400B @SOP44                   AS29LV400T @TSOP48                  AS29LV400T @SOP44

AS29LV800B @TSOP48                  AS29LV800B @SOP44                   AS29LV800T @TSOP48                  AS29LV800T @SOP44


IC Support: 20 PCS


[ AMD ]


AM2716    @DIP24                    AM2716B   @DIP24                    AM2732    @DIP24                    AM2732A   @DIP24

AM2732B   @DIP24                    AM2764A   @DIP28                    AM2764A   @PLCC32                   AM27128A  @DIP28

AM27128A  @PLCC32                   AM27256   @DIP28                    AM27256   @PLCC32                   AM27512   @DIP28

AM27512   @PLCC32                   AM27C64    @DIP28                   AM27C64    @PLCC32                  AM27C010   @DIP32

AM27C010   @PLCC32                  AM27C020   @DIP32                   AM27C020   @PLCC32                  AM27C040   @DIP32

AM27C040   @PLCC32                  AM27C080   @DIP32                   AM27C080   @PLCC32                  AM27C128   @DIP28

AM27C128   @PLCC32                  AM27C256   @DIP28                   AM27C256   @PLCC32                  AM27C512   @DIP28

AM27C512   @PLCC32                  AM27C1024  @DIP40                   AM27C2048  @DIP40                   AM27C4096  @DIP40

AM27C4096(MXIC)  @DIP40             AM27LV010  @DIP32                   AM27LV010  @PLCC32                  AM27LV010  @TSOP32

AM27LV020  @DIP32                   AM27LV020  @PLCC32                  AM27LV020  @TSOP32                  AM27LV020B @DIP32

AM27LV020B @PLCC32                  AM27LV020B @TSOP32                  AM27LV040  @DIP32                   AM27LV040  @PLCC32

AM27LV040  @TSOP32                  AM27LV080  @DIP32                   AM27LV080  @PLCC32                  AM27LV080  @TSOP32

AM27H010   @DIP32                   AM27H010   @PLCC32                  AM27H010   @TSOP32                  AM27H256   @DIP28

AM27H256   @PLCC32                  AM27HB010  @DIP32                   AM27HB010  @PLCC32                  AM27HB010  @TSOP32

AM28C16A @DIP24                     AM28C16A @PLCC32                    AM28C17A @DIP28                     AM28C17A @PLCC32

AM28C17A @SOIC28                    AM28C64A @DIP28                     AM28C64A @PLCC32                    AM28C64A @SOIC28

AM28C64AE @DIP28                    AM28C64AE @PLCC32                   AM28C64AE @SOIC28                   AM28C64B @DIP28

AM28C64B @PLCC32                    AM28C64B @SOIC28                    AM28C64BE @DIP28                    AM28C64BE @PLCC32

AM28C64BE @SOIC28                   AM28F256                            AM28F256 @PLCC32                    AM28F256 @TSOP32

AM28F512                            AM28F512 @PLCC32                    AM28F512 @TSOP32                    AM28F010

AM28F010 @PLCC32                    AM28F010 @TSOP32                    AM28F020                            AM28F020 @PLCC32

AM28F020 @TSOP32                    AM29BL162CB  @SOP56                 AM29BL802CB  @SOP56                 AM29DL161DB @TSOP48

AM29DL161DT @TSOP48                 AM29DL162DB @TSOP48                 AM29DL162DT @TSOP48                 AM29DL163DB @TSOP48

AM29DL163DT @TSOP48                 AM29DL164DB @TSOP48                 AM29DL164DT @TSOP48                 AM29DL320GB    @TSOP48

AM29DL320GT     @TSOP48             AM29DL322DB @TSOP48                 AM29DL322DT @TSOP48                 AM29DL322GB @TSOP48

AM29DL322GT @TSOP48                 AM29DL323DB @TSOP48                 AM29DL323DT @TSOP48                 AM29DL323GB @TSOP48

AM29DL323GT @TSOP48                 AM29DL324DB @TSOP48                 AM29DL324DT @TSOP48                 AM29DL324GB @TSOP48

AM29DL324GT @TSOP48                 AM29DL400BB @TSOP48                 AM29DL400BB @SOP44                  AM29DL400BT @TSOP48

AM29DL400BT @SOP44                  AM29DL800BB @TSOP48                 AM29DL800BB @SOP44                  AM29DL800BT @TSOP48

AM29DL800BT @SOP44                  AM29DL640D @TSOP48                  AM29DL640H @TSOP48                  AM29DL640G @TSOP48

AM29DS163DB @TSOP48                 AM29DS163DT @TSOP48                 AM29DS323DB @TSOP48                 AM29DS323DT @TSOP48

AM29F002B   @DIP32                  AM29F002B   @PLCC32                 AM29F002B   @TSOP32                 AM29F002BB  @DIP32

AM29F002BB  @PLCC32                 AM29F002BB  @TSOP32                 AM29F002BT  @DIP32                  AM29F002BT  @PLCC32

AM29F002BT  @TSOP32                 AM29F002NB  @DIP32                  AM29F002NB  @PLCC32                 AM29F002NB  @TSOP32

AM29F002NBB @DIP32                  AM29F002NBB @PLCC32                 AM29F002NBB @TSOP32                 AM29F002NBT @DIP32

AM29F002NBT @PLCC32                 AM29F002NBT @TSOP32                 AM29F002NT  @DIP32                  AM29F002NT  @PLCC32

AM29F002NT  @TSOP32                 AM29F002T   @DIP32                  AM29F002T   @PLCC32                 AM29F002T   @TSOP32

AM29F010    @DIP32                  AM29F010    @PLCC32                 AM29F010    @TSOP32                 AM29F010B   @DIP32

AM29F010B   @PLCC32                 AM29F010B   @TSOP32                 AM29F040    @DIP32                  AM29F040    @PLCC32

AM29F040    @TSOP32                 AM29F040B   @DIP32                  AM29F040B   @PLCC32                 AM29F040B   @TSOP32

AM29F080    @TSOP40                 AM29F080B   @TSOP40                 AM29F016D @TSOP40                   AM29F017B @TSOP40

AM29F100AB  @TSOP48                 AM29F100AB  @SOP44                  AM29F100AT  @TSOP48                 AM29F100AT  @SOP44

AM29F100B   @TSOP48                 AM29F100B   @SOP44                  AM29F100T   @TSOP48                 AM29F100T   @SOP44

AM29F160DB  @TSOP48                 AM29F160DT  @TSOP48                 AM29F200AB  @TSOP48                 AM29F200AB  @SOP44

AM29F200AT  @TSOP48                 AM29F200AT  @SOP44                  AM29F200BB  @TSOP48                 AM29F200BB  @SOP44

AM29F200BT  @TSOP48                 AM29F200BT  @SOP44                  AM29F400AB  @TSOP48                 AM29F400AB  @SOP44

AM29F400AT  @TSOP48                 AM29F400AT  @SOP44                  AM29F400BB  @TSOP48                 AM29F400BB  @SOP44

AM29F400BT  @TSOP48                 AM29F400BT  @SOP44                  AM29F800AB  @TSOP48                 AM29F800AB  @SOP44

AM29F800AT  @TSOP48                 AM29F800AT  @SOP44                  AM29F800B   @TSOP48                 AM29F800B   @SOP44

AM29F800BB  @TSOP48                 AM29F800BB  @SOP44                  AM29F800BT  @TSOP48                 AM29F800BT  @SOP44

AM29F800T   @TSOP48                 AM29F800T   @SOP44                  AM29LV001B  @PLCC32                 AM29LV001B  @TSOP32

AM29LV001BB @PLCC32                 AM29LV001BB @TSOP32                 AM29LV001BT @PLCC32                 AM29LV001BT @TSOP32

AM29LV001T  @PLCC32                 AM29LV001T  @TSOP32                 AM29LV002B  @TSOP40                 AM29LV002T  @TSOP40

AM29LV004B  @TSOP40                 AM29LV004BB @TSOP40                 AM29LV004BT @TSOP40                 AM29LV004T  @TSOP40

AM29LV008B  @TSOP40                 AM29LV008BB @TSOP40                 AM29LV008BT @TSOP40                 AM29LV008T  @TSOP40

AM29LV010B  @PLCC32                 AM29LV010B  @TSOP32                 AM29LV017   @TSOP40                 AM29LV020B  @PLCC32

AM29LV020B  @TSOP32                 AM29LV033C  @TSOP40                 AM29LV033M  @TSOP40                 AM29LV040B  @PLCC32

AM29LV040B  @TSOP32                 AM29LV081   @TSOP40                 AM29LV200B  @TSOP48                 AM29LV200B  @SOP44

AM29LV200BB @TSOP48                 AM29LV200BB @SOP44                  AM29LV200BT @TSOP48                 AM29LV200BT @SOP44

AM29LV200T  @SOP44                  AM29LV200T  @TSOP48                 AM29LV400B  @TSOP48                 AM29LV400B  @SOP44

AM29LV400BB @TSOP48                 AM29LV400BB @SOP44                  AM29LV400BT @TSOP48                 AM29LV400BT @SOP44

AM29LV400T  @TSOP48                 AM29LV400T  @SOP44                  AM29LV800B  @TSOP48                 AM29LV800B  @SOP44

AM29LV800BB @TSOP48                 AM29LV800BB @SOP44                  AM29LV800BT @TSOP48                 AM29LV800BT @SOP44

AM29LV800T  @TSOP48                 AM29LV800T  @SOP44                  AM29LV160BB  @TSOP48                AM29LV160BT @TSOP48

AM29LV160DB @TSOP48                 AM29LV160DT @TSOP48                 AM29LV160MB @TSOP48                 AM29LV160MT @TSOP48

AM29LV320DB @TSOP48                 AM29LV320DT @TSOP48                 AM29LV320MB @TSOP48                 AM29LV320MT @TSOP48

AM29LV641D  @TSOP48                 MBM29PL64LM @TSOP48


IC Support: 266 PCS


[ AMIC ]


A25L05PT @DIP8                      A25L05PT @SOP8                      A25L05PT @TSOP8                     A25L05PU @DIP8

A25L05PU @SOP8                      A25L05PU @TSOP8                     A25L10PT @DIP8                      A25L10PT @SOP8

A25L10PT @TSOP8                     A25L10PU @DIP8                      A25L10PU @SOP8                      A25L10PU @TSOP8

A25L20PT @DIP8                      A25L20PT @SOP8                      A25L20PT @TSOP8                     A25L20PU @DIP8

A25L20PU @SOP8                      A25L20PU @TSOP8                     A25L40PT @DIP8                      A25L40PT @SOP8

A25L40PT @SOP16                     A25L40PU @DIP8                      A25L40PU @SOP8                      A25L40PU @SOP16

A25L80PT @DIP8                      A25L80PT @SOP8                      A25L80PT @SOP16                     A25L80PU @DIP8

A25L80PU @SOP8                      A25L80PU @SOP16                     A25L16PT @DIP8                      A25L16PT @SOP8

A25L16PT @SOP16                     A25L16PU @DIP8                      A25L16PU @SOP8                      A25L16PU @SOP16

A25L512  @DIP8                      A25L512  @SOP8                      A25L512  @TSOP8                     A25L010  @DIP8

A25L010  @SOP8                      A25L010  @TSOP8                     A25L020  @DIP8                      A25L020  @SOP8

A25L020  @TSOP8                     A25L040  @DIP8                      A25L040  @SOP8                      A25L040  @TSOP8

A25L080  @DIP8                      A25L080  @SOP8                      A25L080  @TSOP8                     A25L016  @DIP8

A25L016  @SOP8                      A25L016  @SOP16                     A25L032  @DIP8                      A25L032  @SOP8

A25L032  @SOP16                     A25LQ16   @DIP8                     A25LQ16   @SOP8                     A25LQ16   @SOP16

A25LQ32  @DIP8                      A25LQ32  @SOP8                      A25LQ32  @SOP16                     A25LQ32A  @DIP8

A25LQ32A  @SOP8                     A25LQ32A  @SOP16                    A25LQ64  @DIP8                      A25LQ64  @SOP8

A25LQ64  @SOP16                     A25LS512A  @DIP8                    A25LS512A  @SOP8                    A25LS512A  @TSOP8

A27020    @DIP32                    A27020    @TSOP32                   A27020L   @PLCC32                   A276308   @DIP28

A276308   @SOP28                    A276308L  @PLCC32                   A276308A  @DIP28                    A276308A  @SOP28

A276308AL @PLCC32                   A278308   @DIP28                    A278308L  @PLCC32                   A278308A  @DIP28

A278308AL @PLCC32                   A29001T                             A29001T  @PLCC32                    A29001T  @TSOP32

A29001U                             A29001U  @PLCC32                    A29001U  @TSOP32                    A290011T

A290011T @PLCC32                    A290011T @TSOP32                    A290011U                            A290011U @PLCC32

A290011U @TSOP32                    A29002T                             A29002T  @PLCC32                    A29002T  @TSOP32

A29002U                             A29002U  @PLCC32                    A29002U  @TSOP32                    A290021T

A290021T @PLCC32                    A290021T @TSOP32                    A290021U                            A290021U @PLCC32

A290021U @TSOP32                    A29512                              A29512   @PLCC32                    A29512   @TSOP32

A29512A                             A29512A  @PLCC32                    A29512A  @TSOP32                    A29010

A29010   @PLCC32                    A29010   @TSOP32                    A29040                              A29040   @PLCC32

A29040   @TSOP32                    A29040A                             A29040A  @PLCC32                    A29040A  @TSOP32

A29040B                             A29040B  @PLCC32                    A29040B  @TSOP32                    A29016W @TSOP40

A29400V  @TSOP48                    A29400M  @SOP44                     A29400TV  @TSOP48                   A29400TM  @SOP44

A29400UV  @TSOP48                   A29400UM  @SOP44                    A29800TV  @TSOP48                   A29800TM  @SOP44

A29800UV  @TSOP48                   A29800UM  @SOP44                    A29801ATV @TSOP48                   A29801ATM @SOP44

A29801TV  @TSOP48                   A29801TM  @SOP44                    A29801UV  @TSOP48                   A29801UM  @SOP44

A29DL162TV  @TSOP48                 A29DL162UV  @TSOP48                 A29DL163TV  @TSOP48                 A29DL163UV  @TSOP48

A29DL164TV  @TSOP48                 A29DL164UV  @TSOP48                 A29DL320TV  @TSOP48                 A29DL320BV  @TSOP48

A29DL322TV  @TSOP48                 A29DL322UV  @TSOP48                 A29DL323TV  @TSOP48                 A29DL323UV  @TSOP48

A29DL324TV  @TSOP48                 A29DL324UV  @TSOP48                 A29L040    @DIP32                   A29L040    @PLCC32

A29L040    @TSOP32                  A29L040A   @DIP32                   A29L040A   @PLCC32                  A29L040A   @TSOP32

A29L004ATL @PLCC32                  A29L004ATV @TSOP32                  A29L004ATW @TSOP40                  A29L004ATX @TSOP32

A29L004ATY @TSOP32                  A29L004AUL @PLCC32                  A29L004AUV @TSOP32                  A29L004AUW @TSOP40

A29L004AUX @TSOP32                  A29L004AUY @TSOP32                  A29L004TL  @PLCC32                  A29L004TV  @TSOP32

A29L004TW  @TSOP40                  A29L004TX  @TSOP32                  A29L004UL  @PLCC32                  A29L004UV  @TSOP32

A29L004UW  @TSOP40                  A29L004UX  @TSOP32                  A29L008TV  @TSOP40                  A29L008UV  @TSOP40

A29L008ATV @TSOP40                  A29L008AUV @TSOP40                  A29L400TV  @TSOP48                  A29L400TM  @SOP44

A29L400UV  @TSOP48                  A29L400UM  @SOP44                   A29L400ATV @TSOP48                  A29L400ATM @SOP44

A29L400AUV @TSOP48                  A29L400AUM @SOP44                   A29L800TV  @TSOP48                  A29L800TM  @SOP44

A29L800UV  @TSOP48                  A29L800UM  @SOP44                   A29L800ATV @TSOP48                  A29L800ATM @SOP44

A29L800AUV @TSOP48                  A29L800AUM @SOP44                   A29L800HTV @TSOP48                  A29L800HTM @SOP44

A29L800HUV @TSOP48                  A29L800HUM @SOP44                   A29L160TV  @TSOP48                  A29L160UV  @TSOP48

A29L160ATV @TSOP48                  A29L160AUV @TSOP48                  A29L320TV  @TSOP48                  A29L320UV  @TSOP48

A29L320ATV @TSOP48                  A29L320AUV @TSOP48                  A29L640TV  @TSOP48                  A29L640UV  @TSOP48

A49LF004TL  @PLCC32                 A49LF004TX  @TSOP32                 A49LF040TL  @PLCC32                 A49LF040TX  @TSOP32

A49LF040ATL @PLCC32                 A49LF040ATX @TSOP32                 A49FL004TL  @PLCC32                 A49FL004TX  @TSOP32


IC Support: 224 PCS




27CX010   @DIP32                    27CX010   @PLCC32                   27CX256   @DIP28                    27CX256   @PLCC32

93C46                               93C46  @SOIC8                       93C46A                              93C46A @SOIC8

93C56A                              93C56A @SOIC8                       93C66A                              93C66A @SOIC8

93CX46                              93CX46 @SOIC8                       93CX56                              93CX56 @SOIC8

93CX66                              93CX66 @SOIC8                       AM24LC02                            AM24LC02 @SOIC8

AM24LC02 @TSSOP8                    AM24LC04                            AM24LC04 @SOIC8                     AM24LC04 @TSSOP8

AM24LC08                            AM24LC08 @SOIC8                     AM24LC08 @TSSOP8                    AM24LC16

AM24LC16 @SOIC8                     AM24LC16 @TSSOP8                    AM24LC21                            AM24LC21 @SOIC8

AM24LC21 @TSSOP8                    AM24LC21B                           AM24LC21B @SOIC8                    AM24LC21B @TSSOP8

AM93LC46(x8)                        AM93LC46(x8) @SOIC8                 AM93LC46(x8) @TSOP8                 AM93LC46(x16)

AM93LC46(x16) @SOIC8                AM93LC46(x16) @TSOP8                AM93LC56(x8)                        AM93LC56(x8) @SOIC8

AM93LC56(x8) @TSOP8                 AM93LC56(x16)                       AM93LC56(x16) @SOIC8                AM93LC56(x16) @TSOP8

AM93LC66(x8)                        AM93LC66(x8) @SOIC8                 AM93LC66(x8) @TSOP8                 AM93LC66(x16)

AM93LC66(x16) @SOIC8                AM93LC66(x16) @TSOP8                AM93LC86(x8)                        AM93LC86(x8) @SOIC8

AM93LC86(x8) @TSOP8                 AM93LC86(x16)                       AM93LC86(x16) @SOIC8                AM93LC86(x16) @TSOP8


IC Support: 60 PCS




AF24BC01                            AF24BC01 @SOIC8                     AF24BC01 @TSSOP8                    AF24BC02

AF24BC02 @SOIC8                     AF24BC02 @TSSOP8                    AF24BC04                            AF24BC04 @SOIC8

AF24BC04 @TSSOP8                    AF24BC08                            AF24BC08 @SOIC8                     AF24BC08 @TSSOP8

AF24BC16                            AF24BC16 @SOIC8                     AF24BC16 @TSSOP8                    AF24BC32

AF24BC32 @SOIC8                     AF24BC32 @TSSOP8                    AF24BC64                            AF24BC64 @SOIC8

AF24BC64 @TSSOP8                    AF24BC128                           AF24BC128 @SOIC8                    AF24BC128 @TSSOP8

AF24BC256                           AF24BC256 @SOIC8                    AF24BC256 @TSSOP8                   AF24C32

AF24C32 @SOIC8                      AF24C32 @TSSOP8                     AF24C64                             AF24C64 @SOIC8

AF24C64 @TSSOP8                     AF24C128                            AF24C128 @SOIC8                     AF24C128 @TSSOP8

AF24C256                            AF24C256 @SOIC8                     AF24C256 @TSSOP8                    AF25BC08

AF25BC08 @SOIC8                     AF25BC08 @TSSOP8                    AF25BC16                            AF25BC16 @SOIC8

AF25BC16 @TSSOP8                    AF25BC32                            AF25BC32 @SOIC8                     AF25BC32 @TSSOP8

AF25BC64                            AF25BC64 @SOIC8                     AF25BC64 @TSSOP8                    AF25BC128

AF25BC128 @SOIC8                    AF25BC128 @TSSOP8                   AF25BC256                           AF25BC256 @SOIC8

AF25BC256 @TSSOP8                   AF93BC46(x8)                        AF93BC46(x8) @SOIC8                 AF93BC46(x8) @TSOP8

AF93BC46(x16)                       AF93BC46(x16) @SOIC8                AF93BC46(x16) @TSOP8                AF93BC56(x8)

AF93BC56(x8) @SOIC8                 AF93BC56(x8) @TSOP8                 AF93BC56(x16)                       AF93BC56(x16) @SOIC8

AF93BC56(x16) @TSOP8                AF93BC66(x8)                        AF93BC66(x8) @SOIC8                 AF93BC66(x8) @TSOP8

AF93BC66(x16)                       AF93BC66(x16) @SOIC8                AF93BC66(x16) @TSOP8                AF93BC86(x8)

AF93BC86(x8) @SOIC8                 AF93BC86(x8) @TSOP8                 AF93BC86(x16)                       AF93BC86(x16) @SOIC8

AF93BC86(x16) @TSOP8                AF93C46(x8)                         AF93C46(x8) @SOIC8                  AF93C46(x8) @TSOP8

AF93C46(x16)                        AF93C46(x16) @SOIC8                 AF93C46(x16) @TSOP8                 AF93C56(x8)

AF93C56(x8) @SOIC8                  AF93C56(x8) @TSOP8                  AF93C56(x16)                        AF93C56(x16) @SOIC8

AF93C56(x16) @TSOP8                 AF93C66(x8)                         AF93C66(x8) @SOIC8                  AF93C66(x8) @TSOP8

AF93C66(x16)                        AF93C66(x16) @SOIC8                 AF93C66(x16) @TSOP8                 AF93C86(x8)

AF93C86(x8) @SOIC8                  AF93C86(x8) @TSOP8                  AF93C86(x16)                        AF93C86(x16) @SOIC8

AF93C86(x16) @TSOP8


IC Support: 105 PCS




24AA02                              24AA02 @SOIC8                       24AA02 @TSSOP8                      24LC01A

24LC01A @SOIC8                      24LC01A @TSSOP8                     24LC01B                             24LC01B @SOIC8

24LC01B @TSSOP8                     24LC02A                             24LC02A @SOIC8                      24LC02A @TSSOP8

24LC02B                             24LC02B @SOIC8                      24LC02B @TSSOP8                     24LC04A

24LC04A @SOIC8                      24LC04A @TSSOP8                     24LC04B                             24LC04B @SOIC8

24LC04B @TSSOP8                     24LC08A                             24LC08A @SOIC8                      24LC08A @TSSOP8

24LC08B                             24LC08B @SOIC8                      24LC08B @TSSOP8                     24LC16A

24LC16A @SOIC8                      24LC16A @TSSOP8                     24LC32                              24LC32 @SOIC8

24LC32 @TSSOP8                      24LC64                              24LC64 @SOIC8                       24LC64 @TSSOP8

24LC128                             24LC128 @SOIC8                      24LC128 @TSSOP8                     24LC256

24LC256 @SOIC8                      24LC256 @TSSOP8


IC Support: 42 PCS




AK6416AF                            AK6416AM                            AK6416BH                            AK6420AF

AK6420AM                            AK6420BH                            AK6440AF                            AK6440AM

AK6440BH                            AK6480AF                            AK6480AM                            AK6480BH

AK6510CM @MSOP8                     AK6510CL @SOIC8                     AK6512CM @MSOP8                     AK6512CL @SOIC8

AK6514CM @MSOP8                     AK6514CL @SOIC8                     AK6516CF @DFN8                      AK93C45

AK93C45F  @SOP8 *                   AK93C45AV @TSSOP8                   AK93C45AF @SOP8 *                   AK93C45BH @MSOP8

AK93C45BL @SON8                     AK93C45CT @TMSOP8                   AK93C45CL @SON8                     AK93C45CU @USON8

AK93C46                             AK93C46F  @SOP8 *                   AK93C46M                            AK93C46MF @SOP8 *

AK93C55                             AK93C55F  @SOP8 *                   AK93C55AV @TSSOP8                   AK93C55AF @SOP8 *

AK93C55BH @MSOP8                    AK93C55BL @SON8                     AK93C55CT @TMSOP8                   AK93C55CL @SON8

AK93C55CU @USON8                    AK93C56                             AK93C56F  @SOP8 *                   AK93C65

AK93C65F  @SOP8 *                   AK93C65AV @TSSOP8                   AK93C65AF @SOP8 *                   AK93C65BH @MSOP8

AK93C65BL @SON8                     AK93C65CT @TMSOP8                   AK93C65CL @SON8                     AK93C65CU @USON8

AK93C66                             AK93C66F  @SOP8 *                   AK93C75                             AK93C75F  @SOP8 *

AK93C75AV @TSSOP8                   AK93C75AF @SOP8 *                   AK93C75BH @MSOP8                    AK93C85AM @SSOP8

AK93C85AF @SOP8 *                   AK93C95AF @SOP8                     AK93C10AF @SOP8


IC Support: 63 PCS


[ ASD ]


AE29F1008 @DIP32                    AE29F1008 @PLCC32                   AE29F1008 @TSOP32                   AE29F2008 @DIP32

AE29F2008 @PLCC32                   AE29F2008 @TSOP32                   AE29F4008 @DIP32                    AE29F4008 @PLCC32

AE29F4008 @TSOP32                   AE49F2008 @DIP32                    AE49F2008 @PLCC32                   AE49F2008 @TSOP32


IC Support: 12 PCS


[ ASI Semic ]


AX24C02                             AX24C02 @SOIC8                      AX24C04                             AX24C04 @SOIC8

AX24C08                             AX24C08 @SOIC8                      AX24C16                             AX24C16 @SOIC8

SMJ27C010A @DIP32                   SMJ27C010A @PLCC32                  SMJ27C010A @TSOP32                  SMJ27C040 @DIP32

SMJ27C040 @PLCC32                   SMJ27C040 @TSOP32                   SMJ27C128 @DIP28                    SMJ27C128 @PLCC32

SMJ27C256 @DIP28                    SMJ27C256 @PLCC32                   SMJ27C512 @DIP28                    SMJ27C512 @PLCC32

AS29LV160B @TSOP48                  AS29LV160T @TSOP48                  AS29LV400B @TSOP48                  AS29LV400B @SOP44

AS29LV400T @TSOP48                  AS29LV400T @SOP44                   AS29LV800B @TSOP48                  AS29LV800B @SOP44

AS29LV800T @TSOP48                  AS29LV800T @SOP44


IC Support: 30 PCS


[ ATC ]


ATC24C02                            ATC24C02 @SOIC8                     ATC24C02 @TSSOP8                    ATC24C04

ATC24C04 @SOIC8                     ATC24C04 @TSSOP8                    ATC24C08                            ATC24C08 @SOIC8

ATC24C08 @TSSOP8                    ATC24C16                            ATC24C16 @SOIC8                     ATC24C16 @TSSOP8

ATC24LC02                           ATC24LC02 @SOIC8                    ATC24LC02 @TSSOP8                   ATC24LC04

ATC24LC04 @SOIC8                    ATC24LC04 @TSSOP8                   ATC24LC08                           ATC24LC08 @SOIC8

ATC24LC08 @TSSOP8                   ATC24LC16                           ATC24LC16 @SOIC8                    ATC24LC16 @TSSOP8

ATC93C46(x8)                        ATC93C46(x8)  @SOIC8                ATC93C46(x16)                       ATC93C46(x16)  @SOIC8

ATC93C46R(x8) @SOIC8 *              ATC93C46R(x16) @SOIC8 *             ATC93C56(x8)                        ATC93C56(x8)  @SOIC8

ATC93C56(x16)                       ATC93C56(x16)  @SOIC8               ATC93C56R(x8) @SOIC8 *              ATC93C56R(x16) @SOIC8 *

ATC93C66(x8)                        ATC93C66(x8)  @SOIC8                ATC93C66(x16)                       ATC93C66(x16)  @SOIC8

ATC93C66R(x8) @SOIC8 *              ATC93C66R(x16) @SOIC8 *             ATC93LC46(x8)                       ATC93LC46(x8)  @SOIC8

ATC93LC46(x16)                      ATC93LC46(x16)  @SOIC8              ATC93LC46R(x8) @SOIC8 *             ATC93LC46R(x16) @SOIC8 *

ATC93LC56(x8)                       ATC93LC56(x8)  @SOIC8               ATC93LC56(x16)                      ATC93LC56(x16)  @SOIC8

ATC93LC56R(x8) @SOIC8 *             ATC93LC56R(x16) @SOIC8 *            ATC93LC66(x8)                       ATC93LC66(x8)  @SOIC8

ATC93LC66(x16)                      ATC93LC66(x16)  @SOIC8              ATC93LC66R(x8) @SOIC8 *             ATC93LC66R(x16) @SOIC8 *


IC Support: 60 PCS





IC Support: 0 PCS




AT24C01                             AT24C01 @MSOP8                      AT24C01 @SOIC8                      AT24C01 @TSSOP8

AT24C01A                            AT24C01A @MAP8                      AT24C01A @SOIC8                     AT24C01A @TSSOP8

AT24C01B                            AT24C01B @MAP8                      AT24C01B @SOIC8                     AT24C01B @TSSOP8

AT24C02                             AT24C02 @SOIC8                      AT24C02 @TSSOP8                     AT24C02A

AT24C02A @SOIC8                     AT24C02A @TSSOP8                    AT24C02B                            AT24C02B @MAP8

AT24C02B @SOIC8                     AT24C02B @TSSOP8                    AT24C02C                            AT24C02C @SOIC8

AT24C02C @TSSOP8                    AT24C04                             AT24C04 @MAP8                       AT24C04 @SOIC8

AT24C04 @TSSOP8                     AT24C04A                            AT24C04A @MAP8                      AT24C04A @SOIC8

AT24C04A @TSSOP8                    AT24C04B                            AT24C04B @MAP8                      AT24C04B @SOIC8

AT24C04B @TSSOP8                    AT24C08                             AT24C08 @MAP8                       AT24C08 @SOIC8

AT24C08 @TSSOP8                     AT24C08A                            AT24C08A @MAP8                      AT24C08A @SOIC8

AT24C08A @TSSOP8                    AT24C08B                            AT24C08B @MAP8                      AT24C08B @SOIC8

AT24C08B @TSSOP8                    AT24C16                             AT24C16 @SOIC8                      AT24C16 @TSSOP8

AT24C16A                            AT24C16A @MAP8                      AT24C16A @SOIC8                     AT24C16A @TSSOP8

AT24C16B                            AT24C16B @MAP8                      AT24C16B @SOIC8                     AT24C16B @TSSOP8

AT24C21                             AT24C21 @SOIC8                      AT24C32                             AT24C32 @SOIC8

AT24C32 @TSSOP8                     AT24C32A                            AT24C32A @MAP8                      AT24C32A @SOIC8

AT24C32A @TSSOP8                    AT24C32C                            AT24C32C @MAP8                      AT24C32C @SOIC8

AT24C32C @TSSOP8                    AT24C32D                            AT24C32D @SOIC8                     AT24C32D @TSSOP8

AT24C64                             AT24C64 @SOIC8                      AT24C64 @TSSOP8                     AT24C64A

AT24C64A @MAP8                      AT24C64A @SOIC8                     AT24C64A @TSSOP8                    AT24C64B

AT24C64B @SOIC8                     AT24C64B @TSSOP8                    AT24C64C                            AT24C64C @MAP8

AT24C64C @SOIC8                     AT24C64C @TSSOP8                    AT24C64D                            AT24C64D @SOIC8

AT24C64D @TSSOP8                    AT24C128                            AT24C128 @MAP8                      AT24C128 @SOIC8

AT24C128 @TSSOP8                    AT24C128 (3.3V)                     AT24C128 (3.3V) @MAP8               AT24C128 (3.3V) @SOIC8

AT24C128 (3.3V) @TSSOP8             AT24C128B                           AT24C128B @MAP8                     AT24C128B @SOIC8

AT24C128B @TSSOP8                   AT24C256                            AT24C256 @MAP8                      AT24C256 @SOIC8

AT24C256 @TSSOP8                    AT24C256 (3.3V)                     AT24C256 (3.3V) @MAP8               AT24C256 (3.3V) @SOIC8

AT24C256 (3.3V) @TSSOP8             AT24C256B                           AT24C256B @MAP8                     AT24C256B @SOIC8

AT24C256B @TSSOP8                   AT24C512                            AT24C512 @MAP8                      AT24C512 @SOIC8

AT24C512 @TSSOP8                    AT24C512 (3.3V)                     AT24C512 (3.3V) @MAP8               AT24C512 (3.3V) @SOIC8

AT24C512 (3.3V) @TSSOP8             AT24C512B                           AT24C512B @MAP8                     AT24C512B @SOIC8

AT24C512B @TSSOP8                   AT24C512C                           AT24C512C @TSSOP8                   AT24C512C @SOIC8

AT24C1024                           AT24C1024 @SOIC8                    AT24C1024B                          AT24C1024B @SOIC8

AT24CM01 @SOIC8                     AT24CM01 @TSSOP8                    AT24CM02 @SOIC8                     AT24CM02 @TSSOP8

AT24HC02B                           AT24HC02B @SOIC8                    AT24HC02B @TSSOP8                   AT24RF08A @SOIC8

AT24RF08B @SOIC8                    AT24RF08C @SOIC8                    AT25010                             AT25010 @SOIC8

AT25010-1.8                         AT25010-1.8 @SOIC8                  AT25010A                            AT25010A @SOIC8

AT25010A @TSSOP8                    AT25020                             AT25020  @SOIC8                     AT25020-1.8

AT25020-1.8  @SOIC8                 AT25020A                            AT25020A @SOIC8                     AT25020A @TSSOP8

AT25040                             AT25040 @SOIC8                      AT25040-1.8                         AT25040-1.8 @SOIC8

AT25040A                            AT25040A @SOIC8                     AT25040A @TSSOP8                    AT25080

AT25080 @SOIC8                      AT25080-1.8                         AT25080-1.8 @SOIC8                  AT25080A

AT25080A @SOIC8                     AT25080A @TSSOP8                    AT25080B                            AT25080B @SOIC8

AT25080B @TSSOP8                    AT25160                             AT25160 @SOIC8                      AT25160-1.8

AT25160-1.8 @SOIC8                  AT25160A                            AT25160A @SOIC8                     AT25160B

AT25160B @MAP8                      AT25160B @SOIC8                     AT25160B @TSSOP8                    AT25320

AT25320 @SOIC8                      AT25320-1.8                         AT25320-1.8 @SOIC8                  AT25320A

AT25320A @SOIC8                     AT25320B                            AT25320B @MAP8                      AT25320B @SOIC8

AT25320B @TSSOP8                    AT25640                             AT25640 @SOIC8                      AT25640-1.8

AT25640-1.8 @SOIC8                  AT25640A                            AT25640A @SOIC8                     AT25640B

AT25640B @SOIC8                     AT25640B @TSSOP8                    AT25128                             AT25128 @SOIC8

AT25128-1.8                         AT25128-1.8 @SOIC8                  AT25128A                            AT25128A @SOIC8

AT25128B                            AT25128B @SOIC8                     AT25128B @TSSOP8                    AT25256

AT25256 @SOIC8                      AT25256-1.8                         AT25256-1.8 @SOIC8                  AT25256A

AT25256A @SOIC8                     AT25256B                            AT25256B @SOIC8                     AT25256B @TSSOP8

AT25512                             AT25512 @SOIC8                      AT25512 @TSSOP8                     AT25512-1.8

AT25512-1.8 @SOIC8                  AT25512-1.8 @TSSOP8                 AT25DF021                           AT25DF021 @SOIC8

AT25DF021 @UDFN8                    AT25DF041                           AT25DF041  @SOIC8                   AT25DF041  @UDFN8

AT25DF041A                          AT25DF041A @SOIC8                   AT25DF041A @UDFN8                   AT25DF081

AT25DF081  @SOIC8                   AT25DF081  @UDFN8                   AT25DF081A                          AT25DF081A @SOIC8

AT25DF081A @UDFN8                   AT25DF161                           AT25DF161  @SOIC8                   AT25DF161  @UDFN8

AT25DF321                           AT25DF321   @SOIC8                  AT25DF321  @SOIC16                  AT25DF321A

AT25DF321A  @SOIC8                  AT25DF321A  @UDFN8                  AT25DF321A  @SOIC16                 AT25DF641   @SOIC8

AT25DF641  @SOIC16                  AT25F512                            AT25F512  @SOIC8                    AT25F512  @VQFPN8

AT25F512A                           AT25F512A @SOIC8                    AT25F512A @VQFPN8                   AT25F1024

AT25F1024  @SOIC8                   AT25F1024  @VQFPN8                  AT25F1024A                          AT25F1024A @SOIC8

AT25F1024A @VQFPN8                  AT25F2048                           AT25F2048  @SOIC8                   AT25F2048  @VQFPN8

AT25F2048A                          AT25F2048A @SOIC8                   AT25F2048A @VQFPN8                  AT25F4096

AT25F4096  @SOIC8                   AT25F4096  @VQFPN8                  AT25F4096A                          AT25F4096A @SOIC8

AT25F4096A @VQFPN8                  AT25HP256                           AT25HP256  @SOIC8                   AT25HP256-1.8

AT25HP256-1.8  @SOIC8               AT25HP512                           AT25HP512  @SOIC8                   AT25HP512-1.8

AT25HP512-1.8  @SOIC8               AT26DF081   @SOIC8                  AT26DF081   @UDFN8                  AT26DF081A  @SOIC8

AT26DF081A  @UDFN8                  AT26DF161   @SOIC8                  AT26DF161   @UDFN8                  AT26DF161A  @SOIC8

AT26DF161A  @UDFN8                  AT26DF321                           AT26DF321   @SOIC8                  AT26DF321   @SOIC16

AT26DF321A                          AT26DF321A  @SOIC8                  AT26DF321A  @SOIC16                 AT26F004

AT26F004 @MLF8                      AT26F004 @SOIC8                     AT2732A @DIP24                      AT27256 @DIP28

AT27256 @PLCC32                     AT27C010 @DIP32                     AT27C010 @PLCC32                    AT27C010 @TSOP32

AT27C010L @DIP32                    AT27C010L @PLCC32                   AT27C010L @TSOP32                   AT27C020 @DIP32

AT27C020 @PLCC32                    AT27C020 @TSOP32                    AT27C040 @DIP32                     AT27C040 @PLCC32

AT27C040 @TSOP32                    AT27C080 @DIP32                     AT27C080 @PLCC32                    AT27C080 @TSOP32

AT27C128  @DIP28                    AT27C128  @PLCC32                   AT27C256  @DIP28                    AT27C256  @PLCC32

AT27C256R @DIP28                    AT27C256R @PLCC32                   AT27C256R @SOIC28                   AT27C512  @DIP28

AT27C512  @PLCC32                   AT27C512R @DIP28                    AT27C512R @PLCC32                   AT27C512R @SOIC28

AT27C1024  @DIP40                   AT27C1024L @DIP40                   AT27C2048  @DIP40                   AT27C4096  @DIP40

AT27HC256                           AT27HC256   @PLCC32                 AT27HC256L                          AT27HC256L  @PLCC32

AT27HC256R                          AT27HC256R  @PLCC32                 AT27HC256RL                         AT27HC256RL @PLCC32

AT27HC1024  @DIP40                  AT27BV010                           AT27BV010 @PLCC32                   AT27BV010 @TSOP32

AT27BV010 @VSOP32                   AT27BV020                           AT27BV020 @PLCC32                   AT27BV020 @TSOP32

AT27BV020 @VSOP32                   AT27BV040                           AT27BV040 @PLCC32                   AT27BV040 @TSOP32

AT27BV040 @VSOP32                   AT27BV256                           AT27BV256 @PLCC32                   AT27BV256 @SOIC28

AT27BV512                           AT27BV512 @PLCC32                   AT27BV512 @SOIC28                   AT27BV1024 @DIP40

AT27BV2048 @DIP40                   AT27BV4096 @DIP40                   AT27LV010                           AT27LV010 @PLCC32

AT27LV010 @TSOP32                   AT27LV010 @VSOP32                   AT27LV010A                          AT27LV010A @PLCC32

AT27LV010A @TSOP32                  AT27LV010A @VSOP32                  AT27LV020                           AT27LV020 @PLCC32

AT27LV020 @TSOP32                   AT27LV020 @VSOP32                   AT27LV020A                          AT27LV020A @PLCC32

AT27LV020A @TSOP32                  AT27LV020A @VSOP32                  AT27LV040                           AT27LV040 @PLCC32

AT27LV040 @TSOP32                   AT27LV040 @VSOP32                   AT27LV040A                          AT27LV040A @PLCC32

AT27LV040A @TSOP32                  AT27LV040A @VSOP32                  AT27LV256A                          AT27LV256A @PLCC32

AT27LV256A @SOIC28                  AT27LV256R                          AT27LV256R @PLCC32                  AT27LV256R @SOIC28

AT27LV512A                          AT27LV512A @PLCC32                  AT27LV512A @SOIC28                  AT27LV512R

AT27LV512R @PLCC32                  AT27LV512R @SOIC28                  AT27LV1024 @DIP40                   AT27LV2048 @DIP40

AT27LV4096 @DIP40                   AT28BV64                            AT28BV64 @PLCC32                    AT28BV64 @SOIC28

AT28BV64B                           AT28BV64B @PLCC32                   AT28BV64B @SOIC28                   AT28BV256

AT28BV256 @PLCC32                   AT28C010                            AT28C010 @PLCC32                    AT28C010 @TSOP32

AT28C010E                           AT28C010E @PLCC32                   AT28C010E @TSOP32                   AT28C04 @DIP24

AT28C04 @PLCC32                     AT28C04 @SOIC24                     AT28C04E @DIP24                     AT28C04E @PLCC32

AT28C04E @SOIC24                    AT28C04F @DIP24                     AT28C04F @PLCC32                    AT28C04F @SOIC24

AT28C040                            AT28C040 @PLCC32                    AT28C040 @TSOP32                    AT28C040E

AT28C040E @PLCC32                   AT28C040E @TSOP32                   AT28C16 @DIP24                      AT28C16 @PLCC32

AT28C16 @SOIC24                     AT28C16E @DIP24                     AT28C16E @PLCC32                    AT28C16E @SOIC24

AT28C16F @DIP24                     AT28C16F @PLCC32                    AT28C16F @SOIC24                    AT28C17

AT28C17 @PLCC32                     AT28C17 @SOIC28                     AT28C17E                            AT28C17E @PLCC32

AT28C17E @SOIC28                    AT28C17F                            AT28C17F @PLCC32                    AT28C17F @SOIC28

AT28C256                            AT28C256 @PLCC32                    AT28C256 @SOIC28                    AT28C256E

AT28C256E @PLCC32                   AT28C256E @SOIC28                   AT28C256F                           AT28C256F @PLCC32

AT28C256F @SOIC28                   AT28C64                             AT28C64 @PLCC32                     AT28C64 @SOIC28

AT28C64B                            AT28C64B @PLCC32                    AT28C64B @SOIC28                    AT28C64B(Non-Standard)

AT28C64B(Non-Standard) @PLCC32      AT28C64B(Non-Standard) @SOIC28      AT28C64E                            AT28C64E @PLCC32

AT28C64E @SOIC28                    AT28C64F                            AT28C64F @PLCC32                    AT28C64F @SOIC28

AT28HC04                            AT28HC04 @PLCC32                    AT28HC16                            AT28HC16L

AT28HC256                           AT28HC256 @PLCC32                   AT28HC256E                          AT28HC256E @PLCC32

AT28HC256F                          AT28HC256F @PLCC32                  AT28HC256L                          AT28HC256L @PLCC32

AT28HC64                            AT28HC64 @PLCC32                    AT28HC64 @SOIC28                    AT28HC64B

AT28HC64B @PLCC32                   AT28HC64B @SOIC28                   AT28HC64BF                          AT28HC64BF @PLCC32

AT28HC64BF @SOIC28                  AT28HC64L                           AT28HC64L @PLCC32                   AT28HC64L @SOIC28

AT28LV64                            AT28LV64 @PLCC32                    AT28LV64 @SOIC28                    AT28LV64B

AT28LV64B @PLCC32                   AT28LV64B @SOIC28                   AT28LV256                           AT28LV256 @PLCC32

AT28LV010                           AT28LV010 @PLCC32                   AT28LV010 @TSOP32                   AT28MC010

AT28MC010 @PLCC32                   AT28MC010 @TSOP32                   AT28MC020                           AT28MC020 @PLCC32

AT28MC020 @TSOP32                   AT28MC040                           AT28MC040 @PLCC32                   AT28MC040 @TSOP32

AT28PC64                            AT28PC64 @PLCC32                    AT28PC64  @SOIC28                   AT28PC64E

AT28PC64E @PLCC32                   AT28PC64E @SOIC28                   AT29BV010A                          AT29BV010A @PLCC32

AT29BV010A @TSOP32                  AT29BV020                           AT29BV020  @PLCC32                  AT29BV020  @TSOP32

AT29BV040                           AT29BV040  @PLCC32                  AT29BV040  @TSOP32                  AT29BV040A

AT29BV040A @PLCC32                  AT29BV040A @TSOP32                  AT29C256 @DIP28                     AT29C257

AT29C257  @PLCC32                   AT29C512                            AT29C512  @PLCC32                   AT29C512  @TSOP32

AT29C010A                           AT29C010A @PLCC32                   AT29C010A @TSOP32                   AT29C020

AT29C020  @PLCC32                   AT29C020  @TSOP32                   AT29C040                            AT29C040  @PLCC32

AT29C040  @TSOP32                   AT29C040A                           AT29C040A @PLCC32                   AT29C040A @TSOP32

AT29LV256 @DIP28                    AT29LV512                           AT29LV512  @PLCC32                  AT29LV512  @TSOP32

AT29LV010A                          AT29LV010A @PLCC32                  AT29LV010A @TSOP32                  AT29LV020

AT29LV020  @PLCC32                  AT29LV020  @TSOP32                  AT29LV040                           AT29LV040  @PLCC32

AT29LV040  @TSOP32                  AT29LV040A                          AT29LV040A @PLCC32                  AT29LV040A @TSOP32

AT45DB011  @SOIC8                   AT45DB011B @SOIC8                   AT45DB011D[Page264] @SOIC8          AT45DB011D[Page256] @SOIC8

AT45DB011D[Page264] @UDFN8          AT45DB011D[Page256] @UDFN8          AT45DB021  @SOIC8                   AT45DB021A @SOIC8

AT45DB021B @SOIC8                   AT45DB021D[Page264] @SOIC8          AT45DB021D[Page256] @SOIC8          AT45DB021D[Page264] @UDFN8

AT45DB021D[Page256] @UDFN8          AT45DB021E[Page264] @SOIC8          AT45DB021E[Page256] @SOIC8          AT45DB021E[Page264] @UDFN8

AT45DB021E[Page256] @UDFN8          AT45DB041  @SOIC8                   AT45DB041A @SOIC8                   AT45DB041B @SOIC8

AT45DB041D[Page264] @SOIC8          AT45DB041D[Page256] @SOIC8          AT45DB041E[Page264] @SOIC8          AT45DB041E[Page256] @SOIC8

AT45DB041E[Page264] @UDFN8          AT45DB041E[Page256] @UDFN8          AT45DB081  @SOIC8                   AT45DB081A @SOIC8

AT45DB081B @SOIC8                   AT45DB081D[Page264] @SOIC8          AT45DB081D[Page256] @SOIC8          AT45DB081E[Page264] @SOIC8

AT45DB081E[Page256] @SOIC8          AT45DB081E[Page264] @UDFN8          AT45DB081E[Page256] @UDFN8          AT45DB161  @SOIC8

AT45DB161A @SOIC8                   AT45DB161B @SOIC8                   AT45DB161D[Page528] @SOIC8          AT45DB161D[Page512] @SOIC8

AT45DB161E[Page528] @SOIC8          AT45DB161E[Page512] @SOIC8          AT45DB161E[Page528] @UDFN8          AT45DB161E[Page512] @UDFN8

AT45DB321  @SOIC8                   AT45DB321A @SOIC8                   AT45DB321B @SOIC8                   AT45DB321C @SOIC8

AT45DB321D[Page528] @SOIC8          AT45DB321D[Page512] @SOIC8          AT45DB321E[Page528] @SOIC8          AT45DB321E[Page512] @SOIC8

AT45DB321E[Page528] @UDFN8          AT45DB321E[Page512] @UDFN8          AT49BV001                           AT49BV001   @PLCC32

AT49BV001   @TSOP32                 AT49BV001   @VSOP32                 AT49BV001A                          AT49BV001A   @PLCC32

AT49BV001A   @TSOP32                AT49BV001A   @VSOP32                AT49BV001AN                         AT49BV001AN  @PLCC32

AT49BV001AN  @TSOP32                AT49BV001AN  @VSOP32                AT49BV001ANT                        AT49BV001ANT @PLCC32

AT49BV001ANT @TSOP32                AT49BV001ANT @VSOP32                AT49BV001AT                         AT49BV001AT  @PLCC32

AT49BV001AT  @TSOP32                AT49BV001AT  @VSOP32                AT49BV001N                          AT49BV001N  @PLCC32

AT49BV001N  @TSOP32                 AT49BV001N  @VSOP32                 AT49BV001NT                         AT49BV001NT @PLCC32

AT49BV001NT @TSOP32                 AT49BV001NT @VSOP32                 AT49BV001T                          AT49BV001T  @PLCC32

AT49BV001T  @TSOP32                 AT49BV001T  @VSOP32                 AT49BV002                           AT49BV002    @PLCC32

AT49BV002    @TSOP32                AT49BV002    @VSOP32                AT49BV002A                          AT49BV002A   @PLCC32

AT49BV002A   @TSOP32                AT49BV002A   @VSOP32                AT49BV002AN                         AT49BV002AN  @PLCC32

AT49BV002AN  @TSOP32                AT49BV002AN  @VSOP32                AT49BV002ANT                        AT49BV002ANT @PLCC32

AT49BV002ANT @TSOP32                AT49BV002ANT @VSOP32                AT49BV002AT                         AT49BV002AT  @PLCC32

AT49BV002AT  @TSOP32                AT49BV002AT  @VSOP32                AT49BV002N                          AT49BV002N   @PLCC32

AT49BV002N   @TSOP32                AT49BV002N   @VSOP32                AT49BV002NT                         AT49BV002NT  @PLCC32

AT49BV002NT  @TSOP32                AT49BV002NT  @VSOP32                AT49BV002T                          AT49BV002T   @PLCC32

AT49BV002T   @TSOP32                AT49BV002T   @VSOP32                AT49BV004   @TSOP40                 AT49BV004T  @TSOP40

AT49BV008A  @TSOP40                 AT49BV008AT @TSOP40                 AT49BV010                           AT49BV010   @PLCC32

AT49BV010   @TSOP32                 AT49BV010   @VSOP32                 AT49BV020                           AT49BV020   @PLCC32

AT49BV020   @TSOP32                 AT49BV020   @VSOP32                 AT49BV040                           AT49BV040   @PLCC32

AT49BV040   @TSOP32                 AT49BV040   @VSOP32                 AT49BV040A                          AT49BV040A  @PLCC32

AT49BV040A  @TSOP32                 AT49BV040A  @VSOP32                 AT49BV040B                          AT49BV040B  @PLCC32

AT49BV040B  @TSOP32                 AT49BV040B  @VSOP32                 AT49BV040T                          AT49BV040T  @PLCC32

AT49BV040T  @TSOP32                 AT49BV040T  @VSOP32                 AT49BV080  @TSOP40                  AT49BV080T @TSOP40

AT49BV1024A(10x14mm)  @VSOP40       AT49BV160    @TSOP48                AT49BV160T   @TSOP48                AT49BV161    @TSOP48

AT49BV161T   @TSOP48                AT49BV1604   @TSOP48                AT49BV1604T  @TSOP48                AT49BV1614   @TSOP48

AT49BV1614T  @TSOP48                AT49BV162A   @TSOP48                AT49BV162AT  @TSOP48                AT49BV163A   @TSOP48

AT49BV163AT  @TSOP48                AT49BV2048A  @TSOP48                AT49BV320    @TSOP48                AT49BV320T   @TSOP48

AT49BV320D   @TSOP48                AT49BV321    @TSOP48                AT49BV321T   @TSOP48                AT49BV322    @TSOP48

AT49BV322T   @TSOP48                AT49BV3218   @TSOP48                AT49BV3218T  @TSOP48                AT49BV4096A  @TSOP48

AT49BV4096AT @TSOP48                AT49BV512                           AT49BV512    @PLCC32                AT49BV512    @TSOP32

AT49BV512    @VSOP32                AT49BV6416   @TSOP48                AT49BV6416T  @TSOP48                AT49BV8011   @TSOP48

AT49BV8011T  @TSOP48                AT49BV802A   @TSOP48                AT49BV802AT  @TSOP48                AT49BV8192A  @TSOP48

AT49BV8192AT @TSOP48                AT49F001                            AT49F001    @PLCC32                 AT49F001    @TSOP32

AT49F001    @VSOP32                 AT49F001A                           AT49F001A    @PLCC32                AT49F001A    @TSOP32

AT49F001A    @VSOP32                AT49F001AN                          AT49F001AN   @PLCC32                AT49F001AN   @TSOP32

AT49F001AN   @VSOP32                AT49F001ANT                         AT49F001ANT  @PLCC32                AT49F001ANT  @TSOP32

AT49F001ANT  @VSOP32                AT49F001AT                          AT49F001AT   @PLCC32                AT49F001AT   @TSOP32

AT49F001AT   @VSOP32                AT49F001N                           AT49F001N   @PLCC32                 AT49F001N   @TSOP32

AT49F001N   @VSOP32                 AT49F001NT                          AT49F001NT  @PLCC32                 AT49F001NT  @TSOP32

AT49F001NT  @VSOP32                 AT49F001T                           AT49F001T   @PLCC32                 AT49F001T   @TSOP32

AT49F001T   @VSOP32                 AT49F002                            AT49F002   @PLCC32                  AT49F002   @TSOP32

AT49F002   @VSOP32                  AT49F002A                           AT49F002A   @PLCC32                 AT49F002A   @TSOP32

AT49F002A   @VSOP32                 AT49F002AN                          AT49F002AN  @PLCC32                 AT49F002AN  @TSOP32

AT49F002AN  @VSOP32                 AT49F002ANT                         AT49F002ANT @PLCC32                 AT49F002ANT @TSOP32

AT49F002ANT @VSOP32                 AT49F002AT                          AT49F002AT  @PLCC32                 AT49F002AT  @TSOP32

AT49F002AT  @VSOP32                 AT49F002N                           AT49F002N  @PLCC32                  AT49F002N  @TSOP32

AT49F002N  @VSOP32                  AT49F002NT                          AT49F002NT @PLCC32                  AT49F002NT @TSOP32

AT49F002NT @VSOP32                  AT49F002T                           AT49F002T  @PLCC32                  AT49F002T  @TSOP32

AT49F002T  @VSOP32                  AT49F004    @TSOP40                 AT49F004T   @TSOP40                 AT49F008    @TSOP40

AT49F008A   @TSOP40                 AT49F008AT  @TSOP40                 AT49F010                            AT49F010  @PLCC32

AT49F010  @TSOP32                   AT49F020                            AT49F020  @PLCC32                   AT49F020  @TSOP32

AT49F040                            AT49F040  @PLCC32                   AT49F040  @TSOP32                   AT49F040A

AT49F040A @PLCC32                   AT49F040A @TSOP32                   AT49F040T                           AT49F040T @PLCC32

AT49F040T @TSOP32                   AT49F080    @TSOP40                 AT49F080T   @TSOP40                 AT49F1024(10x14mm)   @VSOP40

AT49F1024A(10x14mm)  @VSOP40        AT49F1604   @TSOP48                 AT49F1604T  @TSOP48                 AT49F1614   @TSOP48

AT49F1614T  @TSOP48                 AT49F2048   @TSOP48                 AT49F2048A  @TSOP48                 AT49F4096   @TSOP48

AT49F4096A  @TSOP48                 AT49F4096AT @TSOP48                 AT49F512                            AT49F512    @PLCC32

AT49F512    @TSOP32                 AT49F512    @VSOP32                 AT49F8011   @TSOP48                 AT49F8011T  @TSOP48

AT49F8192   @TSOP48                 AT49F8192A  @TSOP48                 AT49F8192AT @TSOP48                 AT49F8192T  @TSOP48

AT49HBV010                          AT49HBV010   @PLCC32                AT49HBV010   @TSOP32                AT49HBV010   @VSOP32

AT49HF010 @DIP32                    AT49HF010 @PLCC32                   AT49HF010 @TSOP32                   AT49HLV010

AT49HLV010   @PLCC32                AT49HLV010   @TSOP32                AT49HLV010   @VSOP32                AT49LH002 @PLCC32

AT49LH002 @TSOP40                   AT49LH004 @PLCC32                   AT49LH004 @TSOP40                   AT49LL020  @PLCC32

AT49LL020  @TSOP40                  AT49LL040  @PLCC32                  AT49LL040  @TSOP40                  AT49LL080  @PLCC32

AT49LL080  @TSOP40                  AT49LV001                           AT49LV001   @PLCC32                 AT49LV001   @TSOP32

AT49LV001   @VSOP32                 AT49LV001N                          AT49LV001N  @PLCC32                 AT49LV001N  @TSOP32

AT49LV001N  @VSOP32                 AT49LV001NT                         AT49LV001NT @PLCC32                 AT49LV001NT @TSOP32

AT49LV001NT @VSOP32                 AT49LV001T                          AT49LV001T  @PLCC32                 AT49LV001T  @TSOP32

AT49LV001T  @VSOP32                 AT49LV002                           AT49LV002    @PLCC32                AT49LV002    @TSOP32

AT49LV002    @VSOP32                AT49LV002N                          AT49LV002N   @PLCC32                AT49LV002N   @TSOP32

AT49LV002N   @VSOP32                AT49LV002NT                         AT49LV002NT  @PLCC32                AT49LV002NT  @TSOP32

AT49LV002NT  @VSOP32                AT49LV002T                          AT49LV002T   @PLCC32                AT49LV002T   @TSOP32

AT49LV002T   @VSOP32                AT49LV008A  @TSOP40                 AT49LV008AT @TSOP40                 AT49LV010

AT49LV010   @PLCC32                 AT49LV010   @TSOP32                 AT49LV010   @VSOP32                 AT49LV020

AT49LV020   @PLCC32                 AT49LV020   @TSOP32                 AT49LV020   @VSOP32                 AT49LV040

AT49LV040   @PLCC32                 AT49LV040   @TSOP32                 AT49LV040   @VSOP32                 AT49LV040T

AT49LV040T  @PLCC32                 AT49LV040T  @TSOP32                 AT49LV040T  @VSOP32                 AT49LV080   @TSOP40

AT49LV080T  @TSOP40                 AT49LV1024(10x14mm)   @VSOP40       AT49LV1024A(10x14mm)  @VSOP40       AT49LV160    @TSOP48

AT49lV160T   @TSOP48                AT49LV161    @TSOP48                AT49LV161T   @TSOP48                AT49LV1614   @TSOP48

AT49LV1614T  @TSOP48                AT49LV2048   @TSOP48                AT49LV2048A  @TSOP48                AT49LV320    @TSOP48

AT49LV320T   @TSOP48                AT49LV320D   @TSOP48                AT49LV321    @TSOP48                AT49LV321T   @TSOP48

AT49LV3218   @TSOP48                AT49LV3218T  @TSOP48                AT49LV4096   @TSOP48                AT49LV4096A  @TSOP48

AT49LV4096AT @TSOP48                AT49LV512                           AT49LV512    @PLCC32                AT49LV512    @TSOP32

AT49LV512    @VSOP32                AT49LV8011   @TSOP48                AT49LV8011T  @TSOP48                AT49LV8192   @TSOP48

AT49LV8192A  @TSOP48                AT49LV8192AT @TSOP48                AT49LV8192T  @TSOP48                AT49LW040 @PLCC32

AT49LW040 @TSOP40                   AT49LW080 @PLCC32                   AT49LW080 @TSOP40                   AT89C1051   @DIP20

AT89C1051   @SOIC20                 AT89C1051U  @DIP20                  AT89C1051U  @SOIC20                 AT89C2051   @DIP20

AT89C2051   @SOIC20                 AT89C2051x2 @DIP20                  AT89C2051x2 @SOIC20                 AT89C4051   @DIP20

AT89C4051   @SOIC20                 AT89C51 @DIP40                      AT89C51 @PLCC44                     AT89C51RC @DIP40

AT89C51RC @PLCC44                   AT89C52 @DIP40                      AT89C52 @PLCC44                     AT89C55 @DIP40

AT89C55 @PLCC44                     AT89C55WD @DIP40                    AT89C55WD @PLCC44                   AT89LS51 @DIP40

AT89LS51 @PLCC44                    AT89LS52 @DIP40                     AT89LS52 @PLCC44                    AT89LS53 @DIP40

AT89LS53 @PLCC44                    AT89LS8252 @DIP40                   AT89LS8252 @PLCC44                  AT89LS8253 @DIP40

AT89LS8253 @PLCC44                  AT89LV51 @DIP40                     AT89LV51 @PLCC44                    AT89LV52 @DIP40

AT89LV52 @PLCC44                    AT89LV55 @DIP40                     AT89LV55 @PLCC44                    AT89S51 @DIP40

AT89S51 @PLCC44                     AT89S52 @DIP40                      AT89S52 @PLCC44                     AT89S53 @DIP40

AT89S53 @PLCC44                     AT89S8252 @DIP40                    AT89S8252 @PLCC44                   AT89S8253 @DIP40

AT89S8253 @PLCC44                   AT90S1200 @DIP20                    AT90S1200 @SOIC20                   AT90S1200 @SSOP20

AT90S2313 @DIP20                    AT90S2313 @SOIC20                   AT90S2333 @DIP28                    AT90S4414 @DIP40

AT90S4433 @DIP28                    AT90S4434 @DIP40                    AT90S8515 @DIP40                    AT90S8535 @DIP40

AT90LS2313 @DIP20                   AT90LS2313 @SOIC20                  AT90LS2333 @DIP28                   AT90LS4414 @DIP40

AT90LS4433 @DIP28                   AT90LS4434 @DIP40                   AT90LS8515 @DIP40                   AT90LS8535 @DIP40

AT93C46(x8)                         AT93C46(x8) @SOIC8                  AT93C46(x8) @TSOP8                  AT93C46(x16)

AT93C46(x16) @SOIC8                 AT93C46(x16) @TSOP8                 AT93C46A                            AT93C46A @SOIC8

AT93C46A @TSOP8                     AT93C46C                            AT93C46C @SOIC8                     AT93C46C @TSOP8

AT93C46D(x8)                        AT93C46D(x8) @SOIC8                 AT93C46D(x8) @TSOP8                 AT93C46D(x16)

AT93C46D(x16) @SOIC8                AT93C46D(x16) @TSOP8                AT93C46E                            AT93C46E @SOIC8

AT93C46E @TSOP8                     AT93C46R(x8) *                      AT93C46R(x8) @SOIC8 *               AT93C46R(x8) @TSOP8 *

AT93C46R(x16) *                     AT93C46R(x16) @SOIC8 *              AT93C46R(x16) @TSOP8 *              AT93C56(x8)

AT93C56(x8) @SOIC8                  AT93C56(x16)                        AT93C56(x16) @SOIC8                 AT93C56A(x8)

AT93C56A(x8) @SOIC8                 AT93C56A(x8) @TSOP8                 AT93C56A(x16)                       AT93C56A(x16) @SOIC8

AT93C56A(x16) @TSOP8                AT93C57(x8)                         AT93C57(x8) @SOIC8                  AT93C57(x8) @TSOP8

AT93C57(x16)                        AT93C57(x16) @SOIC8                 AT93C57(x16) @TSOP8                 AT93C66(x8)

AT93C66(x8) @SOIC8                  AT93C66(x8) @TSOP8                  AT93C66(x16)                        AT93C66(x16) @SOIC8

AT93C66(x16) @TSOP8                 AT93C66A(x8)                        AT93C66A(x8) @SOIC8                 AT93C66A(x8) @TSOP8

AT93C66A(x16)                       AT93C66A(x16) @SOIC8                AT93C66A(x16) @TSOP8                AT93C86(x8)

AT93C86(x8) @SOIC8                  AT93C86(x8) @TSOP8                  AT93C86(x16)                        AT93C86(x16) @SOIC8

AT93C86(x16) @TSOP8                 AT93C86A(x8)                        AT93C86A(x8) @SOIC8                 AT93C86A(x8) @TSOP8

AT93C86A(x16)                       AT93C86A(x16) @SOIC8                AT93C86A(x16) @TSOP8                ATF16LV8C

ATF16LV8C @SOIC20                   ATF16LV8C @TSSOP20                  ATF16LV8CZ                          ATF16LV8CZ @SOIC20

ATF16LV8CZ @TSSOP20                 ATF16LV8CEXT                        ATF16LV8CEXT @SOIC20                ATF16LV8CEXT @TSSOP20

ATF16V8B                            ATF16V8B @SOIC20                    ATF16V8B @TSSOP20                   ATF16V8BL

ATF16V8BL @SOIC20                   ATF16V8BL @TSSOP20                  ATF16V8BQ                           ATF16V8BQ @SOIC20

ATF16V8BQ @TSSOP20                  ATF16V8BQL                          ATF16V8BQL @SOIC20                  ATF16V8BQL @TSSOP20

ATF16V8C                            ATF16V8C @SOIC20                    ATF16V8C @TSSOP20                   ATF16V8CZ

ATF16V8CZ @SOIC20                   ATF16V8CZ @TSSOP20                  ATF16V8CEXT                         ATF16V8CEXT @SOIC20

ATF16V8CEXT @TSSOP20                ATF20V8B                            ATF20V8B @SOIC24                    ATF20V8BL

ATF20V8BL @SOIC24                   ATF20V8BQ                           ATF20V8BQ @SOIC24                   ATF20V8BQL

ATF20V8BQL @SOIC24                  ATF22V10B                           ATF22V10B @SOIC24                   ATF22V10BL

ATF22V10BL @SOIC24                  ATF22V10BQ                          ATF22V10BQ @SOIC24                  ATF22V10BQL

ATF22V10BQL @SOIC24                 ATF22V10C                           ATF22V10C @SOIC24                   ATF22V10C @TSSOP24

ATF22V10C(UES)                      ATF22V10C(UES) @SOIC24              ATF22V10C(UES) @TSSOP24             ATF22V10CEXT

ATF22V10CEXT @SOIC24                ATF22V10CEXT @TSSOP24               ATF22V10CQ                          ATF22V10CQ @SOIC24

ATF22V10CQ @TSSOP24                 ATF22V10CQ(UES)                     ATF22V10CQ(UES) @SOIC24             ATF22V10CQ(UES) @TSSOP24

ATF22V10CQZ                         ATF22V10CQZ @SOIC24                 ATF22V10CQZ @TSSOP24                ATF22V10CQZ(UES)

ATF22V10CQZ(UES) @SOIC24            ATF22V10CQZ(UES) @TSSOP24           ATF22V10CZ                          ATF22V10CZ @SOIC24

ATF22V10CZ @TSSOP24                 ATF22V10CZ(UES)                     ATF22V10CZ(UES) @SOIC24             ATF22V10CZ(UES) @TSSOP24

ATMEGA8 @DIP28                      ATMEGA8 @TQFP32                     ATMEGA8 @MLF32                      ATMEGA8L @DIP28

ATMEGA8L @TQFP32                    ATMEGA8L @MLF32                     ATMEGA8A @DIP28                     ATMEGA8A @TQFP32

ATMEGA8A @MLF32                     ATMEGA16  @DIP40                    ATMEGA16A @DIP40                    ATMEGA16L @DIP40

ATMEGA32  @DIP40                    ATMEGA32A @DIP40                    ATMEGA32L @DIP40                    ATMEGA48  @DIP28

ATMEGA48  @TQFP32                   ATMEGA48  @MLF32                    ATMEGA48V @DIP28                    ATMEGA48V @TQFP32

ATMEGA48V @MLF32                    ATMEGA48A @DIP28                    ATMEGA48A @TQFP32                   ATMEGA48A @MLF32

ATMEGA48PA @DIP28                   ATMEGA48PA @TQFP32                  ATMEGA48PA @MLF32                   ATMEGA64   @TQFP64

ATMEGA64A  @TQFP64                  ATMEGA64L  @TQFP64                  ATMEGA88 @DIP28                     ATMEGA88 @TQFP32

ATMEGA88 @MLF32                     ATMEGA88V @DIP28                    ATMEGA88V @TQFP32                   ATMEGA88V @MLF32

ATMEGA88A @DIP28                    ATMEGA88A @TQFP32                   ATMEGA88A @MLF32                    ATMEGA88PA @DIP28

ATMEGA88PA @TQFP32                  ATMEGA88PA @MLF32                   ATMEGA128   @TQFP64                 ATMEGA128A  @TQFP64

ATMEGA128L  @TQFP64                 ATMEGA162   @DIP40                  ATMEGA162V  @DIP40                  ATMEGA164A  @DIP40

ATMEGA164PA @DIP40                  ATMEGA165A  @TQFP64                 ATMEGA165P  @TQFP64                 ATMEGA165PA @TQFP64

ATMEGA165PV @TQFP64                 ATMEGA168 @DIP28                    ATMEGA168 @TQFP32                   ATMEGA168 @MLF32

ATMEGA168A @DIP28                   ATMEGA168A @TQFP32                  ATMEGA168A @MLF32                   ATMEGA168PA @DIP28

ATMEGA168PA @TQFP32                 ATMEGA168PA @MLF32                  ATMEGA168V @DIP28                   ATMEGA168V @TQFP32

ATMEGA168V @MLF32                   ATMEGA169A   @TQFP64                ATMEGA169P   @TQFP64                ATMEGA169PA  @TQFP64

ATMEGA169PV  @TQFP64                ATMEGA324A @DIP40                   ATMEGA324PA @DIP40                  ATMEGA325A   @TQFP64

ATMEGA325PA  @TQFP64                ATMEGA328  @DIP28                   ATMEGA328  @TQFP32                  ATMEGA328  @MLF32

ATMEGA328P @DIP28                   ATMEGA328P @TQFP32                  ATMEGA328P @MLF32                   ATMEGA328PB @TQFP32

ATMEGA328PB @MLF32                  ATMEGA329A  @TQFP64                 ATMEGA329PA @TQFP64                 ATMEGA644A @DIP40

ATMEGA644PA @DIP40                  ATMEGA645A @TQFP64                  ATMEGA645P @TQFP64                  ATMEGA649A @TQFP64

ATMEGA649P @TQFP64                  ATMEGA1284 @DIP40                   ATMEGA1284P @DIP40                  ATMEGA8515 @DIP40

ATMEGA8515L @DIP40                  ATMEGA8535  @DIP40                  ATMEGA8535L @DIP40                  ATTINY11 @DIP8

ATTINY11 @SOIC8                     ATTINY11L @DIP8                     ATTINY11L @SOIC8                    ATTINY12 @DIP8

ATTINY12 @SOIC8                     ATTINY12V @DIP8                     ATTINY12V @SOIC8                    ATTINY12L @DIP8

ATTINY12L @SOIC8                    ATTINY13 @DIP8                      ATTINY13 @SOIC8                     ATTINY13V @DIP8

ATTINY13V @SOIC8                    ATTINY13A @DIP8                     ATTINY13A @SOIC8                    ATTINY15 @DIP8

ATTINY15 @SOIC8                     ATTINY15L @DIP8                     ATTINY15L @SOIC8                    ATTINY24 @DIP14

ATTINY24 @SOIC14                    ATTINY24A @DIP14                    ATTINY24A @SOIC14                   ATTINY24V @DIP14

ATTINY24V @SOIC14                   ATTINY25 @DIP8                      ATTINY25 @SOIC8                     ATTINY25V @DIP8

ATTINY25V @SOIC8                    ATTINY26 @DIP20                     ATTINY26 @SOIC20                    ATTINY26 @SSOP20

ATTINY26L @DIP20                    ATTINY26L @SOIC20                   ATTINY26L @SSOP20                   ATTINY28L @DIP28

ATTINY28V @DIP28                    ATTINY44 @DIP14                     ATTINY44 @SOIC14                    ATTINY44A @DIP14

ATTINY44A @SOIC14                   ATTINY44V @DIP14                    ATTINY44V @SOIC14                   ATTINY45 @DIP8

ATTINY45 @SOIC8                     ATTINY45V @DIP8                     ATTINY45V @SOIC8                    ATTINY84 @DIP14

ATTINY84 @SOIC14                    ATTINY84A @DIP14                    ATTINY84A @SOIC14                   ATTINY84V @DIP14

ATTINY84V @SOIC14                   ATTINY85 @DIP8                      ATTINY85 @SOIC8                     ATTINY85V @DIP8

ATTINY85V @SOIC8                    ATTINY2313 @DIP20                   ATTINY2313 @SOIC20                  ATTINY2313V @DIP20

ATTINY2313V @SOIC20                 ATTINY2313A @DIP20                  ATTINY2313A @SOIC20                 ATTINY4313 @DIP20



IC Support: 1341 PCS




BL24C02                             BL24C02 @SOIC8                      BL24C02 @TSSOP8                     BL24C04

BL24C04 @SOIC8                      BL24C04 @TSSOP8                     BL24C08                             BL24C08 @SOIC8

BL24C08 @TSSOP8                     BL24C16                             BL24C16 @SOIC8                      BL24C16 @TSSOP8

BL24C32                             BL24C32 @SOIC8                      BL24C32 @TSSOP8                     BL24C64

BL24C64 @SOIC8                      BL24C64 @TSSOP8                     BL24C128                            BL24C128 @SOIC8

BL24C128 @TSSOP8                    BL24C256                            BL24C256 @SOIC8                     BL24C256 @TSSOP8

BL93C46(x8)                         BL93C46(x8) @SOIC8                  BL93C46(x8) @TSOP8                  BL93C46(x16)

BL93C46(x16) @SOIC8                 BL93C46(x16) @TSOP8                 BL93C56(x8)                         BL93C56(x8) @SOIC8

BL93C56(x16)                        BL93C56(x16) @SOIC8                 BL93C66(x8)                         BL93C66(x8) @SOIC8

BL93C66(x8) @TSOP8                  BL93C66(x16)                        BL93C66(x16) @SOIC8                 BL93C66(x16) @TSOP8


IC Support: 40 PCS


[ BERGMicro ]


BG25Q512A                           BG25Q512A @WSON8                    BG25Q512A @SOIC8                    BG25Q10A

BG25Q10A @WSON8                     BG25Q10A @SOIC8                     BG25Q20A                            BG25Q20A @WSON8

BG25Q20A @SOIC8                     BG25Q40A                            BG25Q40A @WSON8                     BG25Q40A @SOIC8

BG25Q80A                            BG25Q80A @WSON8                     BG25Q80A @SOIC8                     BG25Q16A

BG25Q16A @SOIC8                     BG25Q16A @SOIC16                    BG25Q32A                            BG25Q32A @SOIC8

BG25Q32A @SOIC16                    BG25Q64A                            BG25Q64A @SOIC8                     BG25Q64A @SOIC16

BG25Q128A                           BG25Q128A @SOIC8                    BG25Q128A @SOIC16


IC Support: 27 PCS


[ BJX ]


BJX24LC02                           BJX24LC02 @SOIC8                    BJX24LC02 @TSSOP8                   BJX24LC04

BJX24LC04 @SOIC8                    BJX24LC04 @TSSOP8                   BJX24LC08                           BJX24LC08 @SOIC8

BJX24LC08 @TSSOP8                   BJX24LC16                           BJX24LC16 @SOIC8                    BJX24LC16 @TSSOP8


IC Support: 12 PCS


[ BMT ]


BM29LV160B  @TSOP48                 BM29LV160T  @TSOP48


IC Support: 2 PCS




24C02                               24C02 @SOIC8                        24C02 @TSSOP8                       24C04

24C04 @SOIC8                        24C04 @TSSOP8                       24C08                               24C08 @SOIC8

24C08 @TSSOP8                       24C16                               24C16 @SOIC8                        24C16 @TSSOP8

24C32                               24C32 @SOIC8                        24C32 @TSSOP8                       24C64

24C64 @SOIC8                        24C64 @TSSOP8                       AC39LV080  @TSOP40                  AC39LV088  @TSOP48

AC39VF080  @TSOP40                  AC39VF088  @TSOP48


IC Support: 22 PCS




BM29F400B  @TSOP48                  BM29F400B  @SOP44                   BM29F400T  @TSOP48                  BM29F400T  @SOP44

BM29LV160B  @TSOP48                 BM29LV160T  @TSOP48


IC Support: 6 PCS


[ BOYA Micro ]


BY25D05AS @SOP8-150                 BY25D05AS @SOP8-208                 BY25D10AS @SOP8-150                 BY25D10AS @SOP8-208

BY25D20AS @SOP8-150                 BY25D20AS @SOP8-208                 BY25D40AS @SOP8-150                 BY25D40AS @SOP8-208

BY25D80AS @SOP8-150                 BY25D80AS @SOP8-208                 BY25D16AS @SOP8-150                 BY25D16AS @SOP8-208

BY25Q512AS                          BY25Q512AS @WSON8                   BY25Q512AS @SOIC8                   BY25Q10AS

BY25Q10AS @WSON8                    BY25Q10AS @SOIC8                    BY25Q20AS                           BY25Q20AS @WSON8

BY25Q20AS @SOIC8                    BY25Q40AS                           BY25Q40AS @WSON8                    BY25Q40AS @SOIC8

BY25Q80AS                           BY25Q80AS @WSON8                    BY25Q80AS @SOIC8                    BY25Q16AS

BY25Q16AS @SOIC8                    BY25Q16AS @SOIC16                   BY25Q32AS                           BY25Q32AS @SOIC8

BY25Q32AS @SOIC16                   BY25Q64AS                           BY25Q64AS @SOIC8                    BY25Q64AS @SOIC16

BY25Q128AS                          BY25Q128AS @SOIC8                   BY25Q128AS @SOIC16                  BY25Q40AL(1.8V) @WSON8

BY25Q40AL(1.8V) @SOIC8              BY25Q80AL(1.8V) @WSON8              BY25Q80AL(1.8V) @SOIC8              BY25Q16AL(1.8V) @SOIC8

BY25Q16AL(1.8V) @SOIC16             BY25Q32AL(1.8V) @SOIC8              BY25Q32AL(1.8V) @SOIC16             BY25Q64AL(1.8V) @SOIC8

BY25Q64AL(1.8V) @SOIC16             BY25Q128AL(1.8V) @SOIC8             BY25Q128AL(1.8V) @SOIC16


IC Support: 51 PCS




CAT1022(R,Z) @MAP8                  CAT1022(J,W) @SOIC8                 CAT1022(U,Y) @TSSOP8                CAT1022(RD4) @TDFN8

CAT1023(P,L) @DIP8                  CAT1023(R,Z) @MAP8                  CAT1023(J,W) @SOIC8                 CAT1023(U,Y) @TSSOP8

CAT1023(RD4) @TDFN8                 CAT1024(P,L) @DIP8                  CAT1024(R,Z) @MAP8                  CAT1024(S,V) @SOIC8

CAT1024(U,Y) @TSSOP8                CAT1024(RD4) @TDFN8                 CAT1025(P,L) @DIP8                  CAT1025(R,Z) @MAP8

CAT1025(S,V) @SOIC8                 CAT1025(U,Y) @TSSOP8                CAT1025(RD4) @TDFN8                 CAT24AA01 @SOIC8

CAT24AA02 @SOIC8                    CAT24AA04 @SOIC8                    CAT24AA08 @SOIC8                    CAT24AA16 @SOIC8

CAT24AC128                          CAT24AC128 @SOIC8                   CAT24C00                            CAT24C00 @SOIC8

CAT24C00 @TSSOP8                    CAT24C01                            CAT24C01 @SOIC8                     CAT24C01 @TSSOP8

CAT24C01B                           CAT24C01B @MSOP8                    CAT24C01B @SOIC8                    CAT24C01B @TSSOP8

CAT24C02                            CAT24C02 @SOIC8                     CAT24C02 @TSSOP8                    CAT24C03

CAT24C03 @SOIC8                     CAT24C03 @TSSOP8                    CAT24C04                            CAT24C04 @SOIC8

CAT24C04 @TSSOP8                    CAT24C05                            CAT24C05 @SOIC8                     CAT24C05 @TSSOP8

CAT24C08                            CAT24C08 @SOIC8                     CAT24C08 @TSSOP8                    CAT24C09

CAT24C09 @SOIC8                     CAT24C09 @TSSOP8                    CAT24C16                            CAT24C16 @SOIC8

CAT24C16 @TSSOP8                    CAT24C21                            CAT24C21 @SOIC8                     CAT24C21 @TSSOP8

CAT24C32                            CAT24C32 @SOIC8                     CAT24C32 @TSSOP8                    CAT24C64

CAT24C64 @SOIC8                     CAT24C64 @TSSOP8                    CAT24C128                           CAT24C128 @SOIC8

CAT24C128 @TSSOP8                   CAT24C256                           CAT24C256 @SOIC8                    CAT24C256 @TSSOP8

CAT24FC01                           CAT24FC01 @SOIC8                    CAT24FC01 @TSSOP8                   CAT24FC02

CAT24FC02 @SOIC8                    CAT24FC02 @TSSOP8                   CAT24FC16                           CAT24FC16 @SOIC8

CAT24FC16 @TSSOP8                   CAT24FC17                           CAT24FC17 @SOIC8                    CAT24FC17 @TSSOP8

CAT24FC32                           CAT24FC32 @SOIC8                    CAT24FC32 @TSSOP8                   CAT24FC64

CAT24FC64 @SOIC8                    CAT24FC64 @TSSOP8                   CAT24FC65                           CAT24FC65 @SOIC8

CAT24FC65 @TSSOP8                   CAT24FC128                          CAT24FC128 @SOIC8                   CAT24FC128 @TSSOP8

CAT24FC256                          CAT24FC256 @SOIC8                   CAT24FC256 @TSSOP8                  CAT24LC02

CAT24LC02 @SOIC8                    CAT24LC04                           CAT24LC04 @SOIC8                    CAT24LC08

CAT24LC08 @SOIC8                    CAT24LC16                           CAT24LC16 @SOIC8                    CAT24WC01

CAT24WC01 @SOIC8                    CAT24WC01 @TSSOP8                   CAT24WC02                           CAT24WC02 @SOIC8

CAT24WC02 @TSSOP8                   CAT24WC03                           CAT24WC03 @SOIC8                    CAT24WC03 @TSSOP8

CAT24WC04                           CAT24WC04 @SOIC8                    CAT24WC04 @TSSOP8                   CAT24WC05

CAT24WC05 @SOIC8                    CAT24WC05 @TSSOP8                   CAT24WC08                           CAT24WC08 @SOIC8

CAT24WC08 @TSSOP8                   CAT24WC09                           CAT24WC09 @SOIC8                    CAT24WC09 @TSSOP8

CAT24WC16                           CAT24WC16 @SOIC8                    CAT24WC16 @TSSOP8                   CAT24WC17

CAT24WC17 @SOIC8                    CAT24WC17 @TSSOP8                   CAT24WC32                           CAT24WC32 @SOIC8

CAT24WC32 @TSSOP8                   CAT24WC33                           CAT24WC33 @SOIC8                    CAT24WC33 @TSSOP8

CAT24WC64                           CAT24WC64 @SOIC8                    CAT24WC64 @TSSOP8                   CAT24WC65

CAT24WC65 @SOIC8                    CAT24WC66                           CAT24WC66 @SOIC8                    CAT24WC128

CAT24WC128 @SOIC8                   CAT24WC128 @TSSOP8                  CAT24WC129                          CAT24WC129 @SOIC8

CAT24WC256                          CAT24WC256 @SOIC8                   CAT24WC256 @TSSOP8                  CAT25010

CAT25010  @SOIC8                    CAT25010  @TSSOP8                   CAT25020                            CAT25020  @SOIC8

CAT25020  @TSSOP8                   CAT25040                            CAT25040  @SOIC8                    CAT25040  @TSSOP8

CAT25080                            CAT25080  @SOIC8                    CAT25080  @TSSOP8                   CAT25160

CAT25160  @SOIC8                    CAT25160  @TSSOP8                   CAT25320                            CAT25320  @SOIC8

CAT25320  @TSSOP8                   CAT25640                            CAT25640  @SOIC8                    CAT25640  @TSSOP8

CAT25128                            CAT25128  @SOIC8                    CAT25128  @TSSOP8                   CAT25256

CAT25256  @SOIC8                    CAT25256  @TSSOP8                   CAT25C01                            CAT25C01  @SOIC8

CAT25C01  @TSSOP8                   CAT25C02                            CAT25C02  @SOIC8                    CAT25C02  @TSSOP8

CAT25C03                            CAT25C03  @SOIC8                    CAT25C03  @TSSOP8                   CAT25C04

CAT25C04  @SOIC8                    CAT25C04  @TSSOP8                   CAT25C05                            CAT25C05  @SOIC8

CAT25C05  @TSSOP8                   CAT25C08                            CAT25C08  @SOIC8                    CAT25C08  @TSSOP8

CAT25C09                            CAT25C09  @SOIC8                    CAT25C09  @TSSOP8                   CAT25C16

CAT25C16  @SOIC8                    CAT25C16  @TSSOP8                   CAT25C17                            CAT25C17  @SOIC8

CAT25C17  @TSSOP8                   CAT25C32                            CAT25C32  @SOIC8                    CAT25C32  @TSSOP8

CAT25C33                            CAT25C33  @SOIC8                    CAT25C33  @TSSOP8                   CAT25C64

CAT25C64  @SOIC8                    CAT25C64  @TSSOP8                   CAT25C65                            CAT25C65  @SOIC8

CAT25C65  @TSSOP8                   CAT25C128                           CAT25C128  @SOIC8                   CAT25C128  @TSSOP8

CAT25C256                           CAT25C256  @SOIC8                   CAT25C256  @TSSOP8                  CAT27010   @DIP32

CAT27010   @PLCC32                  CAT27010   @TSOP32                  CAT2764A   @DIP28                   CAT2764A   @PLCC32

CAT27128A  @DIP28                   CAT27128A  @PLCC32                  CAT27256   @DIP28                   CAT27256   @PLCC32

CAT27512   @DIP28                   CAT27512   @PLCC32                  CAT27C16    @DIP24                  CAT27C210   @DIP40

CAT27HC256  @DIP28                  CAT27HC256  @PLCC32                 CAT27HC256I @DIP28                  CAT27HC256I @PLCC32

CAT28C16A                           CAT28C16A @PLCC32                   CAT28C16A @SOIC24                   CAT28C16AI

CAT28C16AI @PLCC32                  CAT28C16AI @SOIC24                  CAT28C17A                           CAT28C17A @PLCC32

CAT28C17A @SOIC28                   CAT28C256                           CAT28C256 @PLCC32                   CAT28C256 @SOIC28

CAT28C257                           CAT28C257 @PLCC32                   CAT28C257 @SOIC28                   CAT28C64A

CAT28C64A @PLCC32                   CAT28C64A @SOIC28                   CAT28C64B                           CAT28C64B @PLCC32

CAT28C64B @SOIC28                   CAT28C65                            CAT28C65 @PLCC32                    CAT28C65 @SOIC28

CAT28C512 @DIP32                    CAT28C512 @PLCC32                   CAT28C512 @TSOP32                   CAT28C010 @DIP32

CAT28C010 @PLCC32                   CAT28C010 @TSOP32                   CAT28C020 @DIP32                    CAT28C020 @PLCC32

CAT28C020 @TSOP32                   CAT28C040 @DIP32                    CAT28C040 @PLCC32                   CAT28C040 @TSOP32

CAT28LV64                           CAT28LV64 @PLCC32                   CAT28LV64 @SOIC28                   CAT28LV65

CAT28LV65 @PLCC32                   CAT28LV65 @SOIC28                   CAT28LV256                          CAT28LV256 @PLCC32

CAT28LV256 @SOIC28                  CAT28F001P-B                        CAT28F001P-T                        CAT28F001N-B @PLCC32

CAT28F001N-T @PLCC32                CAT28F001T-B @TSOP32                CAT28F001T-T @TSOP32                CAT28F002T-B @TSOP40

CAT28F002T-T @TSOP40                CAT28F256                           CAT28F256 @PLCC32                   CAT28F256 @TSOP32

CAT28F512                           CAT28F512 @PLCC32                   CAT28F512 @TSOP32                   CAT28F010

CAT28F010 @PLCC32                   CAT28F010 @TSOP32                   CAT28F020                           CAT28F020 @PLCC32

CAT28F020 @TSOP32                   CAT35C102(x8)                       CAT35C102(x8)(S) @SOIC8             CAT35C102(x8)(K) @SOIC8

CAT35C102(x16)                      CAT35C102(x16)(S) @SOIC8            CAT35C102(x16)(K) @SOIC8            CAT35C104(x8)

CAT35C104(x8)(S) @SOIC8             CAT35C104(x8)(K) @SOIC8             CAT35C104(x16)                      CAT35C104(x16)(S) @SOIC8

CAT35C104(x16)(K) @SOIC8            CAT93C46(x8)                        CAT93C46(x8)(J) @SOIC8 *            CAT93C46(x8)(K) @SOIC8

CAT93C46(x8)(S) @SOIC8              CAT93C46(x8)(U) @TSOP8              CAT93C46(x16)                       CAT93C46(x16)(J) @SOIC8 *

CAT93C46(x16)(K) @SOIC8             CAT93C46(x16)(S) @SOIC8             CAT93C46(x16)(U) @TSOP8             CAT93C46A

CAT93C46A(J) @SOIC8 *               CAT93C46A(K) @SOIC8                 CAT93C46A(S) @SOIC8                 CAT93C46R(x8)

CAT93C46R(x8)(W) @SOIC8 *           CAT93C46R(x8)(V) @SOIC8             CAT93C46R(x8)(X) @SOIC8             CAT93C46R(x8)(Y) @TSOP8

CAT93C46R(x16)                      CAT93C46R(x16)(W) @SOIC8 *          CAT93C46R(x16)(V) @SOIC8            CAT93C46R(x16)(X) @SOIC8

CAT93C46R(x16)(Y) @TSOP8            CAT93C56(x8)                        CAT93C56(x8)(J) @SOIC8 *            CAT93C56(x8)(K) @SOIC8

CAT93C56(x8)(S) @SOIC8              CAT93C56(x8)(U) @TSOP8              CAT93C56(x16)                       CAT93C56(x16)(J) @SOIC8 *

CAT93C56(x16)(K) @SOIC8             CAT93C56(x16)(S) @SOIC8             CAT93C56(x16)(U) @TSOP8             CAT93C56A

CAT93C56A(J) @SOIC8 *               CAT93C56A(K) @SOIC8                 CAT93C56A(S) @SOIC8                 CAT93C57(x8)

CAT93C57(x8)(J) @SOIC8 *            CAT93C57(x8)(K) @SOIC8              CAT93C57(x8)(S) @SOIC8              CAT93C57(x8)(U) @TSOP8

CAT93C57(x16)                       CAT93C57(x16)(J) @SOIC8 *           CAT93C57(x16)(K) @SOIC8             CAT93C57(x16)(S) @SOIC8

CAT93C57(x16)(U) @TSOP8             CAT93C66(x8)                        CAT93C66(x8)(J) @SOIC8 *            CAT93C66(x8)(K) @SOIC8

CAT93C66(x8)(S) @SOIC8              CAT93C66(x8)(U) @TSOP8              CAT93C66(x16)                       CAT93C66(x16)(J) @SOIC8 *

CAT93C66(x16)(K) @SOIC8             CAT93C66(x16)(S) @SOIC8             CAT93C66(x16)(U) @TSOP8             CAT93C66A

CAT93C66A(J) @SOIC8 *               CAT93C66A(K) @SOIC8                 CAT93C66A(S) @SOIC8                 CAT93C86(x8)

CAT93C86(x8)(J) @SOIC8 *            CAT93C86(x8)(K) @SOIC8              CAT93C86(x8)(S) @SOIC8              CAT93C86(x8)(U) @TSOP8

CAT93C86(x16)                       CAT93C86(x16)(J) @SOIC8 *           CAT93C86(x16)(K) @SOIC8             CAT93C86(x16)(S) @SOIC8

CAT93C86(x16)(U) @TSOP8             CAT93C86A                           CAT93C86A(J) @SOIC8 *               CAT93C86A(K) @SOIC8

CAT93C86A(S) @SOIC8                 CAT93H46(x8)                        CAT93H46(x8)(J) @SOIC8 *            CAT93H46(x8)(S) @SOIC8

CAT93H46(x8)(U) @TSOP8              CAT93H46(x16)                       CAT93H46(x16)(J) @SOIC8 *           CAT93H46(x16)(S) @SOIC8

CAT93H46(x16)(U) @TSOP8             CAT93HC46(x8)                       CAT93HC46(x8)(J) @SOIC8 *           CAT93HC46(x8)(S) @SOIC8

CAT93HC46(x8)(U) @TSOP8             CAT93HC46(x16)                      CAT93HC46(x16)(J) @SOIC8 *          CAT93HC46(x16)(S) @SOIC8

CAT93HC46(x16)(U) @TSOP8


IC Support: 413 PCS




MC24LC02                            MC24LC02 @SOIC8                     MC24LC02 @TSSOP8                    MC24LC04

MC24LC04 @SOIC8                     MC24LC04 @TSSOP8                    MC24LC08                            MC24LC08 @SOIC8

MC24LC08 @TSSOP8                    MC24LC16                            MC24LC16 @SOIC8                     MC24LC16 @TSSOP8

MC93C46                             MC93C46 @SOIC8                      MC93C46 @TSSOP8                     MC93C56

MC93C56 @SOIC8                      MC93C56 @TSSOP8                     MC93C66                             MC93C66 @SOIC8



IC Support: 21 PCS




EN25B05                             EN25B05 @SOP8                       EN25B05 @VDFN8                      EN25B05T

EN25B05T @SOP8                      EN25B05T @VDFN8                     EN25B10                             EN25B10 @SOP8

EN25B10 @VDFN8                      EN25B10T                            EN25B10T @SOP8                      EN25B10T @VDFN8

EN25B20                             EN25B20 @SOP8                       EN25B20 @VDFN8                      EN25B20T

EN25B20T @SOP8                      EN25B20T @VDFN8                     EN25B40                             EN25B40 @SOP8

EN25B40 @VDFN8                      EN25B40T                            EN25B40T @SOP8                      EN25B40T @VDFN8

EN25B80                             EN25B80 @SOP8                       EN25B80 @VDFN8                      EN25B80T

EN25B80T @SOP8                      EN25B80T @VDFN8                     EN25B16                             EN25B16 @SOP8

EN25B16 @VDFN8                      EN25B16 @SOP16                      EN25B16T                            EN25B16T @SOP8

EN25B16T @VDFN8                     EN25B16T @SOP16                     EN25B32                             EN25B32 @SOP8

EN25B32 @VDFN8                      EN25B32 @SOP16                      EN25B32T                            EN25B32T @SOP8

EN25B32T @VDFN8                     EN25B32T @SOP16                     EN25B64  @SOP8                      EN25B64  @SOP16

EN25B64T @SOP8                      EN25B64T @SOP16                     EN25F05                             EN25F05(OTP)

EN25F05 @SOP8                       EN25F05(OTP) @SOP8                  EN25F05 @VDFN8                      EN25F05(OTP) @VDFN8

EN25F10                             EN25F10(OTP)                        EN25F10 @SOP8                       EN25F10(OTP) @SOP8

EN25F10 @VDFN8                      EN25F10(OTP) @VDFN8                 EN25F20                             EN25F20(OTP)

EN25F20 @SOP8                       EN25F20(OTP) @SOP8                  EN25F20 @VDFN8                      EN25F20(OTP) @VDFN8

EN25F40                             EN25F40(OTP)                        EN25F40 @SOP8                       EN25F40(OTP) @SOP8

EN25F40 @VDFN8                      EN25F40(OTP) @VDFN8                 EN25F80                             EN25F80(OTP)

EN25F80 @SOP8                       EN25F80(OTP) @SOP8                  EN25F80 @VDFN8                      EN25F80(OTP) @VDFN8

EN25F16                             EN25F16(OTP)                        EN25F16 @SOP8                       EN25F16(OTP) @SOP8

EN25F16 @VDFN8                      EN25F16(OTP) @VDFN8                 EN25F16 @SOP16                      EN25F16(OTP) @SOP16

EN25F32                             EN25F32(OTP)                        EN25F32 @SOP8                       EN25F32(OTP) @SOP8

EN25F32 @VDFN8                      EN25F32(OTP) @VDFN8                 EN25F32 @SOP16                      EN25F32(OTP) @SOP16

EN25LF05                            EN25LF05 @SOP8                      EN25LF05 @VDFN8                     EN25LF10

EN25LF10 @SOP8                      EN25LF10 @VDFN8                     EN25LF20                            EN25LF20 @SOP8

EN25LF20 @VDFN8                     EN25LF40                            EN25LF40 @SOP8                      EN25LF40 @VDFN8

EN25P05                             EN25P05 @SOP8                       EN25P05 @VDFN8                      EN25P10

EN25P10 @SOP8                       EN25P10 @VDFN8                      EN25P20                             EN25P20 @SOP8

EN25P20 @VDFN8                      EN25P40                             EN25P40 @SOP8                       EN25P40 @VDFN8

EN25P80                             EN25P80 @SOP8                       EN25P80 @VDFN8                      EN25P16

EN25P16 @SOP8                       EN25P16 @VDFN8                      EN25P32                             EN25P32 @SOP8

EN25P32 @SOP16                      EN25P64 @SOP8                       EN25P64 @SOP16                      EN25Q40

EN25Q40  @SOP8                      EN25Q40  @VDFN8                     EN25Q80A                            EN25Q80A @SOP8

EN25Q80A @VDFN8                     EN25Q16A                            EN25Q16A @SOP8                      EN25Q16A @VDFN8

EN25Q32A                            EN25Q32A @SOP8                      EN25Q32A @VDFN8                     EN25Q32A @SOP16

EN25Q32B                            EN25Q32B @SOP8                      EN25Q32B @VDFN8                     EN25Q32B @SOP16

EN25Q64                             EN25Q64  @SOP8                      EN25Q64  @VDFN8                     EN25Q64  @SOP16

EN25Q128  @SOP8                     EN25Q128  @VDFN8                    EN25Q128  @SOP16                    EN25QH16

EN25QH16 @SOP8                      EN25QH16 @VDFN8                     EN25QH32                            EN25QH32 @SOP8

EN25QH32 @VDFN8                     EN25QH32 @SOP16                     EN25QH64                            EN25QH64  @SOP8

EN25QH64  @VDFN8                    EN25QH64  @SOP16                    EN25QH128  @SOP8                    EN25QH128  @VDFN8

EN25QH128  @SOP16                   EN25Q40(OTP)                        EN25Q40(OTP)  @SOP8                 EN25Q40(OTP)  @VDFN8

EN25Q80A(OTP)                       EN25Q80A(OTP) @SOP8                 EN25Q80A(OTP) @VDFN8                EN25Q16A(OTP)

EN25Q16A(OTP) @SOP8                 EN25Q16A(OTP) @VDFN8                EN25Q32A(OTP)                       EN25Q32A(OTP) @SOP8

EN25Q32A(OTP) @VDFN8                EN25Q32A(OTP) @SOP16                EN25Q32B(OTP)                       EN25Q32B(OTP) @SOP8

EN25Q32B(OTP) @VDFN8                EN25Q32B(OTP) @SOP16                EN25Q64(OTP)                        EN25Q64(OTP)  @SOP8

EN25Q64(OTP)  @VDFN8                EN25Q64(OTP)  @SOP16                EN25Q128(OTP)  @SOP8                EN25Q128(OTP)  @VDFN8

EN25Q128(OTP)  @SOP16               EN25QH16(OTP)                       EN25QH16(OTP) @SOP8                 EN25QH16(OTP) @VDFN8

EN25QH32(OTP)                       EN25QH32(OTP) @SOP8                 EN25QH32(OTP) @VDFN8                EN25QH32(OTP) @SOP16

EN25QH64(OTP)                       EN25QH64(OTP)  @SOP8                EN25QH64(OTP)  @VDFN8               EN25QH64(OTP)  @SOP16

EN25QH128(OTP)  @SOP8               EN25QH128(OTP)  @VDFN8              EN25QH128(OTP)  @SOP16              EN25T80

EN25T80(OTP)                        EN25T80 @SOP8                       EN25T80(OTP) @SOP8                  EN25T80 @VDFN8

EN25T80(OTP) @VDFN8                 EN25T16                             EN25T16(OTP)                        EN25T16 @SOP8

EN25T16(OTP) @SOP8                  EN25T16 @VDFN8                      EN25T16(OTP) @VDFN8                 EN29F002AB  @DIP32

EN29F002AB  @PLCC32                 EN29F002AB  @TSOP32                 EN29F002ANT @DIP32                  EN29F002ANT @PLCC32

EN29F002ANT @TSOP32                 EN29F002ANB @DIP32                  EN29F002ANB @PLCC32                 EN29F002ANB @TSOP32

EN29F002AT  @DIP32                  EN29F002AT  @PLCC32                 EN29F002AT  @TSOP32                 EN29F002B  @DIP32

EN29F002B  @PLCC32                  EN29F002B  @TSOP32                  EN29F002NT @DIP32                   EN29F002NT @PLCC32

EN29F002NT @TSOP32                  EN29F002NB @DIP32                   EN29F002NB @PLCC32                  EN29F002NB @TSOP32

EN29F002T  @DIP32                   EN29F002T  @PLCC32                  EN29F002T  @TSOP32                  EN29F512   @DIP32

EN29F512   @PLCC32                  EN29F512   @TSOP32                  EN29F512   @VSOP32                  EN29F010   @DIP32

EN29F010   @PLCC32                  EN29F010   @TSOP32                  EN29F010   @VSOP32                  EN29F040   @DIP32

EN29F040   @PLCC32                  EN29F040   @TSOP32                  EN29F040A  @DIP32                   EN29F040A  @PLCC32

EN29F040A  @TSOP32                  EN29F800B  @TSOP48                  EN29F800T  @TSOP48                  EN29LV010  @PLCC32

EN29LV010  @TSOP32                  EN29LV040  @PLCC32                  EN29LV040  @TSOP32                  EN29LV040A @DIP32

EN29LV040A @PLCC32                  EN29LV040A @TSOP32                  EN39LV010  @PLCC32                  EN39LV010  @TSOP32

EN29LV400T  @TSOP48                 EN29LV400B  @TSOP48                 EN29LV400AT @TSOP48                 EN29LV400AB @TSOP48

EN29LV400BT @TSOP48                 EN29LV400BB @TSOP48                 EN29LV400JT @TSOP48                 EN29LV400JB @TSOP48

EN29LV800T  @TSOP48                 EN29LV800B  @TSOP48                 EN29LV800AT @TSOP48                 EN29LV800AB @TSOP48

EN29LV800BT @TSOP48                 EN29LV800BB @TSOP48                 EN29LV800JT @TSOP48                 EN29LV800JB @TSOP48

EN29LV160T  @TSOP48                 EN29LV160B  @TSOP48                 EN29LV160AT @TSOP48                 EN29LV160AB @TSOP48

EN29LV160BT @TSOP48                 EN29LV160BB @TSOP48                 EN29LV160CT @TSOP48                 EN29LV160CB @TSOP48

EN29LV160JT @TSOP48                 EN29LV160JB @TSOP48                 EN29LV320T  @TSOP48                 EN29LV320B  @TSOP48

EN29LV320AT  @TSOP48                EN29LV320AB  @TSOP48                EN29LV320BT  @TSOP48                EN29LV320BB  @TSOP48

EN29LV320CT  @TSOP48                EN29LV320CB  @TSOP48                EN29LV640AB @TSOP48                 EN29LV640AT @TSOP48

EN29LV640B  @TSOP48                 EN29LV640H  @TSOP48                 EN29LV640L  @TSOP48                 EN29LV640T  @TSOP48

EN29LV641H  @TSOP48                 EN29LV641L  @TSOP48                 EN29LV641U  @TSOP48                 EN29SL400T  @TSOP48

EN29SL400B  @TSOP48                 EN29SL800T  @TSOP48                 EN29SL800B  @TSOP48                 EN29SL160T  @TSOP48

EN29SL160B  @TSOP48


IC Support: 317 PCS




PM25LD256C                          PM25LD256C @SOP8                    PM25LD256C @WSON8                   PM25LD256C @TSSOP8

PM25LD512                           PM25LD512 @SOP8                     PM25LD512 @WSON8                    PM25LD512 @TSSOP8

PM25LD512C                          PM25LD512C @SOP8                    PM25LD512C @WSON8                   PM25LD512C @TSSOP8

PM25LD010                           PM25LD010 @SOP8                     PM25LD010 @WSON8                    PM25LD010 @TSSOP8

PM25LD010C                          PM25LD010C @SOP8                    PM25LD010C @WSON8                   PM25LD010C @TSSOP8

PM25LD020                           PM25LD020 @SOP8                     PM25LD020 @WSON8                    PM25LD020 @TSSOP8

PM25LD020C                          PM25LD020C @SOP8                    PM25LD020C @WSON8                   PM25LD020C @TSSOP8

PM25LD040                           PM25LD040 @SOP8                     PM25LD040 @WSON8                    PM25LD040 @TSSOP8

PM25LD040C                          PM25LD040C @SOP8                    PM25LD040C @WSON8                   PM25LD040C @TSSOP8

PM25LQ512 @SOP8                     PM25LQ512 @WSON8                    PM25LQ010 @SOP8                     PM25LQ010 @WSON8

PM25LQ020 @SOP8                     PM25LQ020 @WSON8                    PM25LQ040 @SOP8                     PM25LQ040 @WSON8

PM25LQ080 @SOP8                     PM25LQ080 @WSON8                    PM25LQ016C                          PM25LQ016C @SOP8

PM25LQ016C @WSON8                   PM25LQ032C                          PM25LQ032C @SOP8                    PM25LQ032C @WSON8

PM25LQ032C @SOP16                   PM25LV512                           PM25LV512 @SOP8                     PM25LV512 @WSON8

PM25LV512A                          PM25LV512A @SOP8                    PM25LV512A @WSON8                   PM25LV010

PM25LV010 @SOP8                     PM25LV010 @WSON8                    PM25LV010A                          PM25LV010A @SOP8

PM25LV010A @WSON8                   PM25LV020                           PM25LV020 @SOP8                     PM25LV020 @WSON8

PM25LV040                           PM25LV040 @SOP8                     PM25LV040 @WSON8                    PM25LV080B

PM25LV080B @SOP8                    PM25LV080B @WSON8                   PM25LV016B                          PM25LV016B @SOP8

PM25LV016B @WSON8                   PM25WD020 1.8V                      PM25WD020 1.8V @SOP8                PM25WD020 1.8V @WSON8

PM25WD040 1.8V                      PM25WD040 1.8V @SOP8                PM25WD040 1.8V @WSON8               PM29F002T  @DIP32

PM29F002T  @PLCC32                  PM29F002B  @DIP32                   PM29F002B  @PLCC32                  PM29F004T  @DIP32

PM29F004T  @PLCC32                  PM29F004B  @DIP32                   PM29F004B  @PLCC32                  PM39F010   @DIP32

PM39F010   @PLCC32                  PM39F010   @TSOP32                  PM39F020   @DIP32                   PM39F020   @PLCC32

PM39F020   @TSOP32                  PM39F040   @DIP32                   PM39F040   @PLCC32                  PM39F040   @TSOP32

PM39LV512  @PLCC32                  PM39LV512  @TSOP32                  PM39LV010  @PLCC32                  PM39LV010  @TSOP32

PM39LV020  @PLCC32                  PM39LV020  @TSOP32                  PM39LV040  @PLCC32                  PM39LV040  @TSOP32

PM49FL002T @PLCC32                  PM49FL002T @TSOP32                  PM49FL004T @PLCC32                  PM49FL004T @TSOP32

PM49FL008T @PLCC32                  PM49FL008T @TSOP32                  PM49LP002T @PLCC32                  PM49LP002T @TSOP32


IC Support: 116 PCS




CW24C02                             CW24C02 @DFN8                       CW24C02 @SOIC8                      CW24C02 @TSSOP8

CW24C02B                            CW24C02B @DFN8                      CW24C02B @SOIC8                     CW24C02B @TSSOP8

CW24C02C                            CW24C02C @DFN8                      CW24C02C @SOIC8                     CW24C02C @TSSOP8

CW24C04                             CW24C04 @DFN8                       CW24C04 @SOIC8                      CW24C04 @TSSOP8

CW24C04A                            CW24C04A @DFN8                      CW24C04A @SOIC8                     CW24C04A @TSSOP8

CW24C08                             CW24C08 @DFN8                       CW24C08 @SOIC8                      CW24C08 @TSSOP8

CW24C08B                            CW24C08B @DFN8                      CW24C08B @SOIC8                     CW24C08B @TSSOP8

CW24C08C                            CW24C08C @DFN8                      CW24C08C @SOIC8                     CW24C08C @TSSOP8

CW24C16                             CW24C16 @DFN8                       CW24C16 @SOIC8                      CW24C16 @TSSOP8

CW24C16A                            CW24C16A @DFN8                      CW24C16A @SOIC8                     CW24C16A @TSSOP8

CW24C32                             CW24C32 @DFN8                       CW24C32 @SOIC8                      CW24C32 @TSSOP8

CW24C64                             CW24C64 @DFN8                       CW24C64 @SOIC8                      CW24C64 @TSSOP8

CW24C128                            CW24C128 @DFN8                      CW24C128 @SOIC8                     CW24C128 @SOIC8

CW24C256                            CW24C256 @DFN8                      CW24C256 @SOIC8                     CW24C256 @TSSOP8


IC Support: 56 PCS




CR24C01                             CR24C01 @DFN8                       CR24C01 @SOIC8                      CR24C01 @TSSOP8

CR24C02                             CR24C02 @DFN8                       CR24C02 @SOIC8                      CR24C02 @TSSOP8

CR24C04                             CR24C04 @DFN8                       CR24C04 @SOIC8                      CR24C04 @TSSOP8

CR24C08                             CR24C08 @DFN8                       CR24C08 @SOIC8                      CR24C08 @TSSOP8

CR24C16                             CR24C16 @DFN8                       CR24C16 @SOIC8                      CR24C16 @TSSOP8

CR24C32                             CR24C32 @DFN8                       CR24C32 @SOIC8                      CR24C32 @TSSOP8

CR24C64                             CR24C64 @DFN8                       CR24C64 @SOIC8                      CR24C64 @TSSOP8

CR24C128                            CR24C128 @DFN8                      CR24C128 @SOIC8                     CR24C128 @SOIC8

CR24C256                            CR24C256 @DFN8                      CR24C256 @SOIC8                     CR24C256 @TSSOP8

CR93C46(x8)                         CR93C46(x8) @SOIC8                  CR93C46(x8) @TSOP8                  CR93C46(x16)

CR93C46(x16) @SOIC8                 CR93C46(x16) @TSOP8                 CR93C56(x8)                         CR93C56(x8) @SOIC8

CR93C56(x8) @TSOP8                  CR93C56(x16)                        CR93C56(x16) @SOIC8                 CR93C56(x16) @TSOP8

CR93C57(x8)                         CR93C57(x8) @SOIC8                  CR93C57(x8) @TSOP8                  CR93C57(x16)

CR93C57(x16) @SOIC8                 CR93C57(x16) @TSOP8                 CR93C66(x8)                         CR93C66(x8) @SOIC8

CR93C66(x8) @TSOP8                  CR93C66(x16)                        CR93C66(x16) @SOIC8                 CR93C66(x16) @TSOP8

CR93C86(x8)                         CR93C86(x8) @SOIC8                  CR93C86(x8) @TSOP8                  CR93C86(x16)

CR93C86(x16) @SOIC8                 CR93C86(x16) @TSOP8


IC Support: 66 PCS




CF25Q80BS @SOIC8                    CF25Q80BS @WSON8                    CF25Q80BS(OTP) @SOIC8               CF25Q80BS(OTP) @WSON8

CF25Q16BS @SOIC8                    CF25Q16BS @WSON8                    CF25Q16BS(OTP) @SOIC8               CF25Q16BS(OTP) @WSON8

CF25Q32CS @SOIC8                    CF25Q32CS @USON8                    CF25Q32CS(OTP) @SOIC8               CF25Q32CS(OTP) @USON8

CF25Q64AS @SOIC8                    CF25Q64AS @USON8                    CF25Q64AS(OTP) @SOIC8               CF25Q64AS(OTP) @USON8

CF25Q128AS @SOIC8                   CF25Q128AS @SOIC16                  CF25Q128AS(OTP) @SOIC8              CF25Q128AS(OTP) @SOIC16

GM25Q16 @SOIC8                      GM25Q16 @WSON8                      GM25Q16(OTP) @SOIC8                 GM25Q16(OTP) @WSON8

GM25Q32 @SOIC8                      GM25Q32 @USON8                      GM25Q32(OTP) @SOIC8                 GM25Q32(OTP) @USON8

GM25Q64 @SOIC8                      GM25Q64 @USON8                      GM25Q64(OTP) @SOIC8                 GM25Q64(OTP) @USON8

GM25Q128A @SOIC8                    GM25Q128A @SOIC16                   GM25Q128A(OTP) @SOIC8               GM25Q128A(OTP) @SOIC16


IC Support: 36 PCS




CY24C01                             CY24C01 @SOIC8                      CY24C01 @TSSOP8                     CY24C02

CY24C02 @SOIC8                      CY24C02 @TSSOP8                     CY24C04                             CY24C04 @SOIC8

CY24C04 @TSSOP8                     CY24C08                             CY24C08 @SOIC8                      CY24C08 @TSSOP8

CY24C16                             CY24C16 @SOIC8                      CY24C16 @TSSOP8                     CY25C01

CY25C01  @SOIC8                     CY25C01  @TSSOP8                    CY25C02                             CY25C02  @SOIC8

CY25C02  @TSSOP8                    CY25C04                             CY25C04  @SOIC8                     CY25C04  @TSSOP8

CY25C08                             CY25C08  @SOIC8                     CY25C08  @TSSOP8                    CY25C16

CY25C16  @SOIC8                     CY25C16  @TSSOP8                    CY27C010 @DIP32                     CY27C010 @PLCC32

CY27C010 @TSOP32                    CY27C020 @DIP32                     CY27C020 @PLCC32                    CY27C020 @TSOP32

CY27C040 @DIP32                     CY27C040 @PLCC32                    CY27C040 @TSOP32                    CY27C128 @DIP28

CY27C128 @PLCC32                    CY27C256 @DIP28                     CY27C256 @PLCC32                    CY27C512 @DIP28

CY27C512 @PLCC32                    CY27H010 @DIP32                     CY27H010 @PLCC32                    CY27H010 @TSOP32

CY27H256 @DIP28                     CY27H256 @PLCC32                    CY27H512 @DIP28                     CY27H512 @PLCC32

FM24V01A @SOIC8                     FM24V02A @SOIC8                     FM24V05 @SOIC8                      S29AL004DxxMxx01 @SOP44

S29AL004DxxMxx02 @SOP44             S29AL004DxxTxx01 @TSOP48            S29AL004DxxTxx02 @TSOP48            S29AL008DxxMxx01 @SOP44

S29AL008DxxMxx02 @SOP44             S29AL008DxxMxxR1 @SOP44             S29AL008DxxMxxR2 @SOP44             S29AL008DxxTxx01 @TSOP48

S29AL008DxxTxx02 @TSOP48            S29AL008DxxTxxR1 @TSOP48            S29AL008DxxTxxR2 @TSOP48            S29AL008JxxTxx01 @TSOP48

S29AL008JxxTxx02 @TSOP48            S29AL008JxxTxx03 @TSOP48            S29AL008JxxTxx04 @TSOP48            S29AL008JxxTxxR1 @TSOP48

S29AL008JxxTxxR2 @TSOP48            S29AL016JxxTxx01 @TSOP48            S29AL016JxxTxx02 @TSOP48            S29AL016JxxTxx03 @TSOP48

S29AL016JxxTxx04 @TSOP48            S29AL016JxxTxxR1 @TSOP48            S29AL016JxxTxxR2 @TSOP48            S29AL032DxxTxx03 @TSOP48

S29AL032DxxTxx04 @TSOP48            S34ML01G1 @TSOP48                   S34ML01G2 @TSOP48                   S34ML02G1 @TSOP48

S34ML02G2 @TSOP48                   S34ML04G1 @TSOP48                   S34ML04G2 @TSOP48


IC Support: 87 PCS




DS1220 (RW)                         DS1220 (TEST)                       DS1225 (RW)                         DS1225 (TEST)

DS1230AB (RW)                       DS1230AB (TEST)                     DS1230W (RW 3.3V)                   DS1230W (TEST 3.3V)

DS1230Y (RW)                        DS1230Y (TEST)                      DS1245AB(RW)                        DS1245AB(TEST)

DS1245W (RW 3.3V)                   DS1245W (TEST 3.3V)                 DS1245Y (RW)                        DS1245Y (TEST)

DS1249AB(RW)                        DS1249AB(TEST)                      DS1249W (RW 3.3V)                   DS1249W (TEST 3.3V)

DS1249Y (RW)                        DS1249Y (TEST)                      DS1250AB(RW)                        DS1250AB(TEST)

DS1250W (RW 3.3V)                   DS1250W (TEST 3.3V)                 DS1250Y (RW)                        DS1250Y (TEST)

DS1265AB (RW)                       DS1265Y (RW)                        DS1270AB (RW)                       DS1270Y (RW)


IC Support: 32 PCS




DPV27C101 @DIP32                    DPV27C101 @PLCC32                   DPV27C256 @DIP28                    DPV27C256 @PLCC32

DPV27C512 @DIP28                    DPV27C512 @PLCC32


IC Support: 6 PCS




AC25LV512                           AC25LV512 @SOP8                     AC25LV010                           AC25LV010 @SOP8

P439LV010 @PLCC32                   P439LV010 @TSOP32                   P439LV040 @PLCC32                   P439LV040 @TSOP32

P439LV080 @TSOP40                   P439LV800 @TSOP48                   PSU1GA30BT-G1IA @TSOP48             PSU2GA30BT-GIA  @TSOP48


IC Support: 12 PCS


[ E-CMOS ]


EC24C01                             EC24C01 @DFN8                       EC24C01 @SOIC8                      EC24C01 @TSSOP8

EC24C02                             EC24C02 @DFN8                       EC24C02 @SOIC8                      EC24C02 @TSSOP8

EC24C02A                            EC24C02A @DFN8                      EC24C02A @SOIC8                     EC24C02A @TSSOP8

EC24C04                             EC24C04 @DFN8                       EC24C04 @SOIC8                      EC24C04 @TSSOP8

EC24C04A                            EC24C04A @DFN8                      EC24C04A @SOIC8                     EC24C04A @TSSOP8

EC24C08                             EC24C08 @DFN8                       EC24C08 @SOIC8                      EC24C08 @TSSOP8

EC24C08A                            EC24C08A @DFN8                      EC24C08A @SOIC8                     EC24C08A @TSSOP8

EC24C16                             EC24C16 @DFN8                       EC24C16 @SOIC8                      EC24C16 @TSSOP8

EC24C16A                            EC24C16A @DFN8                      EC24C16A @SOIC8                     EC24C16A @TSSOP8

EC24C32                             EC24C32 @DFN8                       EC24C32 @SOIC8                      EC24C32 @TSSOP8

EC24C64                             EC24C64 @DFN8                       EC24C64 @SOIC8                      EC24C64 @TSSOP8

EC24C128                            EC24C128 @DFN8                      EC24C128 @SOIC8                     EC24C128 @TSSOP8

EC24C256                            EC24C256 @DFN8                      EC24C256 @SOIC8                     EC24C256 @TSSOP8


IC Support: 52 PCS


[ EFST ]


EM25LV512                           EM25LV512 @SOP8                     EM25LV010                           EM25LV010 @SOP8

F49B002UA                           F49B002UA @PLCC32                   F49L004BA @PLCC32                   F49L004BA @TSOP40

F49L004UA @PLCC32                   F49L004UA @TSOP40                   F49L040A  @PLCC32                   F49L040A  @TSOP32

F49L400BA @TSOP48                   F49L400UA @TSOP48                   F49L800BA @TSOP48                   F49L800UA @TSOP48

F49L160BA @TSOP48                   F49L160UA @TSOP48


IC Support: 18 PCS


[ EMTC ]


EM24C02                             EM24C02 @SOIC8                      EM24C02 TSSOP8                      EM24C04

EM24C04 @SOIC8                      EM24C04 @TSSOP8                     EM24C08                             EM24C08 @SOIC8

EM24C08 @TSSOP8                     EM24C16                             EM24C16 @SOIC8                      EM24C16 @TSSOP8


IC Support: 12 PCS


[ ENE ]


KB9010 @LQFP128                     KB9012 @LQFP128                     KB9016 @LQFP128                     KB9018 @LQFP128

KB9022 @LQFP128


IC Support: 5 PCS


[ EON ]


EN25B05                             EN25B05 @SOP8                       EN25B05 @VDFN8                      EN25B05T

EN25B05T @SOP8                      EN25B05T @VDFN8                     EN25B10                             EN25B10 @SOP8

EN25B10 @VDFN8                      EN25B10T                            EN25B10T @SOP8                      EN25B10T @VDFN8

EN25B20                             EN25B20 @SOP8                       EN25B20 @VDFN8                      EN25B20T

EN25B20T @SOP8                      EN25B20T @VDFN8                     EN25B40                             EN25B40 @SOP8

EN25B40 @VDFN8                      EN25B40T                            EN25B40T @SOP8                      EN25B40T @VDFN8

EN25B80                             EN25B80 @SOP8                       EN25B80 @VDFN8                      EN25B80T

EN25B80T @SOP8                      EN25B80T @VDFN8                     EN25B16                             EN25B16 @SOP8

EN25B16 @VDFN8                      EN25B16 @SOP16                      EN25B16T                            EN25B16T @SOP8

EN25B16T @VDFN8                     EN25B16T @SOP16                     EN25B32                             EN25B32 @SOP8

EN25B32 @VDFN8                      EN25B32 @SOP16                      EN25B32T                            EN25B32T @SOP8

EN25B32T @VDFN8                     EN25B32T @SOP16                     EN25B64  @SOP8                      EN25B64  @SOP16

EN25B64T @SOP8                      EN25B64T @SOP16                     EN25F05                             EN25F05(OTP)

EN25F05 @SOP8                       EN25F05(OTP) @SOP8                  EN25F05 @VDFN8                      EN25F05(OTP) @VDFN8

EN25F10                             EN25F10(OTP)                        EN25F10 @SOP8                       EN25F10(OTP) @SOP8

EN25F10 @VDFN8                      EN25F10(OTP) @VDFN8                 EN25F20                             EN25F20(OTP)

EN25F20 @SOP8                       EN25F20(OTP) @SOP8                  EN25F20 @VDFN8                      EN25F20(OTP) @VDFN8

EN25F40                             EN25F40(OTP)                        EN25F40 @SOP8                       EN25F40(OTP) @SOP8

EN25F40 @VDFN8                      EN25F40(OTP) @VDFN8                 EN25F80                             EN25F80(OTP)

EN25F80 @SOP8                       EN25F80(OTP) @SOP8                  EN25F80 @VDFN8                      EN25F80(OTP) @VDFN8

EN25F16                             EN25F16(OTP)                        EN25F16 @SOP8                       EN25F16(OTP) @SOP8

EN25F16 @VDFN8                      EN25F16(OTP) @VDFN8                 EN25F16 @SOP16                      EN25F16(OTP) @SOP16

EN25F32                             EN25F32(OTP)                        EN25F32 @SOP8                       EN25F32(OTP) @SOP8

EN25F32 @VDFN8                      EN25F32(OTP) @VDFN8                 EN25F32 @SOP16                      EN25F32(OTP) @SOP16

EN25F64                             EN25F64(OTP)                        EN25F64 @SOP8                       EN25F64(OTP) @SOP8

EN25F64 @VDFN8                      EN25F64(OTP) @VDFN8                 EN25F64 @SOP16                      EN25F64(OTP) @SOP16

EN25LF05                            EN25LF05 @SOP8                      EN25LF05 @VDFN8                     EN25LF10

EN25LF10 @SOP8                      EN25LF10 @VDFN8                     EN25LF20                            EN25LF20 @SOP8

EN25LF20 @VDFN8                     EN25LF40                            EN25LF40 @SOP8                      EN25LF40 @VDFN8

EN25P05                             EN25P05 @SOP8                       EN25P05 @VDFN8                      EN25P10

EN25P10 @SOP8                       EN25P10 @VDFN8                      EN25P20                             EN25P20 @SOP8

EN25P20 @VDFN8                      EN25P40                             EN25P40 @SOP8                       EN25P40 @VDFN8

EN25P80                             EN25P80 @SOP8                       EN25P80 @VDFN8                      EN25P16

EN25P16 @SOP8                       EN25P16 @VDFN8                      EN25P32                             EN25P32 @SOP8

EN25P32 @SOP16                      EN25P64 @SOP8                       EN25P64 @SOP16                      EN25Q40

EN25Q40  @SOP8                      EN25Q40  @VDFN8                     EN25Q80A                            EN25Q80A @SOP8

EN25Q80A @VDFN8                     EN25Q16A                            EN25Q16A @SOP8                      EN25Q16A @VDFN8

EN25Q32A                            EN25Q32A @SOP8                      EN25Q32A @VDFN8                     EN25Q32A @SOP16

EN25Q32B                            EN25Q32B @SOP8                      EN25Q32B @VDFN8                     EN25Q32B @SOP16

EN25Q64                             EN25Q64  @SOP8                      EN25Q64  @VDFN8                     EN25Q64  @SOP16

EN25Q128  @SOP8                     EN25Q128  @VDFN8                    EN25Q128  @SOP16                    EN25QH16

EN25QH16 @SOP8                      EN25QH16 @VDFN8                     EN25QH16A                           EN25QH16A @SOP8

EN25QH16A @VDFN8                    EN25QH16B                           EN25QH16B @SOP8                     EN25QH16B @VDFN8

EN25QH32                            EN25QH32 @SOP8                      EN25QH32 @SOP16                     EN25QH32A

EN25QH32A @SOP8                     EN25QH32A @SOP16                    EN25QH64                            EN25QH64  @SOP8

EN25QH64  @VDFN8                    EN25QH64  @SOP16                    EN25QH64A                           EN25QH64A @SOP8

EN25QH64A @VDFN8                    EN25QH64A @SOP16                    EN25QH128  @SOP8                    EN25QH128  @VDFN8

EN25QH128  @SOP16                   EN25QH256  @SOP8                    EN25QH256  @VDFN8                   EN25QH256  @SOP16

EN25Q40(OTP)                        EN25Q40(OTP)  @SOP8                 EN25Q40(OTP)  @VDFN8                EN25Q80A(OTP)

EN25Q80A(OTP) @SOP8                 EN25Q80A(OTP) @VDFN8                EN25Q16A(OTP)                       EN25Q16A(OTP) @SOP8

EN25Q16A(OTP) @VDFN8                EN25Q32A(OTP)                       EN25Q32A(OTP) @SOP8                 EN25Q32A(OTP) @VDFN8

EN25Q32A(OTP) @SOP16                EN25Q32B(OTP)                       EN25Q32B(OTP) @SOP8                 EN25Q32B(OTP) @VDFN8

EN25Q32B(OTP) @SOP16                EN25Q64(OTP)                        EN25Q64(OTP)  @SOP8                 EN25Q64(OTP)  @VDFN8

EN25Q64(OTP)  @SOP16                EN25Q128(OTP)  @SOP8                EN25Q128(OTP)  @VDFN8               EN25Q128(OTP)  @SOP16

EN25QH16(OTP)                       EN25QH16(OTP) @SOP8                 EN25QH16(OTP) @VDFN8                EN25QH32(OTP)

EN25QH32(OTP) @SOP8                 EN25QH32(OTP) @VDFN8                EN25QH32(OTP) @SOP16                EN25QH64(OTP)

EN25QH64(OTP)  @SOP8                EN25QH64(OTP)  @VDFN8               EN25QH64(OTP)  @SOP16               EN25QH128(OTP)  @SOP8

EN25QH128(OTP)  @VDFN8              EN25QH128(OTP)  @SOP16              EN25QH256(OTP)  @SOP8               EN25QH256(OTP)  @VDFN8

EN25QH256(OTP)  @SOP16              EN25T80                             EN25T80(OTP)                        EN25T80 @SOP8

EN25T80(OTP) @SOP8                  EN25T80 @VDFN8                      EN25T80(OTP) @VDFN8                 EN25T16

EN25T16(OTP)                        EN25T16 @SOP8                       EN25T16(OTP) @SOP8                  EN25T16 @VDFN8

EN25T16(OTP) @VDFN8                 EN27C010   @DIP32                   EN27C010   @PLCC32                  EN27C010   @TSOP32

EN27C512   @DIP28                   EN27C512   @PLCC32                  EN29F002AB  @DIP32                  EN29F002AB  @PLCC32

EN29F002AB  @TSOP32                 EN29F002ANT @DIP32                  EN29F002ANT @PLCC32                 EN29F002ANT @TSOP32

EN29F002ANB @DIP32                  EN29F002ANB @PLCC32                 EN29F002ANB @TSOP32                 EN29F002AT  @DIP32

EN29F002AT  @PLCC32                 EN29F002AT  @TSOP32                 EN29F002B  @DIP32                   EN29F002B  @PLCC32

EN29F002B  @TSOP32                  EN29F002NT @DIP32                   EN29F002NT @PLCC32                  EN29F002NT @TSOP32

EN29F002NB @DIP32                   EN29F002NB @PLCC32                  EN29F002NB @TSOP32                  EN29F002T  @DIP32

EN29F002T  @PLCC32                  EN29F002T  @TSOP32                  EN29F512   @DIP32                   EN29F512   @PLCC32

EN29F512   @TSOP32                  EN29F512   @VSOP32                  EN29F010   @DIP32                   EN29F010   @PLCC32

EN29F010   @TSOP32                  EN29F010   @VSOP32                  EN29F040   @DIP32                   EN29F040   @PLCC32

EN29F040   @TSOP32                  EN29F040A  @DIP32                   EN29F040A  @PLCC32                  EN29F040A  @TSOP32

EN29F800B  @TSOP48                  EN29F800T  @TSOP48                  EN29LV010 @PLCC32                   EN29LV010 @TSOP32

EN29LV020 @PLCC32                   EN29LV020 @TSOP32                   EN29LV040 @PLCC32                   EN29LV040 @TSOP32

EN29LV040A @DIP32                   EN29LV040A @PLCC32                  EN29LV040A @TSOP32                  EN29LV400B  @TSOP48

EN29LV400T  @TSOP48                 EN29LV400AB @TSOP48                 EN29LV400AT @TSOP48                 EN29LV800B  @TSOP48

EN29LV800T  @TSOP48                 EN29LV800AB @TSOP48                 EN29LV800AT @TSOP48                 EN29LV800BB @TSOP48

EN29LV800BT @TSOP48                 EN29LV160B  @TSOP48                 EN29LV160T  @TSOP48                 EN29LV160AB @TSOP48

EN29LV160AT @TSOP48                 EN29LV160BB @TSOP48                 EN29LV160BT @TSOP48                 EN29LV160JB @TSOP48

EN29LV160JT @TSOP48                 EN29LV320T  @TSOP48                 EN29LV320B  @TSOP48                 EN29LV320AT @TSOP48

EN29LV320AB @TSOP48                 EN29LV640B  @TSOP48                 EN29LV640H  @TSOP48                 EN29LV640L  @TSOP48

EN29LV640T  @TSOP48                 EN29LV641H  @TSOP48                 EN29LV641L  @TSOP48                 EN29LV641U  @TSOP48

EN29PL320  @TSOP48                  EN29PL640  @TSOP48                  EN39LV010  @PLCC32                  EN39LV010  @TSOP32


IC Support: 332 PCS




EM24LC02                            EM24LC02 @SOIC8                     EM93LC46(x8)                        EM93LC46(x8) @SOIC8

EM93LC46(x8) @TSOP8                 EM93LC46(x16)                       EM93LC46(x16) @SOIC8                EM93LC46(x16) @TSOP8

EM93LC56(x8)                        EM93LC56(x8) @SOIC8                 EM93LC56(x8) @TSOP8                 EM93LC56(x16)

EM93LC56(x16) @SOIC8                EM93LC56(x16) @TSOP8                EM93LC57(x8)                        EM93LC57(x8) @SOIC8

EM93LC57(x8) @TSOP8                 EM93LC57(x16)                       EM93LC57(x16) @SOIC8                EM93LC57(x16) @TSOP8

EM93LC66(x8)                        EM93LC66(x8) @SOIC8                 EM93LC66(x8) @TSOP8                 EM93LC66(x16)

EM93LC66(x16) @SOIC8                EM93LC66(x16) @TSOP8                EM93LC86(x8)                        EM93LC86(x8) @SOIC8

EM93LC86(x8) @TSOP8                 EM93LC86(x16)                       EM93LC86(x16) @SOIC8                EM93LC86(x16) @TSOP8


IC Support: 32 PCS


[ ESMT ]


EM25LV512                           EM25LV512 @SOP8                     EM25LV010                           EM25LV010 @SOP8

F25L004A                            F25L004A @SOP8                      F25L008A                            F25L008A @SOP8

F25L016A                            F25L016A @SOP8                      F25L04UA                            F25L04UA @SOP8

F25L04P                             F25L04P @SOP8                       F25S04P                             F25S04P @SOP8

F25L08P                             F25L08P @SOP8                       F25L16P                             F25L16P @SOP8

F25L32P                             F25L32P @SOP8                       F25L32Q                             F25L32Q @SOP8

F25L64Q                             F25L64Q @SOP8                       F49L004U @PLCC32                    F49L004U @TSOP40

F49L004B @PLCC32                    F49L004B @TSOP40                    F49L040A @PLCC32                    F49L040A @TSOP32

F49L400UA @TSOP48                   F49L400BA @TSOP48                   F49L800UA @TSOP48                   F49L800BA @TSOP48

F49L160UA @TSOP48                   F49L160BA @TSOP48                   F49L320UA @TSOP48                   F49L320BA @TSOP48

F59L512M81A @TSOP48                 F59L1G81A @TSOP48                   F59L1G81LB @TSOP48                  F59L1G81MA @TSOP48

F59L1G81MB @TSOP48                  F59L2G81A @TSOP48                   F59L2G81A(2048_128) @TSOP48         F59L2G81KA @TSOP48

F59L2G81XA @TSOP48                  F59L4G81A @TSOP48


IC Support: 50 PCS




24C02                               24C02 @SOIC8                        24C02 @TSSOP8                       24C04

24C04 @SOIC8                        24C04 @TSSOP8                       24C08                               24C08 @SOIC8

24C08 @TSSOP8                       24C16                               24C16 @SOIC8                        24C16 @TSSOP8

24C32                               24C32 @SOIC8                        24C32 @TSSOP8                       24C64

24C64 @SOIC8                        24C64 @TSSOP8


IC Support: 18 PCS




ES25P10 @SOIC8                      ES25P20 @SOIC8                      ES25P40 @SOIC8                      ES25P80 @SOIC8

ES25P16 @SOIC8                      ES25P32 @SOIC8                      ES25M40A                            ES25M40A @SOIC8

ES25M40A @WSON8                     ES25M40A @SOP16                     ES25M80A                            ES25M80A @SOIC8

ES25M80A @WSON8                     ES25M80A @SOP16                     ES25M16A                            ES25M16A @SOIC8

ES25M16A @WSON8                     ES25M16A @SOP16                     ES29DL320B @TSOP48                  ES29DL320T @TSOP48

ES29LV400DB @TSOP48                 ES29LV400DT @TSOP48                 ES29LV400EB @TSOP48                 ES29LV400ET @TSOP48

ES29LV400FB @TSOP48                 ES29LV400FT @TSOP48                 ES29LV800DB @TSOP48                 ES29LV800DT @TSOP48

ES29LV800EB @TSOP48                 ES29LV800ET @TSOP48                 ES29LV800FB @TSOP48                 ES29LV800FT @TSOP48

ES29LV160DB @TSOP48                 ES29LV160DT @TSOP48                 ES29LV160EB @TSOP48                 ES29LV160ET @TSOP48

ES29LV160FB @TSOP48                 ES29LV160FT @TSOP48                 ES29LV320DB @TSOP48                 ES29LV320DT @TSOP48

ES29LV320EB @TSOP48                 ES29LV320ET @TSOP48                 ES29LV320FB @TSOP48                 ES29LV320FT @TSOP48


IC Support: 44 PCS


[ EXEL ]


XL24C02                             XL24C02 @SOIC8                      XL24C02 @TSSOP8                     XL24C04

XL24C04 @SOIC8                      XL24C04 @TSSOP8                     XL24C08                             XL24C08 @SOIC8

XL24C08 @TSSOP8                     XL24C16                             XL24C16 @SOIC8                      XL24C16 @TSSOP8

XL2804A                             XL2816A                             XL93CS56                            XL93CS56 @SOIC8

XL93CS56 @TSSOP8                    XL93CS66                            XL93CS66 @SOIC8                     XL93CS66 @TSSOP8

XL93LC46                            XL93LC46  @SOIC8                    XL93LC46A                           XL93LC46A @SOIC8

XL93LC56                            XL93LC56 @SOIC8                     XL93LC56A                           XL93LC56A @SOIC8

XL93LC66A                           XL93LC66A @SOIC8                    XLE2865A                            XLE28C16A

XLE28C16A @PLCC32                   XLE28C16B                           XLE28C16B @PLCC32                   XLE28C16B @SIOC24

XLE28C64A                           XLE28C64A @PLCC32                   XLE28C64B                           XLE28C64B @PLCC32

XLE28C64B @SOIC28                   XLE28C256                           XLE28C256 @PLCC32                   XLS2865A

XLS2865A @PLCC32                    XLS28C16A                           XLS28C16A @PLCC32                   XLS28C16B

XLS28C16B @PLCC32                   XLS28C16B @SIOC24                   XLS28C64A                           XLS28C64A @PLCC32

XLS28C64B                           XLS28C64B @PLCC32                   XLS28C64B @SOIC28                   XLS28C256

XLS28C256 @PLCC32                   XLS93C46                            XLS93C46  @SOIC8                    XLS93C56

XLS93C56 @SOIC8                     XLS93C66                            XLS93C66 @SOIC8                     XLS93CS46

XLS93CS46 @SOIC8                    XLS93CS46 @TSSOP8                   XLS93LC06                           XLS93LC06 @SOIC8

XLS93LC46                           XLS93LC46 @SOIC8                    XLS93LC56                           XLS93LC56 @SOIC8

XLS93LC66                           XLS93LC66 @SOIC8


IC Support: 74 PCS




FM24C02                             FM24C02 @SOIC8                      FM24C02 @TSSOP8                     FM24C03

FM24C03 @SOIC8                      FM24C03 @TSSOP8                     FM24C04                             FM24C04 @SOIC8

FM24C04 @TSSOP8                     FM24C05                             FM24C05 @SOIC8                      FM24C05 @TSSOP8

FM24C08                             FM24C08 @SOIC8                      FM24C08 @TSSOP8                     FM24C09

FM24C09 @SOIC8                      FM24C09 @TSSOP8                     FM24C16                             FM24C16 @SOIC8

FM24C16 @TSSOP8                     FM24C17                             FM24C17 @SOIC8                      FM24C17 @TSSOP8

FM24C32                             FM24C32 @SOIC8                      FM24C32 @TSSOP8                     FM24C64

FM24C64 @SOIC8                      FM24C64 @TSSOP8                     FM24C128                            FM24C128 @SOIC8

FM24C128 @TSSOP8                    FM24C256                            FM24C256 @SOIC8                     FM24C256 @TSSOP8

FM27C010 @DIP32                     FM27C010 @PLCC32                    FM27C010 @TSOP32                    FM27C040 @DIP32

FM27C040 @PLCC32                    FM27C040 @TSOP32                    FM27C256 @DIP28                     FM27C256 @PLCC32

FM27C512 @DIP28                     FM27C512 @PLCC32                    FM93C46                             FM93C46 @SOIC8

FM93C46 @TSOP8                      FM93C46A(x8)                        FM93C46A(x8) @SOIC8                 FM93C46A(x8) @TSOP8

FM93C46A(x16)                       FM93C46A(x16) @SOIC8                FM93C46A(x16) @TSOP8                FM93C56

FM93C56 @SOIC8                      FM93C56 @TSOP8                      FM93C56A(x8)                        FM93C56A(x8) @SOIC8

FM93C56A(x8) @TSOP8                 FM93C56A(x16)                       FM93C56A(x16) @SOIC8                FM93C56A(x16) @TSOP8

FM93C66                             FM93C66 @SOIC8                      FM93C66 @TSOP8                      FM93C66A(x8)

FM93C66A(x8) @SOIC8                 FM93C66A(x8) @TSOP8                 FM93C66A(x16)                       FM93C66A(x16) @SOIC8

FM93C66A(x16) @TSOP8                FM93C76                             FM93C76 @SOIC8                      FM93C76 @TSOP8

FM93C76A(x8)                        FM93C76A(x8) @SOIC8                 FM93C76A(x8) @TSOP8                 FM93C76A(x16)

FM93C76A(x16) @SOIC8                FM93C76A(x16) @TSOP8                FM93C86                             FM93C86 @SOIC8

FM93C86 @TSOP8                      FM93C86A(x8)                        FM93C86A(x8) @SOIC8                 FM93C86A(x8) @TSOP8

FM93C86A(x16)                       FM93C86A(x16) @SOIC8                FM93C86A(x16) @TSOP8                FM93CS06

FM93CS06 @SOIC8                     FM93CS06 @TSOP8                     FM93CS46                            FM93CS46 @SOIC8

FM93CS46 @TSOP8                     FM93CS56                            FM93CS56 @SOIC8                     FM93CS56 @TSOP8

FM93CS66                            FM93CS66 @SOIC8                     FM93CS66 @TSOP8                     FM93S46

FM93S46 @SOIC8                      FM93S46 @TSOP8                      FM93S56                             FM93S56 @SOIC8

FM93S56 @TSOP8                      FM93S66                             FM93S66 @SOIC8                      FM93S66 @TSOP8

NM24C02                             NM24C02 @SOIC8                      NM24C02 @TSSOP8                     NM24C02L

NM24C02L @SOIC8                     NM24C02L @TSSOP8                    NM24C03                             NM24C03 @SOIC8

NM24C03 @TSSOP8                     NM24C04                             NM24C04 @SOIC8                      NM24C04 @TSSOP8

NM24C05                             NM24C05 @SOIC8                      NM24C05 @TSSOP8                     NM24C08

NM24C08 @SOIC8                      NM24C08 @TSSOP8                     NM24C09                             NM24C09 @SOIC8

NM24C09 @TSSOP8                     NM24C16                             NM24C16 @SOIC8                      NM24C16 @TSSOP8

NM24C17                             NM24C17 @SOIC8                      NM24C17 @TSSOP8                     NM24C65

NM24C65 @SOIC8                      NM24C65 @TSSOP8                     NM27C010 @DIP32                     NM27C010 @PLCC32

NM27C010 @TSOP32                    NM27C020 @DIP32                     NM27C020 @PLCC32                    NM27C020 @TSOP32

NM27C040 @DIP32                     NM27C040 @PLCC32                    NM27C040 @TSOP32                    NM27C64Q @DIP28

NM27C64Q @PLCC32                    NM27C128 @DIP28                     NM27C128 @PLCC32                    NM27C210 @DIP40

NM27C220 @DIP40                     NM27C240 @DIP40                     NM27C256 @DIP28                     NM27C256 @PLCC32

NM27C512 @DIP28                     NM27C512 @PLCC32                    NM27LC010 @DIP32                    NM27LC010 @PLCC32

NM27LC010 @TSOP32                   NM27LC64 @DIP28                     NM27LC64 @PLCC32                    NM27LC256 @DIP28

NM27LC256 @PLCC32                   NM27LC512 @DIP28                    NM27LC512 @PLCC32                   NM27LV010

NM27LV010 @PLCC32                   NM27LV010 @TSOP32                   NM27LV020 @DIP32                    NM27LV020 @PLCC32

NM27LV020 @TSOP32                   NM27LV040 @DIP32                    NM27LV040 @PLCC32                   NM27LV040 @TSOP32

NM27LV210 @DIP40                    NM27LV512 @DIP28                    NM27LV512 @PLCC32                   NM27P010

NM27P010 @PLCC32                    NM27P010 @TSOP32                    NM27P020 @DIP32                     NM27P020 @PLCC32

NM27P020 @TSOP32                    NM27P040 @DIP32                     NM27P040 @PLCC32                    NM27P040 @TSOP32

NM27P210 @DIP40                     NM27P512 @DIP28                     NM27P512 @PLCC32                    NM93C46

NM93C46 @SOIC8                      NM93C46 @TSOP8                      NM93C46A(x8)                        NM93C46A(x8) @SOIC8

NM93C46A(x8) @TSOP8                 NM93C46A(x16)                       NM93C46A(x16) @SOIC8                NM93C46A(x16) @TSOP8

NM93C56                             NM93C56 @SOIC8                      NM93C56 @TSOP8                      NM93C56A(x8)

NM93C56A(x8) @SOIC8                 NM93C56A(x8) @TSOP8                 NM93C56A(x16)                       NM93C56A(x16) @SOIC8

NM93C56A(x16) @TSOP8                NM93C66                             NM93C66 @SOIC8                      NM93C66 @TSOP8

NM93C66A(x8)                        NM93C66A(x8) @SOIC8                 NM93C66A(x8) @TSOP8                 NM93C66A(x16)

NM93C66A(x16) @SOIC8                NM93C66A(x16) @TSOP8                NM93C76                             NM93C76 @SOIC8

NM93C76 @TSOP8                      NM93C76A(x8)                        NM93C76A(x8) @SOIC8                 NM93C76A(x8) @TSOP8

NM93C76A(x16)                       NM93C76A(x16) @SOIC8                NM93C76A(x16) @TSOP8                NM93C86

NM93C86 @SOIC8                      NM93C86 @TSOP8                      NM93C86A(x8)                        NM93C86A(x8) @SOIC8

NM93C86A(x8) @TSOP8                 NM93C86A(x16)                       NM93C86A(x16) @SOIC8                NM93C86A(x16) @TSOP8

NM93CS06                            NM93CS06 @SOIC8                     NM93CS06 @TSOP8                     NM93CS46

NM93CS46 @SOIC8                     NM93CS46 @TSOP8                     NM93CS56                            NM93CS56 @SOIC8

NM93CS56 @TSOP8                     NM93CS66                            NM93CS66 @SOIC8                     NM93CS66 @TSOP8

NMC2732   @DIP24                    NMC27C010 @DIP32                    NMC27C010 @PLCC32                   NMC27C010 @TSOP32

NMC27C16     @DIP24                 NMC27C16B    @DIP24                 NMC27C16BQ   @DIP24                 NMC27C16Q    @DIP24

NMC27C32     @DIP24                 NMC27C32B    @DIP24                 NMC27C32BQ   @DIP24                 NMC27C32E    @DIP24

NMC27C32EH   @DIP24                 NMC27C32H    @DIP24                 NMC27C32Q    @DIP24                 NMC27C64Q @DIP28

NMC27C64Q @PLCC32                   NMC27C128B @DIP28                   NMC27C128B @PLCC32                  NMC27C128C @DIP28

NMC27C128C @PLCC32                  NMC27C256B @DIP28                   NMC27C256B @PLCC32                  NMC27C256Q @DIP28

NMC27C256Q @PLCC32                  NMC27C512A @DIP28                   NMC27C512A @PLCC32                  NMC27C512Q @DIP28

NMC27C512Q @PLCC32                  NMC27C1024 @DIP40                   NMC87C257Q @DIP28                   NMC87C257Q @PLCC32

NMC87C257V @DIP28                   NMC87C257V @PLCC32                  NMC93C46                            NMC93C46 @SOIC8

NMC93C46 @TSOP8                     NMC93C46A                           NMC93C46A @SOIC8                    NMC93C46A @TSOP8

NMC93C56                            NMC93C56 @SOIC8                     NMC93C56 @TSOP8                     NMC93C66

NMC93C66 @SOIC8                     NMC93C66 @TSOP8                     NMC93CS06                           NMC93CS06 @SOIC8

NMC93CS06 @TSOP8                    NMC93CS46                           NMC93CS46 @SOIC8                    NMC93CS46 @TSOP8

NMC93CS56                           NMC93CS56 @SOIC8                    NMC93CS56 @TSOP8                    NMC93CS66

NMC93CS66 @SOIC8                    NMC93CS66 @TSOP8


IC Support: 310 PCS




FM25Q04A                            FM25Q04A @SOP8                      FM25Q08A                            FM25Q08A @SOP8

FM25Q08A @WSON8                     FM25Q08A @SOP16                     FM25Q16A                            FM25Q16A @SOP8

FM25Q16A @WSON8                     FM25Q16A @SOP16                     FM25Q16B                            FM25Q16B @SOP8

FM25Q16B @WSON8                     FM25Q16B @SOP16                     FM25Q32A                            FM25Q32A @SOP8

FM25Q32A @WSON8                     FM25Q32A @SOP16                     FM25Q64A                            FM25Q64A @SOP8

FM25Q64A @WSON8                     FM25Q64A @SOP16                     FM25M04A(1.8V)                      FM25M04A(1.8V) @SOP8

FM25M08A(1.8V)                      FM25M08A(1.8V) @SOP8                FM25M08A(1.8V) @WSON8               FM25M08A(1.8V) @SOP16

FM25M08B(1.8V)                      FM25M08B(1.8V) @SOP8                FM25M08B(1.8V) @WSON8               FM25M08B(1.8V) @SOP16

FM25M16A(1.8V)                      FM25M16A(1.8V) @SOP8                FM25M16A(1.8V) @WSON8               FM25M16A(1.8V) @SOP16

FM25M16B(1.8V)                      FM25M16B(1.8V) @SOP8                FM25M16B(1.8V) @WSON8               FM25M16B(1.8V) @SOP16

FM25M32A(1.8V)                      FM25M32A(1.8V) @SOP8                FM25M32A(1.8V) @WSON8               FM25M32A(1.8V) @SOP16

FM25M64A(1.8V)                      FM25M64A(1.8V) @SOP8                FM25M64A(1.8V) @WSON8               FM25M64A(1.8V) @SOP16

FM25M64C(1.8V)                      FM25M64C(1.8V) @SOP8                FM25M64C(1.8V) @WSON8               FM25M64C(1.8V) @SOP16

FM25M4AA(1.8V)                      FM25M4AA(1.8V) @SOP8                FM25M4AA(1.8V) @WSON8               FM25M4AA(1.8V) @SOP16

FM25M4SA(1.8V) @SOIC8               FM25M4SA(1.8V) @SOIC16              FMND1G08U3A @TSOP48                 FMND1G08U3B @TSOP48

FMND1G08U3D @TSOP48                 FMND1G08U3J @TSOP48                 FMND2G08U3A @TSOP48                 FMND2G08U3B @TSOP48

FMND2G08U3D @TSOP48                 FMND2G08U3J @TSOP48


IC Support: 66 PCS




T24C02                              T24C02 @SOIC8                       T24C02 @TSSOP8                      T24C02A

T24C02A @SOIC8                      T24C02A @TSSOP8                     T24C04                              T24C04 @SOIC8

T24C04 @TSSOP8                      T24C04A                             T24C04A @SOIC8                      T24C04A @TSSOP8

T24C08                              T24C08 @SOIC8                       T24C08 @TSSOP8                      T24C08A

T24C08A @SOIC8                      T24C08A @TSSOP8                     T24C16                              T24C16 @SOIC8

T24C16 @TSSOP8                      T24C16A                             T24C16A @SOIC8                      T24C16A @TSSOP8

T93C46(x8)                          T93C46(x8) @SOIC8                   T93C46(x8) @TSSOP8                  T93C46(x16)

T93C46(x16) @SOIC8                  T93C46(x16) @TSSOP8                 T93C46A(x8)                         T93C46A(x8) @SOIC8

T93C46A(x8) @TSSOP8                 T93C46A(x16)                        T93C46A(x16) @SOIC8                 T93C46A(x16) @TSSOP8

T93C56(x8)                          T93C56(x8) @SOIC8                   T93C56(x8) @TSSOP8                  T93C56(x16)

T93C56(x16) @SOIC8                  T93C56(x16) @TSSOP8                 T93C56A(x8)                         T93C56A(x8) @SOIC8

T93C56A(x8) @TSSOP8                 T93C56A(x16)                        T93C56A(x16) @SOIC8                 T93C56A(x16) @TSSOP8

T93C66(x8)                          T93C66(x8) @SOIC8                   T93C66(x8) @TSSOP8                  T93C66(x16)

T93C66(x16) @SOIC8                  T93C66(x16) @TSSOP8                 T93C66A(x8)                         T93C66A(x8) @SOIC8

T93C66A(x8) @TSSOP8                 T93C66A(x16)                        T93C66A(x16) @SOIC8                 T93C66A(x16) @TSSOP8


IC Support: 60 PCS





IC Support: 0 PCS


[ FMD ]


FT24C02                             FT24C02   @SOIC8                    FT24C02   @TSSOP8                   FT24C02A

FT24C02A  @SOIC8                    FT24C02A  @TSSOP8                   FT24C04                             FT24C04   @SOIC8

FT24C04   @TSSOP8                   FT24C04A                            FT24C04A  @SOIC8                    FT24C04A  @TSSOP8

FT24C08                             FT24C08   @SOIC8                    FT24C08   @TSSOP8                   FT24C08A

FT24C08A  @SOIC8                    FT24C08A  @TSSOP8                   FT24C16                             FT24C16   @SOIC8

FT24C16   @TSSOP8                   FT24C16A                            FT24C16A  @SOIC8                    FT24C16A  @TSSOP8

FT24C32                             FT24C32   @SOIC8                    FT24C32   @TSSOP8                   FT24C32A

FT24C32A  @SOIC8                    FT24C32A  @TSSOP8                   FT24C64                             FT24C64  @SOIC8

FT24C64  @TSSOP8                    FT24C64A                            FT24C64A @SOIC8                     FT24C64A @TSSOP8

FT24C128                            FT24C128 @SOIC8                     FT24C128 @TSSOP8                    FT24C128A

FT24C128A @SOIC8                    FT24C128A @TSSOP8                   FT24C256                            FT24C256 @SOIC8

FT24C256 @TSSOP8                    FT24C256A                           FT24C256A @SOIC8                    FT24C256A @TSSOP8

FT93C46(x8)                         FT93C46(x8) @SOIC8                  FT93C46(x8) @TSOP8                  FT93C46(x16)

FT93C46(x16) @SOIC8                 FT93C46(x16) @TSOP8                 FT93C46A(x8)                        FT93C46A(x8) @SOIC8

FT93C46A(x8) @TSOP8                 FT93C46A(x16)                       FT93C46A(x16) @SOIC8                FT93C46A(x16) @TSOP8

FT93C56(x8)                         FT93C56(x8) @SOIC8                  FT93C56(x8) @TSOP8                  FT93C56(x16)

FT93C56(x16) @SOIC8                 FT93C56(x16) @TSOP8                 FT93C56A(x8)                        FT93C56A(x8) @SOIC8

FT93C56A(x8) @TSOP8                 FT93C56A(x16)                       FT93C56A(x16) @SOIC8                FT93C56A(x16) @TSOP8

FT93C66(x8)                         FT93C66(x8) @SOIC8                  FT93C66(x8) @TSOP8                  FT93C66(x16)

FT93C66(x16) @SOIC8                 FT93C66(x16) @TSOP8                 FT93C66A(x8)                        FT93C66A(x8) @SOIC8

FT93C66A(x8) @TSOP8                 FT93C66A(x16)                       FT93C66A(x16) @SOIC8                FT93C66A(x16) @TSOP8

FT93C86(x8)                         FT93C86(x8) @SOIC8                  FT93C86(x8) @TSOP8                  FT93C86(x16)

FT93C86(x16) @SOIC8                 FT93C86(x16) @TSOP8                 FT93C86A(x8)                        FT93C86A(x8) @SOIC8

FT93C86A(x8) @TSOP8                 FT93C86A(x16)                       FT93C86A(x16) @SOIC8                FT93C86A(x16) @TSOP8


IC Support: 96 PCS




FT24C01                             FT24C01   @SOIC8                    FT24C01   @TSSOP8                   FT24C01A

FT24C01A  @SOIC8                    FT24C01A  @TSSOP8                   FT24C02                             FT24C02   @SOIC8

FT24C02   @TSSOP8                   FT24C02A                            FT24C02A  @SOIC8                    FT24C02A  @TSSOP8

FT24C04                             FT24C04   @SOIC8                    FT24C04   @TSSOP8                   FT24C04A

FT24C04A  @SOIC8                    FT24C04A  @TSSOP8                   FT24C08                             FT24C08   @SOIC8

FT24C08   @TSSOP8                   FT24C08A                            FT24C08A  @SOIC8                    FT24C08A  @TSSOP8

FT24C16                             FT24C16   @SOIC8                    FT24C16   @TSSOP8                   FT24C16A

FT24C16A  @SOIC8                    FT24C16A  @TSSOP8                   FT24C32                             FT24C32   @SOIC8

FT24C32   @TSSOP8                   FT24C32A                            FT24C32A  @SOIC8                    FT24C32A  @TSSOP8

FT24C64                             FT24C64  @SOIC8                     FT24C64  @TSSOP8                    FT24C64A

FT24C64A @SOIC8                     FT24C64A @TSSOP8                    FT24C128                            FT24C128 @SOIC8

FT24C128 @TSSOP8                    FT24C128A                           FT24C128A @SOIC8                    FT24C128A @TSSOP8

FT24C256                            FT24C256 @SOIC8                     FT24C256 @TSSOP8                    FT24C256A

FT24C256A @SOIC8                    FT24C256A @TSSOP8                   FT24C256B                           FT24C256B @SOIC8



IC Support: 57 PCS




24LC01                              24LC01 @SOIC8                       24LC02                              24LC02 @SOIC8

24LC04                              24LC04 @SOIC8                       24LC08                              24LC08 @SOIC8

24LC16                              24LC16 @SOIC8                       24LC32                              24LC32 @SOIC8

24LC64                              24LC64 @SOIC8


IC Support: 14 PCS




FM24C02A                            FM24C02A @SOIC8                     FM24C02A @TSSOP8                    FM24C02B

FM24C02B @SOIC8                     FM24C02B @TSSOP8                    FM24C04A                            FM24C04A @SOIC8

FM24C04A @TSSOP8                    FM24C04B                            FM24C04B @SOIC8                     FM24C04B @TSSOP8

FM24C08A                            FM24C08A @SOIC8                     FM24C08A @TSSOP8                    FM24C08B

FM24C08B @SOIC8                     FM24C08B @TSSOP8                    FM24C16A                            FM24C16A @SOIC8

FM24C16A @TSSOP8                    FM24C16B                            FM24C16B @SOIC8                     FM24C16B @TSSOP8

FM24C16D                            FM24C16D @SOIC8                     FM24C16D @TSSOP8                    FM24C32A

FM24C32A @SOIC8                     FM24C32A @TSSOP8                    FM24C32B                            FM24C32B @SOIC8

FM24C32B @TSSOP8                    FM24C32D                            FM24C32D @SOIC8                     FM24C32D @TSSOP8

FM24C64A                            FM24C64A @SOIC8                     FM24C64A @TSSOP8                    FM24C64D

FM24C64D @SOIC8                     FM24C64D @TSSOP8                    FM24C128A                           FM24C128A @SOIC8

FM24C128A @TSSOP8                   FM24C128D                           FM24C128D @SOIC8                    FM24C128D @TSSOP8

FM24C256                            FM24C256 @SOIC8                     FM24C256 @TSSOP8                    FM24C256A

FM24C256A @SOIC8                    FM24C256A @TSSOP8                   FM24C256E                           FM24C256E @SOIC8

FM24C256E @TSSOP8                   FM24C512D                           FM24C512D @DFN8                     FM24C512D @SOIC8

FM24C512D @TSSOP8                   FM24C1024A @SOIC8                   FM24C1024A @SSOP8                   FM25080

FM25080 @SOIC8                      FM25080 @TSSOP8                     FM25160                             FM25160 @MAP8

FM25160 @SOIC8                      FM25160 @TSSOP8                     FM25320                             FM25320 @MAP8

FM25320 @SOIC8                      FM25320 @TSSOP8                     FM25640                             FM25640 @SOIC8

FM25640 @TSSOP8                     FM25128                             FM25128 @SOIC8                      FM25128 @TSSOP8

FM25256                             FM25256 @SOIC8                      FM25256 @TSSOP8                     FM25512

FM25512 @SOIC8                      FM25512 @TSSOP8                     FM25F005                            FM25F005 @WSON8

FM25F005 @SOIC8                     FM25F01                             FM25F01 @WSON8                      FM25F01 @SOIC8

FM25Q02                             FM25Q02 @SOP8                       FM25Q04                             FM25Q04 @SOP8

FM25Q08                             FM25Q08 @SOP8                       FM25Q08 @WSON8                      FM25Q08 @SOP16

FM25Q16                             FM25Q16 @SOP8                       FM25Q16 @WSON8                      FM25Q16 @SOP16

FM25Q16                             FM25Q16 @SOP8                       FM25Q16 @WSON8                      FM25Q16 @SOP16

FM25Q32                             FM25Q32 @SOP8                       FM25Q32 @WSON8                      FM25Q32 @SOP16

FM25Q64                             FM25Q64 @SOP8                       FM25Q64 @WSON8                      FM25Q64 @SOP16

FM25Q128 @SOP8                      FM25Q128 @WSON8                     FM25Q128 @SOP16                     FM25W02

FM25W02 @SOP8                       FM25W04                             FM25W04 @SOP8                       FM25W08

FM25W08 @SOP8                       FM25W08 @WSON8                      FM25W08 @SOP16                      FM25W16

FM25W16 @SOP8                       FM25W16 @WSON8                      FM25W16 @SOP16                      FM25W16

FM25W16 @SOP8                       FM25W16 @WSON8                      FM25W16 @SOP16                      FM25W32

FM25W32 @SOP8                       FM25W32 @WSON8                      FM25W32 @SOP16                      FM93C46A(x8)

FM93C46A(x8) @SOIC8                 FM93C46A(x8) @TSOP8                 FM93C46A(x16)                       FM93C46A(x16) @SOIC8

FM93C46A(x16) @TSOP8                FM93C56A(x8)                        FM93C56A(x8) @SOIC8                 FM93C56A(x8) @TSOP8

FM93C56A(x16)                       FM93C56A(x16) @SOIC8                FM93C56A(x16) @TSOP8                FM93C66A(x8)

FM93C66A(x8) @SOIC8                 FM93C66A(x8) @TSOP8                 FM93C66A(x16)                       FM93C66A(x16) @SOIC8

FM93C66A(x16) @TSOP8


IC Support: 157 PCS




MB85R256H @SO28                     MB85RC256V @SOIC8                   MBM2716  @DIP24                     MBM27128 @DIP28

MBM27128 @PLCC32                    MBM27256 @DIP28                     MBM27256 @PLCC32                    MBM2732  @DIP24

MBM2732A @DIP24                     MBM2764  @DIP28                     MBM2764  @PLCC32                    MBM27C1001

MBM27C1001 @PLCC32                  MBM27C1001 @SO32                    MBM27C1001 @TSOP32                  MBM27C128P @DIP28

MBM27C128P @PLCC32                  MBM27C2001                          MBM27C2001 @PLCC32                  MBM27C2001 @TSOP32

MBM27C256A @DIP28                   MBM27C256A @PLCC32                  MBM27C32   @DIP24                   MBM27C32A  @DIP24

MBM27C4001                          MBM27C4001 @PLCC32                  MBM27C4001 @TSOP32                  MBM27C512 @DIP28

MBM27C512 @PLCC32                   MBM27C64  @DIP28                    MBM27C64  @PLCC32                   MBM27C1024 @DIP40

MBM27C2048 @DIP40                   MBM27C4096 @DIP40                   MBM28F010                           MBM28F010 @SOIC32

MBM28F010 @PLCC32                   MBM28F010 @TSOP32                   MBM29DL161BD @TSOP48                MBM29DL161BE @TSOP48

MBM29DL161TD @TSOP48                MBM29DL161TE @TSOP48                MBM29DL162BD @TSOP48                MBM29DL162BE @TSOP48

MBM29DL162TD @TSOP48                MBM29DL162TE @TSOP48                MBM29DL163BD @TSOP48                MBM29DL163BE @TSOP48

MBM29DL163TD @TSOP48                MBM29DL163TE @TSOP48                MBM29DL164BD @TSOP48                MBM29DL164BE @TSOP48

MBM29DL164TD @TSOP48                MBM29DL164TE @TSOP48                MBM29DL321BD @TSOP48                MBM29DL321BE @TSOP48

MBM29DL321TD @TSOP48                MBM29DL321TE @TSOP48                MBM29DL322BD @TSOP48                MBM29DL322BE @TSOP48

MBM29DL322TD @TSOP48                MBM29DL322TE @TSOP48                MBM29DL323BD @TSOP48                MBM29DL323BE @TSOP48

MBM29DL323BF @TSOP48                MBM29DL323TD @TSOP48                MBM29DL323TE @TSOP48                MBM29DL323TF @TSOP48

MBM29DL324BD @TSOP48                MBM29DL324BE @TSOP48                MBM29DL324TD @TSOP48                MBM29DL324TE @TSOP48

MBM29DL32BF  @TSOP48                MBM29DL32TF  @TSOP48                MBM29DL34BF  @TSOP48                MBM29DL34TF  @TSOP48

MBM29DL400BB @TSOP48                MBM29DL400BB @SOP44                 MBM29DL400BC @TSOP48                MBM29DL400BC @SOP44

MBM29DL400BT @TSOP48                MBM29DL400BT @SOP44                 MBM29DL400TC @TSOP48                MBM29DL400TC @SOP44

MBM29DL800B  @TSOP48                MBM29DL800B  @SOP44                 MBM29DL800BA @TSOP48                MBM29DL800BA @SOP44

MBM29DL800BB @TSOP48                MBM29DL800BB @SOP44                 MBM29DL800BT @TSOP48                MBM29DL800BT @SOP44

MBM29DL800T  @TSOP48                MBM29DL800T  @SOP44                 MBM29DL800TA @TSOP48                MBM29DL800TA @SOP44

MBM29DL640E  @TSOP48                MBM29DL640D  @TSOP48                MBM29F002B                          MBM29F002B  @PLCC32

MBM29F002B  @TSOP32                 MBM29F002T                          MBM29F002T  @PLCC32                 MBM29F002T  @TSOP32

MBM29F002SB @TSOP40                 MBM29F002ST @TSOP40                 MBM29F033C  @TSOP40                 MBM29F040

MBM29F040 @PLCC32                   MBM29F040 @TSOP32                   MBM29F040A  @PLCC32                 MBM29F040A  @TSOP32

MBM29F040C  @PLCC32                 MBM29F040C  @TSOP32                 MBM29F160TE @TSOP48                 MBM29F160BE @TSOP48

MBM29F200AB @TSOP48                 MBM29F200AB @SOP44                  MBM29F200AT @TSOP48                 MBM29F200AT @SOP44

MBM29F200B  @TSOP48                 MBM29F200B  @SOP44                  MBM29F200BC @TSOP48                 MBM29F200BC @SOP44

MBM29F200T  @TSOP48                 MBM29F200T  @SOP44                  MBM29F200TC @TSOP48                 MBM29F200TC @SOP44

MBM29F400AB @TSOP48                 MBM29F400AB @SOP44                  MBM29F400AT @TSOP48                 MBM29F400AT @SOP44

MBM29F400B  @TSOP48                 MBM29F400B  @SOP44                  MBM29F400BC @TSOP48                 MBM29F400BC @SOP44

MBM29F400T  @TSOP48                 MBM29F400T  @SOP44                  MBM29F400TC @TSOP48                 MBM29F400TC @SOP44

MBM29F800B  @TSOP48                 MBM29F800B  @SOP44                  MBM29F800BA @TSOP48                 MBM29F800BA @SOP44

MBM29F800BB @TSOP48                 MBM29F800BB @SOP44                  MBM29F800BT @TSOP48                 MBM29F800BT @SOP44

MBM29F800T  @TSOP48                 MBM29F800T  @SOP44                  MBM29F800TA @TSOP48                 MBM29F800TA @SOP44

MBM29LV001B  @PLCC32                MBM29LV001B  @TSOP32                MBM29LV001BB @PLCC32                MBM29LV001BB @TSOP32

MBM29LV001BC @PLCC32                MBM29LV001BC @TSOP32                MBM29LV001BT @PLCC32                MBM29LV001BT @TSOP32

MBM29LV001T  @PLCC32                MBM29LV001T  @TSOP32                MBM29LV001TC @PLCC32                MBM29LV001TC @TSOP32

MBM29LV002B  @TSOP40                MBM29LV002BC @TSOP40                MBM29LV002T  @TSOP40                MBM29LV002TC @TSOP40

MBM29LV004B  @TSOP40                MBM29LV004BB @TSOP40                MBM29LV004BC @TSOP40                MBM29LV004BT @TSOP40

MBM29LV004T  @TSOP40                MBM29LV004TC @TSOP40                MBM29LV008B  @TSOP40                MBM29LV008BA @TSOP40

MBM29LV008BB @TSOP40                MBM29LV008BT @TSOP40                MBM29LV008T  @TSOP40                MBM29LV008TA @TSOP40

MBM29LV016T  @TSOP40                MBM29LV016B  @TSOP40                MBM29LV017   @TSOP40                MBM29LV017B  @TSOP40

MBM29LV017E  @TSOP40                MBM29LV160B  @TSOP48                MBM29LV160BE @TSOP48                MBM29LV160BM @TSOP48

MBM29LV160T  @TSOP48                MBM29LV160TE @TSOP48                MBM29LV160TM @TSOP48                MBM29LV200B  @TSOP48

MBM29LV200B  @SOP44                 MBM29LV200BB @TSOP48                MBM29LV200BB @SOP44                 MBM29LV200BC @TSOP48

MBM29LV200BC @SOP44                 MBM29LV200BT @TSOP48                MBM29LV200BT @SOP44                 MBM29LV200T  @TSOP48

MBM29LV200T  @SOP44                 MBM29LV200TC @TSOP48                MBM29LV200TC @SOP44                 MBM29LV320T  @TSOP48

MBM29LV320B  @TSOP48                MBM29LV400B  @TSOP48                MBM29LV400B  @SOP44                 MBM29LV400BB @TSOP48

MBM29LV400BB @SOP44                 MBM29LV400BC @TSOP48                MBM29LV400BC @SOP44                 MBM29LV400BT @TSOP48

MBM29LV400BT @SOP44                 MBM29LV400T  @TSOP48                MBM29LV400T  @SOP44                 MBM29LV400TC @TSOP48

MBM29LV400TC @SOP44                 MBM29LV650UE @TSOP48                MBM29LV651UE @TSOP48                MBM29LV800B  @TSOP48

MBM29LV800B  @SOP44                 MBM29LV800BA @TSOP48                MBM29LV800BA @SOP44                 MBM29LV800BB @TSOP48

MBM29LV800BB @SOP44                 MBM29LV800BE @TSOP48                MBM29LV800BE @SOP44                 MBM29LV800T  @TSOP48

MBM29LV800T  @SOP44                 MBM29LV800TA @TSOP48                MBM29LV800TA @SOP44                 MBM29LV800TE @TSOP48



IC Support: 233 PCS




GM24LC02B                           GM24LC02B @SOIC8                    GM24LC02B @TSSOP8                   GM24LC04B

GM24LC04B @SOIC8                    GM24LC04B @TSSOP8                   GM24LC08B                           GM24LC08B @SOIC8

GM24LC08B @TSSOP8                   GM24LC16B                           GM24LC16B @SOIC8                    GM24LC16B @TSSOP8


IC Support: 12 PCS




GT24C01                             GT24C01 @MSOP8                      GT24C01 @SOIC8                      GT24C01 @TSSOP8

GT24C02                             GT24C02 @MSOP8                      GT24C02 @SOIC8                      GT24C02 @TSSOP8

GT24C04                             GT24C04 @MSOP8                      GT24C04 @SOIC8                      GT24C04 @TSSOP8

GT24C08                             GT24C08 @MSOP8                      GT24C08 @SOIC8                      GT24C08 @TSSOP8

GT24C16                             GT24C16 @MSOP8                      GT24C16 @SOIC8                      GT24C16 @TSSOP8

GT24C32                             GT24C32 @MSOP8                      GT24C32 @SOIC8                      GT24C32 @TSSOP8

GT24C32A                            GT24C32A @MSOP8                     GT24C32A @SOIC8                     GT24C32A @TSSOP8

GT24C64                             GT24C64 @MSOP8                      GT24C64 @SOIC8                      GT24C64 @TSSOP8

GT24C128                            GT24C128 @MSOP8                     GT24C128 @SOIC8                     GT24C128 @TSSOP8

GT24C128A                           GT24C128A @MSOP8                    GT24C128A @SOIC8                    GT24C128A @TSSOP8

GT24C256                            GT24C256 @MSOP8                     GT24C256 @SOIC8                     GT24C256 @TSSOP8

GT24C512                            GT24C512 @MAP8                      GT24C512 @SOIC8                     GT24C512 @TSSOP8

GT25C01                             GT25C01 @SOIC8                      GT25C01 @TSSOP8                     GT25C02

GT25C02  @SOIC8                     GT25C02 @TSSOP8                     GT25C04                             GT25C04  @SOIC8

GT25C04 @TSSOP8                     GT25C08                             GT25C08  @SOIC8                     GT25C08 @TSSOP8

GT25C16                             GT25C16  @SOIC8                     GT25C16 @TSSOP8                     GT25C32

GT25C32  @SOIC8                     GT25C32 @TSSOP8                     GT25C32A                            GT25C32A @SOIC8

GT25C32A @TSSOP8                    GT25C64                             GT25C64  @SOIC8                     GT25C64 @TSSOP8

GT25C128                            GT25C128  @SOIC8                    GT25C128 @TSSOP8                    GT25C128A

GT25C128A @SOIC8                    GT25C128A @TSSOP8                   GT25C256                            GT25C256  @SOIC8

GT25C256 @TSSOP8                    GT93C46(x8)                         GT93C46(x8) @SOIC8                  GT93C46(x8) @TSOP8

GT93C46(x16)                        GT93C46(x16) @SOIC8                 GT93C46(x16) @TSOP8                 GT93C46A(x8)

GT93C46A(x8) @SOIC8                 GT93C46A(x8) @TSOP8                 GT93C46A(x16)                       GT93C46A(x16) @SOIC8

GT93C46A(x16) @TSOP8                GT93C56(x8)                         GT93C56(x8) @SOIC8                  GT93C56(x8) @TSOP8

GT93C56(x16)                        GT93C56(x16) @SOIC8                 GT93C56(x16) @TSOP8                 GT93C56A(x8)

GT93C56A(x8) @SOIC8                 GT93C56A(x8) @TSOP8                 GT93C56A(x16)                       GT93C56A(x16) @SOIC8

GT93C56A(x16) @TSOP8                GT93C66(x8)                         GT93C66(x8) @SOIC8                  GT93C66(x8) @TSOP8

GT93C66(x16)                        GT93C66(x16) @SOIC8                 GT93C66(x16) @TSOP8                 GT93C66A(x8)

GT93C66A(x8) @SOIC8                 GT93C66A(x8) @TSOP8                 GT93C66A(x16)                       GT93C66A(x16) @SOIC8

GT93C66A(x16) @TSOP8                GT93C76(x8)                         GT93C76(x8) @SOIC8                  GT93C76(x8) @TSOP8

GT93C76(x16)                        GT93C76(x16) @SOIC8                 GT93C76(x16) @TSOP8                 GT93C86(x8)

GT93C86(x8) @SOIC8                  GT93C86(x8) @TSOP8                  GT93C86(x16)                        GT93C86(x16) @SOIC8

GT93C86(x16) @TSOP8


IC Support: 129 PCS




GD25B32 @SOIC8                      GD25B32 @SOIC16                     GD25B64B @SOIC8                     GD25B64B @SOIC16

GD25B64C @SOIC8                     GD25B64C @SOIC16                    GD25B128C @SOIC8                    GD25B128C @SOIC16

GD25D05B @SOP8                      GD25D05B @USON8                     GD25D10B @SOP8                      GD25D10B @USON8

GD25D20B @SOP8                      GD25D20B @USON8                     GD25D40                             GD25D40 @SOP8

GD25D80                             GD25D80 @SOP8                       GD25F40                             GD25F40 @SOP8

GD25F80                             GD25F80 @SOP8                       GD25LQ05B(1.8v)                     GD25LQ05B(1.8v) @SOP8

GD25LQ05B(1.8v) @TSSOP8             GD25LQ05B(1.8v) @USON8              GD25LQ10B(1.8v)                     GD25LQ10B(1.8v) @SOP8

GD25LQ10B(1.8v) @TSSOP8             GD25LQ10B(1.8v) @USON8              GD25LQ20B(1.8v)                     GD25LQ20B(1.8v) @SOP8

GD25LQ20B(1.8v) @TSSOP8             GD25LQ20B(1.8v) @USON8              GD25LQ40B(1.8v)                     GD25LQ40B(1.8v) @SOP8

GD25LQ40B(1.8v) @TSSOP8             GD25LQ40B(1.8v) @USON8              GD25LQ80B(1.8v)                     GD25LQ80B(1.8v) @SOP8

GD25LQ80B(1.8v) @VSOP8              GD25LQ80B(1.8v) @WSON8              GD25LQ16(1.8v)                      GD25LQ16(1.8v) @SOP8

GD25LQ16(1.8v) @VSOP8               GD25LQ16(1.8v) @WSON8               GD25LQ32C(1.8v)                     GD25LQ32C(1.8v) @SOP8

GD25LQ32C(1.8v) @TSSOP8             GD25LQ32C(1.8v) @USON8              GD25LQ32D(1.8v)                     GD25LQ32D(1.8v) @SOP8

GD25LQ32D(1.8v) @TSSOP8             GD25LQ32D(1.8v) @USON8              GD25LQ64C(1.8v)                     GD25LQ64C(1.8v) @SOP8

GD25LQ64C(1.8v) @USON8              GD25LQ64C(1.8v) @SOP16              GD25LQ128C(1.8v) @SOIC8             GD25LQ128C(1.8v) @SOIC16

GD25LQ128D(1.8v) @SOIC8             GD25LQ128D(1.8v) @SOIC16            GD25Q256C(1.8v) @SOIC8              GD25Q256C(1.8v) @SOIC16

GD25Q256D(1.8v) @SOIC8              GD25Q256D(1.8v) @SOIC16             GD25Q512                            GD25Q512 @SOP8

GD25Q512 @TSSOP8                    GD25Q512 @USON8                     GD25Q10                             GD25Q10 @SOP8

GD25Q10 @TSSOP8                     GD25Q10 @USON8                      GD25Q20                             GD25Q20 @SOP8

GD25Q20 @TSSOP8                     GD25Q20 @USON8                      GD25Q20B                            GD25Q20B @SOP8

GD25Q20B @TSSOP8                    GD25Q20B @USON8                     GD25Q20C                            GD25Q20C @SOP8

GD25Q20C @TSSOP8                    GD25Q20C @USON8                     GD25Q40                             GD25Q40 @SOP8

GD25Q40 @TSSOP8                     GD25Q40 @USON8                      GD25Q40C                            GD25Q40C @SOP8

GD25Q40C @TSSOP8                    GD25Q40C @USON8                     GD25Q80                             GD25Q80 @SOP8

GD25Q80B                            GD25Q80B @SOP8                      GD25Q80C                            GD25Q80C @SOP8

GD25Q80C @VSOP8                     GD25Q80C @WSON8                     GD25Q16                             GD25Q16 @SOP8

GD25Q16B                            GD25Q16B @SOP8                      GD25Q16B @TSSOP8                    GD25Q16B @USON8

GD25Q16C                            GD25Q16C @SOP8                      GD25Q16C @VSOP8                     GD25Q16C @WSON8

GD25Q32                             GD25Q32 @SOP8                       GD25Q32B                            GD25Q32B @SOP8

GD25Q32B @TSSOP8                    GD25Q32B @USON8                     GD25Q32C                            GD25Q32C @SOP8

GD25Q32C @TSSOP8                    GD25Q32C @USON8                     GD25Q32C(OTP)                       GD25Q32C(OTP) @SOP8

GD25Q32C(OTP) @TSSOP8               GD25Q32C(OTP) @USON8                GD25Q64                             GD25Q64 @SOP8

GD25Q64 @USON8                      GD25Q64 @SOP16                      GD25Q64B                            GD25Q64B @SOP8

GD25Q64B @USON8                     GD25Q64B @SOP16                     GD25Q64C                            GD25Q64C @SOP8

GD25Q64C @USON8                     GD25Q64C @SOP16                     GD25Q64C(OTP) @SOIC8                GD25Q64C(OTP) @SOIC16

GD25Q127C @SOIC8                    GD25Q127C @SOIC16                   GD25Q127C(OTP) @SOIC8               GD25Q127C(OTP) @SOIC16

GD25Q128B @SOIC8                    GD25Q128B @SOIC16                   GD25Q128C @SOIC8                    GD25Q128C @SOIC16

GD25Q128C(OTP) @SOIC8               GD25Q128C(OTP) @SOIC16              GD25Q256C @SOIC8                    GD25Q256C @SOIC16

GD25Q256D @SOIC8                    GD25Q256D @SOIC16                   GD25Q512MC @SOIC8                   GD25Q512MC @SOIC16

GD25Q512MD @SOIC8                   GD25Q512MD @SOIC16                  GD25VQ21B                           GD25VQ21B @SOP8

GD25VQ21B @VSOP8                    GD25VQ21B @WSON8                    GD25VQ40C                           GD25VQ40C @SOP8

GD25VQ40C @TSSOP8                   GD25VQ40C @WSON8                    GD25VQ80C                           GD25VQ80C @SOP8

GD25VQ80C @VSOP8                    GD25VQ80C @WSON8                    GD25VQ16C                           GD25VQ16C @SOP8

GD25VQ16C @VSOP8                    GD25VQ16C @WSON8                    GD25VQ32C                           GD25VQ32C @SOP8

GD25VQ32C @VSOP8                    GD25VQ32C @WSON8                    GD25VQ64C                           GD25VQ64C @SOP8

GD25VQ64C @USON8                    GD25VQ64C @SOP16                    MD25T80                             MD25T80 @SOP8

MD25D20                             MD25D20 @SOP8                       MD25D40                             MD25D40 @SOP8

MD25D80                             MD25D80 @SOP8                       MD25D16                             MD25D16 @SOP8


IC Support: 192 PCS




GE24C01                             GE24C01 @SOIC8                      GE24C01 @TSSOP8                     GE24C02

GE24C02 @SOIC8                      GE24C02 @TSSOP8                     GE24C04                             GE24C04 @SOIC8

GE24C04 @TSSOP8                     GLS36VF1601E @TSOP48                GLS36VF1601G @TSOP48                GLS36VF1602E @TSOP48

GLS36VF3203 @TSOP48                 GLS36VF3204 @TSOP48


IC Support: 14 PCS




GR2764  @DIP28                      GR27128 @DIP28                      GR27256 @DIP28                      GR27512 @DIP28


IC Support: 4 PCS


[ GTM ]


GP24BC01                            GP24BC01 @SOIC8                     GP24BC01 @TSSOP8                    GP24BC02

GP24BC02 @SOIC8                     GP24BC02 @TSSOP8                    GP24BC04                            GP24BC04 @SOIC8

GP24BC04 @TSSOP8                    GP24BC08                            GP24BC08 @SOIC8                     GP24BC08 @TSSOP8

GP24BC16                            GP24BC16 @SOIC8                     GP24BC16 @TSSOP8                    GSC24BC01

GSC24BC01 @SOIC8                    GSC24BC01 @TSSOP8                   GSC24BC02                           GSC24BC02 @SOIC8

GSC24BC02 @TSSOP8                   GSC24BC04                           GSC24BC04 @SOIC8                    GSC24BC04 @TSSOP8

GSC24BC08                           GSC24BC08 @SOIC8                    GSC24BC08 @TSSOP8                   GSC24BC16

GSC24BC16 @SOIC8                    GSC24BC16 @TSSOP8                   GSC93BC46(x8)                       GSC93BC46(x8) @SOIC8

GSC93BC46(x8) @TSOP8                GSC93BC46(x16)                      GSC93BC46(x16) @SOIC8               GSC93BC46(x16) @TSOP8

GSC93BC46A(x16)                     GSC93BC46A(x16) @SOIC8              GSC93BC46A(x16) @TSOP8              GSC93BC56(x8)

GSC93BC56(x8) @SOIC8                GSC93BC56(x8) @TSOP8                GSC93BC56(x16)                      GSC93BC56(x16) @SOIC8

GSC93BC56(x16) @TSOP8               GSC93BC56A(x16)                     GSC93BC56A(x16) @SOIC8              GSC93BC56A(x16) @TSOP8

GSC93BC66(x8)                       GSC93BC66(x8) @SOIC8                GSC93BC66(x8) @TSOP8                GSC93BC66(x16)

GSC93BC66(x16) @SOIC8               GSC93BC66(x16) @TSOP8               GSC93BC66A(x16)                     GSC93BC66A(x16) @SOIC8

GSC93BC66A(x16) @TSOP8


IC Support: 57 PCS




HN27128AG  @DIP28                   HN27128AP  @DIP28                   HN27256G   @DIP28                   HN27256P   @DIP28

HN27512G   @DIP28                   HN27512G   @SOP28                   HN27512P   @DIP28                   HN27512P   @SOP28

HN27C101AG @DIP32                   HN27C101AP @DIP32                   HN27C101AFP @SOP32                  HN27C101ATT @TSOP32

HN27C101G  @DIP32                   HN27C101P  @DIP32                   HN27C1024  @DIP40                   HN27C256AG @DIP28

HN27C256AFP @SOP28                  HN27C256AP @DIP28                   HN27C256G  @DIP28                   HN27C256HG @DIP28

HN27C256HP @DIP28                   HN27C256HFP @SOP28                  HN27C4001G   @DIP32                 HN27C4001TT  @TSOP32

HN27C4096   @DIP40                  HN27C4096G  @DIP40                  HN27C4096H  @DIP40                  HN27C512G   @DIP28

HN27C64G    @DIP28                  HN27C64FP   @SOP28                  HN28F101CP @PLCC32                  HN28F101P  @DIP32

HN28F101FP @SOP32                   HN28F101T  @TSOP32                  HN58C256AP @DIP28                   HN58V24256 @SOIC8

HN58V24256 @TSSOP8                  HN58V24512 @SOIC8                   HN58V24512 @TSSOP8                  HN58X2402 @SOIC8

HN58X2402 @TSSOP8                   HN58X2404 @SOIC8                    HN58X2404 @TSSOP8                   HN58X2408 @SOIC8

HN58X2408 @TSSOP8                   HN58X2416 @SOIC8                    HN58X2416 @TSSOP8                   HN58X2432 @SOIC8

HN58X2432 @TSSOP8                   HN58X2464 @SOIC8                    HN58X2464 @TSSOP8                   HN58X24128 @SOIC8

HN58X24128 @TSSOP8                  HN58X24256 @SOIC8                   HN58X24256 @TSSOP8                  HN58X24512 @SOIC8

HN58X24512 @TSSOP8


IC Support: 57 PCS




HT24C01                             HT24C01 @SOIC8                      HT24C02                             HT24C02 @SOIC8

HT24C04                             HT24C04 @SOIC8                      HT24C08                             HT24C08 @SOIC8

HT24C16                             HT24C16 @SOIC8                      HT24LC02                            HT24LC02 @SOIC8

HT24LC02 @TSSOP8                    HT24LC04                            HT24LC04 @SOIC8                     HT24LC04 @TSSOP8

HT24LC08                            HT24LC08 @SOIC8                     HT24LC08 @TSSOP8                    HT24LC16

HT24LC16 @SOIC8                     HT24LC16 @TSSOP8                    HT24LC32                            HT24LC32 @SOIC8

HT24LC32 @TSSOP8                    HT24LC64                            HT24LC64 @SOIC8                     HT24LC64 @TSSOP8

HT24LC128                           HT24LC128 @SOIC8                    HT24LC128 @TSSOP8                   HT24LC256

HT24LC256 @SOIC8                    HT24LC256 @TSSOP8                   HT27C010                            HT27C010 @SOP32

HT27C010 @PLCC32                    HT27C020                            HT27C020 @SOP32                     HT27C020 @PLCC32

HT27C040                            HT27C040 @SOP32                     HT27C040 @PLCC32                    HT27C4096 @DIP40

HT27C512                            HT27C512 @SOP28                     HT27C512 @PLCC32                    HT27LC010

HT27LC010 @SOP32                    HT27LC010 @PLCC32                   HT27LC010 @TSOP32                   HT27LC020

HT27LC020 @SOP32                    HT27LC020 @PLCC32                   HT27LC020 @TSOP32                   HT27LC040

HT27LC040 @SOP32                    HT27LC040 @PLCC32                   HT27LC040 @TSOP32                   HT27LC4096 @DIP40

HT27LC512                           HT27LC512 @SOP28                    HT27LC512 @PLCC32                   HT93C46(x16)

HT93C46(x16) @SOIC8                 HT93C46(x16) @TSOP8                 HT93C56(x16)                        HT93C56(x16) @SOIC8

HT93C56(x16) @TSOP8                 HT93C66(x16)                        HT93C66(x16) @SOIC8                 HT93C66(x16) @TSOP8

HT93LC46A(x8)                       HT93LC46A(x8) @SOIC8                HT93LC46A(x8) @TSOP8                HT93LC46A(x16)

HT93LC46A(x16) @SOIC8               HT93LC46A(x16) @TSOP8               HT93LC46B(x8)                       HT93LC46B(x8) @SOIC8

HT93LC46B(x8) @TSOP8                HT93LC46B(x16)                      HT93LC46B(x16) @SOIC8               HT93LC46B(x16) @TSOP8

HT93LC56A(x8)                       HT93LC56A(x8) @SOIC8                HT93LC56A(x8) @TSOP8                HT93LC56A(x16)

HT93LC56A(x16) @SOIC8               HT93LC56A(x16) @TSOP8               HT93LC56B(x8)                       HT93LC56B(x8) @SOIC8

HT93LC56B(x8) @TSOP8                HT93LC56B(x16)                      HT93LC56B(x16) @SOIC8               HT93LC56B(x16) @TSOP8

HT93LC66A(x8)                       HT93LC66A(x8) @SOIC8                HT93LC66A(x8) @TSOP8                HT93LC66A(x16)

HT93LC66A(x16) @SOIC8               HT93LC66A(x16) @TSOP8               HT93LC66B(x8)                       HT93LC66B(x8) @SOIC8

HT93LC66B(x8) @TSOP8                HT93LC66B(x16)                      HT93LC66B(x16) @SOIC8               HT93LC66B(x16) @TSOP8

HT93LC76(x8)                        HT93LC76(x8) @SOIC8                 HT93LC76(x8) @TSOP8                 HT93LC76(x16)

HT93LC76(x16) @SOIC8                HT93LC76(x16) @TSOP8                HT93LC86(x8)                        HT93LC86(x8) @SOIC8

HT93LC86(x8) @TSOP8                 HT93LC86(x16)                       HT93LC86(x16) @SOIC8                HT93LC86(x16) @TSOP8


IC Support: 120 PCS




HM24LC01                            HM24LC01 @SOIC8                     HM24LC01 @TSSOP8                    HM24LC02

HM24LC02 @SOIC8                     HM24LC02 @TSSOP8                    HM24LC04                            HM24LC04 @SOIC8

HM24LC04 @TSSOP8                    HM24LC08                            HM24LC08 @SOIC8                     HM24LC08 @TSSOP8

HM24LC16                            HM24LC16 @SOIC8                     HM24LC16 @TSSOP8                    HM24LC32

HM24LC32 @SOIC8                     HM24LC32 @TSSOP8                    HM24LC64                            HM24LC64 @SOIC8



IC Support: 21 PCS




BH25D10AS @SOIC8                    BH25D10AS @WSON8                    BH25D20AS @SOIC8                    BH25D20AS @WSON8

BH25D40AS @SOIC8                    BH25D40AS @WSON8                    BH25D80AS @SOIC8                    BH25D80AS @WSON8

BH25D16AS @SOIC8                    BH25D16AS @WSON8                    BH25Q16AS(H25S16) @SOIC8            BH25Q16BG(H25W16) @WSON8

BH25Q16AS(H25D16) @DFW8             BH25Q16AS(H25S16)(OTP) @SOIC8       BH25Q16BG(H25W16)(OTP) @WSON        BH25Q16AS(H25D16)(OTP) @DFW8

BH25Q32BS(H25S32) @SOIC8            BH25Q32BS(H25W32) @WSON8            BH25Q32BS(H25D32) @DFW8             BH25Q32BS(H25S32)(OTP) @SOIC8

BH25Q32BS(H25W32)(OTP) @WSON        BH25Q32BS(H25D32)(OTP) @DFW8        BH25Q64BS(H25S64) @SOIC8            BH25Q64BS(H25W64) @WSON8

BH25Q64BS(H25S64) @SOIC16           BH25Q64BS(H25S64)(OTP) @SOIC8       BH25Q64BS(H25W64)(OTP) @WSON        BH25Q64BS(H25S64)(OTP) @SOIC16

BH25Q128AS(H25S128) @SOIC8          BH25Q128AS(H25W128) @WSON8          BH25Q128AS(H25S128) @SOIC16         BH25Q128AS(H25S128)(OTP) @SOIC8

BH25Q128AS(H25W128)(OTP) @WSON      BH25Q128AS(H25S128)(OTP) @SOIC16    K24C02                              K24C02 @SOIC8

K24C02 @TSSOP8                      K24C04                              K24C04 @SOIC8                       K24C04 @TSSOP8

K24C08                              K24C08 @SOIC8                       K24C08 @TSSOP8                      K24C16

K24C16 @SOIC8                       K24C16 @TSSOP8                      K24C32                              K24C32 @SOIC8

K24C32 @TSSOP8                      K24C64                              K24C64 @SOIC8                       K24C64 @TSSOP8


IC Support: 52 PCS




K24C02                              K24C02 @SOIC8                       K24C02 @TSSOP8                      K24C04

K24C04 @SOIC8                       K24C04 @TSSOP8                      K24C08                              K24C08 @SOIC8

K24C08 @TSSOP8                      K24C16                              K24C16 @SOIC8                       K24C16 @TSSOP8

K24C32                              K24C32 @SOIC8                       K24C32 @TSSOP8                      K24C64

K24C64 @SOIC8                       K24C64 @TSSOP8                      K93C46(x8)                          K93C46(x8) @SOIC8

K93C46(x8) @TSOP8                   K93C46(x16)                         K93C46(x16) @SOIC8                  K93C46(x16) @TSOP8

K93C56(x8)                          K93C56(x8) @SOIC8                   K93C56(x8) @TSOP8                   K93C56(x16)

K93C56(x16) @SOIC8                  K93C56(x16) @TSOP8                  K93C66(x8)                          K93C66(x8) @SOIC8

K93C66(x8) @TSOP8                   K93C66(x16)                         K93C66(x16) @SOIC8                  K93C66(x16) @TSOP8


IC Support: 36 PCS




HY27C64 @DIP28                      HY27U1G8F2B @TSOP48                 HY27U2G8F2C @TSOP48                 HY27U4G8F2D @TSOP48

HY27US08281 @TSOP48                 HY27US08561 @TSOP48                 HY27US08121 @TSOP48                 HY27UF081G @TSOP48

HY27UF082G @TSOP48                  HY27UF084G @TSOP48                  HY27UT088G @TSOP48                  HY27UA081G1M @TSOP48

HY27UA082G2M @TSOP48                HY27UF081G2A @TSOP48                HY27UF081G2B @TSOP48                HY27UF082G2A @TSOP48

HY27UF082G2B @TSOP48                HY27UF082G2M @TSOP48                HY27UF084G2B @TSOP48                HY27UF084G2M @TSOP48

HY27UG082G2M @TSOP48                HY27UG084G2M @TSOP48                HY27UH084G2M @TSOP48                HY27UH088G2M @TSOP48

HY27US08121A @TSOP48                HY27US08121B @TSOP48                HY27US08121M @TSOP48                HY27US08122B @TSOP48

HY27US081G1M @TSOP48                HY27US08281A @TSOP48                HY27US08561A @TSOP48                HY27US08561M @TSOP48

HY27UT084G2A @TSOP48                HY27UT084G2M @TSOP48                HY27UT088G2A @TSOP48                HY27UT088G2M @TSOP48

HY29DL162B @TSOP48                  HY29DL162T @TSOP48                  HY29DL163B @TSOP48                  HY29DL163T @TSOP48

HY29F002T                           HY29F002T @PLCC32                   HY29F002T @TSOP32                   HY29F040

HY29F040  @PLCC32                   HY29F040  @TSOP32                   HY29F040A                           HY29F040A @PLCC32

HY29F040A @TSOP32                   HY29F040T                           HY29F040T @PLCC32                   HY29F040T @TSOP32

HY29F080   @TSOP40                  HY29F200B  @TSOP48                  HY29F200B  @SOP44                   HY29F200T  @TSOP48

HY29F200T  @SOP44                   HY29F400AB @TSOP48                  HY29F400AB @SOP44                   HY29F400AT @TSOP48

HY29F400AT @SOP44                   HY29F400B  @TSOP48                  HY29F400B  @SOP44                   HY29F400T  @TSOP48

HY29F400T  @SOP44                   HY29F800AB @TSOP48                  HY29F800AB @SOP44                   HY29F800AT @TSOP48

HY29F800AT @SOP44                   HY29F800B  @TSOP48                  HY29F800B  @SOP44                   HY29F800T  @TSOP48

HY29F800T  @SOP44                   HY29LV400T @TSOP48                  HY29LV400T @SOP44                   HY29LV400B @TSOP48

HY29LV400B @SOP44                   HY29LV800T @TSOP48                  HY29LV800T @SOP44                   HY29LV800B @TSOP48

HY29LV800B @SOP44                   HY29LV160T @TSOP48                  HY29LV160B @TSOP48                  HY29LV320T @TSOP48

HY29LV320B @TSOP48                  HY93C46                             HY93C46 @SOIC8                      HY93C46 @TSOP8

HY93C56                             HY93C56 @SOIC8                      HY93C56 @TSOP8                      HY93C66

HY93C66 @SOIC8                      HY93C66 @TSOP8                      HY93C76                             HY93C76 @SOIC8

HY93C76 @TSOP8                      HY93C86                             HY93C86 @SOIC8                      HY93C86 @TSOP8


IC Support: 100 PCS




HY27C64 @DIP28                      HY29DL162B @TSOP48                  HY29DL162T @TSOP48                  HY29DL163B @TSOP48

HY29DL163T @TSOP48                  HY29F002T                           HY29F002T @PLCC32                   HY29F002T @TSOP32

HY29F040                            HY29F040  @PLCC32                   HY29F040  @TSOP32                   HY29F040A

HY29F040A @PLCC32                   HY29F040A @TSOP32                   HY29F040T                           HY29F040T @PLCC32

HY29F040T @TSOP32                   HY29F080   @TSOP40                  HY29F200B  @TSOP48                  HY29F200B  @SOP44

HY29F200T  @TSOP48                  HY29F200T  @SOP44                   HY29F400AB @TSOP48                  HY29F400AB @SOP44

HY29F400AT @TSOP48                  HY29F400AT @SOP44                   HY29F400B  @TSOP48                  HY29F400B  @SOP44

HY29F400T  @TSOP48                  HY29F400T  @SOP44                   HY29F800AB @TSOP48                  HY29F800AB @SOP44

HY29F800AT @TSOP48                  HY29F800AT @SOP44                   HY29F800B  @TSOP48                  HY29F800B  @SOP44

HY29F800T  @TSOP48                  HY29F800T  @SOP44                   HY29LV400T @TSOP48                  HY29LV400T @SOP44

HY29LV400B @TSOP48                  HY29LV400B @SOP44                   HY29LV800T @TSOP48                  HY29LV800T @SOP44

HY29LV800B @TSOP48                  HY29LV800B @SOP44                   HY29LV160T @TSOP48                  HY29LV160B @TSOP48

HY29LV320T @TSOP48                  HY29LV320B @TSOP48                  HY93C46                             HY93C46 @SOIC8

HY93C46 @TSOP8                      HY93C56                             HY93C56 @SOIC8                      HY93C56 @TSOP8

HY93C66                             HY93C66 @SOIC8                      HY93C66 @TSOP8                      HY93C76

HY93C76 @SOIC8                      HY93C76 @TSOP8                      HY93C86                             HY93C86 @SOIC8

HY93C86 @TSOP8


IC Support: 65 PCS


[ ICE ]


ICE25P05                            ICE25P05 @SOP8                      ICE27C010                           ICE27C010 @PLCC32

ICE27C010 @TSOP32                   ICE27C020                           ICE27C020 @PLCC32                   ICE27C020 @TSOP32

ICE27C512 @DIP28                    ICE27C512 @SO28                     ICE27C512 @PLCC32                   ICE27LC010

ICE27LC010 @PLCC32                  ICE27LC010 @TSOP32                  ICE27LC020                          ICE27LC020 @PLCC32

ICE27LC020 @TSOP32                  ICE27LC512 @DIP28                   ICE27LC512 @SOP28                   ICE27LC512 @PLCC32


IC Support: 20 PCS




X24C01                              X24C01 @MSOP8                       X24C01 @SOIC8                       X24C01A

X24C01A @MSOP8                      X24C01A @SOIC8                      X24C02                              X24C02 @SOIC8

X24C02 @MSOP8                       X24C04                              X24C04 @SOIC8                       X24C04 @MSOP8

X24C08                              X24C08 @SOIC8                       X24C08 @MSOP8                       X24C16

X24C16 @SOIC8                       X24C16 @MSOP8                       X25020                              X25020 @SOIC8

X25021                              X25021 @SOIC8                       X25040                              X25040 @SOIC8

X25041                              X25041 @SOIC8                       X25080                              X25080 @SOIC8

X25128                              X25128 @SOIC8                       X25160                              X25160 @SOIC8

X25170                              X25170 @SOIC8                       X25320                              X25320 @SOIC8

X25330                              X25330 @SOIC8                       X25640                              X25640 @SOIC8

X25642                              X25642 @SOIC8                       X25650                              X25650 @SOIC8

27CX010   @DIP32                    27CX010   @PLCC32                   27CX256   @DIP28                    27CX256   @PLCC32


IC Support: 48 PCS


[ ICT ]


27CX010   @DIP32                    27CX010   @PLCC32                   27CX256   @DIP28                    27CX256   @PLCC32

93C46                               93C46 @SOIC8                        93C46A                              93C46A @SOIC8

93C56A                              93C56A @SOIC8                       93C66A                              93C66A @SOIC8

93CX46                              93CX46 @SOIC8                       93CX56                              93CX56 @SOIC8

93CX66                              93CX66 @SOIC8


IC Support: 18 PCS




IK24LC02B                           IK24LC02B @SOIC8                    IK24LC04B                           IK24LC04B @SOIC8

IK24LC08B                           IK24LC08B @SOIC8                    IK24LC16B                           IK24LC16B @SOIC8


IC Support: 8 PCS


[ IMT ]


IM29F001B                           IM29F001B  @PLCC32                  IM29F001B  @TSOP32                  IM29F001B  @VSOP32

IM29F001T                           IM29F001T  @PLCC32                  IM29F001T  @TSOP32                  IM29F001T  @VSOP32

IM29F002B                           IM29F002B  @PLCC32                  IM29F002B  @TSOP32                  IM29F002B  @VSOP32

IM29F002T                           IM29F002T  @PLCC32                  IM29F002T  @TSOP32                  IM29F002T  @VSOP32

IM29LV004B                          IM29LV004B @PLCC32                  IM29LV004B @TSOP32                  IM29LV004B @VSOP32

IM29LV004T                          IM29LV004T @PLCC32                  IM29LV004T @TSOP32                  IM29LV004T @VSOP32


IC Support: 24 PCS




IN24AA02A                           IN24AA02A @SOIC8                    IN24AA02B                           IN24AA02B @SOIC8

IN24LC02B                           IN24LC02B @SOIC8                    IN24LC04B                           IN24LC04B @SOIC8

IN24LC08B                           IN24LC08B @SOIC8                    IN24LC16B                           IN24LC16B @SOIC8

IN25AA020                           IN25AA020 @SOIC8                    IN25AA040                           IN25AA040 @SOIC8

IN25AA080                           IN25AA080 @SOIC8                    IN25AA160                           IN25AA160 @SOIC8

IN93AA46A                           IN93AA46A @SOIC8                    IN93AA46B                           IN93AA46B @SOIC8

IN93AA46C(x8)                       IN93AA46C(x8) @SOIC8                IN93AA46C(x16)                      IN93AA46C(x16) @SOIC8

IN93AA56A                           IN93AA56A @SOIC8                    IN93AA56B                           IN93AA56B @SOIC8

IN93AA56C(x8)                       IN93AA56C(x8) @SOIC8                IN93AA56C(x16)                      IN93AA56C(x16) @SOIC8

IN93AA66A                           IN93AA66A @SOIC8                    IN93AA66B                           IN93AA66B @SOIC8

IN93AA66C(x8)                       IN93AA66C(x8) @SOIC8                IN93AA66C(x16)                      IN93AA66C(x16) @SOIC8

IN93AA86A                           IN93AA86A @SOIC8                    IN93AA86B                           IN93AA86B @SOIC8

IN93AA86C(x8)                       IN93AA86C(x8) @SOIC8                IN93AA86C(x16)                      IN93AA86C(x16) @SOIC8

IN93LC46A                           IN93LC46A @SOIC8                    IN93LC46B                           IN93LC46B @SOIC8

IN93LC46C(x8)                       IN93LC46C(x8) @SOIC8                IN93LC46C(x16)                      IN93LC46C(x16) @SOIC8


IC Support: 60 PCS




2732   @DIP24                       2732A  @DIP24                       2764   @DIP28                       2764A  @PLCC32

2764A  @DIP28                       2764A  @PLCC32                      27128  @DIP28                       27128  @PLCC32

27128A @DIP28                       27128A @PLCC32                      D27128  @DIP28                      D27128  @PLCC32

D27128A @DIP28                      D27128A @PLCC32                     D27128B @DIP28                      D27128B @PLCC32

D27256 @DIP28                       D27256 @PLCC32                      M2716  @DIP24                       M2716M @DIP24

M2732  @DIP24                       M2732A @DIP24                       M27256 @DIP28                       M27256 @PLCC32

P27256 @DIP28                       P27256 @PLCC32                      27512  @DIP28                       27512  @PLCC32

27C010 @DIP32                       27C010 @PLCC32                      27C010A @DIP32                      27C010A @PLCC32

27C020 @DIP32                       27C020 @PLCC32                      27C040 @DIP32                       27C040 @PLCC32

27C128 @DIP28                       27C128 @PLCC32                      D27C210 @DIP40                      D27C220 @DIP40

D27C240 @DIP40                      27C256 @DIP28                       27C256 @PLCC32                      27C512 @DIP28

27C512 @PLCC32                      87C257 @DIP28                       87C257 @PLCC32                      87C51

87C51 @PLCC44                       87C51FA                             87C51FA @PLCC44                     87C51FB

87C51FB @PLCC44                     87C51FC                             87C51FC @PLCC44                     87C52

87C52 @PLCC44                       87C54                               87C54 @PLCC44                       87C58

87C58 @PLCC44                       AB28F200B5-B @SOP44                 AB28F200B5-T @SOP44                 AB28F200BX-T @SOP44

AB28F200BX-B @SOP44                 AB28F400B5-B @SOP44                 AB28F400B5-T @SOP44                 AB28F400BX-T @SOP44

AB28F400BX-B @SOP44                 AB28F800B5-B @SOP44                 AB28F800B5-T @SOP44                 E28F001BX-T @TSOP32

E28F001BX-B @TSOP32                 E28F002BVT @TSOP40                  E28F002BVB @TSOP40                  E28F002BET @TSOP40

E28F002BEB @TSOP40                  E28F002BXT @TSOP40                  E28F002BXB @TSOP40                  E28F004BVT @TSOP40

E28F004BVB @TSOP40                  E28F004BET @TSOP40                  E28F004BEB @TSOP40                  E28F004BLT @TSOP40

E28F004BLB @TSOP40                  E28F004BXT @TSOP40                  E28F004BXB @TSOP40                  E28F004B5T @TSOP40

E28F004B5B @TSOP40                  E28F004S3  @TSOP40                  E28F004S5  @TSOP40                  E28F004SC  @TSOP40

E28F008BVT @TSOP40                  E28F008BVB @TSOP40                  E28F008BET @TSOP40                  E28F008BEB @TSOP40

E28F008S3  @TSOP40                  E28F008S5  @TSOP40                  E28F008SA  @TSOP40                  E28F008SC  @TSOP40

E28F016S3  @TSOP40                  E28F016S5  @TSOP40                  E28F016SC  @TSOP40                  E28F010    @TSOP32

E28F020    @TSOP32                  E28F200B5T @TSOP48                  E28F200B5B @TSOP48                  E28F200CVT @TSOP48

E28F200CVB @TSOP48                  E28F256A   @TSOP32                  E28F400B5T @TSOP48                  E28F400B5B @TSOP48

E28F400CVT @TSOP48                  E28F400CVB @TSOP48                  E28F512    @TSOP32                  E28F800B5T @TSOP48

E28F800B5B @TSOP48                  E28F800CVT @TSOP48                  E28F800CVB @TSOP48                  E82802AB @TSOP40

E82802AC @TSOP40                    JS28F160B3T @TSOP48                 JS28F160B3B @TSOP48                 JS28F160C3T @TSOP48

JS28F160C3B @TSOP48                 JS28F320B3T @TSOP48                 JS28F320B3B @TSOP48                 JS28F320C3T @TSOP48

JS28F320C3B @TSOP48                 JS28F800B3T @TSOP48                 JS28F800B3B @TSOP48                 JS28F800C3T @TSOP48

JS28F800C3B @TSOP48                 JS29F02G08AANB3 @TSOP48             JS29F02G08ABC   @TSOP48             JS29F04G08AANB1 @TSOP48

JS29F04G08BANB3 @TSOP48             P28F001BX-T @DIP32                  P28F001BX-B @DIP32                  P28F256A    @DIP32

P28F512     @DIP32                  P28F010     @DIP32                  P28F020     @DIP32                  PA28F200B5T @SOP44

PA28F200B5B @SOP44                  PA28F200BVT @SOP44                  PA28F200BVB @SOP44                  PA28F400B5T @SOP44

PA28F400B5B @SOP44                  PA28F400BVT @SOP44                  PA28F400BVB @SOP44                  PA28F800B5T @SOP44

PA28F800B5B @SOP44                  QB25F016S33B @SOIC8                 QB25F160S33B @SOP16                 QB25F320S33B @SOP16

QB25F640S33B @SOP16                 QH25F016S33B @SOIC8                 QH25F160S33B @SOP16                 QH25F320S33B @SOP16

QH25F640S33B @SOP16                 N28F001BX-T @PLCC32                 N28F001BX-B @PLCC32                 N28F256A    @PLCC32

N28F512     @PLCC32                 N28F010     @PLCC32                 N28F020     @PLCC32                 N82802AB @PLCC32

N82802AC @PLCC32                    TB28F200B5T @SOP44                  TB28F200B5B @SOP44                  TB28F200BVT @SOP44

TB28F200BVB @SOP44                  TB28F400B5T @SOP44                  TB28F400B5B @SOP44                  TB28F400BVT @SOP44

TB28F400BVB @SOP44                  TB28F800B5T @SOP44                  TB28F800B5B @SOP44                  TE28F002BVT @TSOP40

TE28F002BVB @TSOP40                 TE28F002BET @TSOP40                 TE28F002BEB @TSOP40                 TE28F002BXT @TSOP40

TE28F002BXB @TSOP40                 TE28F004BVT @TSOP40                 TE28F004BVB @TSOP40                 TE28F004BET @TSOP40

TE28F004BEB @TSOP40                 TE28F004BXT @TSOP40                 TE28F004BXB @TSOP40                 TE28F004S3  @TSOP40

TE28F004S5  @TSOP40                 TE28F004SC  @TSOP40                 TE28F008BVT @TSOP40                 TE28F008BVB @TSOP40

TE28F008BET @TSOP40                 TE28F008BEB @TSOP40                 TE28F008B3T @TSOP40                 TE28F008B3B @TSOP40

TE28F008C3T @TSOP40                 TE28F008C3B @TSOP40                 TE28F008S3  @TSOP40                 TE28F008S5  @TSOP40

TE28F008SC  @TSOP40                 TE28F016B3T @TSOP40                 TE28F016B3B @TSOP40                 TE28F016C3T @TSOP40

TE28F016C3B @TSOP40                 TE28F016S3  @TSOP40                 TE28F016S5  @TSOP40                 TE28F016SC  @TSOP40

TE28F160B3T @TSOP48                 TE28F160B3B @TSOP48                 TE28F160C3T @TSOP48                 TE28F160C3B @TSOP48

TE28F200B5T @TSOP48                 TE28F200B5B @TSOP48                 TE28F200CVT @TSOP48                 TE28F200CVB @TSOP48

TE28F320B3T @TSOP48                 TE28F320B3B @TSOP48                 TE28F320C3T @TSOP48                 TE28F320C3B @TSOP48

TE28F400B3T @TSOP48                 TE28F400B3B @TSOP48                 TE28F400B5T @TSOP48                 TE28F400B5B @TSOP48

TE28F400CVT @TSOP48                 TE28F400CVB @TSOP48                 TE28F400CET @TSOP48                 TE28F400CEB @TSOP48

TE28F640B3T @TSOP48                 TE28F640B3B @TSOP48                 TE28F640C3T @TSOP48                 TE28F640C3B @TSOP48

TE28F800B3T @TSOP48                 TE28F800B3B @TSOP48                 TE28F800B5T @TSOP48                 TE28F800B5B @TSOP48

TE28F800CVT @TSOP48                 TE28F800CVB @TSOP48                 TE28F800C3T @TSOP48                 TE28F800C3B @TSOP48


IC Support: 244 PCS


[ ISSI ]


IS24C01                             IS24C01 @MAP8                       IS24C01 @SOIC8                      IS24C01 @TSSOP8

IS24C01B                            IS24C01B @MAP8                      IS24C01B @SOIC8                     IS24C01B @TSSOP8

IS24C01C                            IS24C01C @MAP8                      IS24C01C @SOIC8                     IS24C01C @TSSOP8

IS24C02                             IS24C02   @SOIC8                    IS24C02   @TSSOP8                   IS24C02A

IS24C02A  @SOIC8                    IS24C02A  @TSSOP8                   IS24C02B                            IS24C02B  @MAP8

IS24C02B  @SOIC8                    IS24C02B  @TSSOP8                   IS24C02C                            IS24C02C  @SOIC8

IS24C02C  @TSSOP8                   IS24C02E                            IS24C02E  @SOIC8                    IS24C02E  @TSSOP8

IS24C04                             IS24C04   @MAP8                     IS24C04   @SOIC8                    IS24C04   @TSSOP8

IS24C04A                            IS24C04A  @MAP8                     IS24C04A  @SOIC8                    IS24C04A  @TSSOP8

IS24C04B                            IS24C04B  @MAP8                     IS24C04B  @SOIC8                    IS24C04B  @TSSOP8

IS24C08                             IS24C08   @MAP8                     IS24C08   @SOIC8                    IS24C08   @TSSOP8

IS24C08A                            IS24C08A  @MAP8                     IS24C08A  @SOIC8                    IS24C08A  @TSSOP8

IS24C08B                            IS24C08B  @MAP8                     IS24C08B  @SOIC8                    IS24C08B  @TSSOP8

IS24C16                             IS24C16   @SOIC8                    IS24C16   @TSSOP8                   IS24C16A

IS24C16A  @MAP8                     IS24C16A  @SOIC8                    IS24C16A  @TSSOP8                   IS24C16B

IS24C16B  @MAP8                     IS24C16B  @SOIC8                    IS24C16B  @TSSOP8                   IS24C32

IS24C32   @SOIC8                    IS24C32   @TSSOP8                   IS24C32A                            IS24C32A  @MAP8

IS24C32A  @SOIC8                    IS24C32A  @TSSOP8                   IS24C32B                            IS24C32B @MAP8

IS24C32B @SOIC8                     IS24C32B @TSSOP8                    IS24C32C                            IS24C32C @SOIC8

IS24C32C @TSSOP8                    IS24C64                             IS24C64  @SOIC8                     IS24C64  @TSSOP8

IS24C64A                            IS24C64A @MAP8                      IS24C64A @SOIC8                     IS24C64A @TSSOP8

IS24C64B                            IS24C64B @SOIC8                     IS24C64B @TSSOP8                    IS24C64C

IS24C64C @MAP8                      IS24C64C @SOIC8                     IS24C64C @TSSOP8                    IS24C128

IS24C128 @MAP8                      IS24C128 @SOIC8                     IS24C128 @TSSOP8                    IS24C128B

IS24C128B @MAP8                     IS24C128B @SOIC8                    IS24C128B @TSSOP8                   IS24C256

IS24C256 @MAP8                      IS24C256 @SOIC8                     IS24C256 @TSSOP8                    IS24C256A

IS24C256A @MAP8                     IS24C256A @SOIC8                    IS24C256A @TSSOP8                   IS24C256C

IS24C256C @MAP8                     IS24C256C @SOIC8                    IS24C256C @TSSOP8                   IS24L128

IS24L128 @SOIC8                     IS24L128 @TSSOP8                    IS24L256                            IS24L256 @SOIC8

IS24L256 @TSSOP8                    IS25C01                             IS25C01 @SOIC8                      IS25C01 @TSSOP8

IS25C02                             IS25C02 @SOIC8                      IS25C02 @TSSOP8                     IS25C04

IS25C04 @SOIC8                      IS25C04 @TSSOP8                     IS25C08                             IS25C08 @SOIC8

IS25C08 @TSSOP8                     IS25C16                             IS25C16 @SOIC8                      IS25C16 @TSSOP8

IS25C32                             IS25C32 @SOIC8                      IS25C32 @TSSOP8                     IS25C32A

IS25C32A @SOIC8                     IS25C32A @TSSOP8                    IS25C64                             IS25C64 @SOIC8

IS25C64 @TSSOP8                     IS25C128                            IS25C128 @SOIC8                     IS25C128 @TSSOP8

IS25C256                            IS25C256 @SOIC8                     IS25C256 @TSSOP8                    IS25LD256C @SOP8

IS25LD256C @WSON8                   IS25LD512 @SOP8                     IS25LD512 @WSON8                    IS25LD010 @SOP8

IS25LD010 @WSON8                    IS25LD020 @SOP8                     IS25LD020 @WSON8                    IS25LD040 @SOP8

IS25LD040 @WSON8                    IS25LP080D @SOIC8                   IS25LP080D @USON8                   IS25LP080D @WSON8

IS25LP016D @SOIC8                   IS25LP016D @USON8                   IS25LP016D @WSON8                   IS25LP016D @SOIC16

IS25LP032D @SOIC8                   IS25LP032D @USON8                   IS25LP032D @WSON8                   IS25LP032D @SOIC16

IS25LP064D @SOIC8                   IS25LP064D @USON8                   IS25LP064D @WSON8                   IS25LP064D @SOIC16

IS25LP128 @SOIC8                    IS25LP128 @WSON8                    IS25LP128 @SOIC16                   IS25LP128D @SOIC8

IS25LP128D @WSON8                   IS25LP128D @SOIC16                  IS25LP128F @SOIC8                   IS25LP128F @WSON8

IS25LP128F @SOIC16                  IS25LP256E @SOIC8                   IS25LP256E @WSON8                   IS25LP256E @SOIC16

IS25LP512M @SOIC8                   IS25LP512M @WSON8                   IS25LP512M @SOIC16                  IS25LQ025B

IS25LQ025B @SOP8                    IS25LQ025B @USON8                   IS25LQ512B                          IS25LQ512B @SOP8

IS25LQ512B @USON8                   IS25LQ010B                          IS25LQ010B @SOP8                    IS25LQ010B @USON8

IS25LQ020B                          IS25LQ020B @SOP8                    IS25LQ020B @USON8                   IS25LQ040

IS25LQ040 @SOP8                     IS25LQ040 @USON8                    IS25LQ040B                          IS25LQ040B @SOP8

IS25LQ040B @USON8                   IS25LQ080                           IS25LQ080 @SOP8                     IS25LQ080 @USON8

IS25LQ080B                          IS25LQ080B @SOP8                    IS25LQ080B @USON8                   IS25LQ080B @WSON8

IS25LQ080B @SOP16                   IS25LQ016B                          IS25LQ016B @SOP8                    IS25LQ016B @USON8

IS25LQ016B @WSON8                   IS25LQ016B @SOP16                   IS25LQ016C                          IS25LQ016C @SOP8

IS25LQ016C @USON8                   IS25LQ016C @WSON8                   IS25LQ016C @SOP16                   IS25LQ032B

IS25LQ032B @SOP8                    IS25LQ032B @USON8                   IS25LQ032B @WSON8                   IS25LQ032B @SOP16

IS25LQ032C                          IS25LQ032C @SOP8                    IS25LQ032C @USON8                   IS25LQ032C @WSON8

IS25LQ032C @SOP16                   IS25WD020 @SOP8                     IS25WD020 @WSON8                    IS25WD040 @SOP8

IS25WD040 @WSON8                    IS25WP020D @SOIC8                   IS25WP020D @USON8                   IS25WP020D @WSON8

IS25WP040D @SOIC8                   IS25WP040D @USON8                   IS25WP040D @WSON8                   IS25WP080D @SOIC8

IS25WP080D @USON8                   IS25WP080D @WSON8                   IS25WP016D @SOIC8                   IS25WP016D @USON8

IS25WP016D @WSON8                   IS25WP016D @SOIC16                  IS25WP032D @SOIC8                   IS25WP032D @USON8

IS25WP032D @WSON8                   IS25WP032D @SOIC16                  IS25WP064D @SOIC8                   IS25WP064D @USON8

IS25WP064D @WSON8                   IS25WP064D @SOIC16                  IS25WP128 @SOIC8                    IS25WP128 @WSON8

IS25WP128 @SOIC16                   IS25WP128D @SOIC8                   IS25WP128D @WSON8                   IS25WP128D @SOIC16

IS25WP128F @SOIC8                   IS25WP128F @WSON8                   IS25WP128F @SOIC16                  IS25WP256E @SOIC8

IS25WP256E @WSON8                   IS25WP256E @SOIC16                  IS25WP512M @SOIC8                   IS25WP512M @WSON8

IS25WP512M @SOIC16                  IS25WQ020 @SOP8                     IS25WQ020 @WSON8                    IS25WQ040 @SOP8

IS25WQ040 @WSON8                    IS25WQ080 @SOP8                     IS25WQ080 @WSON8                    IS25WQ016

IS25WQ016 @SOP8                     IS25WQ016 @WSON8                    IS25WQ032                           IS25WQ032 @SOP8

IS25WQ032 @WSON8                    IS25WQ032 @SOP16                    IS27C010   @DIP32                   IS27C010   @PLCC32

IS27C010   @TSOP32                  IS27C020   @DIP32                   IS27C020   @PLCC32                  IS27C020   @TSOP32

IS27C256   @DIP28                   IS27C256   @PLCC32                  IS27C512   @DIP28                   IS27C512   @PLCC32

IS27HC010   @DIP32                  IS27HC010   @PLCC32                 IS27HC010   @TSOP32                 IS27HC020   @DIP32

IS27HC020   @PLCC32                 IS27HC020   @TSOP32                 IS27HC256   @DIP28                  IS27HC256   @PLCC32

IS27HC512   @DIP28                  IS27HC512   @PLCC32                 IS27LV010   @DIP32                  IS27LV010   @PLCC32

IS27LV010   @TSOP32                 IS27LV020   @DIP32                  IS27LV020   @PLCC32                 IS27LV020   @TSOP32

IS27LV256   @DIP28                  IS27LV256   @PLCC32                 IS27LV512   @DIP28                  IS27LV512   @PLCC32

IS28F010                            IS28F010 @PLCC32                    IS28F010 @TSOP32                    IS28F020

IS28F020 @PLCC32                    IS28F020 @TSOP32                    IS93C46(x8)                         IS93C46(x8) @SOIC8

IS93C46(x8) @TSOP8                  IS93C46A(x8)                        IS93C46A(x8) @SOIC8                 IS93C46A(x8) @TSOP8

IS93C46A(x16)                       IS93C46A(x16) @SOIC8                IS93C46A(x16) @TSOP8                IS93C46B

IS93C46B @SOIC8                     IS93C46B @TSOP8                     IS93C46D(x8)                        IS93C46D(x8) @SOIC8

IS93C46D(x8) @TSOP8                 IS93C46D(x16)                       IS93C46D(x16) @SOIC8                IS93C46D(x16) @TSOP8

IS93C56(x16)                        IS93C56(x16) @SOIC8                 IS93C56A(x8)                        IS93C56A(x8) @SOIC8

IS93C56A(x8) @TSOP8                 IS93C56A(x16)                       IS93C56A(x16) @SOIC8                IS93C56A(x16) @TSOP8

IS93C66(x16)                        IS93C66(x16) @SOIC8                 IS93C66(x16) @TSOP8                 IS93C66A(x8)

IS93C66A(x8) @SOIC8                 IS93C66A(x8) @TSOP8                 IS93C66A(x16)                       IS93C66A(x16) @SOIC8

IS93C66A(x16) @TSOP8                IS93C76A(x8)                        IS93C76A(x8) @SOIC8                 IS93C76A(x8) @TSOP8

IS93C76A(x16)                       IS93C76A(x16) @SOIC8                IS93C76A(x16) @TSOP8                IS93C86A(x8)

IS93C86A(x8) @SOIC8                 IS93C86A(x8) @TSOP8                 IS93C86A(x16)                       IS93C86A(x16) @SOIC8

IS93C86A(x16) @TSOP8


IC Support: 369 PCS


[ KHIC ]


KH25L1005                           KH25L1005 @SON8                     KH25L1005 @SOP8                     KH25L1005A

KH25L1005A @SON8                    KH25L1005A @SOP8                    KH25L2005                           KH25L2005 @SON8

KH25L2005 @SOP8                     KH25L4005                           KH25L4005 @SON8                     KH25L4005 @SOP8

KH25L4005A                          KH25L4005A @SON8                    KH25L4005A @SOP8                    KH25L512

KH25L512 @SON8                      KH25L512 @SOP8                      KH25L512A                           KH25L512A @SON8

KH25L512A @SOP8                     KH25L8005                           KH25L8005 @SON8                     KH25L8005 @SOP8

KH25L8036D                          KH25L8036D @WSON8                   KH25L8036D @SOP8                    KH25L8036D @SOP16

KH25L6455E @SOP8                    KH25L6455E @WSON8                   KH25L6455E @SOP16                   KH29LV160CB @TSOP48

KH29LV160CT @TSOP48                 KH29LV320DB @TSOP48                 KH29LV320DT @TSOP48                 KH29LV320EB @TSOP48

KH29LV320ET @TSOP48                 KH29LV400CB @TSOP48                 KH29LV400CB @SOP44                  KH29LV400CT @TSOP48

KH29LV400CT @SOP44                  KH29LV800CB @TSOP48                 KH29LV800CB @SOP44                  KH29LV800CT @TSOP48

KH29LV800CT @SOP44


IC Support: 45 PCS





IC Support: 0 PCS





IC Support: 0 PCS




KK24LC02B                           KK24LC02B @SOIC8                    KK24LC04B                           KK24LC04B @SOIC8

KK24LC08B                           KK24LC08B @SOIC8                    KK24LC16B                           KK24LC16B @SOIC8


IC Support: 8 PCS




GAL16V8                             GAL16V8 @SOIC20                     GAL16V8A                            GAL16V8A @SOIC20

GAL16V8B                            GAL16V8B @SOIC20                    GAL16V8C                            GAL16V8C @SOIC20

GAL16V8D                            GAL16V8D @SOIC20                    GAL20V8                             GAL20V8  @SOIC24

GAL20V8A                            GAL20V8A @SOIC24                    GAL20V8B                            GAL20V8B @SOIC24

GAL20V8C                            GAL20V8C @SOIC24                    GAL20V8D                            GAL20V8D @SOIC24

GAL22V10                            GAL22V10 @SOIC24                    GAL22V10B                           GAL22V10B @SOIC24

GAL22V10C                           GAL22V10C @SOIC24                   GAL22V10D                           GAL22V10D @SOIC24


IC Support: 28 PCS




LG28C010 @DIP32                     LG28C010 @PLCC32                    LG28C020 @DIP32                     LG28C020 @PLCC32

LG28C040 @DIP32                     LG28C040 @PLCC32


IC Support: 6 PCS




L24C02                              L24C02 @SOIC8                       L24C02 @TSSOP8                      L24C04

L24C04 @SOIC8                       L24C04 @TSSOP8                      L29S400F @TSOP48                    L29S400F @SOP44

L29S400F-B @TSOP48                  L29S400F-B @SOP44                   L29S800F @TSOP48                    L29S800F @SOP44

L29S800F-B @TSOP48                  L29S800F-B @SOP44                   L29S160F   @TSOP48                  L29S160F-B @TSOP48

LST28001                            LST28001 @PLCC32                    LST28001 @TSOP32                    LST28002

LST28002 @PLCC32                    LST28002 @TSOP32                    LST28004                            LST28004 @PLCC32

LST28004 @TSOP32


IC Support: 25 PCS




L24C01                              L24C02                              L24C04                              L24C08



IC Support: 5 PCS


[ LIZE ]


L24C02                              L24C02   @SOIC8                     L24C02   @TSSOP8                    L24C04

L24C04   @SOIC8                     L24C04   @TSSOP8                    L24C08                              L24C08   @SOIC8

L24C08   @TSSOP8                    L24C16                              L24C16   @SOIC8                     L24C16   @TSSOP8


IC Support: 12 PCS




LY24C02                             LY24C02   @SOIC8                    LY24C02   @TSSOP8                   LY24C04

LY24C04   @SOIC8                    LY24C04   @TSSOP8                   LY24C08                             LY24C08   @SOIC8

LY24C08   @TSSOP8                   LY24C16                             LY24C16   @SOIC8                    LY24C16   @TSSOP8


IC Support: 12 PCS




KH25L1005                           KH25L1005 @SON8                     KH25L1005 @SOP8                     KH25L1005A

KH25L1005A @SON8                    KH25L1005A @SOP8                    KH25L1605A @SOP8                    KH25L1605A @SOP16

KH25L2005                           KH25L2005 @SON8                     KH25L2005 @SOP8                     KH25L4005

KH25L4005 @SON8                     KH25L4005 @SOP8                     KH25L4005A                          KH25L4005A @SON8

KH25L4005A @SOP8                    KH25L512                            KH25L512 @SON8                      KH25L512 @SOP8

KH25L512A                           KH25L512A @SON8                     KH25L512A @SOP8                     KH25L8005

KH25L8005 @SON8                     KH25L8005 @SOP8                     KH25L8036D                          KH25L8036D @WSON8

KH25L8036D @SOP8                    KH25L8036D @SOP16                   KH29LV160CB @TSOP48                 KH29LV160CT @TSOP48

KH29LV320DB @TSOP48                 KH29LV320DT @TSOP48                 KH29LV400CB @TSOP48                 KH29LV400CB @SOP44

KH29LV400CT @TSOP48                 KH29LV400CT @SOP44                  KH29LV800CB @TSOP48                 KH29LV800CB @SOP44

KH29LV800CT @TSOP48                 KH29LV800CT @SOP44                  MX25L512                            MX25L512 @SOP8

MX25L512 @SON8                      MX25L512A                           MX25L512A @SOP8                     MX25L512A @SON8

MX25L512C                           MX25L512C @SOP8                     MX25L512C @SON8                     MX25L512E

MX25L512E @SOP8                     MX25L512E @SON8                     MX25L5121E                          MX25L5121E @SOP8

MX25L5121E @SON8                    MX25L1005                           MX25L1005 @SON8                     MX25L1005 @SOP8

MX25L1005 @USON8                    MX25L1005A                          MX25L1005A @SON8                    MX25L1005A @SOP8

MX25L1005C @SON8                    MX25L1005C @SOP8                    MX25L1006E @SOP8                    MX25L1006E @USON8

MX25L1021E                          MX25L1021E @SOP8                    MX25L1021E @SON8                    MX25L1025C @SOP8

MX25L1026E @SOP8                    MX25L2005                           MX25L2005 @SOP8                     MX25L2005 @SON8

MX25L2005C @SOP8                    MX25L2005C @USON8                   MX25L2006E @SOP8                    MX25L2006E @WSON8

MX25L2026C @SOP8                    MX25L2026D @SOP8                    MX25L2026E @SOP8                    MX25L2026E @WSON8

MX25L4005                           MX25L4005 @SOP8                     MX25L4005 @SON8                     MX25L4005 @USON8

MX25L4005A                          MX25L4005A @SOP8                    MX25L4005A @SON8                    MX25L4005A @USON8

MX25L4005C                          MX25L4005C @SOP8                    MX25L4005C @TSOP8                   MX25L4005C @USON8

MX25L4006E                          MX25L4006E @SOP8                    MX25L4006E @WSON8                   MX25L4026E @SOP8

MX25L8005                           MX25L8005 @SOP8                     MX25L8005 @SON8                     MX25L8005 @USON8

MX25L8006E                          MX25L8006E @SOP8                    MX25L8006E @USON8                   MX25L8006E @WSON8

MX25L8006E(OTP)                     MX25L8006E(OTP) @SOP8               MX25L8006E(OTP) @USON8              MX25L8006E(OTP) @WSON8

MX25L8008E @SOP8                    MX25L8008E @USON8                   MX25L8008E(OTP)                     MX25L8008E(OTP) @SOP8

MX25L8035E @SOP8                    MX25L8035E(OTP)                     MX25L8036E @SOP8                    MX25L8036E(OTP) @SOP8

MX25L8073E @SOP8                    MX25L8073E(OTP) @SOP8               MX25L8075E @SOP8                    MX25L8075E(OTP) @SOP8

MX25L1605 @SOP8                     MX25L1605 @SOP16                    MX25L1605A @SOP8                    MX25L1605A @SOP16

MX25L1605D @SOP8                    MX25L1605D @SOP16                   MX25L1606E                          MX25L1606E @SOP8

MX25L1606E @USON8                   MX25L1606E @WSON8                   MX25L1606E @SOP16                   MX25L1606E(OTP)

MX25L1606E(OTP) @SOP8               MX25L1606E(OTP) @USON8              MX25L1606E(OTP) @WSON8              MX25L1606E(OTP) @SOP16

MX25L1633E @SOP8                    MX25L1633E @WSON8                   MX25L1633E @SOP16                   MX25L1633E(OTP) @SOP8

MX25L1633E(OTP) @WSON8              MX25L1633E(OTP) @SOP16              MX25L1635D @SOP8                    MX25L1635D @USON8

MX25L1635D @WSON8                   MX25L1635D @SOP16                   MX25L1635D(OTP) @SOP8               MX25L1635D(OTP) @USON8

MX25L1635D(OTP) @WSON8              MX25L1635D(OTP) @SOP16              MX25L1635E @SOP8                    MX25L1635E(OTP) @SOP8

MX25L1636D @SOP8                    MX25L1636D @WSON8                   MX25L1636D @SOP16                   MX25L1636D(OTP) @SOP8

MX25L1636D(OTP) @WSON8              MX25L1636D(OTP) @SOP16              MX25L1636E @SOP8                    MX25L1636E(OTP) @SOP8

MX25L1673E @SOP8                    MX25L1673E @WSON8                   MX25L1673E @SOP16                   MX25L1673E(OTP) @SOP8

MX25L1673E(OTP) @WSON8              MX25L1673E(OTP) @SOP16              MX25L1675E @SOP8                    MX25L1675E @WSON8

MX25L1675E @SOP16                   MX25L1675E(OTP) @SOP8               MX25L1675E(OTP) @WSON8              MX25L1675E(OTP) @SOP16

MX25L3205  @SOP8                    MX25L3205  @SOP16                   MX25L3205  @SOP16(9V)               MX25L3205A @SOP8

MX25L3205A @SOP16                   MX25L3205A @SOP16(9V)               MX25L3205D @SOP8                    MX25L3205D @SOP16

MX25L3205D @SOP16(9V)               MX25L3206E                          MX25L3206E @SOP8                    MX25L3206E @USON8

MX25L3206E @WSON8                   MX25L3206E @SOP16                   MX25L3206E(OTP)                     MX25L3206E(OTP) @SOP8

MX25L3206E(OTP) @USON8              MX25L3206E(OTP) @WSON8              MX25L3206E(OTP) @SOP16              MX25L3208E @SOP8

MX25L3208E @WSON8                   MX25L3208E @SOP16                   MX25L3208E(OTP) @SOP8               MX25L3208E(OTP) @WSON8

MX25L3208E(OTP) @SOP16              MX25L3225D @SOP8                    MX25L3225D @WSON8                   MX25L3225D(OTP) @SOP8

MX25L3225D(OTP) @WSON8              MX25L3233F @SOP8                    MX25L3233F @USON8                   MX25L3233F @WSON8

MX25L3233F @SOP16                   MX25L3233F(OTP) @SOP8               MX25L3233F(OTP) @USON8              MX25L3233F(OTP) @WSON8

MX25L3233F(OTP) @SOP16              MX25L3235D @SOP8                    MX25L3235D @WSON8                   MX25L3235D @SOP16

MX25L3235D(OTP) @SOP8               MX25L3235D(OTP) @WSON8              MX25L3235D(OTP) @SOP16              MX25L3235E @SOP8

MX25L3235E @WSON8                   MX25L3235E @SOP16                   MX25L3235E(OTP) @SOP8               MX25L3235E(OTP) @WSON8

MX25L3235E(OTP) @SOP16              MX25L3236D @SOP8                    MX25L3236D @WSON8                   MX25L3236D @SOP16

MX25L3236D(OTP) @SOP8               MX25L3236D(OTP) @WSON8              MX25L3236D(OTP) @SOP16              MX25L3237D @WSON8

MX25L3237D @SOP16                   MX25L3237D(OTP) @WSON8              MX25L3237D(OTP) @SOP16              MX25L3239E @SOP

MX25L3239E @VSOP                    MX25L3239E @WSON                    MX25L3239E(OTP) @SOP8               MX25L3239E(OTP) @WSON8

MX25L3239E(OTP) @SOP16              MX25L3273E @SOP8                    MX25L3273E @USON8                   MX25L3273E @WSON8

MX25L3273E @SOP16                   MX25L3273E(OTP) @SOP8               MX25L3273E(OTP) @USON8              MX25L3273E(OTP) @WSON8

MX25L3273E(OTP) @SOP16              MX25L3273F @SOP8                    MX25L3273F @WSON8                   MX25L3273F @SOP16

MX25L3273F(OTP) @SOP8               MX25L3273F(OTP) @WSON8              MX25L3273F(OTP) @SOP16              MX25L3275E @SOP8

MX25L3275E @WSON8                   MX25L3275E @SOP16                   MX25L3275E(OTP) @SOP8               MX25L3275E(OTP) @WSON8

MX25L3275E(OTP) @SOP16              MX25L6405                           MX25L6405  @16PIN                   MX25L6405  @16PIN(9V)

MX25L6405D                          MX25L6405D @16PIN                   MX25L6405D @16PIN(9V)               MX25L6406E @SOP8

MX25L6406E @WSON8                   MX25L6406E @SOP16                   MX25L6406E(OTP) @SOP8               MX25L6406E(OTP) @WSON8

MX25L6406E(OTP) @SOP16              MX25L6408E @SOP8                    MX25L6408E @WSON8                   MX25L6408E @SOP16

MX25L6408E(OTP) @SOP8               MX25L6408E(OTP) @WSON8              MX25L6408E(OTP) @SOP16              MX25L6433F @SOP8

MX25L6433F @WSON8                   MX25L6433F @SOP16                   MX25L6433F(OTP) @SOP8               MX25L6433F(OTP) @WSON8

MX25L6433F(OTP) @SOP16              MX25L6435E @SOP8                    MX25L6435E @WSON8                   MX25L6435E @SOP16

MX25L6435E(OTP) @SOP8               MX25L6435E(OTP) @WSON8              MX25L6435E(OTP) @SOP16              MX25L6436E @SOP8

MX25L6436E @WSON8                   MX25L6436E @SOP16                   MX25L6436E(OTP) @SOP8               MX25L6436E(OTP) @WSON8

MX25L6436E(OTP) @SOP16              MX25L6439E @SOP8                    MX25L6439E @WSON8                   MX25L6439E @SOP16

MX25L6439E(OTP) @SOP8               MX25L6439E(OTP) @WSON8              MX25L6439E(OTP) @SOP16              MX25L6445E @SOP8

MX25L6445E @WSON8                   MX25L6445E @SOP16                   MX25L6445E(OTP) @SOP8               MX25L6445E(OTP) @WSON8

MX25L6445E(OTP) @SOP16              MX25L6455E @BGA64                   MX25L6455E @WSON8                   MX25L6455E @SOP16

MX25L6465E @SOP8                    MX25L6465E @WSON8                   MX25L6465E @SOP16                   MX25L6465E(OTP) @SOP8

MX25L6465E(OTP) @WSON8              MX25L6465E(OTP) @SOP16              MX25L6473E @SOP8                    MX25L6473E @WSON8

MX25L6473E @SOP16                   MX25L6473E(OTP) @SOP8               MX25L6473E(OTP) @WSON8              MX25L6473E(OTP) @SOP16

MX25L6473F @SOP8                    MX25L6473F @WSON8                   MX25L6473F @SOP16                   MX25L6473F(OTP) @SOP8

MX25L6473F(OTP) @WSON8              MX25L6473F(OTP) @SOP16              MX25L6475E @SOP8                    MX25L6475E @WSON8

MX25L6475E @SOP16                   MX25L6475E(OTP) @SOP8               MX25L6475E(OTP) @WSON8              MX25L6475E(OTP) @SOP16

MX25L12805D @SON8                   MX25L12805D @WSON8                  MX25L12805D @SOP16                  MX25L12835E @WSON8

MX25L12835E @SOP16                  MX25L12835E(OTP) @WSON8             MX25L12835E(OTP) @SOP16             MX25L12835F @SOP8

MX25L12835F @WSON8                  MX25L12835F @SOP16                  MX25L12835F(OTP) @SOP8              MX25L12835F(OTP) @WSON8

MX25L12835F(OTP) @SOP16             MX25L12836E @SOP8                   MX25L12836E @WSON8                  MX25L12836E @SOP16

MX25L12836E(OTP) @SOP8              MX25L12836E(OTP) @WSON8             MX25L12836E(OTP) @SOP16             MX25L12839F @WSON8

MX25L12839F @SOP16                  MX25L12839F(OTP) @WSON8             MX25L12839F(OTP) @SOP16             MX25L12845E @WSON8

MX25L12845E @SOP16                  MX25L12845E(OTP) @WSON8             MX25L12845E(OTP) @SOP16             MX25L12845F @SOP8

MX25L12845F @WSON8                  MX25L12845F @SOP16                  MX25L12845G @SOP8                   MX25L12845G @WSON8

MX25L12845G @SOP16                  MX25L12845G(OTP) @SOP8              MX25L12845G(OTP) @WSON8             MX25L12845G(OTP) @SOP16

MX25L12865E @SOP8                   MX25L12865E @WSON8                  MX25L12865E @SOP16                  MX25L12865E(OTP) @SOP8

MX25L12865E(OTP) @WSON8             MX25L12865E(OTP) @SOP16             MX25L12865F @SOP8                   MX25L12865F @WSON8

MX25L12865F @SOP16                  MX25L12865F(OTP) @SOP8              MX25L12865F(OTP) @WSON8             MX25L12865F(OTP) @SOP16

MX25L12873F @SOP8                   MX25L12873F @WSON8                  MX25L12873F @SOP16                  MX25L12873F(OTP) @SOP8

MX25L12873F(OTP) @WSON8             MX25L12873F(OTP) @SOP16             MX25L12875F @SOP8                   MX25L12875F @WSON8

MX25L12875F @SOP16                  MX25L12875F(OTP) @SOP8              MX25L12875F(OTP) @WSON8             MX25L12875F(OTP) @SOP16

MX25L25633F @SOIC8                  MX25L25633F @SOIC16                 MX25L25633F(OTP) @SOIC8             MX25L25633F(OTP) @SOIC16

MX25L25635E @SOIC8                  MX25L25635E @SOIC16                 MX25L25635E(OTP) @SOIC8             MX25L25635E(OTP) @SOIC16

MX25L25635F @SOIC8                  MX25L25635F @SOIC16                 MX25L25635F(OTP) @SOIC8             MX25L25635F(OTP) @SOIC16

MX25L25636E @SOIC8                  MX25L25636E @SOIC16                 MX25L25636E(OTP) @SOIC8             MX25L25636E(OTP) @SOIC16

MX25L25639F @SOIC8                  MX25L25639F(OTP) @SOIC8             MX25L25645G @SOIC8                  MX25L25645G @SOIC16

MX25L25645G(OTP) @SOIC8             MX25L25645G(OTP) @SOIC16            MX25L25673G @SOIC8                  MX25L25673G @SOIC16

MX25L25735E @SOIC8                  MX25L25735E @SOIC16                 MX25L25735E(OTP) @SOIC8             MX25L25735E(OTP) @SOIC16

MX25L25735F @SOIC8                  MX25L25735F @SOIC16                 MX25L25735F(OTP) @SOIC8             MX25L25735F(OTP) @SOIC16

MX25L51237G @SOIC8                  MX25L51237G @SOIC16                 MX25L51237G(OTP) @SOIC8             MX25L51237G(OTP) @SOIC16

MX25L51245G @SOIC8                  MX25L51245G @SOIC16                 MX25L51245G(OTP) @SOIC8             MX25L51245G(OTP) @SOIC16

MX25L51273G @SOIC8                  MX25L51273G @SOIC16                 MX25L51273G(OTP) @SOIC8             MX25L51273G(OTP) @SOIC16

MX25LM51245G @SOIC8                 MX25LM51245G @SOIC16                MX25LM51245G(OTP) @SOIC8            MX25LM51245G(OTP) @SOIC16

MX25R512F                           MX25R512F @SOP8                     MX25R512F @TSSOP8                   MX25R512F @USON8

MX25R512F(OTP)                      MX25R512F(OTP) @SOP8                MX25R512F(OTP) @TSSOP8              MX25R512F(OTP) @USON8

MX25R1035F                          MX25R1035F @SOP8                    MX25R1035F @TSSOP8                  MX25R1035F @USON8

MX25R1035F(OTP)                     MX25R1035F(OTP) @SOP8               MX25R1035F(OTP) @TSSOP8             MX25R1035F(OTP) @USON8

MX25R2035F                          MX25R2035F @SOP8                    MX25R2035F @TSSOP8                  MX25R2035F @USON8

MX25R2035F(OTP)                     MX25R2035F(OTP) @SOP8               MX25R2035F(OTP) @TSSOP8             MX25R2035F(OTP) @USON8

MX25R4035F                          MX25R4035F @SOP8                    MX25R4035F @USON8                   MX25R4035F @WSON8

MX25R4035F(OTP)                     MX25R4035F(OTP) @SOP8               MX25R4035F(OTP) @USON8              MX25R4035F(OTP) @WSON8

MX25R8035F                          MX25R8035F @SOP8                    MX25R8035F @USON8                   MX25R8035F @WSON8

MX25R8035F(OTP)                     MX25R8035F(OTP) @SOP8               MX25R8035F(OTP) @USON8              MX25R8035F(OTP) @WSON8

MX25R1635F                          MX25R1635F @SOP8                    MX25R1635F @USON8                   MX25R1635F @WSON8

MX25R1635F(OTP)                     MX25R1635F(OTP) @SOP8               MX25R1635F(OTP) @USON8              MX25R1635F(OTP) @WSON8

MX25R3235F                          MX25R3235F @SOP8                    MX25R3235F @USON8                   MX25R3235F @WSON8

MX25R3235F(OTP)                     MX25R3235F(OTP) @SOP8               MX25R3235F(OTP) @USON8              MX25R3235F(OTP) @WSON8

MX25R6435F                          MX25R6435F @SOP8                    MX25R6435F @USON8                   MX25R6435F @WSON8

MX25R6435F(OTP)                     MX25R6435F(OTP) @SOP8               MX25R6435F(OTP) @USON8              MX25R6435F(OTP) @WSON8

MX25U5121E 1.8V @SOP8               MX25U5121E 1.8V @TSSOP8             MX25U5121E 1.8V @USON8              MX25U1001E 1.8V @SOP8

MX25U1001E 1.8V @TSSOP8             MX25U1001E 1.8V @USON8              MX25U2032E 1.8V @SOP8               MX25U2032E 1.8V @TSSOP8

MX25U2032E 1.8V @USON8              MX25U2032E 1.8V(OTP) @SOP8          MX25U2032E 1.8V(OTP) @TSSOP8        MX25U2032E 1.8V(OTP) @USON8

MX25U2033E 1.8V @SOP8               MX25U2033E 1.8V @TSSOP8             MX25U2033E 1.8V @USON8              MX25U2033E 1.8V(OTP) @SOP8

MX25U2033E 1.8V(OTP) @TSSOP8        MX25U2033E 1.8V(OTP) @USON8         MX25U4032E 1.8V @SOP8               MX25U4032E 1.8V @USON8

MX25U4032E 1.8V @WSON8              MX25U4032E 1.8V(OTP) @SOP8          MX25U4032E 1.8V(OTP) @USON8         MX25U4032E 1.8V(OTP) @WSON8

MX25U4033E 1.8V @SOP8               MX25U4033E 1.8V @USON8              MX25U4033E 1.8V @WSON8              MX25U4033E 1.8V(OTP) @SOP8

MX25U4033E 1.8V(OTP) @USON8         MX25U4033E 1.8V(OTP) @WSON8         MX25U4035 1.8V @SOP8                MX25U4035 1.8V @USON8

MX25U4035 1.8V @WSON8               MX25U4035 1.8V(OTP) @SOP8           MX25U4035 1.8V(OTP) @USON8          MX25U4035 1.8V(OTP) @WSON8

MX25U8032E 1.8V @SOP8               MX25U8032E 1.8V @USON8              MX25U8032E 1.8V @WSON8              MX25U8032E 1.8V(OTP) @SOP8

MX25U8032E 1.8V(OTP) @USON8         MX25U8032E 1.8V(OTP) @WSON8         MX25U8033E 1.8V @SOP8               MX25U8033E 1.8V @USON8

MX25U8033E 1.8V @WSON8              MX25U8033E 1.8V(OTP) @SOP8          MX25U8033E 1.8V(OTP) @USON8         MX25U8033E 1.8V(OTP) @WSON8

MX25U8035 1.8V @SOP8                MX25U8035 1.8V @USON8               MX25U8035 1.8V @WSON8               MX25U8035 1.8V(OTP) @SOP8

MX25U8035 1.8V(OTP) @USON8          MX25U8035 1.8V(OTP) @WSON8          MX25U8035E 1.8V @SOP8               MX25U8035E 1.8V @USON8

MX25U8035E 1.8V @WSON8              MX25U8035E 1.8V(OTP) @SOP8          MX25U8035E 1.8V(OTP) @USON8         MX25U8035E 1.8V(OTP) @WSON8

MX25U1635E 1.8V @SOP8               MX25U1635E 1.8V @USON8              MX25U1635E 1.8V @WSON8              MX25U1635E 1.8V(OTP) @SOP8

MX25U1635E 1.8V(OTP) @USON8         MX25U1635E 1.8V(OTP) @WSON8         MX25U1635F 1.8V @SOP8               MX25U1635F 1.8V @USON8

MX25U1635F 1.8V @WSON8              MX25U1635F 1.8V(OTP) @SOP8          MX25U1635F 1.8V(OTP) @USON8         MX25U1635F 1.8V(OTP) @WSON8

MX25U3235E 1.8V @SOP8               MX25U3235E 1.8V @USON8              MX25U3235E 1.8V @WSON8              MX25U3235E 1.8V(OTP) @SOP8

MX25U3235E 1.8V(OTP) @USON8         MX25U3235E 1.8V(OTP) @WSON8         MX25U3235F 1.8V @SOP8               MX25U3235F 1.8V @USON8

MX25U3235F 1.8V @WSON8              MX25U3235F 1.8V(OTP) @SOP8          MX25U3235F 1.8V(OTP) @USON8         MX25U3235F 1.8V(OTP) @WSON8

MX25U6435F 1.8V @SOP8               MX25U6435F 1.8V @USON8              MX25U6435F 1.8V @WSON8              MX25U6435F 1.8V(OTP) @SOP8

MX25U6435F 1.8V(OTP) @USON8         MX25U6435F 1.8V(OTP) @WSON8         MX25U6473F 1.8V @SOP8               MX25U6473F 1.8V @USON8

MX25U6473F 1.8V @WSON8              MX25U6473F 1.8V(OTP) @SOP8          MX25U6473F 1.8V(OTP) @USON8         MX25U6473F 1.8V(OTP) @WSON8

MX25U12835F 1.8V @SOP8              MX25U12835F 1.8V @WSON8             MX25U12835F 1.8V @SOP16             MX25U12835F 1.8V(OTP) @SOP8

MX25U12835F 1.8V(OTP) @WSON8        MX25U12835F 1.8V(OTP) @SOP16        MX25U25635F @SOIC8                  MX25U25635F @SOIC16

MX25U25635F(OTP) @SOIC8             MX25U25635F(OTP) @SOIC16            MX25U25645G @SOIC8                  MX25U25645G @SOIC16

MX25U25645G(OTP) @SOIC8             MX25U25645G(OTP) @SOIC16            MX25U51245G @SOIC8                  MX25U51245G @SOIC16

MX25U51245G(OTP) @SOIC8             MX25U51245G(OTP) @SOIC16            MX25V512                            MX25V512 @SOP8

MX25V512 @WSOP8                     MX25V512C                           MX25V512C @SOP8                     MX25V512C @WSOP8

MX25V512E                           MX25V512E @SOP8                     MX25V512E @WSOP8                    MX25V512F

MX25V512F @SOP8                     MX25V512F @WSOP8                    MX25V512F(OTP)                      MX25V512F(OTP) @SOP8

MX25V512F(OTP) @WSOP8               MX25V1006E                          MX25V1006E @SOP8                    MX25V1006E @WSOP8

MX25V1035F                          MX25V1035F @SOP8                    MX25V1035F @WSOP8                   MX25V1035F(OTP)

MX25V1035F(OTP) @SOP8               MX25V1035F(OTP) @WSOP8              MX25V2006E                          MX25V2006E @SOP8

MX25V2006E @WSOP8                   MX25V2035F                          MX25V2035F @SOP8                    MX25V2035F @WSOP8

MX25V2035F(OTP)                     MX25V2035F(OTP) @SOP8               MX25V2035F(OTP) @WSOP8              MX25V4005

MX25V4005 @SOP8                     MX25V4005 @WSON8                    MX25V4006E                          MX25V4006E @SOP8

MX25V4006E @WSON8                   MX25V4035                           MX25V4035 @SOP8                     MX25V4035 @WSON8

MX25V4035(OTP)                      MX25V4035(OTP) @SOP8                MX25V4035(OTP) @WSON8               MX25V4035F

MX25V4035F @SOP8                    MX25V4035F @WSON8                   MX25V4035F(OTP)                     MX25V4035F(OTP) @SOP8

MX25V4035F(OTP) @WSON8              MX25V8005                           MX25V8005 @SOP8                     MX25V8005 @WSON8

MX25V8006E                          MX25V8006E @SOP8                    MX25V8006E @WSON8                   MX25V8035

MX25V8035 @SOP8                     MX25V8035 @WSON8                    MX25V8035(OTP)                      MX25V8035(OTP) @SOP8

MX25V8035(OTP) @WSON8               MX25V8035F                          MX25V8035F @SOP8                    MX25V8035F @WSON8

MX25V8035F(OTP)                     MX25V8035F(OTP) @SOP8               MX25V8035F(OTP) @WSON8              MX25V1635F @SOP8

MX25V1635F @WSON8                   MX25V1635F(OTP) @SOP8               MX25V1635F(OTP) @WSON8              MX25V6433F @SOP8

MX25V6433F @WSON8                   MX25V6433F @SOIC16                  MX25V6433F(OTP) @SOP8               MX25V6433F(OTP) @SOIC16

MX26C1000                           MX26C1000 @PLCC32                   MX26C1000 @TSOP32                   MX26C2000

MX26C2000 @PLCC32                   MX26C2000 @TSOP32                   MX26C4000                           MX26C4000 @PLCC32

MX26C4000 @TSOP32                   MX26LV004B @PLCC32                  MX26LV004B @TSOP40                  MX26LV004T @PLCC32

MX26LV004T @TSOP40                  MX26LV008B @TSOP40                  MX26LV008T @TSOP40                  MX26LV040

MX26LV040 @PLCC32                   MX26LV040 @TSOP32                   MX26LV160B @TSOP48                  MX26LV160T @TSOP48

MX26LV400B @TSOP48                  MX26LV400T @TSOP48                  MX26LV800B @TSOP48                  MX26LV800T @TSOP48

MX27C1000 @DIP32                    MX27C1000 @PLCC32                   MX27C1000 @TSOP32                   MX27C1000A @DIP32

MX27C1000A @PLCC32                  MX27C1000A @TSOP32                  MX27C1024  @DIP40                   MX27C2000 @DIP32

MX27C2000 @PLCC32                   MX27C2000 @TSOP32                   MX27C2000A @DIP32                   MX27C2000A @PLCC32

MX27C2000A @TSOP32                  MX27C2048  @DIP40                   MX27C256 @DIP28                     MX27C256 @PLCC32

MX27C4000 @DIP32                    MX27C4000 @PLCC32                   MX27C4000 @TSOP32                   MX27C4000A @DIP32

MX27C4000A @PLCC32                  MX27C4000A @TSOP32                  MX27C4096  @DIP40                   MX27C512 @DIP28

MX27C512 @PLCC32                    MX27C8000 @DIP32                    MX27C8000 @PLCC32                   MX27C8000 @TSOP32

MX27C8000A @DIP32                   MX27C8000A @PLCC32                  MX27C8000A @TSOP32                  MX27L1000 @DIP32

MX27L1000 @PLCC32                   MX27L1000 @TSOP32                   MX27L2000 @DIP32                    MX27L2000 @PLCC32

MX27L2000 @TSOP32                   MX27L256 @DIP28                     MX27L256 @PLCC32                    MX27L4000 @DIP32

MX27L4000 @PLCC32                   MX27L4000 @TSOP32                   MX27L4096 @DIP40                    MX27L512 @DIP28

MX27L512 @PLCC32                    MX28F1000P                          MX28F1000P @PLCC32                  MX28F1000P @TSOP32

MX28F160C3B @TSOP48                 MX28F160C3T @TSOP48                 MX28F2000P                          MX28F2000P @PLCC32

MX28F2000P @TSOP32                  MX28F2000T                          MX28F2100B @TSOP48                  MX28F640C3B @TSOP48

MX28F640C3T @TSOP48                 MX29F001B @DIP32                    MX29F001B @PLCC32                   MX29F001B @TSOP32

MX29F001T @DIP32                    MX29F001T @PLCC32                   MX29F001T @TSOP32                   MX29F002B @DIP32

MX29F002B @PLCC32                   MX29F002B @TSOP32                   MX29F002NB @DIP32                   MX29F002NB @PLCC32

MX29F002NB @TSOP32                  MX29F002NT @DIP32                   MX29F002NT @PLCC32                  MX29F002NT @TSOP32

MX29F002T @DIP32                    MX29F002T @PLCC32                   MX29F002T @TSOP32                   MX29F004B @DIP32

MX29F004B @PLCC32                   MX29F004B @TSOP32                   MX29F004T @DIP32                    MX29F004T @PLCC32

MX29F004T @TSOP32                   MX29F022B @DIP32                    MX29F022B @PLCC32                   MX29F022B @TSOP32

MX29F022NB @DIP32                   MX29F022NB @PLCC32                  MX29F022NB @TSOP32                  MX29F022NT @DIP32

MX29F022NT @PLCC32                  MX29F022NT @TSOP32                  MX29F022T @DIP32                    MX29F022T @PLCC32

MX29F022T @TSOP32                   MX29F040 @DIP32                     MX29F040 @PLCC32                    MX29F040 @TSOP32

MX29F040C @DIP32                    MX29F040C @PLCC32                   MX29F040C @TSOP32                   MX29F080 @TSOP40

MX29F100B @TSOP48                   MX29F100B @SOP44                    MX29F100T @TSOP48                   MX29F100T @SOP44

MX29F200B @TSOP48                   MX29F200B @SOP44                    MX29F200CB @TSOP48                  MX29F200CB @SOP44

MX29F200CT @TSOP48                  MX29F200CT @SOP44                   MX29F200T @TSOP48                   MX29F200T @SOP44

MX29F400B @TSOP48                   MX29F400B @SOP44                    MX29F400CB @TSOP48                  MX29F400CB @SOP44

MX29F400CT @TSOP48                  MX29F400CT @SOP44                   MX29F400T @TSOP48                   MX29F400T @SOP44

MX29F800B @TSOP48                   MX29F800B @SOP44                    MX29F800CB @TSOP48                  MX29F800CB @SOP44

MX29F800CT @TSOP48                  MX29F800CT @SOP44                   MX29F800T @TSOP48                   MX29F800T @SOP44

MX29LV002CB @PLCC32                 MX29LV002CB @TSOP32                 MX29LV002NCB @PLCC32                MX29LV002NCB @TSOP32

MX29LV002NCT @PLCC32                MX29LV002NCT @TSOP32                MX29LV002CT @PLCC32                 MX29LV002CT @TSOP32

MX29LV004B @PLCC32                  MX29LV004B @TSOP32                  MX29LV004B @TSOP40                  MX29LV004CB @TSOP40

MX29LV004CT @TSOP40                 MX29LV004T @PLCC32                  MX29LV004T @TSOP32                  MX29LV004T @TSOP40

MX29LV008B @TSOP40                  MX29LV008BB @TSOP40                 MX29LV008BT @TSOP40                 MX29LV008CB @TSOP40

MX29LV008CT @TSOP40                 MX29LV008T @TSOP40                  MX29LV017AT @TSOP40                 MX29LV017BT @TSOP40

MX29LV040 @PLCC32                   MX29LV040 @TSOP32                   MX29LV040C @PLCC32                  MX29LV040C @TSOP32

MX29LV160B @TSOP48                  MX29LV160AB @TSOP48                 MX29LV160AT @TSOP48                 MX29LV160BB @TSOP48

MX29LV160BT @TSOP48                 MX29LV160CB @TSOP48                 MX29LV160CT @TSOP48                 MX29LV160DB @TSOP48

MX29LV160DT @TSOP48                 MX29LV160EB @TSOP48                 MX29LV160ET @TSOP48                 MX29LV160T  @TSOP48

MX29LV320AB @TSOP48                 MX29LV320AT @TSOP48                 MX29LV320B  @TSOP48                 MX29LV320BB @TSOP48

MX29LV320BT @TSOP48                 MX29LV320CB @TSOP48                 MX29LV320CT @TSOP48                 MX29LV320DB @TSOP48

MX29LV320DT @TSOP48                 MX29LV320EB @TSOP48                 MX29LV320ET @TSOP48                 MX29LV320MB @TSOP48

MX29LV320MT @TSOP48                 MX29LV320T  @TSOP48                 MX29LV400B @TSOP48                  MX29LV400B @SOP44

MX29LV400BB @TSOP48                 MX29LV400BB @SOP44                  MX29LV400BT @TSOP48                 MX29LV400BT @SOP44

MX29LV400CB @TSOP48                 MX29LV400CB @SOP44                  MX29LV400CT @TSOP48                 MX29LV400CT @SOP44

MX29LV400T @TSOP48                  MX29LV400T @SOP44                   MX29LV640BB @TSOP48                 MX29LV640BT @TSOP48

MX29LV640EB @TSOP48                 MX29LV640ET @TSOP48                 MX29LV640MB @TSOP48                 MX29LV640MT @TSOP48

MX29LV800B @TSOP48                  MX29LV800B @SOP44                   MX29LV800BB @TSOP48                 MX29LV800BB @SOP44

MX29LV800BT @TSOP48                 MX29LV800BT @SOP44                  MX29LV800CB @TSOP48                 MX29LV800CB @SOP44

MX29LV800CT @TSOP48                 MX29LV800CT @SOP44                  MX29LV800T @TSOP48                  MX29LV800T @SOP44

MX30LF1208AA @TSOP48                MX30LF1G08AA @TSOP48                MX30LF1G18AC @TSOP48                MX30LF1GE8AB @TSOP48

MX30LF2G18AB @TSOP48                MX30LF2G18AC @TSOP48                MX30LF2G28AB @TSOP48                MX30LF2G28AC @TSOP48

MX30LF2GE8AB @TSOP48                MX30LF4G18AB @TSOP48                MX30LF4G18AC @TSOP48                MX30LF4G28AB @TSOP48

MX30LF4G28AC @TSOP48                MX30LF4GE8AB @TSOP48                MX60LF8G18AC @TSOP48                MX60LF8G28AB @TSOP48



IC Support: 953 PCS




MAX24A02                            MAX24A02 @SOIC8                     MAX24A02 @TSSOP8                    MAX24A04

MAX24A04 @SOIC8                     MAX24A04 @TSSOP8                    MAX24A08                            MAX24A08 @SOIC8

MAX24A08 @TSSOP8                    MAX24A16                            MAX24A16 @SOIC8                     MAX24A16 @TSSOP8


IC Support: 12 PCS




28C010                              28C010 @PLCC32                      28C010 @TSOP32                      28C010T

28C010T @PLCC32                     28C010T @TSOP32                     28C011                              28C011 @PLCC32

28C011 @TSOP32                      28C011T                             28C011T @PLCC32                     28C011T @TSOP32


IC Support: 12 PCS


[ MICROCHIP memory ]


24AA00                              24AA00 @DFN8                        24AA00 @SOIC8                       24AA00 @TSSOP8

24AA01                              24AA01 @DFN8                        24AA01 @SOIC8                       24AA01 @TSSOP8

24AA014                             24AA014 @SOIC8                      24AA014 @TSSOP8                     24AA02

24AA02 @DFN8                        24AA02 @SOIC8                       24AA02 @TSSOP8                      24AA024

24AA024 @DFN8                       24AA024 @SOIC8                      24AA024 @TSSOP8                     24AA025

24AA025 @DFN8                       24AA025 @SOIC8                      24AA025 @TSSOP8                     24AA04

24AA04 @DFN8                        24AA04 @SOIC8                       24AA04 @TSSOP8                      24AA08

24AA08 @DFN8                        24AA08 @SOIC8                       24AA08 @TSSOP8                      24AA128

24AA128 @DFN8                       24AA128 @SOIC8                      24AA128 @TSSOP8                     24AA16

24AA16 @DFN8                        24AA16 @SOIC8                       24AA16 @TSSOP8                      24AA256

24AA256 @DFN8                       24AA256 @SOIC8                      24AA256 @TSSOP8                     24AA32

24AA32 @DFN8                        24AA32 @SOIC8                       24AA32 @TSSOP8                      24AA32A

24AA32A @DFN8                       24AA32A @SOIC8                      24AA32A @TSSOP8                     24AA512

24AA512 @DFN8                       24AA512 @SOIC8                      24AA512 @TSSOP8                     24AA1025

24AA1025 @SOIC8                     24AA64                              24AA64 @DFN8                        24AA64 @SOIC8

24AA64 @TSSOP8                      24AA65                              24AA65 @DFN8                        24AA65 @SOIC8

24AA65 @TSSOP8                      24C00                               24C00 @DFN8                         24C00 @SOIC8

24C00 @TSSOP8                       24C01                               24C01A                              24C01A @SOIC8

24C01C                              24C01C @SOIC8                       24C01C @TSOP8                       24C02

24C02A                              24C02A @SOIC8                       24C02C                              24C02C @SOIC8

24C02C @TSSOP8                      24C04                               24C04A                              24C04A @SOIC8

24C04A @TSSOP8                      24C08                               24C08 @SOIC8                        24C08B

24C08B @SOIC8                       24C16                               24C16 @SOIC8                        24C16B

24C16B @SOIC8                       24C32                               24C32 @DFN8                         24C32 @SOIC8

24C32B                              24C32B @DFN8                        24C32B @SOIC8                       24C64

24C64 @SOIC8                        24C64 @SOIC8                        24C64 @TSSOP8                       24C65

24C65 @SOIC8                        24C65 @SOIC8                        24FC128                             24FC128 @DFN8

24FC128 @SOIC8                      24FC128 @TSSOP8                     24FC16                              24FC16 @DFN8

24FC16 @SOIC8                       24FC16 @TSSOP8                      24FC256                             24FC256 @DFN8

24FC256 @SOIC8                      24FC256 @TSSOP8                     24FC512                             24FC512 @DFN8

24FC1025                            24FC1025 @SOIC8                     24FC32                              24FC32 @DFN8

24FC32 @SOIC8                       24FC32 @TSSOP8                      24FC512                             24FC512 @DFN8

24FC512 @SOIC8                      24FC512 @TSSOP8                     24FC64                              24FC64 @DFN8

24FC64 @SOIC8                       24FC64 @TSSOP8                      24FC65                              24FC65 @DFN8

24FC65 @SOIC8                       24FC65 @TSSOP8                      24LC00                              24LC00 @DFN8

24LC00 @SOIC8                       24LC00 @TSSOP8                      24LC014                             24LC014 @SOIC8

24LC014 @TSSOP8                     24LC01B                             24LC01B @DFN8                       24LC01B @SOIC8

24LC01B @TSSOP8                     24LC024                             24LC024 @DFN8                       24LC024 @SOIC8

24LC024 @TSSOP8                     24LC025                             24LC025 @DFN8                       24LC025 @SOIC8

24LC025 @TSSOP8                     24LC02B                             24LC02B @DFN8                       24LC02B @SOIC8

24LC02B @TSSOP8                     24LC04B                             24LC04B @DFN8                       24LC04B @SOIC8

24LC04B @TSSOP8                     24LC08B                             24LC08B @DFN8                       24LC08B @SOIC8

24LC08B @TSSOP8                     24LC128                             24LC128 @DFN8                       24LC128 @SOIC8

24LC128 @TSSOP8                     24LC16B                             24LC16B @DFN8                       24LC16B @SOIC8

24LC16B @TSSOP8                     24LC21                              24LC21 @SOIC8                       24LC21A

24LC21A @SOIC8                      24LC256                             24LC256 @DFN8                       24LC256 @SOIC8

24LC256 @TSSOP8                     24LC32                              24LC32 @DFN8                        24LC32 @SOIC8

24LC32 @TSSOP8                      24LC32A                             24LC32A @DFN8                       24LC32A @SOIC8

24LC32A @TSSOP8                     24LC512                             24LC512 @DFN8                       24LC512 @SOIC8

24LC512 @TSSOP8                     24LC1025                            24LC1025 @SOIC8                     24LC64

24LC64 @DFN8                        24LC64 @SOIC8                       24LC64 @TSSOP8                      24LC65

24LC65 @DFN8                        24LC65 @SOIC8                       24LC65 @TSSOP8                      24LCS21

24LCS21 @SOIC8                      24LCS21A                            24LCS21A @SOIC8                     25AA010A

25AA010A @DFN8                      25AA010A @MSOP8                     25AA010A @SOIC8                     25AA010A @TSSOP8

25AA020A                            25AA020A @DFN8                      25AA020A @MSOP8                     25AA020A @SOIC8

25AA020A @TSSOP8                    25AA040                             25AA040 @SOIC8                      25AA040 @TSSOP8

25AA040A                            25AA040A @DFN8                      25AA040A @MSOP8                     25AA040A @SOIC8

25AA040A @TSSOP8                    25AA080                             25AA080 @SOIC8                      25AA080A

25AA080A @MSOP8                     25AA080A @SOIC8                     25AA080A @TSSOP8                    25AA080B

25AA080B @MSOP8                     25AA080B @SOIC8                     25AA080B @TSSOP8                    25AA080C

25AA080C @MSOP8                     25AA080C @SOIC8                     25AA080C @TSSOP8                    25AA080D

25AA080D @MSOP8                     25AA080D @SOIC8                     25AA080D @TSSOP8                    25AA1024

25AA1024 @DFN8                      25AA1024 @SOIC8                     25AA128                             25AA128 @DFN8

25AA128 @SOIC8                      25AA128 @TSSOP8                     25AA160                             25AA160 @SOIC8

25AA160A                            25AA160A @MSOP8                     25AA160A @SOIC8                     25AA160A @TSSOP8

25AA160B                            25AA160B @MSOP8                     25AA160B @SOIC8                     25AA160B @TSSOP8

25AA256                             25AA256 @DFN8                       25AA256 @SOIC8                      25AA256 @TSSOP8

25AA320                             25AA320 @SOIC8                      25AA320 @TSSOP8                     25AA512

25AA512 @DFN8                       25AA512 @SOIC8                      25AA640                             25AA640 @SOIC8

25AA640 @TSSOP8                     25C040                              25C040 @SOIC8                       25C040 @TSSOP8

25C080                              25C080 @SOIC8                       25C160                              25C160 @SOIC8

25C320                              25C320 @SOIC8                       25C320 @TSSOP8                      25C640

25C640 @SOIC8                       25C640 @TSSOP8                      25LC010A                            25LC010A @DFN8

25LC010A @MSOP8                     25LC010A @SOIC8                     25LC010A @TSSOP8                    25LC020A

25LC020A @DFN8                      25LC020A @MSOP8                     25LC020A @SOIC8                     25LC020A @TSSOP8

25LC040                             25LC040 @SOIC8                      25LC040 @TSSOP8                     25LC040A

25LC040A @DFN8                      25LC040A @MSOP8                     25LC040A @SOIC8                     25LC040A @TSSOP8

25LC080                             25LC080 @SOIC8                      25LC080A                            25LC080A @MSOP8

25LC080A @SOIC8                     25LC080A @TSSOP8                    25LC080B                            25LC080B @MSOP8

25LC080B @SOIC8                     25LC080B @TSSOP8                    25LC080C                            25LC080C @MSOP8

25LC080C @SOIC8                     25LC080C @TSSOP8                    25LC080D                            25LC080D @MSOP8

25LC080D @SOIC8                     25LC080D @TSSOP8                    25LC1024                            25LC1024 @DFN8

25LC1024 @SOIC8                     25LC128                             25LC128 @DFN8                       25LC128 @SOIC8

25LC128 @TSSOP8                     25LC160                             25LC160 @SOIC8                      25LC160A

25LC160A @MSOP8                     25LC160A @SOIC8                     25LC160A @TSSOP8                    25LC160B

25LC160B @MSOP8                     25LC160B @SOIC8                     25LC160B @TSSOP8                    25LC256

25LC256 @DFN8                       25LC256 @SOIC8                      25LC256 @TSSOP8                     25LC320

25LC320 @SOIC8                      25LC320 @TSSOP8                     25LC512                             25LC512 @DFN8

25LC512 @SOIC8                      25LC640                             25LC640 @SOIC8                      25LC640 @TSSOP8

27C128 @DIP28                       27C128 @PLCC32                      27C128 @SOIC28                      27C256 @DIP28

27C256 @PLCC32                      27C256 @SOIC28                      27C32A @DIP24                       27C512 @DIP28

27C512 @PLCC32                      27C512A @DIP28                      27C512A @PLCC32                     27C512A @SOIC28

27C64 @DIP28                        27C64 @PLCC32                       27C64 @SOIC28                       27HC256 @DIP28

27HC256 @PLCC32                     27HC256 @SOIC28                     27HC256L @DIP28                     27HC256L @PLCC32

27HC256L @SOIC28                    27HC64 @DIP28                       27HC64 @PLCC32                      27LV256 @DIP28

27LV256 @PLCC32                     27LV256 @SOIC28                     27LV64 @DIP28                       27LV64 @PLCC32

27LV64 @SOIC28                      2804                                2816                                2817

28C04A                              28C04A @PLCC32                      28C04A @SOIC24                      28C04AF

28C04AF @PLCC32                     28C04AF @SOIC24                     28C16A                              28C16A @PLCC32

28C16A @SOIC24                      28C16AF                             28C16AF @PLCC32                     28C16AF @SOIC24

28C17A                              28C17A @PLCC32                      28C17A @SOIC28                      28C17AF

28C17AF @PLCC32                     28C17AF @SOIC28                     28C256                              28C256 @PLCC32

28C256F                             28C256F @PLCC32                     28C64A                              28C64A @PLCC32

28C64A @SOIC28                      28C64AF                             28C64AF @PLCC32                     28C64AF @SOIC28

28C64B                              28C64B @PLCC32                      28C64B @SOIC28                      28LV64A

28LV64A @PLCC32                     28LV64A @SOIC28                     93AA46(x8)                          93AA46(x8) @SOIC8

93AA46(x16)                         93AA46(x16) @SOIC8                  93AA46A(x8)                         93AA46A(x8) @DFN8

93AA46A(x8) @MSOP8                  93AA46A(x8) @SOIC8                  93AA46A(x8) @TSOP8                  93AA46B(x16)

93AA46B(x16) @DFN8                  93AA46B(x16) @MSOP8                 93AA46B(x16) @SOIC8                 93AA46B(x16) @TSOP8

93AA46C(x8)                         93AA46C(x8) @DFN8                   93AA46C(x8) @MSOP8                  93AA46C(x8) @SOIC8

93AA46C(x8) @TSOP8                  93AA46C(x16)                        93AA46C(x16) @DFN8                  93AA46C(x16) @MSOP8

93AA46C(x16) @SOIC8                 93AA46C(x16) @TSOP8                 93AA56(x8)                          93AA56(x8) @SOIC8

93AA56(x16)                         93AA56(x16) @SOIC8                  93AA56A(x8)                         93AA56A(x8) @DFN8

93AA56A(x8) @MSOP8                  93AA56A(x8) @SOIC8                  93AA56A(x8) @TSOP8                  93AA56B(x16)

93AA56B(x16) @DFN8                  93AA56B(x16) @MSOP8                 93AA56B(x16) @SOIC8                 93AA56B(x16) @TSOP8

93AA56C(x8)                         93AA56C(x8) @DFN8                   93AA56C(x8) @MSOP8                  93AA56C(x8) @SOIC8

93AA56C(x8) @TSOP8                  93AA56C(x16)                        93AA56C(x16) @DFN8                  93AA56C(x16) @MSOP8

93AA56C(x16) @SOIC8                 93AA56C(x16) @TSOP8                 93AA66(x8)                          93AA66(x8) @SOIC8

93AA66(x16)                         93AA66(x16) @SOIC8                  93AA66A(x8)                         93AA66A(x8) @DFN8

93AA66A(x8) @MSOP8                  93AA66A(x8) @SOIC8                  93AA66A(x8) @TSOP8                  93AA66B(x16)

93AA66B(x16) @DFN8                  93AA66B(x16) @MSOP8                 93AA66B(x16) @SOIC8                 93AA66B(x16) @TSOP8

93AA66C(x8)                         93AA66C(x8) @DFN8                   93AA66C(x8) @MSOP8                  93AA66C(x8) @SOIC8

93AA66C(x8) @TSOP8                  93AA66C(x16)                        93AA66C(x16) @DFN8                  93AA66C(x16) @MSOP8

93AA66C(x16) @SOIC8                 93AA66C(x16) @TSOP8                 93AA76(x8)                          93AA76(x8) @SOIC8

93AA76(x16)                         93AA76(x16) @SOIC8                  93AA76A(x8)                         93AA76A(x8) @DFN8

93AA76A(x8) @MSOP8                  93AA76A(x8) @SOIC8                  93AA76A(x8) @TSOP8                  93AA76B(x16)

93AA76B(x16) @DFN8                  93AA76B(x16) @MSOP8                 93AA76B(x16) @SOIC8                 93AA76B(x16) @TSOP8

93AA76C(x8)                         93AA76C(x8) @DFN8                   93AA76C(x8) @MSOP8                  93AA76C(x8) @SOIC8

93AA76C(x8) @TSOP8                  93AA76C(x16)                        93AA76C(x16) @DFN8                  93AA76C(x16) @MSOP8

93AA76C(x16) @SOIC8                 93AA76C(x16) @TSOP8                 93AA86(x8)                          93AA86(x8) @SOIC8

93AA86(x16)                         93AA86(x16) @SOIC8                  93AA86A(x8)                         93AA86A(x8) @DFN8

93AA86A(x8) @MSOP8                  93AA86A(x8) @SOIC8                  93AA86A(x8) @TSOP8                  93AA86B(x16)

93AA86B(x16) @DFN8                  93AA86B(x16) @MSOP8                 93AA86B(x16) @SOIC8                 93AA86B(x16) @TSOP8

93AA86C(x8)                         93AA86C(x8) @DFN8                   93AA86C(x8) @MSOP8                  93AA86C(x8) @SOIC8

93AA86C(x8) @TSOP8                  93AA86C(x16)                        93AA86C(x16) @DFN8                  93AA86C(x16) @MSOP8

93AA86C(x16) @SOIC8                 93AA86C(x16) @TSOP8                 93C06(x16)                          93C06(x16) @SOIC8

93C46(x8)                           93C46(x8) @SOIC8                    93C46(x16)                          93C46(x16) @SOIC8

93C46X(x16) *                       93C46X(x16) @SOIC8 *                93C46A(x8)                          93C46A(x8) @DFN8

93C46A(x8) @MSOP8                   93C46A(x8) @SOIC8                   93C46A(x8) @TSOP8                   93C46B(x16)

93C46B(x16) @DFN8                   93C46B(x16) @MSOP8                  93C46B(x16) @SOIC8                  93C46B(x16) @TSOP8

93C46C(x8)                          93C46C(x8) @DFN8                    93C46C(x8) @MSOP8                   93C46C(x8) @SOIC8

93C46C(x8) @TSOP8                   93C46C(x16)                         93C46C(x16) @DFN8                   93C46C(x16) @MSOP8

93C46C(x16) @SOIC8                  93C46C(x16) @TSOP8                  93C56(x8)                           93C56(x8) @SOIC8

93C56(x16)                          93C56(x16) @SOIC8                   93C56A(x8)                          93C56A(x8) @DFN8

93C56A(x8) @MSOP8                   93C56A(x8) @SOIC8                   93C56A(x8) @TSOP8                   93C56B(x16)

93C56B(x16) @DFN8                   93C56B(x16) @MSOP8                  93C56B(x16) @SOIC8                  93C56B(x16) @TSOP8

93C56C(x8)                          93C56C(x8) @DFN8                    93C56C(x8) @MSOP8                   93C56C(x8) @SOIC8

93C56C(x8) @TSOP8                   93C56C(x16)                         93C56C(x16) @DFN8                   93C56C(x16) @MSOP8

93C56C(x16) @SOIC8                  93C56C(x16) @TSOP8                  93C66(x8)                           93C66(x8) @SOIC8

93C66(x16)                          93C66(x16) @SOIC8                   93C66A(x8)                          93C66A(x8) @DFN8

93C66A(x8) @MSOP8                   93C66A(x8) @SOIC8                   93C66A(x8) @TSOP8                   93C66B(x16)

93C66B(x16) @DFN8                   93C66B(x16) @MSOP8                  93C66B(x16) @SOIC8                  93C66B(x16) @TSOP8

93C66C(x8)                          93C66C(x8) @DFN8                    93C66C(x8) @MSOP8                   93C66C(x8) @SOIC8

93C66C(x8) @TSOP8                   93C66C(x16)                         93C66C(x16) @DFN8                   93C66C(x16) @MSOP8

93C66C(x16) @SOIC8                  93C66C(x16) @TSOP8                  93C76(x8)                           93C76(x8) @SOIC8

93C76(x16)                          93C76(x16) @SOIC8                   93C76A(x8)                          93C76A(x8) @DFN8

93C76A(x8) @MSOP8                   93C76A(x8) @SOIC8                   93C76A(x8) @TSOP8                   93C76B(x16)

93C76B(x16) @DFN8                   93C76B(x16) @MSOP8                  93C76B(x16) @SOIC8                  93C76B(x16) @TSOP8

93C76C(x8)                          93C76C(x8) @DFN8                    93C76C(x8) @MSOP8                   93C76C(x8) @SOIC8

93C76C(x8) @TSOP8                   93C76C(x16)                         93C76C(x16) @DFN8                   93C76C(x16) @MSOP8

93C76C(x16) @SOIC8                  93C76C(x16) @TSOP8                  93C86(x8)                           93C86(x8) @SOIC8

93C86(x16)                          93C86(x16) @SOIC8                   93C86A(x8)                          93C86A(x8) @DFN8

93C86A(x8) @MSOP8                   93C86A(x8) @SOIC8                   93C86A(x8) @TSOP8                   93C86B(x16)

93C86B(x16) @DFN8                   93C86B(x16) @MSOP8                  93C86B(x16) @SOIC8                  93C86B(x16) @TSOP8

93C86C(x8)                          93C86C(x8) @DFN8                    93C86C(x8) @MSOP8                   93C86C(x8) @SOIC8

93C86C(x8) @TSOP8                   93C86C(x16)                         93C86C(x16) @DFN8                   93C86C(x16) @MSOP8

93C86C(x16) @SOIC8                  93C86C(x16) @TSOP8                  93LC46(x8)                          93LC46(x8) @SOIC8

93LC46(x16)                         93LC46(x16) @SOIC8                  93LC46A(x8)                         93LC46A(x8) @DFN8

93LC46A(x8) @MSOP8                  93LC46A(x8) @SOIC8                  93LC46A(x8) @TSOP8                  93LC46B(x16)

93LC46B(x16) @DFN8                  93LC46B(x16) @MSOP8                 93LC46B(x16) @SOIC8                 93LC46B(x16) @TSOP8

93LC46C(x8)                         93LC46C(x8) @DFN8                   93LC46C(x8) @MSOP8                  93LC46C(x8) @SOIC8

93LC46C(x8) @TSOP8                  93LC46C(x16)                        93LC46C(x16) @DFN8                  93LC46C(x16) @MSOP8

93LC46C(x16) @SOIC8                 93LC46C(x16) @TSOP8                 93LC46X *                           93LC46X @SOIC8 *

93LC56(x8)                          93LC56(x8) @SOIC8                   93LC56(x16)                         93LC56(x16) @SOIC8

93LC56A(x8)                         93LC56A(x8) @DFN8                   93LC56A(x8) @MSOP8                  93LC56A(x8) @SOIC8

93LC56A(x8) @TSOP8                  93LC56B(x16)                        93LC56B(x16) @DFN8                  93LC56B(x16) @MSOP8

93LC56B(x16) @SOIC8                 93LC56B(x16) @TSOP8                 93LC56C(x8)                         93LC56C(x8) @DFN8

93LC56C(x8) @MSOP8                  93LC56C(x8) @SOIC8                  93LC56C(x8) @TSOP8                  93LC56C(x16)

93LC56C(x16) @DFN8                  93LC56C(x16) @MSOP8                 93LC56C(x16) @SOIC8                 93LC56C(x16) @TSOP8

93LC56X *                           93LC56X @SOIC8 *                    93LC66(x8)                          93LC66(x8) @SOIC8

93LC66(x16)                         93LC66(x16) @SOIC8                  93LC66A(x8)                         93LC66A(x8) @DFN8

93LC66A(x8) @MSOP8                  93LC66A(x8) @SOIC8                  93LC66A(x8) @TSOP8                  93LC66B(x16)

93LC66B(x16) @DFN8                  93LC66B(x16) @MSOP8                 93LC66B(x16) @SOIC8                 93LC66B(x16) @TSOP8

93LC66C(x8)                         93LC66C(x8) @DFN8                   93LC66C(x8) @MSOP8                  93LC66C(x8) @SOIC8

93LC66C(x8) @TSOP8                  93LC66C(x16)                        93LC66C(x16) @DFN8                  93LC66C(x16) @MSOP8

93LC66C(x16) @SOIC8                 93LC66C(x16) @TSOP8                 93LC66X *                           93LC66X @SOIC8 *

93LC76(x8)                          93LC76(x8) @SOIC8                   93LC76(x16)                         93LC76(x16) @SOIC8

93LC76A(x8)                         93LC76A(x8) @DFN8                   93LC76A(x8) @MSOP8                  93LC76A(x8) @SOIC8

93LC76A(x8) @TSOP8                  93LC76B(x16)                        93LC76B(x16) @DFN8                  93LC76B(x16) @MSOP8

93LC76B(x16) @SOIC8                 93LC76B(x16) @TSOP8                 93LC76C(x8)                         93LC76C(x8) @DFN8

93LC76C(x8) @MSOP8                  93LC76C(x8) @SOIC8                  93LC76C(x8) @TSOP8                  93LC76C(x16)

93LC76C(x16) @DFN8                  93LC76C(x16) @MSOP8                 93LC76C(x16) @SOIC8                 93LC76C(x16) @TSOP8

93LC76X *                           93LC76X @SOIC8 *                    93LC86(x8)                          93LC86(x8) @SOIC8

93LC86(x16)                         93LC86(x16) @SOIC8                  93LC86A(x8)                         93LC86A(x8) @DFN8

93LC86A(x8) @MSOP8                  93LC86A(x8) @SOIC8                  93LC86A(x8) @TSOP8                  93LC86B(x16)

93LC86B(x16) @DFN8                  93LC86B(x16) @MSOP8                 93LC86B(x16) @SOIC8                 93LC86B(x16) @TSOP8

93LC86C(x8)                         93LC86C(x8) @DFN8                   93LC86C(x8) @MSOP8                  93LC86C(x8) @SOIC8

93LC86C(x8) @TSOP8                  93LC86C(x16)                        93LC86C(x16) @DFN8                  93LC86C(x16) @MSOP8

93LC86C(x16) @SOIC8                 93LC86C(x16) @TSOP8                 93LCS46                             93LCS46 @SOIC8

93LCS46 @SOIC14                     93LCS56                             93LCS56 @SOIC8                      93LCS56 @SOIC14

93LCS66                             93LCS66 @SOIC8                      93LCS66 @SOIC14


IC Support: 803 PCS




PIC10F200 @PDIP8                    PIC10F202 @PDIP8                    PIC10F204 @PDIP8                    PIC10F206 @PDIP8

PIC10F220 @PDIP8                    PIC10F222 @PDIP8                    PIC12C508                           PIC12C508 @SOIC8

PIC12C508A                          PIC12C508A @SOIC8                   PIC12C509                           PIC12C509 @SOIC8

PIC12C509A                          PIC12C509A @SOIC8                   PIC12C671                           PIC12C671 @DFN8

PIC12C671 @SOIC8                    PIC12C672                           PIC12C672 @DFN8                     PIC12C672 @SOIC8

PIC12CE518                          PIC12CE518 @SOIC8                   PIC12CE519                          PIC12CE519 @SOIC8

PIC12CE673                          PIC12CE673 @SOIC8                   PIC12CE674                          PIC12CE674 @SOIC8

PIC12F1822 @DIP8                    PIC12F1822 @SOIC8                   PIC12F508                           PIC12F508 @MSOP8

PIC12F508 @SOIC8                    PIC12F509                           PIC12F509 @MSOP8                    PIC12F509 @SOIC8

PIC12F510                           PIC12F510 @MSOP8                    PIC12F510 @SOIC8                    PIC12F519

PIC12F519 @DFN8                     PIC12F519 @MSOP8                    PIC12F519 @SOIC8                    PIC12F609

PIC12F609 @DFN8                     PIC12F609 @MSOP8                    PIC12F609 @SOIC8                    PIC12F615

PIC12F615 @DFN8                     PIC12F615 @MSOP8                    PIC12F615 @SOIC8                    PIC12F629

PIC12F629 @DFN8                     PIC12F629 @MSOP8                    PIC12F629 @SOIC8                    PIC12F635

PIC12F635 @DFN8                     PIC12F635 @MSOP8                    PIC12F635 @SOIC8                    PIC12F675

PIC12F675 @DFN8                     PIC12F675 @SOIC8                    PIC12F683                           PIC12F683 @DFN8

PIC12F683 @SOIC8                    PIC12HV609                          PIC12HV609 @DFN8                    PIC12HV609 @MSOP8

PIC12HV609 @SOIC8                   PIC12HV615                          PIC12HV615 @DFN8                    PIC12HV615 @MSOP8

PIC12HV615 @SOIC8                   PIC12LC508                          PIC12LC508 @SOIC8                   PIC12LC508A

PIC12LC508A @SOIC8                  PIC12LC509                          PIC12LC509 @SOIC8                   PIC12LC509A

PIC12LC509A @SOIC8                  PIC12LC671                          PIC12LC671 @DFN8                    PIC12LC671 @SOIC8

PIC12LC672                          PIC12LC672 @DFN8                    PIC12LC672 @SOIC8                   PIC12LCE518

PIC12LCE518 @SOIC8                  PIC12LCE519                         PIC12LCE519 @SOIC8                  PIC12LF1822 @DIP8

PIC12LF1822 @SOIC8                  PIC12LF508                          PIC12LF508 @MSOP8                   PIC12LF508 @SOIC8

PIC12LF509                          PIC12LF509 @MSOP8                   PIC12LF509 @SOIC8                   PIC12LF510

PIC12LF510 @MSOP8                   PIC12LF510 @SOIC8                   PIC12LF519                          PIC12LF519 @DFN8

PIC12LF519 @MSOP8                   PIC12LF519 @SOIC8                   PIC16C505                           PIC16C505 @SOIC14

PIC16C54                            PIC16C54 @SOIC18                    PIC16C54A                           PIC16C54A @SOIC18

PIC16C54B                           PIC16C54B @SOIC18                   PIC16C54C                           PIC16C54C @SOIC18

PIC16C55                            PIC16C55 @SOIC28                    PIC16C554 @DIP18                    PIC16C554 @SOIC18

PIC16C558 @DIP18                    PIC16C558 @SOIC18                   PIC16C55A                           PIC16C55A @SOIC28

PIC16C56                            PIC16C56 @SOIC18                    PIC16C56A                           PIC16C56A @SOIC18

PIC16C57                            PIC16C57 @SOIC28                    PIC16C57C                           PIC16C57C @SOIC28

PIC16C58A                           PIC16C58A @SOIC18                   PIC16C58B                           PIC16C58B @SOIC18

PIC16C61                            PIC16C61 @SOIC18                    PIC16C62                            PIC16C62 @SOIC28

PIC16C620                           PIC16C620 @SOIC18                   PIC16C620A                          PIC16C620A @SOIC18

PIC16C621                           PIC16C621 @SOIC18                   PIC16C621A                          PIC16C621A @SOIC18

PIC16C622                           PIC16C622 @SOIC18                   PIC16C622A                          PIC16C622A @SOIC18

PIC16C62A                           PIC16C62A @SOIC28                   PIC16C62B                           PIC16C62B @SOIC28

PIC16C63                            PIC16C63 @SOIC28                    PIC16C63A                           PIC16C63A @SOIC28

PIC16C64                            PIC16C64A                           PIC16C65                            PIC16C65A

PIC16C65B                           PIC16C66                            PIC16C66 @SOIC28                    PIC16C67

PIC16C71                            PIC16C71 @SOIC18                    PIC16C710                           PIC16C710 @SOIC18

PIC16C711                           PIC16C711 @SOIC18                   PIC16C712 @DIP18                    PIC16C712 @SOIC18

PIC16C712 @SSOP20                   PIC16C716 @DIP18                    PIC16C716 @SOIC18                   PIC16C716 @SSOP20

PIC16C717 @DIP18                    PIC16C717 @SOIC18                   PIC16C717 @SSOP20                   PIC16C72

PIC16C72 @SOIC28                    PIC16C72A                           PIC16C72A @SOIC28                   PIC16C73

PIC16C73 @SOIC28                    PIC16C73A                           PIC16C73A @SOIC28                   PIC16C73B

PIC16C73B @SOIC28                   PIC16C74                            PIC16C745                           PIC16C745 @SOIC28

PIC16C74A                           PIC16C74B                           PIC16C76                            PIC16C76 @SOIC28

PIC16C765                           PIC16C77                            PIC16C770                           PIC16C770 @SOIC20

PIC16C771                           PIC16C771 @SOIC20                   PIC16C773                           PIC16C773 @SOIC28

PIC16C774                           PIC16C781                           PIC16C781 @SOIC20                   PIC16C782

PIC16C782 @SOIC20                   PIC16CE623                          PIC16CE623 @SOIC18                  PIC16CE624

PIC16CE624 @SOIC18                  PIC16CE625                          PIC16CE625 @SOIC18                  PIC16CR54A

PIC16CR54A @SOIC18                  PIC16CR54B                          PIC16CR54B @SOIC18                  PIC16CR54C

PIC16CR54C @SOIC18                  PIC16CR56A                          PIC16CR56A @SOIC18                  PIC16CR57B

PIC16CR57B @SOIC28                  PIC16CR57C                          PIC16CR57C @SOIC28                  PIC16CR58A

PIC16CR58A @SOIC18                  PIC16CR58B                          PIC16CR58B @SOIC18                  PIC16F1823 @DIP14

PIC16F1823 @SOIC14                  PIC16F1823 @TSSOP14                 PIC16F1824 @DIP14                   PIC16F1824 @SOIC14

PIC16F1824 @TSSOP14                 PIC16F1825 @DIP14                   PIC16F1825 @SOIC14                  PIC16F1825 @TSSOP14

PIC16F1826 @DIP18                   PIC16F1826 @SOIC18                  PIC16F1826 @SSOP20                  PIC16F1827 @DIP18

PIC16F1827 @SOIC18                  PIC16F1827 @SSOP20                  PIC16F1828 @DIP20                   PIC16F1828 @SOIC20

PIC16F1828 @SSOP20                  PIC16F1829 @DIP20                   PIC16F1829 @SOIC20                  PIC16F1829 @SSOP20

PIC16F505 @DIP14                    PIC16F505 @SOIC14                   PIC16F505 @TSOP14                   PIC16F506 @DIP14

PIC16F506 @SOIC14                   PIC16F506 @TSOP14                   PIC16F526 @DIP14                    PIC16F526 @SOIC14

PIC16F526 @TSOP14                   PIC16F54 @DIP18                     PIC16F54 @SOIC18                    PIC16F57 @DIP28

PIC16F57 @SOIC28                    PIC16F59 (ISCP)                     PIC16F610                           PIC16F610 @SOIC14

PIC16F610 @TSOP14                   PIC16F616                           PIC16F616 @SOIC14                   PIC16F616 @TSOP14

PIC16F627A @DIP18                   PIC16F627A @SOIC18                  PIC16F627A @SSOP20                  PIC16F628A @DIP18

PIC16F628A @SOIC18                  PIC16F628A @SSOP20                  PIC16F630                           PIC16F630 @SOIC14

PIC16F630 @TSOP14                   PIC16F631                           PIC16F631 @SOIC20                   PIC16F631 @TSOP20

PIC16F636                           PIC16F636 @SOIC14                   PIC16F636 @TSOP14                   PIC16F639

PIC16F639 @SOIC20                   PIC16F639 @SSOP20                   PIC16F648A @DIP18                   PIC16F648A @SOIC18

PIC16F648A @SSOP20                  PIC16F676                           PIC16F676 @SOIC14                   PIC16F676 @TSOP14

PIC16F677                           PIC16F677 @SOIC20                   PIC16F677 @TSOP20                   PIC16F684

PIC16F684 @SOIC14                   PIC16F684 @TSOP14                   PIC16F685                           PIC16F685 @SOIC20

PIC16F685 @TSOP20                   PIC16F687                           PIC16F687 @SOIC20                   PIC16F687 @TSOP20

PIC16F688                           PIC16F688 @SOIC14                   PIC16F688 @TSOP14                   PIC16F689

PIC16F689 @SOIC20                   PIC16F689 @TSOP20                   PIC16F690                           PIC16F690 @SOIC20

PIC16F690 @TSOP20                   PIC16F716                           PIC16F716 @SOIC18                   PIC16F716 @SSOP20

PIC16F72                            PIC16F72 @SOIC28                    PIC16F72 @SSOP28                    PIC16F722

PIC16F722 @SOIC28                   PIC16F722 @SSOP28                   PIC16F722A                          PIC16F722A @SOIC28

PIC16F722A @SSOP28                  PIC16F723                           PIC16F723 @SOIC28                   PIC16F723 @SSOP28

PIC16F723A                          PIC16F723A @SOIC28                  PIC16F723A @SSOP28                  PIC16F724

PIC16F726                           PIC16F726 @SOIC28                   PIC16F726 @SSOP28                   PIC16F727

PIC16F73                            PIC16F73 @SOIC28                    PIC16F73 @SSOP28                    PIC16F737

PIC16F737 @SOIC28                   PIC16F737 @SSOP28                   PIC16F74                            PIC16F747

PIC16F76                            PIC16F76 @SOIC28                    PIC16F76 @SSOP28                    PIC16F767

PIC16F767 @SOIC28                   PIC16F767 @SSOP28                   PIC16F77                            PIC16F777

PIC16F785                           PIC16F785 @SOIC20                   PIC16F785 @TSOP20                   PIC16F818

PIC16F818 @SOIC18                   PIC16F819                           PIC16F819 @SOIC18                   PIC16F83 @DIP18

PIC16F83 @SOIC18                    PIC16F84 @DIP18                     PIC16F84 @SOIC18                    PIC16F84A @DIP18

PIC16F84A @SOIC18                   PIC16F84A @SSOP20                   PIC16F87                            PIC16F87 @SOIC18

PIC16F87 @SOIC20                    PIC16F870 @DIP28                    PIC16F870 @SOIC28                   PIC16F870 @SSOP28

PIC16F871 @DIP40                    PIC16F872 @DIP28                    PIC16F872 @SOIC28                   PIC16F872 @SSOP28

PIC16F873 @DIP28                    PIC16F873 @SOIC28                   PIC16F873 @SSOP28                   PIC16F873A @DIP28

PIC16F873A @SOIC28                  PIC16F873A @SSOP28                  PIC16F874 @DIP40                    PIC16F874A @DIP40

PIC16F876 @DIP28                    PIC16F876 @SOIC28                   PIC16F876 @SSOP28                   PIC16F876A  @DIP28

PIC16F876A @SOIC28                  PIC16F876A @SSOP28                  PIC16F877 @DIP40                    PIC16F877A @DIP40

PIC16F88                            PIC16F88 @SOIC18                    PIC16F88 @SOIC20                    PIC16F882 @DIP28

PIC16F882 @SOIC28                   PIC16F882 @SSOP28                   PIC16F883 @DIP28                    PIC16F883 @SOIC28

PIC16F883 @SSOP28                   PIC16F884 @DIP40                    PIC16F886 @DIP28                    PIC16F886 @SOIC28

PIC16F886 @SSOP28                   PIC16F887 @DIP40                    PIC16F913 @DIP28                    PIC16F913 @SOIC28

PIC16F913 @SSOP28                   PIC16F914 @DIP40                    PIC16F916 @DIP28                    PIC16F916 @SOIC28

PIC16F916 @SSOP28                   PIC16F917 @DIP40                    PIC16F946 (ISCP)                    PIC16HV610

PIC16HV610 @SOIC14                  PIC16HV610 @TSOP14                  PIC16HV616                          PIC16HV616 @SOIC14

PIC16HV616 @TSOP14                  PIC16HV785                          PIC16HV785 @SOIC20                  PIC16HV785 @TSOP20

PIC16LC505                          PIC16LC505 @SOIC14                  PIC16LC54                           PIC16LC54 @SOIC18

PIC16LC54A                          PIC16LC54A @SOIC18                  PIC16LC54C                          PIC16LC54C @SOIC18

PIC16LC55                           PIC16LC55 @SOIC28                   PIC16LC554 @DIP18                   PIC16LC554 @SOIC18

PIC16LC558 @DIP18                   PIC16LC558 @SOIC18                  PIC16LC56A                          PIC16LC56A @SOIC18

PIC16LC58A                          PIC16LC58A @SOIC18                  PIC16LC58B                          PIC16LC58B @SOIC18

PIC16LC620                          PIC16LC620 @SOIC18                  PIC16LC620A                         PIC16LC620A @SOIC18

PIC16LC621A                         PIC16LC621A @SOIC18                 PIC16LC622                          PIC16LC622 @SOIC18

PIC16LC622A                         PIC16LC622A @SOIC18                 PIC16LC62A                          PIC16LC62A @SOIC28

PIC16LC62B                          PIC16LC62B @SOIC28                  PIC16LC63                           PIC16LC63 @SOIC28

PIC16LC63A                          PIC16LC63A @SOIC28                  PIC16LC64A                          PIC16LC65A

PIC16LC65B                          PIC16LC66                           PIC16LC66 @SOIC28                   PIC16LC67

PIC16LC71                           PIC16LC71 @SOIC18                   PIC16LC710                          PIC16LC710 @SOIC18

PIC16LC711                          PIC16LC711 @SOIC18                  PIC16LC712 @DIP18                   PIC16LC712 @SOIC18

PIC16LC712 @SSOP20                  PIC16LC716 @DIP18                   PIC16LC716 @SOIC18                  PIC16LC716 @SSOP20

PIC16LC717 @DIP18                   PIC16LC717 @SOIC18                  PIC16LC717 @SSOP20                  PIC16LC72

PIC16LC72 @SOIC28                   PIC16LC72A                          PIC16LC72A @SOIC28                  PIC16LC73A

PIC16LC73A @SOIC28                  PIC16LC73B                          PIC16LC73B @SOIC28                  PIC16LC74

PIC16LC74A                          PIC16LC74B                          PIC16LC76                           PIC16LC76 @SOIC28

PIC16LC77                           PIC16LC773                          PIC16LC773 @SOIC28                  PIC16LC774

PIC16LC781                          PIC16LC781 @SOIC20                  PIC16LC782                          PIC16LC782 @SOIC20

PIC16LCE623                         PIC16LCE623 @SOIC18                 PIC16LF1823 @DIP14                  PIC16LF1823 @SOIC14

PIC16LF1823 @TSSOP14                PIC16LF1824 @DIP14                  PIC16LF1824 @SOIC14                 PIC16LF1824 @TSSOP14

PIC16LF1825 @DIP14                  PIC16LF1825 @SOIC14                 PIC16LF1825 @TSSOP14                PIC16LF1826 @DIP18

PIC16LF1826 @SOIC18                 PIC16LF1826 @SSOP20                 PIC16LF1827 @DIP18                  PIC16LF1827 @SOIC18

PIC16LF1827 @SSOP20                 PIC16LF1828 @DIP20                  PIC16LF1828 @SOIC20                 PIC16LF1828 @SSOP20

PIC16LF1829 @DIP20                  PIC16LF1829 @SOIC20                 PIC16LF1829 @SSOP20                 PIC16LF505 @DIP14

PIC16LF505 @SOIC14                  PIC16LF505 @TSOP14                  PIC16LF506 @DIP14                   PIC16LF506 @SOIC14

PIC16LF506 @TSOP14                  PIC16LF526 @DIP14                   PIC16LF526 @SOIC14                  PIC16LF526 @TSOP14

PIC16LF54 @DIP18                    PIC16LF54 @SOIC18                   PIC16LF57 @DIP28                    PIC16LF57 @SOIC28

PIC16LF59 (ISCP)                    PIC16LF627A @DIP18                  PIC16LF627A @SOIC18                 PIC16LF627A @SSOP20

PIC16LF628A @DIP18                  PIC16LF628A @SOIC18                 PIC16LF628A @SSOP20                 PIC16LF631

PIC16LF631 @SOIC20                  PIC16LF631 @TSOP20                  PIC16LF639                          PIC16LF639 @SOIC20

PIC16LF639 @SSOP20                  PIC16LF648A @DIP18                  PIC16LF648A @SOIC18                 PIC16LF648A @SSOP20

PIC16LF677                          PIC16LF677 @SOIC20                  PIC16LF677 @TSOP20                  PIC16LF685

PIC16LF685 @SOIC20                  PIC16LF685 @TSOP20                  PIC16LF687                          PIC16LF687 @SOIC20

PIC16LF687 @TSOP20                  PIC16LF689                          PIC16LF689 @SOIC20                  PIC16LF689 @TSOP20

PIC16LF690                          PIC16LF690 @SOIC20                  PIC16LF690 @TSOP20                  PIC16LF722

PIC16LF722 @SOIC28                  PIC16LF722 @SSOP28                  PIC16LF722A                         PIC16LF722A @SOIC28

PIC16LF722A @SSOP28                 PIC16LF723                          PIC16LF723 @SOIC28                  PIC16LF723 @SSOP28

PIC16LF723A                         PIC16LF723A @SOIC28                 PIC16LF723A @SSOP28                 PIC16LF724

PIC16LF726                          PIC16LF726 @SOIC28                  PIC16LF726 @SSOP28                  PIC16LF727

PIC16LF73                           PIC16LF73 @SOIC28                   PIC16LF73 @SSOP28                   PIC16LF737

PIC16LF737 @SOIC28                  PIC16LF737 @SSOP28                  PIC16LF74                           PIC16LF747

PIC16LF76                           PIC16LF76 @SOIC28                   PIC16LF76 @SSOP28                   PIC16LF767

PIC16LF767 @SOIC28                  PIC16LF767 @SSOP28                  PIC16LF77                           PIC16LF777

PIC16LF818 @DIP18                   PIC16LF818 @SOIC18                  PIC16LF819 @DIP18                   PIC16LF819 @SOIC18

PIC16LF83 @DIP18                    PIC16LF83 @SOIC18                   PIC16LF84 @DIP18                    PIC16LF84 @SOIC18

PIC16LF84A @DIP18                   PIC16LF84A @SOIC18                  PIC16LF84A @SSOP20                  PIC16LF87 @DIP18

PIC16LF87 @SOIC18                   PIC16LF870 @DIP28                   PIC16LF870 @SOIC28                  PIC16LF870 @SSOP28

PIC16LF871 @DIP40                   PIC16LF872 @DIP28                   PIC16LF872 @SOIC28                  PIC16LF872 @SSOP28

PIC16LF873 @DIP28                   PIC16LF873 @SOIC28                  PIC16LF873 @SSOP28                  PIC16LF873A @DIP28

PIC16LF873A @SOIC28                 PIC16LF873A @SSOP28                 PIC16LF874 @DIP40                   PIC16LF874A @DIP40

PIC16LF876 @DIP28                   PIC16LF876 @SOIC28                  PIC16LF876 @SSOP28                  PIC16LF876A @DIP28

PIC16LF876A @SOIC28                 PIC16LF876A @SSOP28                 PIC16LF877 @DIP40                   PIC16LF877A @DIP40

PIC16LF88                           PIC16LF88 @SOIC18                   PIC16LF913 @DIP28                   PIC16LF913 @SOIC28

PIC16LF913 @SSOP28                  PIC16LF914 @DIP40                   PIC16LF916 @DIP28                   PIC16LF916 @SOIC28

PIC16LF916 @SSOP28                  PIC16LF917 @DIP40                   PIC16LF946 (ISCP)                   PIC18F1220 @DIP18

PIC18F1220 @SOIC18                  PIC18F1220 @SSOP20                  PIC18F1320 @DIP18                   PIC18F1320 @SOIC18

PIC18F1320 @SSOP20                  PIC18F2221 @DIP28                   PIC18F2221 @SOIC28                  PIC18F2221 @SSOP28

PIC18F2321 @DIP28                   PIC18F2321 @SOIC28                  PIC18F2321 @SSOP28                  PIC18F2410 @DIP28

PIC18F2410 @SOIC28                  PIC18F2410 @SSOP28                  PIC18F242 @DIP28                    PIC18F242 @SOIC28

PIC18F2420 @DIP28                   PIC18F2420 @SOIC28                  PIC18F2420 @SSOP28                  PIC18F2423 @DIP28

PIC18F2423 @SOIC28                  PIC18F2423 @SSOP28                  PIC18F2450 @DIP28                   PIC18F2450 @SOIC28

PIC18F2450 @SSOP28                  PIC18F2455 @DIP28                   PIC18F2455 @SOIC28                  PIC18F2455 @SSOP28

PIC18F2458 @DIP28                   PIC18F2458 @SOIC28                  PIC18F2458 @SSOP28                  PIC18F248 @DIP28

PIC18F248 @SOIC28                   PIC18F2480 @DIP28                   PIC18F2480 @SOIC28                  PIC18F2480 @SSOP28

PIC18F2510 @DIP28                   PIC18F2510 @SOIC28                  PIC18F2510 @SSOP28                  PIC18F2515 @DIP28

PIC18F2515 @SOIC28                  PIC18F2515 @SSOP28                  PIC18F252 @DIP28                    PIC18F252 @SOIC28

PIC18F2520 @DIP28                   PIC18F2520 @SOIC28                  PIC18F2520 @SSOP28                  PIC18F2523 @DIP28

PIC18F2523 @SOIC28                  PIC18F2523 @SSOP28                  PIC18F2525 @DIP28                   PIC18F2525 @SOIC28

PIC18F2525 @SSOP28                  PIC18F2550 @DIP28                   PIC18F2550 @SOIC28                  PIC18F2550 @SSOP28

PIC18F2553 @DIP28                   PIC18F2553 @SOIC28                  PIC18F2553 @SSOP28                  PIC18F258 @DIP28

PIC18F258 @SOIC28                   PIC18F2580 @DIP28                   PIC18F2580 @SOIC28                  PIC18F2580 @SSOP28

PIC18F2585 @DIP28                   PIC18F2585 @SOIC28                  PIC18F2585 @SSOP28                  PIC18F2610 @DIP28

PIC18F2610 @SOIC28                  PIC18F2610 @SSOP28                  PIC18F2620 @DIP28                   PIC18F2620 @SOIC28

PIC18F2620 @SSOP28                  PIC18F2680 @DIP28                   PIC18F2680 @SOIC28                  PIC18F2680 @SSOP28

PIC18F2682 @DIP28                   PIC18F2682 @SOIC28                  PIC18F2682 @SSOP28                  PIC18F2685 @DIP28

PIC18F2685 @SOIC28                  PIC18F2685 @SSOP28                  PIC18F4221 @DIP40                   PIC18F4321 @DIP40

PIC18F4410 @DIP40                   PIC18F442  @DIP40                   PIC18F4420 @DIP40                   PIC18F4423 @DIP40

PIC18F4450 @DIP40                   PIC18F4455 @DIP40                   PIC18F4458 @DIP40                   PIC18F448  @DIP40

PIC18F4480 @DIP40                   PIC18F4510 @DIP40                   PIC18F4515 @DIP40                   PIC18F452  @DIP40

PIC18F4520 @DIP40                   PIC18F4523 @DIP40                   PIC18F4525 @DIP40                   PIC18F4550 @DIP40

PIC18F4553 @DIP40                   PIC18F458  @DIP40                   PIC18F4580 @DIP40                   PIC18F4585 @DIP40

PIC18F4610 @DIP40                   PIC18F4620 @DIP40                   PIC18F4680 @DIP40                   PIC18F4682 @DIP40

PIC18F4685 @DIP40                   PIC18LF1220 @DIP18                  PIC18LF1220 @SOIC18                 PIC18LF1220 @SSOP20

PIC18LF1320 @DIP18                  PIC18LF1320 @SOIC18                 PIC18LF1320 @SSOP20                 PIC18LF2221 @DIP28

PIC18LF2221 @SOIC28                 PIC18LF2221 @SSOP28                 PIC18LF2321 @DIP28                  PIC18LF2321 @SOIC28

PIC18LF2321 @SSOP28                 PIC18LF2410 @DIP28                  PIC18LF2410 @SOIC28                 PIC18LF2410 @SSOP28

PIC18LF242 @DIP28                   PIC18LF242 @SOIC28                  PIC18LF2420 @DIP28                  PIC18LF2420 @SOIC28

PIC18LF2420 @SSOP28                 PIC18LF2423 @DIP28                  PIC18LF2423 @SOIC28                 PIC18LF2423 @SSOP28

PIC18LF2450 @DIP28                  PIC18LF2450 @SOIC28                 PIC18LF2450 @SSOP28                 PIC18LF2455 @DIP28

PIC18LF2455 @SOIC28                 PIC18LF2455 @SSOP28                 PIC18LF2458 @DIP28                  PIC18LF2458 @SOIC28

PIC18LF2458 @SSOP28                 PIC18LF248 @DIP28                   PIC18LF248 @SOIC28                  PIC18LF2480 @DIP28

PIC18LF2480 @SOIC28                 PIC18LF2480 @SSOP28                 PIC18LF2510 @DIP28                  PIC18LF2510 @SOIC28

PIC18LF2510 @SSOP28                 PIC18LF2515 @DIP28                  PIC18LF2515 @SOIC28                 PIC18LF2515 @SSOP28

PIC18LF252 @DIP28                   PIC18LF252 @SOIC28                  PIC18LF2520 @DIP28                  PIC18LF2520 @SOIC28

PIC18LF2520 @SSOP28                 PIC18LF2523 @DIP28                  PIC18LF2523 @SOIC28                 PIC18LF2523 @SSOP28

PIC18LF2525 @DIP28                  PIC18LF2525 @SOIC28                 PIC18LF2525 @SSOP28                 PIC18LF2550 @DIP28

PIC18LF2550 @SOIC28                 PIC18LF2550 @SSOP28                 PIC18LF2553 @DIP28                  PIC18LF2553 @SOIC28

PIC18LF2553 @SSOP28                 PIC18LF258 @DIP28                   PIC18LF258 @SOIC28                  PIC18LF2580 @DIP28

PIC18LF2580 @SOIC28                 PIC18LF2580 @SSOP28                 PIC18LF2585 @DIP28                  PIC18LF2585 @SOIC28

PIC18LF2585 @SSOP28                 PIC18LF2610 @DIP28                  PIC18LF2610 @SOIC28                 PIC18LF2610 @SSOP28

PIC18LF2620 @DIP28                  PIC18LF2620 @SOIC28                 PIC18LF2620 @SSOP28                 PIC18LF2680 @DIP28

PIC18LF2680 @SOIC28                 PIC18LF2680 @SSOP28                 PIC18LF2682 @DIP28                  PIC18LF2682 @SOIC28

PIC18LF2682 @SSOP28                 PIC18LF2685 @DIP28                  PIC18LF2685 @SOIC28                 PIC18LF2685 @SSOP28

PIC18LF4221 @DIP40                  PIC18LF4321 @DIP40                  PIC18LF4410 @DIP40                  PIC18LF442  @DIP40

PIC18LF4420 @DIP40                  PIC18LF4423 @DIP40                  PIC18LF4450 @DIP40                  PIC18LF4455 @DIP40

PIC18LF4458 @DIP40                  PIC18LF448  @DIP40                  PIC18LF4480 @DIP40                  PIC18LF4510 @DIP40

PIC18LF4515 @DIP40                  PIC18LF452  @DIP40                  PIC18LF4520 @DIP40                  PIC18LF4523 @DIP40

PIC18LF4525 @DIP40                  PIC18LF4550 @DIP40                  PIC18LF4553 @DIP40                  PIC18LF458  @DIP40

PIC18LF4580 @DIP40                  PIC18LF4585 @DIP40                  PIC18LF4610 @DIP40                  PIC18LF4620 @DIP40

PIC18LF4680 @DIP40                  PIC18LF4682 @DIP40                  PIC18LF4685 @DIP40                  PIC18F24J10(ISP)

PIC18F24J11(ISP)                    PIC18F24J50(ISP)                    PIC18F25J10(ISP)                    PIC18F25J11(ISP)

PIC18F25J50(ISP)                    PIC18F26J11(ISP)                    PIC18F26J50(ISP)                    PIC18F44J10(ISP)

PIC18F44J11(ISP)                    PIC18F44J50(ISP)                    PIC18F45J10(ISP)                    PIC18F45J11(ISP)

PIC18F45J50(ISP)                    PIC18F46J11(ISP)                    PIC18F46J50(ISP)                    PIC18F63J11(ISP)

PIC18F63J90(ISP)                    PIC18F64J11(ISP)                    PIC18F64J90(ISP)                    PIC18F65J10(ISP)

PIC18F65J11(ISP)                    PIC18F65J15(ISP)                    PIC18F65J50(ISP)                    PIC18F65J90(ISP)

PIC18F66J10(ISP)                    PIC18F66J11(ISP)                    PIC18F66J15(ISP)                    PIC18F66J16(ISP)

PIC18F66J50(ISP)                    PIC18F66J55(ISP)                    PIC18F66J90(ISP)                    PIC18F66J93(ISP)

PIC18F67J10(ISP)                    PIC18F67J11(ISP)                    PIC18F67J50(ISP)                    PIC18F67J90(ISP)

PIC18F67J93(ISP)                    PIC18F83J11(ISP)                    PIC18F83J90(ISP)                    PIC18F84J11(ISP)

PIC18F84J90(ISP)                    PIC18F85J10(ISP)                    PIC18F85J11(ISP)                    PIC18F85J15(ISP)

PIC18F85J50(ISP)                    PIC18F85J90(ISP)                    PIC18F86J10(ISP)                    PIC18F86J11(ISP)

PIC18F86J15(ISP)                    PIC18F86J16(ISP)                    PIC18F86J50(ISP)                    PIC18F86J55(ISP)

PIC18F86J90(ISP)                    PIC18F86J93(ISP)                    PIC18F87J10(ISP)                    PIC18F87J11(ISP)

PIC18F87J50(ISP)                    PIC18F87J90(ISP)                    PIC18F87J93(ISP)                    PIC18LF24J10(ISP)

PIC18LF24J11(ISP)                   PIC18LF24J50(ISP)                   PIC18LF25J10(ISP)                   PIC18LF25J11(ISP)

PIC18LF25J50(ISP)                   PIC18LF26J11(ISP)                   PIC18LF26J50(ISP)                   PIC18LF44J10(ISP)

PIC18LF44J11(ISP)                   PIC18LF44J50(ISP)                   PIC18LF45J10(ISP)                   PIC18LF45J11(ISP)

PIC18LF45J50(ISP)                   PIC18LF46J11(ISP)                   PIC18LF46J50(ISP)                   PIC18LF63J11(ISP)

PIC18LF63J90(ISP)                   PIC18LF64J11(ISP)                   PIC18LF64J90(ISP)                   PIC18LF65J11(ISP)

PIC18LF65J90(ISP)                   PIC18LF66J10(ISP)                   PIC18LF83J11(ISP)                   PIC18LF83J90(ISP)

PIC18LF84J11(ISP)                   PIC18LF84J90(ISP)                   PIC18LF85J11(ISP)                   PIC18LF85J90(ISP)

rfPIC12C509AG @SOIC18               rfPIC12C509AF @SSOP20


IC Support: 970 PCS




M25P05                              M25P05 @SOIC8                       M25P05A @SOIC8                      M25P05A @TSSOP8

M25P10                              M25P10 @SOIC8                       M25P10A @QFN8                       M25P10A @SOIC8

M25P20 @QFN8                        M25P20 @SOIC8                       M25P40 @QFN8                        M25P40 @SOIC8

M25P80 @QFN8                        M25P80 @SOIC8                       M25P80 @SOP16                       M25P16 @QFN8

M25P16 @SOIC8                       M25P16 @SOP16                       M25P32 @QFN8                        M25P32 @SOIC8

M25P32 @SOP16                       M25P64 @SOIC8                       M25P64 @SOIC16                      M25P128 @FPN8

M25P128 @SOP16                      M25PE10 @QFN8                       M25PE10 @SOIC8                      M25PE20 @QFN8

M25PE20 @SOIC8                      M25PE40 @QFN8                       M25PE40 @SOIC8                      M25PE80 @QFN8

M25PE80 @SOIC8                      M25PE16 @QFN8                       M25PE16 @SOIC8                      M25PX80 @QFN8

M25PX80 @SOIC8                      M25PX80 @SOP16                      M25PX16 @QFN8                       M25PX16 @SOIC8

M25PX16 @SOP16                      M25PX32 @QFN8                       M25PX32 @SOIC8                      M25PX32 @SOP16

M25PX64 @SOIC8                      M25PX64 @SOIC16                     M28W160BB @TSOP48                   M28W160BT @TSOP48

M28W160CB @TSOP48                   M28W160CT @TSOP48                   M28W320BB @TSOP48                   M28W320BT @TSOP48

M28W320CB @TSOP48                   M28W320CT @TSOP48                   M28W640CB @TSOP48                   M28W640CT @TSOP48

M28W640ECB @TSOP48                  M28W640ECT @TSOP48                  M29W800AT @TSOP48                   M29W800AT @SOP44

M29W800AB @TSOP48                   M29W800AB @SOP44                    M29W800DT @TSOP48                   M29W800DT @SOP44

M29W800DB @TSOP48                   M29W800DB @SOP44                    M29W800FT @TSOP48                   M29W800FB @TSOP48

M29W160BB @TSOP48                   M29W160BT @TSOP48                   M29W160DB @TSOP48                   M29W160DT @TSOP48

M29W160EB @TSOP48                   M29W160ET @TSOP48                   M29W320DB @TSOP48                   M29W320DT @TSOP48

M29W320EB @TSOP48                   M29W320ET @TSOP48                   MT25QL64AB @SOIC8                   MT25QL64AB @SOIC16

MT25QL128AB @SOIC8                  MT25QL128AB @SOIC16                 MT25QL256AB @SOIC8                  MT25QL256AB @SOIC16

MT25QL512AB @SOIC8                  MT25QL512AB @SOIC16                 MT25QU64AB @SOIC8                   MT25QU64AB @SOIC16

MT25QU128AB @SOIC8                  MT25QU128AB @SOIC16                 MT25TL128BB @SOIC8                  MT25TL128BB @SOIC16

MT25TL256BB @SOIC8                  MT25TL256BB @SOIC16                 MT25TL512BB @SOIC8                  MT25TL512BB @SOIC16

MT25TU128HB @SOIC8                  MT25TU128HB @SOIC16                 MT28F002B1   @TSOP40                MT28F002B3-T @TSOP40

MT28F002B3-B @TSOP40                MT28F002B5-T @TSOP40                MT28F002B5-B @TSOP40                MT28F004B3-T @TSOP40

MT28F004B3-B @TSOP40                MT28F004B5-T @TSOP40                MT28F004B5-B @TSOP40                MT28F008B3-T @TSOP40

MT28F008B3-B @TSOP40                MT28F008B5-T @TSOP40                MT28F008B5-B @TSOP40                MT28F016S3   @TSOP40

MT28F016S5   @TSOP40                MT28F200B3-T @TSOP48                MT28F200B3-T @SOP44                 MT28F200B3-B @TSOP48

MT28F200B3-B @SOP44                 MT28F200B5-T @TSOP48                MT28F200B5-T @SOP44                 MT28F200B5-B @TSOP48

MT28F200B5-B @SOP44                 MT28F400B3-T @TSOP48                MT28F400B3-T @SOP44                 MT28F400B3-B @TSOP48

MT28F400B3-B @SOP44                 MT28F400B5-T @TSOP48                MT28F400B5-T @SOP44                 MT28F400B5-B @TSOP48

MT28F400B5-B @SOP44                 MT28F800B3-T @TSOP48                MT28F800B3-T @SOP44                 MT28F800B3-B @TSOP48

MT28F800B3-B @SOP44                 MT28F800B5-T @TSOP48                MT28F800B5-T @SOP44                 MT28F800B5-B @TSOP48

MT28F800B5-B @SOP44                 MT29F1G08ABADAWP       @TSOP48      MT29F1G08ABADAWP-E     @TSOP48      MT29F1G08ABADAWP-IT    @TSOP48

MT29F1G08ABADAWP-ITE   @TSOP48      MT29F1G08ABADAWP-ITX   @TSOP48      MT29F1G08ABAEAWP       @TSOP48      MT29F1G08ABAEAWP-IT    @TSOP48

MT29F1G08ABAEAWP-ITX   @TSOP48      MT29F1G08ABAFAWP-ITE   @TSOP48      MT29F2G08AABWP          @TSOP48     MT29F2G08AABWP-ET       @TSOP48

MT29F2G08AACWP          @TSOP48     MT29F2G08AACWP-ET       @TSOP48     MT29F2G08AADWP          @TSOP48     MT29F2G08AADWP-ET       @TSOP48

MT29F2G08ABAEAWP        @TSOP48     MT29F2G08ABAEAWP        @TSOP48     MT29F2G08ABAEAWP-E      @TSOP48     MT29F2G08ABAEAWP-IT     @TSOP48

MT29F2G08ABAEAWP-ITX    @TSOP48     MT29F2G08ABAFAWP        @TSOP48     MT29F2G08ABAFAWP-IT     @TSOP48     MT29F2G08ABAGAWP-IT(2048+64)  @TSOP48

MT29F2G08ABAGAWP-IT(2048+128) @TSOP48MT29F4G08AAAWP          @TSOP48     MT29F4G08AAAWP-ET       @TSOP48     MT29F4G08AACWC          @TSOP48

MT29F4G08AACWC-ET       @TSOP48     MT29F4G08ABADAWP        @TSOP48     MT29F4G08ABAEAWP        @TSOP48     MT29F4G08ABAEAWP-IT     @TSOP48

MT29F4G08ABAFAWP        @TSOP48     MT29F4G08ABAFAWP-IT     @TSOP48     MT29F4G08ABCWC          @TSOP48     MT29F4G08ABCWC- ET      @TSOP48

MT29F4G08BABWP          @TSOP48     MT29F4G08BABWP- ET      @TSOP48     MT29F8G08ABABAWP        @TSOP48     MT29F8G08ABACAWP        @TSOP48

MT29F8G08ABACAWP-IT     @TSOP48     MT29F8G08BAAWP          @TSOP48     N25Q032A @SOIC8                     N25Q032A @SOIC16

N25Q064A @SOIC8                     N25Q064A @SOIC16                    N25Q128A @SOIC8                     N25Q128A @SOIC16

N25Q256A @SOIC8                     N25Q256A @SOIC16                    N25Q512A @SOIC8                     N25Q512A @SOIC16

N25W032A @SOIC8                     N25W032A @SOIC16                    N25W064A @SOIC8                     N25W064A @SOIC16

N25W128A @SOIC8                     N25W128A @SOIC16


IC Support: 194 PCS





IC Support: 0 PCS





IC Support: 0 PCS




M5M27C102K @DIP40                   M5M27C128  @DIP28                   M5M27C202K @DIP40                   M5M27C202K @SOP40

M5M27C256K @DIP28                   M5M28F101 @DIP32                    M5M28F101 @PLCC32                   M5M28F101 @SOIC32

M5M28F101 @TSOP32                   M5M28F101A @DIP32                   M5M28F101A @PLCC32                  M5M28F101A @SOIC32

M5M28F101A @TSOP32                  M5M29FB800 @TSOP48                  M5M29FB800 @SOP44                   M5M29FT800 @TSOP48

M5M29FT800 @SOP44


IC Support: 17 PCS




V29C31001B @DIP32                   V29C31001B @PLCC32                  V29C31001B @TSOP32                  V29C31001T @DIP32

V29C31001T @PLCC32                  V29C31001T @TSOP32                  V29C31002B @DIP32                   V29C31002B @PLCC32

V29C31002B @TSOP32                  V29C31002T @DIP32                   V29C31002T @PLCC32                  V29C31002T @TSOP32

V29C31004B @DIP32                   V29C31004B @PLCC32                  V29C31004B @TSOP32                  V29C31004T @DIP32

V29C31004T @PLCC32                  V29C31004T @TSOP32                  V29C51001B @DIP32                   V29C51001B @PLCC32

V29C51001B @TSOP32                  V29C51001T @DIP32                   V29C51001T @PLCC32                  V29C51001T @TSOP32

V29C51002B @DIP32                   V29C51002B @PLCC32                  V29C51002B @TSOP32                  V29C51002T @DIP32

V29C51002T @PLCC32                  V29C51002T @TSOP32                  V29C51004B @DIP32                   V29C51004B @PLCC32

V29C51004B @TSOP32                  V29C51004T @DIP32                   V29C51004T @PLCC32                  V29C51004T @TSOP32

V29LC51000 @DIP32                   V29LC51000 @PLCC32                  V29LC51000 @TSOP32                  V29LC51001 @DIP32

V29LC51001 @PLCC32                  V29LC51001 @TSOP32                  V29LC51002 @DIP32                   V29LC51002 @PLCC32

V29LC51002 @TSOP32


IC Support: 45 PCS




MS25X512 @DIP8                      MS25X512 @SOP8                      MS25X512 @TSOP8                     MS25X10 @DIP8

MS25X10 @SOP8                       MS25X10 @TSOP8                      MS25X20 @DIP8                       MS25X20 @SOP8

MS25X20 @TSOP8                      MS25X40 @DIP8                       MS25X40 @SOP8                       MS25X40 @TSOP8

MS25X80 @DIP8                       MS25X80 @SOP8                       MS25X80 @TSOP8                      MS25X16 @DIP8

MS25X16 @SOP8                       MS25X16 @SOP16                      MS25X32 @DIP8                       MS25X32 @SOP8

MS25X32 @SOP16


IC Support: 21 PCS





IC Support: 0 PCS


[ MY-MS ]


MM24C01-3                           MM24C01-3 @SOIC8                    MM24C02-3                           MM24C02-3 @SOIC8

MM24C04-3                           MM24C04-3 @SOIC8                    MM24C08-2/3                         MM24C08-2/3 @SOIC8

MM24C16-2/3                         MM24C16-2/3 @SOIC8                  MM24C32-2/3                         MM24C32-2/3 @SOIC8

MM24C64-2/3                         MM24C64-2/3 @SOIC8                  MM93C46-3P                          MM93C46-3G @SOIC8 *

MM93C46-3GR @SOIC8                  MM93C56-3P                          MM93C56-3G @SOIC8 *                 MM93C56-3GR @SOIC8

MM93C66-3P                          MM93C66-3G @SOIC8 *                 MM93C66-3GR @SOIC8


IC Support: 23 PCS




MTV24C02                            MTV24C02 @SOIC8                     MTV24C04                            MTV24C04 @SOIC8

MTV24C08                            MTV24C08 @SOIC8                     MTV24C016                           MTV24C016 @SOIC8

MTV24LC02                           MTV24LC02 @SOIC8                    MTV24LC04                           MTV24LC04 @SOIC8

MTV24LC08                           MTV24LC08 @SOIC8                    MTV24LC016                          MTV24LC016 @SOIC8


IC Support: 16 PCS




N25S10                              N25S10 @SOIC8                       N25S10 @WSON8                       N25S20

N25S20 @SOIC8                       N25S20 @WSON8                       N25S40                              N25S40 @SOIC8

N25S40 @WSON8                       N25S16                              N25S16 @SOIC8                       N25S16 @WSON8

N25S32                              N25S32 @SOIC8                       N25S32 @SOIC16                      N25S80

N25S80 @SOIC8                       N25S80 @WSON8


IC Support: 18 PCS


[ NEC ]


UPD27128 @DIP28                     UPD27256 @DIP28                     UPD27512 @DIP28                     UPD2764 @DIP28

UPD2764C @DIP28                     UPD2764D @DIP28                     UPD27C1001A @DIP32                  UPD27C1001A @PLCC32

UPD27C1001A @TSOP32                 UPD27C1024A @DIP40                  UPD27C128 @DIP28                    UPD27C128 @PLCC32

UPD27C2001 @DIP32                   UPD27C2001 @PLCC32                  UPD27C2001 @TSOP32                  UPD27C256A @DIP28

UPD27C4001 @DIP32                   UPD27C4001 @PLCC32                  UPD27C4001 @TSOP32                  UPD27C4096  @DIP40

UPD27C512 @DIP28                    UPD27C512 @PLCC32                   UPD27C8001 @DIP32                   UPD27C8001 @PLCC32

UPD27C8001 @TSOP32                  UPD28C04 @DIP24                     UPD28C04 @SOIC24                    UPD28C256

UPD28C64                            UPD28C64 @SOIC28


IC Support: 30 PCS




NX25P10 @MLP8                       NX25P10 @SOIC8                      NX25P16 @MLP8                       NX25P16 @SOIC8

NX25P16 @SOP16                      NX25P20 @MLP8                       NX25P20 @SOIC8                      NX25P32 @MLP8

NX25P32 @SOIC8                      NX25P32 @SOP16                      NX25P40 @MLP8                       NX25P40 @SOIC8

NX25P80 @MLP8                       NX25P80 @SOIC8                      NX29F010 @DIP32                     NX29F010 @PLCC32

NX29F010 @TSOP32


IC Support: 17 PCS


[ NSC ]


NM24C02                             NM24C02 @SOIC8                      NM24C02 @TSSOP8                     NM24C02L

NM24C02L @SOIC8                     NM24C02L @TSSOP8                    NM24C03                             NM24C03 @SOIC8

NM24C03 @TSSOP8                     NM24C04                             NM24C04 @SOIC8                      NM24C04 @TSSOP8

NM24C05                             NM24C05 @SOIC8                      NM24C05 @TSSOP8                     NM24C08

NM24C08 @SOIC8                      NM24C08 @TSSOP8                     NM24C09                             NM24C09 @SOIC8

NM24C09 @TSSOP8                     NM24C16                             NM24C16 @SOIC8                      NM24C16 @TSSOP8

NM24C17                             NM24C17 @SOIC8                      NM24C17 @TSSOP8                     NM24C65

NM24C65 @SOIC8                      NM24C65 @TSSOP8                     NM27C010 @DIP32                     NM27C010 @PLCC32

NM27C010 @TSOP32                    NM27C020 @DIP32                     NM27C020 @PLCC32                    NM27C020 @TSOP32

NM27C040 @DIP32                     NM27C040 @PLCC32                    NM27C040 @TSOP32                    NM27C64Q @DIP28

NM27C64Q @PLCC32                    NM27C128 @DIP28                     NM27C128 @PLCC32                    NM27C210 @DIP40

NM27C240 @DIP40                     NM27C256 @DIP28                     NM27C256 @PLCC32                    NM27C512 @DIP28

NM27C512 @PLCC32                    NM27LC010 @DIP32                    NM27LC010 @PLCC32                   NM27LC010 @TSOP32

NM27LC64 @DIP28                     NM27LC64 @PLCC32                    NM27LC256 @DIP28                    NM27LC256 @PLCC32

NM27LC512 @DIP28                    NM27LC512 @PLCC32                   NM27LV010                           NM27LV010 @PLCC32

NM27LV010 @TSOP32                   NM27LV020 @DIP32                    NM27LV020 @PLCC32                   NM27LV020 @TSOP32

NM27LV040 @DIP32                    NM27LV040 @PLCC32                   NM27LV040 @TSOP32                   NM27LV210 @DIP40

NM27LV512 @DIP28                    NM27LV512 @PLCC32                   NM27P010                            NM27P010 @PLCC32

NM27P010 @TSOP32                    NM27P020 @DIP32                     NM27P020 @PLCC32                    NM27P020 @TSOP32

NM27P040 @DIP32                     NM27P040 @PLCC32                    NM27P040 @TSOP32                    NM27P210 @DIP40

NM27P512 @DIP28                     NM27P512 @PLCC32                    NM93C06(x16)                        NM93C06(x16) @SOIC8

NM93C46                             NM93C46 @SOIC8                      NM93C46 @TSOP8                      NM93C46A(x8)

NM93C46A(x8) @SOIC8                 NM93C46A(x8) @TSOP8                 NM93C46A(x16)                       NM93C46A(x16) @SOIC8

NM93C46A(x16) @TSOP8                NM93C56                             NM93C56 @SOIC8                      NM93C56 @TSOP8

NM93C56A(x8)                        NM93C56A(x8) @SOIC8                 NM93C56A(x8) @TSOP8                 NM93C56A(x16)

NM93C56A(x16) @SOIC8                NM93C56A(x16) @TSOP8                NM93C66                             NM93C66 @SOIC8

NM93C66 @TSOP8                      NM93C66A(x8)                        NM93C66A(x8) @SOIC8                 NM93C66A(x8) @TSOP8

NM93C66A(x16)                       NM93C66A(x16) @SOIC8                NM93C66A(x16) @TSOP8                NM93C76

NM93C76 @SOIC8                      NM93C76 @TSOP8                      NM93C76A(x8)                        NM93C76A(x8) @SOIC8

NM93C76A(x8) @TSOP8                 NM93C76A(x16)                       NM93C76A(x16) @SOIC8                NM93C76A(x16) @TSOP8

NM93C86                             NM93C86 @SOIC8                      NM93C86 @TSOP8                      NM93C86A(x8)

NM93C86A(x8) @SOIC8                 NM93C86A(x8) @TSOP8                 NM93C86A(x16)                       NM93C86A(x16) @SOIC8

NM93C86A(x16) @TSOP8                NM93CS06                            NM93CS06 @SOIC8                     NM93CS06 @TSOP8

NM93CS46                            NM93CS46 @SOIC8                     NM93CS46 @TSOP8                     NM93CS56

NM93CS56 @SOIC8                     NM93CS56 @TSOP8                     NM93CS66                            NM93CS66 @SOIC8

NM93CS66 @TSOP8                     NMC2732   @DIP24                    NMC27C010 @DIP32                    NMC27C010 @PLCC32

NMC27C010 @TSOP32                   NMC27C16     @DIP24                 NMC27C16B    @DIP24                 NMC27C16Q    @DIP24

NMC27C32B    @DIP24                 NMC27C64Q @DIP28                    NMC27C64Q @PLCC32                   NMC27C128B @DIP28

NMC27C128B @PLCC32                  NMC27C128C @DIP28                   NMC27C128C @PLCC32                  NMC27C256B @DIP28

NMC27C256B @PLCC32                  NMC27C256Q @DIP28                   NMC27C256Q @PLCC32                  NMC27C512A @DIP28

NMC27C512A @PLCC32                  NMC27C512Q @DIP28                   NMC27C512Q @PLCC32                  NMC27C1024 @DIP40

NMC87C257Q @DIP28                   NMC87C257Q @PLCC32                  NMC87C257V @DIP28                   NMC87C257V @PLCC32

NMC93C46                            NMC93C46 @SOIC8                     NMC93C46 @TSOP8                     NMC93C46A

NMC93C46A @SOIC8                    NMC93C46A @TSOP8                    NMC93C56                            NMC93C56 @SOIC8

NMC93C56 @SOIC14                    NMC93C56 @TSOP8                     NMC93C66                            NMC93C66 @SOIC8

NMC93C66 @SOIC14                    NMC93C66 @TSOP8                     NMC93C86A                           NMC93C86A @SOIC8

NMC93C86A @SOIC14                   NMC93CS06                           NMC93CS06 @SOIC8                    NMC93CS06 @SOIC14

NMC93CS06 @TSOP8                    NMC93CS46                           NMC93CS46 @SOIC8                    NMC93CS46 @SOIC14

NMC93CS46 @TSOP8                    NMC93CS56                           NMC93CS56 @SOIC8                    NMC93CS56 @SOIC14

NMC93CS56 @TSOP8                    NMC93CS66                           NMC93CS66 @SOIC8                    NMC93CS66 @SOIC14



IC Support: 201 PCS




M25P05                              M25P05 @SOIC8                       M25P05A @SOIC8                      M25P05A @TSSOP8

M25P10                              M25P10 @SOIC8                       M25P10A @QFN8                       M25P10A @SOIC8

M25P20 @QFN8                        M25P20 @SOIC8                       M25P40 @QFN8                        M25P40 @SOIC8

M25P80 @QFN8                        M25P80 @SOIC8                       M25P80 @SOP16                       M25P16 @QFN8

M25P16 @SOIC8                       M25P16 @SOP16                       M25P32 @QFN8                        M25P32 @SOIC8

M25P32 @SOP16                       M25P64 @SOIC8                       M25P64 @SOIC16                      M25P128(ST25P28V6G) @FPN8

M25P128(ST25P28V6G) @SOP16          M25PE10 @QFN8                       M25PE10 @SOIC8                      M25PE16 @QFN8

M25PE16 @SOIC8                      M25PE20 @QFN8                       M25PE20 @SOIC8                      M25PE40 @QFN8

M25PE40 @SOIC8                      M25PE80 @QFN8                       M25PE80 @SOIC8                      N25Q032A @SOIC8

N25Q032A @SOIC16                    N25Q064A @SOIC8                     N25Q064A @SOIC16                    N25Q128A  @SOIC8

N25Q128A  @SOP16                    M29F200FB @TSOP48                   M29F200FB @SOP44                    M29F200FT @TSOP48

M29F200FT @SOP44                    M29F400FB @TSOP48                   M29F400FB @SOP44                    M29F400FT @TSOP48

M29F400FT @SOP44                    M29F800FB @TSOP48                   M29F800FB @SOP44                    M29F800FT @TSOP48

M29F800FT @SOP44                    M29F160FB @TSOP48                   M29F160FT @TSOP48                   M29W200BT @TSOP48

M29W200BT @SOP44                    M29W200BB @TSOP48                   M29W200BB @SOP44                    M29W400T  @TSOP48

M29W400T  @SOP44                    M29W400B  @TSOP48                   M29W400B  @SOP44                    M29W400BT @TSOP48

M29W400BT @SOP44                    M29W400BB @TSOP48                   M29W400BB @SOP44                    M29W400DT @TSOP48

M29W400DT @SOP44                    M29W400DB @TSOP48                   M29W400DB @SOP44                    M29W400FT @TSOP48

M29W400FB @TSOP48                   M29W800AT @TSOP48                   M29W800AT @SOP44                    M29W800AB @TSOP48

M29W800AB @SOP44                    M29W800DT @TSOP48                   M29W800DT @SOP44                    M29W800DB @TSOP48

M29W800DB @SOP44                    M29W800FT @TSOP48                   M29W800FB @TSOP48                   M29W160BT @TSOP48

M29W160BB @TSOP48                   M29W160DT @TSOP48                   M29W160DB @TSOP48                   M29W160ET @TSOP48

M29W160EB @TSOP48                   M29W320DT @TSOP48                   M29W320DB @TSOP48                   M29W320ET @TSOP48

M29W320EB @TSOP48                   M29W640DT @TSOP48                   M29W640DB @TSOP48                   M29W640FT @TSOP48

M29W640FB @TSOP48


IC Support: 97 PCS


[ NXP ]


PCA24S08 @SOIC8                     PCA24S08 @TSSOP8                    P87C51FA                            P87C51FA @PLCC44

P87C51FB                            P87C51FB @PLCC44                    P87C51FC                            P87C51FC @PLCC44

P87C51RA                            P87C51RA @PLCC44                    P87C51RB                            P87C51RB @PLCC44

P87C51RC                            P87C51RC @PLCC44                    P87C51RD                            P87C51RD @PLCC44

P87C51U                             P87C51U @PLCC44                     P87C52U                             P87C52U @PLCC44

P87C54U                             P87C54U @PLCC44                     P87C58U                             P87C58U @PLCC44


IC Support: 24 PCS


[ OKI ]


MSM27C201 @DIP32                    MSM27C201 @PLCC32                   MSM27C201 @TSOP32                   MSM27C401 @DIP32

MSM27C401 @PLCC32                   MSM27C401 @TSOP32                   MSM27C512                           MSM27C512 @SOP28

MSM27C512 @PLCC32                   MSM27C1000 @DIP32                   MSM27C1000 @PLCC32                  MSM27C1000 @TSOP32

MSM27C2000 @DIP32                   MSM27C2000 @PLCC32                  MSM27C2000 @TSOP32


IC Support: 15 PCS


[ ON SEMI. ]


CAT24AA01 @SOIC8                    CAT24AA02 @SOIC8                    CAT24AA04 @SOIC8                    CAT24AA08 @SOIC8

CAT24AA16 @SOIC8                    CAT24C01                            CAT24C01 @SOIC8                     CAT24C01 @TSSOP8

CAT24C02                            CAT24C02 @SOIC8                     CAT24C02 @TSSOP8                    CAT24C03

CAT24C03 @SOIC8                     CAT24C03 @TSSOP8                    CAT24C04                            CAT24C04 @SOIC8

CAT24C04 @TSSOP8                    CAT24C05                            CAT24C05 @SOIC8                     CAT24C05 @TSSOP8

CAT24C08                            CAT24C08 @SOIC8                     CAT24C08 @TSSOP8                    CAT24C09

CAT24C09 @SOIC8                     CAT24C09 @TSSOP8                    CAT24C16                            CAT24C16 @SOIC8

CAT24C16 @TSSOP8                    CAT24C32                            CAT24C32 @SOIC8                     CAT24C32 @TSSOP8

CAT24C64                            CAT24C64 @SOIC8                     CAT24C64 @TSSOP8                    CAT24C128

CAT24C128 @SOIC8                    CAT24C128 @TSSOP8                   CAT24C256                           CAT24C256 @SOIC8

CAT24C256 @TSSOP8                   CAT25010                            CAT25010  @SOIC8                    CAT25010  @TSSOP8

CAT25020                            CAT25020  @SOIC8                    CAT25020  @TSSOP8                   CAT25040

CAT25040  @SOIC8                    CAT25040  @TSSOP8                   CAT25080                            CAT25080  @SOIC8

CAT25080  @TSSOP8                   CAT25160                            CAT25160  @SOIC8                    CAT25160  @TSSOP8

CAT25320                            CAT25320  @SOIC8                    CAT25320  @TSSOP8                   CAT25640

CAT25640  @SOIC8                    CAT25640  @TSSOP8                   CAT25128                            CAT25128  @SOIC8

CAT25128  @TSSOP8                   CAT25256                            CAT25256  @SOIC8                    CAT25256  @TSSOP8

CAT93C46(x16)                       CAT93C46(x16) @SOIC8                CAT93C46(x16) @TSOP8                CAT93C46R(x16)

CAT93C46R(x16) @SOIC8               CAT93C46R(x16) @TSOP8               CAT93C56(x16)                       CAT93C56(x16) @SOIC8

CAT93C56(x16) @TSOP8                CAT93C57(x16)                       CAT93C57(x16)    @SOIC8             CAT93C57(x16)    @TSOP8

CAT93C66(x16)                       CAT93C66(x16) @SOIC8                CAT93C66(x16) @TSOP8                CAT93C76(x16)

CAT93C76(x16) @SOIC8                CAT93C76(x16) @TSOP8                CAT93C86(x16)                       CAT93C86(x16) @SOIC8

CAT93C86(x16) @TSOP8                LE25S81A @DIP8                      LE25S81A @SOIC8


IC Support: 91 PCS





IC Support: 0 PCS


[ PCT ]


PCT25LF020A @SOIC8                  PCT25VF010A @SOIC8                  PCT25VF016B @SOIC8                  PCT25VF020A @SOIC8

PCT25VF032B @SOIC8                  PCT25VF040A @SOIC8                  PCT25VF040B @SOIC8                  PCT25VF080B @SOIC8



IC Support: 9 PCS




27C010 @DIP32                       27C010 @PLCC32                      27C010 @TSOP32                      27C040 @DIP32

27C040 @PLCC32                      27C040 @TSOP32                      27C210 @DIP40                       27C240 @DIP40

27C256 @DIP28                       27C256 @PLCC32                      27C512 @DIP28                       27C512 @PLCC32

P87C51FA                            P87C51FA @PLCC44                    P87C51FB                            P87C51FB @PLCC44

P87C51FC                            P87C51FC @PLCC44                    P87C51RA                            P87C51RA @PLCC44

P87C51RB                            P87C51RB @PLCC44                    P87C51RC                            P87C51RC @PLCC44

P87C51RD                            P87C51RD @PLCC44                    P87C51U                             P87C51U @PLCC44

P87C52U                             P87C52U @PLCC44                     P87C54U                             P87C54U @PLCC44

P87C58U                             P87C58U @PLCC44                     PCF8582C                            PCF8582C @SOIC8

PCF8594C                            PCF8594C @SOIC8                     PCF8598C                            PCF8598C @SOIC8


IC Support: 40 PCS





IC Support: 0 PCS


[ PMC ]


PM25LD256C                          PM25LD256C @SOP8                    PM25LD256C @WSON8                   PM25LD256C @TSSOP8

PM25LD512                           PM25LD512 @SOP8                     PM25LD512 @WSON8                    PM25LD512 @TSSOP8

PM25LD512C                          PM25LD512C @SOP8                    PM25LD512C @WSON8                   PM25LD512C @TSSOP8

PM25LD010                           PM25LD010 @SOP8                     PM25LD010 @WSON8                    PM25LD010 @TSSOP8

PM25LD010C                          PM25LD010C @SOP8                    PM25LD010C @WSON8                   PM25LD010C @TSSOP8

PM25LD020                           PM25LD020 @SOP8                     PM25LD020 @WSON8                    PM25LD020 @TSSOP8

PM25LD020C                          PM25LD020C @SOP8                    PM25LD020C @WSON8                   PM25LD020C @TSSOP8

PM25LD040                           PM25LD040 @SOP8                     PM25LD040 @WSON8                    PM25LD040 @TSSOP8

PM25LD040C                          PM25LD040C @SOP8                    PM25LD040C @WSON8                   PM25LD040C @TSSOP8

PM25LV512                           PM25LV512 @SOP8                     PM25LV512 @WSON8                    PM25LV512A

PM25LV512A @SOP8                    PM25LV512A @WSON8                   PM25LV010                           PM25LV010 @SOP8

PM25LV010 @WSON8                    PM25LV010A                          PM25LV010A @SOP8                    PM25LV010A @WSON8

PM25LV020                           PM25LV020 @SOP8                     PM25LV020 @WSON8                    PM25LV040

PM25LV040 @SOP8                     PM25LV040 @WSON8                    PM25LV080B                          PM25LV080B @SOP8

PM25LV080B @WSON8                   PM25LV016B                          PM25LV016B @SOP8                    PM25LV016B @WSON8

PM25WD020 1.8V                      PM25WD020 1.8V @SOP8                PM25WD020 1.8V @WSON8               PM25WD040 1.8V

PM25WD040 1.8V @SOP8                PM25WD040 1.8V @WSON8               PM29F002T  @DIP32                   PM29F002T  @PLCC32

PM29F002B  @DIP32                   PM29F002B  @PLCC32                  PM29F004T  @DIP32                   PM29F004T  @PLCC32

PM29F004B  @DIP32                   PM29F004B  @PLCC32                  PM39F010   @DIP32                   PM39F010   @PLCC32

PM39F010   @TSOP32                  PM39F020   @DIP32                   PM39F020   @PLCC32                  PM39F020   @TSOP32

PM39F040   @DIP32                   PM39F040   @PLCC32                  PM39F040   @TSOP32                  PM39LV512  @PLCC32

PM39LV512  @TSOP32                  PM39LV010  @PLCC32                  PM39LV010  @TSOP32                  PM39LV020  @PLCC32

PM39LV020  @TSOP32                  PM39LV040  @PLCC32                  PM39LV040  @TSOP32                  PM49FL002T @PLCC32

PM49FL002T @TSOP32                  PM49FL004T @PLCC32                  PM49FL004T @TSOP32                  PM49FL008T @PLCC32

PM49FL008T @TSOP32                  PM49LP002T @PLCC32                  PM49LP002T @TSOP32


IC Support: 99 PCS




PTK24A02T                           PTK24A02T @SOIC8                    PTK24A04T                           PTK24A04T @SOIC8

PTK24A08T                           PTK24A08T @SOIC8                    PTK24A16T                           PTK24A16T @SOIC8


IC Support: 8 PCS


[ PUYA  ]


P24C02A @SOIC8                      P24C02A @TSSOP8                     P24C02C @SOIC8                      P24C02C @TSSOP8

P24C04C @SOIC8                      P24C04C @TSSOP8                     P24C08C @SOIC8                      P24C08C @TSSOP8

P24C16C @SOIC8                      P24C16C @TSSOP8                     P24C32C @SOIC8                      P24C32C @TSSOP8

P24C64B @SOIC8                      P24C64B @TSSOP8                     P24C64C @SOIC8                      P24C64C @TSSOP8

P24C64D @SOIC8                      P24C64D @TSSOP8                     P24C128B @SOIC8                     P24C128B @TSSOP8

P24C128D @SOIC8                     P24C128D @TSSOP8                    P24C256B @SOIC8                     P24C256B @TSSOP8

P24C256D @SOIC8                     P24C256D @TSSOP8                    P24C512B @SOIC8                     P24C512B @TSSOP8

P24C512D @SOIC8                     P24C512D @TSSOP8                    P24CM01B @SOIC8                     P24CM01B @TSSOP8

P25D20H      @SOP8                  P25D40H      @SOP8                  P25D40H(OTP) @SOP8                  P25D80H      @SOP8

P25D80H      @USON8                 P25D80H(OTP) @SOP8                  P25D80H(OTP) @USON8                 P25D16H      @SOP8

P25D16H      @USON8                 P25D16H(OTP) @SOP8                  P25D16H(OTP) @USON8                 P25D32H      @SOP8

P25D32H      @USON8                 P25D32H(OTP) @SOP8                  P25D32H(OTP) @USON8                 P25D64H      @SOP8

P25D64H      @USON8                 P25D64H(OTP) @SOP8                  P25D64H(OTP) @USON8                 P25F20H      @SOP8

P25F40H      @SOP8                  P25F40H(OTP) @SOP8                  P25F80H      @SOP8                  P25F80H      @USON8

P25F80H(OTP) @SOP8                  P25F80H(OTP) @USON8                 P25F16H      @SOP8                  P25F16H      @USON8

P25F16H(OTP) @SOP8                  P25F16H(OTP) @USON8                 P25F32H      @SOP8                  P25F32H      @USON8

P25F32H(OTP) @SOP8                  P25F32H(OTP) @USON8                 P25F64H      @SOP8                  P25F64H      @USON8

P25F64H(OTP) @SOP8                  P25F64H(OTP) @USON8                 P25Q05H      @SOP8                  P25Q06H      @SOP8

P25Q06H      @USON8                 P25Q06U      @SOP8                  P25Q06U      @USON8                 P25Q10H      @SOP8

P25Q11H      @SOP8                  P25Q11H      @USON8                 P25Q11U      @SOP8                  P25Q11U      @USON8

P25Q20H      @SOP8                  P25Q21H      @SOP8                  P25Q21H      @USON8                 P25Q21U      @SOP8

P25Q21U      @USON8                 P25Q40H      @SOP8                  P25Q40H (OTP)@SOP8                  P25Q40U      @SOP8

P25Q40U  OTP)@SOP8                  P25Q80H      @SOP8                  P25Q80H      @USON8                 P25Q80H(OTP) @SOP8

P25Q80H(OTP) @USON8                 P25Q16H      @SOP8                  P25Q16H      @USON8                 P25Q16H(OTP) @SOP8

P25Q16H(OTP) @USON8                 P25Q32H      @SOP8                  P25Q32H      @USON8                 P25Q32H(OTP) @SOP8

P25Q32H(OTP) @USON8                 P25Q64H      @SOP8                  P25Q64H      @USON8                 P25Q64H(OTP) @SOP8

P25Q64H(OTP) @USON8                 P25Q128H      @SOP8                 P25Q128H      @USON8                P25Q128H(OTP) @SOP8

P25Q128H(OTP) @USON8                P25Q128U      @SOP8                 P25Q128U      @USON8                P25Q128U(OTP) @SOP8

P25Q128U(OTP) @USON8


IC Support: 113 PCS


[ PTC ]


PT28C010                            PT28C010 @PLCC32                    PT28C020                            PT28C020 @PLCC32

PT28C040                            PT28C040 @PLCC32


IC Support: 6 PCS




FM1208  @DIP24                      FM1208  @SOIC24                     FM1608  @DIP28                      FM1608  @SOIC28

FM16W08 @DIP28                      FM16W08 @SOIC28                     FM1808  @DIP28                      FM1808  @SOIC28

FM1808B  @DIP28                     FM1808B  @SOIC28                    FM18L08 @DIP28                      FM18L08 @SOIC28

FM18W08 @DIP28                      FM18W08 @SOIC28                     FM24C04A                            FM24C04A @SOIC8

FM24C08A                            FM24C08A @SOIC8                     FM24C16                             FM24C16 @SOIC8

FM24C16A                            FM24C16A @SOIC8                     FM24C64A                            FM24C64A@SOIC8

FM24C256                            FM24C256 @SOIC8                     FM24CL04                            FM24CL04 @SOIC8

FM24CL16                            FM24CL16 @SOIC8                     FM24CL64                            FM25040

FM25040 @SOIC8                      FM25C160                            FM25C160 @SOIC8                     FM25640

FM25640 @SOIC8                      FM25CL04                            FM25CL04 @SOIC8                     FM25CL64

FM25CL64 @SOIC8                     FM25L16                             FM25L16 @SOIC8                      FM25L256

FM25L256 @SOIC8                     FM25L512                            FM25L512 @SOIC8                     FM25W256

FM25W256 @SOIC8


IC Support: 49 PCS


[ RATO ]


RT24A02                             RT24A02   @SOIC8                    RT24A02   @TSSOP8                   RT24A04

RT24A04   @SOIC8                    RT24A04   @TSSOP8                   RT24A08                             RT24A08   @SOIC8

RT24A08   @TSSOP8                   RT24A16                             RT24A16   @SOIC8                    RT24A16   @TSSOP8

RT93C46B(x16)                       RT93C46B(x16) @SOIC8                RT93C46B(x16) @TSOP8                RT93LC46(x8)

RT93LC46(x8) @SOIC8                 RT93LC46(x8) @TSOP8                 RT93LC46(x16)                       RT93LC46(x16) @SOIC8

RT93LC46(x16) @TSOP8


IC Support: 21 PCS




RM24C02 @SOIC8                      RM24C04 @SOIC8                      RM24C08 @SOIC8                      RM24C16 @SOIC8

RM24C32 @SOIC8                      RM24C64 @SOIC8


IC Support: 6 PCS




HN58V24256 @SOIC8                   HN58V24256 @TSSOP8                  HN58V24512 @SOIC8                   HN58V24512 @TSSOP8

HN58X2402 @SOIC8                    HN58X2402 @TSSOP8                   HN58X2404 @SOIC8                    HN58X2404 @TSSOP8

HN58X2408 @SOIC8                    HN58X2408 @TSSOP8                   HN58X2416 @SOIC8                    HN58X2416 @TSSOP8

HN58X2432 @SOIC8                    HN58X2432 @TSSOP8                   HN58X2464 @SOIC8                    HN58X2464 @TSSOP8

HN58X24128 @SOIC8                   HN58X24128 @TSSOP8                  HN58X24256 @SOIC8                   HN58X24256 @TSSOP8

HN58X24512 @SOIC8                   HN58X24512 @TSSOP8                  HN58X2502 @SOIC8                    HN58X2502 @TSSOP8

HN58X2504 @SOIC8                    HN58X2504 @TSSOP8                   HN58X2508 @SOIC8                    HN58X2508 @TSSOP8

HN58X25128 @SOIC8                   HN58X2516 @SOIC8                    HN58X2516 @TSSOP8                   HN58X25256 @SOIC8

HN58X2532 @SOIC8                    HN58X2532 @TSSOP8                   HN58X2564 @SOIC8                    HN58X2564 @TSSOP8

R1EX24002A @SOIC8                   R1EX24002A @TSSOP8                  R1EX24004A @SOIC8                   R1EX24004A @TSSOP8

R1EX24008A @SOIC8                   R1EX24008A @TSSOP8                  R1EX24016A @SOIC8                   R1EX24016A @TSSOP8

R1EX24032A @SOIC8                   R1EX24032A @TSSOP8                  R1EX24064A @SOIC8                   R1EX24064A @TSSOP8

R1EX24128A @SOIC8                   R1EX24128A @TSSOP8                  R1EX24128B @SOIC8                   R1EX24128B @TSSOP8

R1EX24256A @SOIC8                   R1EX24256A @TSSOP8                  R1EX24256B @SOIC8                   R1EX24256B @TSSOP8

R1EX24512A @SOIC8                   R1EX24512A @TSSOP8                  R1EX25002A @SOIC8                   R1EX25002A @TSSOP8

R1EX25004A @SOIC8                   R1EX25004A @TSSOP8                  R1EX25008A @SOIC8                   R1EX25008A @TSSOP8

R1EX25016A @SOIC8                   R1EX25016A @TSSOP8                  R1EX25032A @SOIC8                   R1EX25032A @TSSOP8

R1EX25064A @SOIC8                   R1EX25064A @TSSOP8


IC Support: 70 PCS


[ ROHM ]


BR24A01(F)   @SOP8                  BR24A01(FJ)  @SOP-J8                BR24A01(FVM) @MSOP8                 BR24A02(F)   @SOP8

BR24A02(FJ)  @SOP-J8                BR24A02(FVM) @MSOP8                 BR24A04(F)   @SOP8                  BR24A04(FJ)  @SOP-J8

BR24A04(FVM) @MSOP8                 BR24A08(F)   @SOP8                  BR24A08(FJ)  @SOP-J8                BR24A08(FVM) @MSOP8

BR24A16(F)   @SOP8                  BR24A16(FJ)  @SOP-J8                BR24A16(FVM) @MSOP8                 BR24A32(F)   @SOP8

BR24A32(FJ)  @SOP-J8                BR24A32(FVM) @MSOP8                 BR24A64(F)   @SOP8                  BR24A64(FJ)  @SOP-J8

BR24A64(FVM) @MSOP8                 BR24C01A                            BR24C01A(F)   @SOP8                 BR24C01A(FJ)  @SOP-J8

BR24C01A(FV)  @MSOP8                BR24C02                             BR24C02(F)   @SOP8                  BR24C02(FJ)  @SOP-J8

BR24C02(FV)  @MSOP8                 BR24C04                             BR24C04(F)   @SOP8                  BR24C04(FJ)  @SOP-J8

BR24C04(FV)  @MSOP8                 BR24C08                             BR24C08(F)   @SOP8                  BR24C08(FJ)  @SOP-J8

BR24C08(FV)  @MSOP8                 BR24C16                             BR24C16(F)   @SOP8                  BR24C16(FJ)  @SOP-J8

BR24C16(FV)  @MSOP8                 BR24C21                             BR24C21F                            BR24C21FJ

BR24C21FV                           BR24C32                             BR24C32(F)   @SOP8                  BR24C32(FJ)  @SOP-J8

BR24C32(FV)  @MSOP8                 BR24C64                             BR24C64(F)   @SOP8                  BR24C64(FJ)  @SOP-J8

BR24C64(FV)  @MSOP8                 BR24E16                             BR24E16(F)   @SOP8                  BR24E16(FJ)  @SOP-J8

BR24E16(FV)  @MSOP8                 BR24G01                             BR24G01(F)   @SOP8                  BR24G01(FJ)  @SOP-J8

BR24G01(FV)  @MSOP8                 BR24G02                             BR24G02(F)   @SOP8                  BR24G02(FJ)  @SOP-J8

BR24G02(FV)  @MSOP8                 BR24G04                             BR24G04(F)   @SOP8                  BR24G04(FJ)  @SOP-J8

BR24G04(FV)  @MSOP8                 BR24G08                             BR24G08(F)   @SOP8                  BR24G08(FJ)  @SOP-J8

BR24G08(FV)  @MSOP8                 BR24G16                             BR24G16(F)   @SOP8                  BR24G16(FJ)  @SOP-J8

BR24G16(FV)  @MSOP8                 BR24G32                             BR24G32(F)   @SOP8                  BR24G32(FJ)  @SOP-J8

BR24G32(FV)  @MSOP8                 BR24G64                             BR24G64(F)   @SOP8                  BR24G64(FJ)  @SOP-J8

BR24G64(FV)  @MSOP8                 BR24G128                            BR24G128(F)   @SOP8                 BR24G128(FJ)  @SOP-J8

BR24G128(FV)  @MSOP8                BR24G256                            BR24G256(F)   @SOP8                 BR24G256(FJ)  @SOP-J8

BR24G256(FV)  @MSOP8                BR24G512                            BR24G512(F)   @SOP8                 BR24G512(FJ)  @SOP-J8

BR24G512(FV)  @MSOP8                BR24G1M                             BR24G1M(F)   @SOP8                  BR24L01A

BR24L01A(F)   @SOP8                 BR24L01A(FJ)  @SOP-J8               BR24L01A(FV)  @MSOP8                BR24L02

BR24L02(F)   @SOP8                  BR24L02(FJ)  @SOP-J8                BR24L02(FV)  @MSOP8                 BR24L04

BR24L04(F)   @SOP8                  BR24L04(FJ)  @SOP-J8                BR24L04(FV)  @MSOP8                 BR24L08

BR24L08(F)   @SOP8                  BR24L08(FJ)  @SOP-J8                BR24L08(FV)  @MSOP8                 BR24L16

BR24L16(F)   @SOP8                  BR24L16(FJ)  @SOP-J8                BR24L16(FV)  @MSOP8                 BR24L32

BR24L32(F)   @SOP8                  BR24L32(FJ)  @SOP-J8                BR24L32(FV)  @MSOP8                 BR24L64

BR24L64(F)   @SOP8                  BR24L64(FJ)  @SOP-J8                BR24L64(FV)  @MSOP8                 BR24S01

BR24S01(F)   @SOP8                  BR24S01(FJ)  @SOP-J8                BR24S01(FV)  @MSOP8                 BR24S02

BR24S02(F)   @SOP8                  BR24S02(FJ)  @SOP-J8                BR24S02(FV)  @MSOP8                 BR24S04

BR24S04(F)   @SOP8                  BR24S04(FJ)  @SOP-J8                BR24S04(FV)  @MSOP8                 BR24S08

BR24S08(F)   @SOP8                  BR24S08(FJ)  @SOP-J8                BR24S08(FV)  @MSOP8                 BR24S16

BR24S16(F)   @SOP8                  BR24S16(FJ)  @SOP-J8                BR24S16(FV)  @MSOP8                 BR24S32

BR24S32(F)   @SOP8                  BR24S32(FJ)  @SOP-J8                BR24S32(FV)  @MSOP8                 BR24S64

BR24S64(F)   @SOP8                  BR24S64(FJ)  @SOP-J8                BR24S64(FV)  @MSOP8                 BR24S128

BR24S128(F)   @SOP8                 BR24S128(FJ)  @SOP-J8               BR24S128(FV)  @MSOP8                BR24S256

BR24S256(F)   @SOP8                 BR24S256(FJ)  @SOP-J8               BR24S256(FV)  @MSOP8                BR24T01

BR24T01(F)   @SOP8                  BR24T01(FJ)  @SOP-J8                BR24T01(FV)  @MSOP8                 BR24T02

BR24T02(F)   @SOP8                  BR24T02(FJ)  @SOP-J8                BR24T02(FV)  @MSOP8                 BR24T04

BR24T04(F)   @SOP8                  BR24T04(FJ)  @SOP-J8                BR24T04(FV)  @MSOP8                 BR24T08

BR24T08(F)   @SOP8                  BR24T08(FJ)  @SOP-J8                BR24T08(FV)  @MSOP8                 BR24T16

BR24T16(F)   @SOP8                  BR24T16(FJ)  @SOP-J8                BR24T16(FV)  @MSOP8                 BR24T32

BR24T32(F)   @SOP8                  BR24T32(FJ)  @SOP-J8                BR24T32(FV)  @MSOP8                 BR24T64

BR24T64(F)   @SOP8                  BR24T64(FJ)  @SOP-J8                BR24T64(FV)  @MSOP8                 BR24T128

BR24T128(F)  @SOP8                  BR24T128(FJ) @SOP-J8                BR24T128(FV) @MSOP8                 BR24T256

BR24T256(F)  @SOP8                  BR24T256(FJ) @SOP-J8                BR24T256(FV) @MSOP8                 BR24T512

BR24T512(F)  @SOP8                  BR24T512(FJ) @SOP-J8                BR24T512(FV) @MSOP8                 BR24T1M

BR24T1M(F)   @SOP8                  BR25010 @SOIC8                      BR25010 @TSSOP8                     BR25020 @SOIC8

BR25020 @TSSOP8                     BR25040 @SOIC8                      BR25040 @TSSOP8                     BR25080 @SOIC8

BR25080 @TSSOP8                     BR25160 @SOIC8                      BR25160 @TSSOP8                     BR25320 @SOIC8

BR25320 @TSSOP8                     BR25H010(F)  @SOP8                  BR25H010(FJ) @SOP-J8                BR25H020(F)  @SOP8

BR25H020(FJ) @SOP-J8                BR25H040(F)  @SOP8                  BR25H040(FJ) @SOP-J8                BR25H080(F)  @SOP8

BR25H080(FJ) @SOP-J8                BR25H080(FVT)@TSSOP8                BR25H160(F)  @SOP8                  BR25H160(FJ) @SOP-J8

BR25H160(FVT)@TSSOP8                BR25H320(F)  @SOP8                  BR25H320(FJ) @SOP-J8                BR25H320(FVT)@TSSOP8

BR25L010                            BR25L010(F)  @SOP8                  BR25L010(FJ) @SOP-J8                BR25L010(FV) @MSOP8

BR25L020                            BR25L020(F)  @SOP8                  BR25L020(FJ) @SOP-J8                BR25L020(FV) @MSOP8

BR25L040                            BR25L040(F)  @SOP8                  BR25L040(FJ) @SOP-J8                BR25L040(FV) @MSOP8

BR25L080                            BR25L080(F)  @SOP8                  BR25L080(FJ) @SOP-J8                BR25L080(FV) @MSOP8

BR25L160                            BR25L160(F)  @SOP8                  BR25L160(FJ) @SOP-J8                BR25L160(FV) @MSOP8

BR25L320                            BR25L320(F)  @SOP8                  BR25L320(FJ) @SOP-J8                BR25L320(FV) @MSOP8

BR25L640                            BR25L640(F)  @SOP8                  BR25L640(FJ) @SOP-J8                BR25L640(FV) @MSOP8

BR25S320(F)  @SOP8                  BR25S320(FJ) @SOP-J8                BR25S320(FV) @MSOP8                 BR25S640(F)  @SOP8

BR25S640(FJ) @SOP-J8                BR25S640(FV) @MSOP8                 BR25S128(F)  @SOP8                  BR25S128(FJ) @SOP-J8

BR25S256(F)  @SOP8                  BR25S256(FJ) @SOP-J8                BR29F200TFB @TSOP48                 BR29F200TFB @SOP44

BR29F200TFT  @TSOP48                BR29F200TFT  @SOP44                 BR9010                              BR9010(F) @SOP8 *

BR9010(RFV) @SSOP8                  BR9016                              BR9016(F) @SOP8 *                   BR9016(RFV) @SSOP8

BR9016A                             BR9016A(F) @SOP8 *                  BR9016A(RFV) @SSOP8                 BR9020

BR9020(F) @SOP8 *                   BR9020(RFV) @SSOP8                  BR9040                              BR9040(F) @SOP8 *

BR9040(RFV) @SSOP8                  BR9080                              BR9080(F) @SOP8 *                   BR9080(RFV) @SSOP8

BR9080A                             BR9080A(F) @SOP8 *                  BR9080A(RFV) @SSOP8                 BR93A46(F)   *

BR93A46(FJ)  *                      BR93A46(RF)                         BR93A46(RFJ)                        BR93A56(F)   *

BR93A56(FJ)  *                      BR93A56(RF)                         BR93A56(RFJ)                        BR93A66(F)   *

BR93A66(FJ)  *                      BR93A66(RF)                         BR93A66(RFJ)                        BR93A76(F)   *

BR93A76(FJ)  *                      BR93A76(RF)                         BR93A76(RFJ)                        BR93A86(F)   *

BR93A86(FJ)  *                      BR93A86(RF)                         BR93A86(RFJ)                        BR93C46

BR93C46(F)                          BR93C46(FJ)                         BR93C46(FV)                         BR93C46(RF) *

BR93C46(RFJ) *                      BR93C56                             BR93C56(F)                          BR93C56(FJ)

BR93C56(FV)                         BR93C56(RF) *                       BR93C56(RFJ) *                      BR93C66

BR93C66(F)                          BR93C66(FJ)                         BR93C66(FV)                         BR93C66(RF) *

BR93C66(RFJ) *                      BR93C76                             BR93C76(F)                          BR93C76(FJ)

BR93C76(FV)                         BR93C76(RF) *                       BR93C76(RFJ) *                      BR93C86

BR93C86(F)                          BR93C86(FJ)                         BR93C86(FV)                         BR93C86(RF) *

BR93C86(RFJ) *                      BR93CS46                            BR93CS46F *                         BR93H46(FJ) *

BR93H46(RF)                         BR93H46(RFJ)                        BR93H56(FJ) *                       BR93H56(RF)

BR93H56(RFJ)                        BR93H66(FJ) *                       BR93H66(RF)                         BR93H66(RFJ)

BR93H76(FJ) *                       BR93H76(RF)                         BR93H76(RFJ)                        BR93H86(FJ) *

BR93H86(RF)                         BR93H86(RFJ)                        BR93L46                             BR93L46(F) *

BR93L46(FJ) *                       BR93L46(FV) *                       BR93L46(RF)                         BR93L46(RFJ)

BR93L56                             BR93L56(F) *                        BR93L56(FJ) *                       BR93L56(FV) *

BR93L56(RF)                         BR93L56(RFJ)                        BR93L66                             BR93L66(F) *

BR93L66(FJ) *                       BR93L66(FV) *                       BR93L66(RF)                         BR93L66(RFJ)

BR93L76                             BR93L76(F) *                        BR93L76(FJ) *                       BR93L76(FV) *

BR93L76(RF)                         BR93L76(RFJ)                        BR93L86                             BR93L86(F) *

BR93L86(FJ) *                       BR93L86(FV) *                       BR93L86(RF)                         BR93L86(RFJ)

BR93LC46                            BR93LC46(F) *                       BR93LC46(FV) *                      BR93LC46(RF)

BR93LC46(RFJ)                       BR93LC56                            BR93LC56(F) *                       BR93LC56(FV) *

BR93LC56(RF)                        BR93LC56(RFJ)                       BR93LC66                            BR93LC66(F) *

BR93LC66(FV) *                      BR93LC66(RF)                        BR93LC66(RFJ)                       BR93LC76

BR93LC76(F) *                       BR93LC76(FV) *                      BR93LC76(RF)                        BR93LC76(RFJ)

BR93LC86                            BR93LC86(F) *                       BR93LC86(FV) *                      BR93LC86(RF)

BR93LC86(RFJ)                       BR93LL46(F) *                       BR93LL46(FV) *                      BR95010 @SOIC8

BR95010 @TSSOP8                     BR95020 @SOIC8                      BR95020 @TSSOP8                     BR95040 @SOIC8

BR95040 @TSSOP8                     BR95080 @SOIC8                      BR95080 @TSSOP8                     BR95160 @SOIC8

BR95160 @TSSOP8                     FM25V01A                            FM25V01A @SOIC8                     FM25V02A

FM25V02A @SOIC8                     FM25V05                             FM25V05 @SOIC8                      FM25V10-G @DIP8

FM25V10-G @SOIC8                    FM25V20 @DIP8                       FM25V20 @SOIC8                      FM25V20 @DFN8

FM25V20A @SOIC8                     FM25V20A @DFN8                      MR44V064B @SOIC8                    MR44V100A @SOIC8

MR45V032A @SOIC8                    MR45V064B @SOIC8                    MR45V256A @SOIC8


IC Support: 447 PCS




SA24C1024                           SA24C1024  @SOIC8                   SA24C512                            SA24C512 @SOIC8

SA25C1024H                          SA25C1024H @SOIC8                   SA25C1024L                          SA25C1024L @SOIC8

SA25C512H                           SA25C512H @SOIC8                    SA25C512L                           SA25C512L @SOIC8


IC Support: 12 PCS




K8D1616UTA @TSOP48                  K8D1616UBA @TSOP48                  K8D1716UTA @TSOP48                  K8D1716UTC @TSOP48

K8D1716UBA @TSOP48                  K8D1716UBC @TSOP48                  K8D3216UTA @TSOP48                  K8D3216UTB @TSOP48

K8D3216UTC @TSOP48                  K8D3216UTM @TSOP48                  K8D3216UBA @TSOP48                  K8D3216UBB @TSOP48

K8D3216UBC @TSOP48                  K8D3216UBM @TSOP48                  K8D6316UTM @TSOP48                  K8D6316UBM @TSOP48

K8D6516UTM @TSOP48                  K8D6516UBM @TSOP48                  K8P1615UQB @TSOP48                  K8P3215UQB @TSOP48

K8P3315UQB @TSOP48                  K8P6415UQB @TSOP48                  K8P6515UQB @TSOP48                  K9F5608D0A(2.5V) @TSOP48

K9F5608D0B(2.5V) @TSOP48            K9F5608D0C(2.5V) @TSOP48            K9F1G08U0M @TSOP48                  K9F1G08D0M(2.5V) @TSOP48

K9F2G08U0A @TSOP48                  K9F2G08U0B @TSOP48                  K9F2G08U0C @TSOP48                  K9F2G08U0D @TSOP48

K9F2G08U0M @TSOP48                  K9F4G08U0A @TSOP48                  K9F4G08U0B @TSOP48                  K9F4G08U0C @TSOP48

K9F4G08U0D @TSOP48                  K9F8G08U0M @TSOP48                  K9F1208B0B @TSOP48                  K9F1208B0C @TSOP48

K9F1208D0A @TSOP48                  K9F1208D0B @TSOP48                  K9F1208U0B @TSOP48                  K9F1208U0C @TSOP48

K9F1208U0M @TSOP48                  K9F1G08B0C @TSOP48                  K9F1G08D0A @TSOP48                  K9F1G08D0M @TSOP48

K9F1G08U0A @TSOP48                  K9F1G08U0B @TSOP48                  K9F1G08U0C @TSOP48                  K9F1G08U0D @TSOP48

K9F1G08U0E @TSOP48                  K9F1G08U0F @TSOP48                  K9F1G08U0F @TSOP48                  K9F1G08U0M @TSOP48

K9F2808U0A @TSOP48                  K9F2808U0B @TSOP48                  K9F2808U0C @TSOP48                  K9F2808U0M @TSOP48

K9F2G08U0A @TSOP48                  K9F2G08U0B @TSOP48                  K9F2G08U0C @TSOP48                  K9F2G08U0D @TSOP48

K9F2G08U0M @TSOP48                  K9F4G08U0A @TSOP48                  K9F4G08U0B @TSOP48                  K9F4G08U0D @TSOP48

K9F4G08U0E @TSOP48                  K9F4G08U0F @TSOP48                  K9F4G08U0M @TSOP48                  K9F5608B0D @TSOP48

K9F5608D0C @TSOP48                  K9F5608D0D @TSOP48                  K9F5608U0A @TSOP48                  K9F5608U0B @TSOP48

K9F5608U0C @TSOP48                  K9F5608U0D @TSOP48                  K9F5608U0M @TSOP48                  K9F8G08B0M @TSOP48

K9F8G08U0A @TSOP48                  K9F8G08U0D @TSOP48                  K9F8G08U0E @TSOP48                  K9F8G08U0M @TSOP48

K9G2G08B0M @TSOP48                  K9G2G08U0M @TSOP48                  K9G4G08B0A @TSOP48                  K9G4G08B0B @TSOP48

K9G4G08U0A @TSOP48                  K9G4G08U0B @TSOP48                  K9G4G08U0M @TSOP48                  K9G8G08U0A @TSOP48

K9G8G08U0B @TSOP48                  K9G8G08U0B @TSOP48                  K9G8G08U0M @TSOP48                  K9K1208U0A @TSOP48

K9K1208U0C @TSOP48                  K9K1208U0M @TSOP48                  K9K1G08U0A @TSOP48                  K9K1G08U0B @TSOP48

K9K1G08U0M @TSOP48                  K9K2G08U0A @TSOP48                  K9K2G08U0M @TSOP48                  K9K4G08U0A @TSOP48

K9K4G08U0M @TSOP48                  K9K5608U0M @TSOP48                  K9K8G08U0A @TSOP48                  K9K8G08U0B @TSOP48

K9K8G08U0D @TSOP48                  K9K8G08U0E @TSOP48                  K9K8G08U0F @TSOP48                  K9K8G08U0M @TSOP48

K9L8G08U0A @TSOP48                  K9L8G08U0M @TSOP48                  KM28C64A                            KM28C64A @PLCC32

KM28C65A                            KM28C65A @PLCC32                    KM93C46                             KM93C46G *

KM93C46GD                           KM93C46V                            KM93C46VG *                         KM93C46VGD

KM93C56V                            KM93C56VG *                         KM93C56VGD                          KM93C66V

KM93C66VG *                         KM93C66VGD                          KS24C010                            KS24C010 @SOIC8

KS24C010 @TSOP8                     KS24C011                            KS24C011 @SOIC8                     KS24C011 @TSOP8

KS24C020                            KS24C020 @SOIC8                     KS24C020 @TSSOP8                    KS24C021

KS24C021 @SOIC8                     KS24C021 @TSSOP8                    KS24C040                            KS24C040 @SOIC8

KS24C040 @TSSOP8                    KS24C041                            KS24C041 @SOIC8                     KS24C041 @TSSOP8

KS24C080                            KS24C080 @SOIC8                     KS24C080 @TSSOP8                    KS24C081

KS24C081 @SOIC8                     KS24C081 @TSSOP8                    S524A40X10                          S524A40X10 @SOIC8

S524A40X10 @TSOP8                   S524A40X11                          S524A40X11 @SOIC8                   S524A40X11 @TSOP8

S524A40X20                          S524A40X20 @SOIC8                   S524A40X20 @TSSOP8                  S524A40X21

S524A40X21 @SOIC8                   S524A40X21 @TSSOP8                  S524A40X40                          S524A40X40 @SOIC8

S524A40X40 @TSSOP8                  S524A40X41                          S524A40X41 @SOIC8                   S524A40X41 @TSSOP8

S524A60X51                          S524A60X51 @SOIC8                   S524A60X51 @TSSOP8                  S524A60X81

S524A60X81 @SOIC8                   S524A60X81 @TSSOP8                  S524AB0X91                          S524AB0X91 @SOIC8

S524AB0X91 @TSSOP8                  S524AB0XB1                          S524AB0XB1 @SOIC8                   S524AB0XB1 @TSSOP8

S524AD0XD1                          S524AD0XD1 @SOIC8                   S524AD0XD1 @TSSOP8                  S524AD0XF1

S524AD0XF1 @SOIC8                   S524AD0XF1 @TSSOP8                  S524C20D10                          S524C20D10 @SOIC8

S524C20D10 @TSOP8                   S524C20D11                          S524C20D11 @SOIC8                   S524C20D11 @TSOP8

S524C20D20                          S524C20D20 @SOIC8                   S524C20D20 @TSSOP8                  S524C20D21

S524C20D21 @SOIC8                   S524C20D21 @TSSOP8                  S524C80D40                          S524C80D40 @SOIC8

S524C80D40 @TSSOP8                  S524C80D41                          S524C80D41 @SOIC8                   S524C80D41 @TSSOP8

S524C80D80                          S524C80D80 @SOIC8                   S524C80D80 @TSSOP8                  S524C80D81

S524C80D81 @SOIC8                   S524C80D81 @TSSOP8                  S524L50D51                          S524L50D51 @SOIC8

S524L50D51 @TSSOP8                  S524L50X51                          S524L50X51 @SOIC8                   S524L50X51 @TSSOP8

S524LB0X91                          S524LB0X91 @SOIC8                   S524LB0X91 @TSSOP8                  S524LB0XB1

S524LB0XB1 @SOIC8                   S524LB0XB1 @TSSOP8


IC Support: 226 PCS




LE24C041                            LE24C041 @MFP8                      LE24C042                            LE24C042 @MFP8

LE24C043                            LE24C043 @MFP8                      LE24C081                            LE24C081 @MFP8

LE24C082                            LE24C082 @MFP8                      LE24C161                            LE24C161 @MFP8

LE24C162                            LE24C162 @MFP8                      LE24C321                            LE24C321 @MFP8

LE24C322                            LE24C322 @MFP8                      LE24C641                            LE24C641 @MFP8

LE24C642                            LE24C642 @MFP8                      LE24L082                            LE24L082 @MFP8

LE24L162                            LE24L162 @MFP8                      LE24LA322                           LE24LA322 @MFP8

LE24LB642                           LE24LB642 @MFP8                     LE25FU106BMA @MFP8                  LE25FU106BTT @MSOP8

LE25FU206MA @MFP8                   LE25FU206TT @MSOP8                  LE25FU406BMA @MFP8                  LE25FU406BTT @MSOP8

LE25FW206M @SOP8                    LE25FW206T @MSOP8                   LE25FW406M @SOP8                    LE25FW406T @MSOP8

LE25FW406AM @MFP8                   LE25FW406AT @MSOP8                  LE25FW806M @SOP8                    LE25FW806T @MSOP8


IC Support: 44 PCS





IC Support: 0 PCS




S-24C01A                            S-24C01A @SOIC8                     S-24C01B                            S-24C01B @SOIC8

S-24C01C @SOIC8                     S-24C01C @TSSOP8                    S-24C02A                            S-24C02A @SOIC8

S-24C02B                            S-24C02B @SOIC8                     S-24C02C @SOIC8                     S-24C02C @TSSOP8

S-24C04A                            S-24C04A @SOIC8                     S-24C04B                            S-24C04B @SOIC8

S-24C08A                            S-24C08A @SOIC8                     S-24C08C @SOIC8                     S-24C08C @TSSOP8

S-24C16A                            S-24C16A @SOIC8                     S-24C16A @TSSOP8                    S-24C32C @SOIC8

S-24C32C @TSSOP8                    S-24C64C @SOIC8                     S-24C64C @TSSOP8                    S-24CS01A

S-24CS01A @SOIC8                    S-24CS01A @TSSOP8                   S-24CS02A                           S-24CS02A @SOIC8

S-24CS02A @TSSOP8                   S-24CS04A                           S-24CS04A @SOIC8                    S-24CS04A @TSSOP8

S-24CS08A                           S-24CS08A @SOIC8                    S-24CS08A @TSSOP8                   S-24CS16A

S-24CS16A @SOIC8                    S-24CS16A @TSSOP8                   S-24CS32A @SOIC8                    S-24CS32A @TSSOP8

S-24CS64A @SOIC8                    S-24CS64A @TSSOP8                   S24H45                              S24H45 @SOP8

S24S45                              S24S45 @SOP8                        S-25A010A @SOIC8                    S-25A010A @TSSOP8

S-25A020A @SOIC8                    S-25A020A @TSSOP8                   S-25A040A @SOIC8                    S-25A040A @TSSOP8

S-25A080A @SOIC8                    S-25A080A @TSSOP8                   S-25A160A @SOIC8                    S-25A160A @TSSOP8

S-25A320A @SOIC8                    S-25A320A @TSSOP8                   S-25A640A @SOIC8                    S-25A640A @TSSOP8

S-25C010A @SOIC8                    S-25C010A @TSSOP8                   S-25C020A @SOIC8                    S-25C020A @TSSOP8

S-25C040A @SOIC8                    S-25C040A @TSSOP8                   S-25C080A @SOIC8                    S-25C080A @TSSOP8

S-25C160A @SOIC8                    S-25C160A @TSSOP8                   S-25C320A @SOIC8                    S-25C320A @TSSOP8

S-25C640A @SOIC8                    S-25C640A @TSSOP8                   S-29130A(DP)                        S-29130A(DFJA) @SOIC8

S-29130A(FJ) @SOIC8 *               S-29131A(DP)                        S-29131A(FJ) @SOIC8 *               S-29220A(DP)

S-29220A(DFJA) @SOIC8               S-29220A(FJ) @SOIC8 *               S-29221A(DP)                        S-29221A(FJ) @SOIC8 *

S-29230A(DP)                        S-29230A(DFJA) @SOIC8               S-29230A(FJ) @SOIC8 *               S-29231A(DP)

S-29231A(FJ) @SOIC8 *               S-29330A(DP)                        S-29330A(DFJA) @SOIC8               S-29330A(FJ) @SOIC8 *

S-29331A(DP)                        S-29331A(FJ) @SOIC8 *               S-29L130A(DFE) @SOIC8               S-29L130A(FE) @SOIC8 *

S-29L130A(FS) @SSOP8                S-29L131A(DFE) @SOIC8               S-29L131A(FE) @SOIC8 *              S-29L131A(FS) @SSOP8

S-29L220A(DFE) @SOIC8               S-29L220A(FE) @SOIC8 *              S-29L220A(FS) @SSOP8                S-29L221A(DFE) @SOIC8

S-29L221A(FE) @SOIC8 *              S-29L221A(FS) @SSOP8                S-29330A(DFE) @SOIC8                S-29330A(FE) @SOIC8 *

S-29330A(FS) @SSOP8                 S-29331A(DFE) @SOIC8                S-29331A(FE) @SOIC8 *               S-29331A(FS) @SSOP8

S-29U130A(DFE) @SOIC8               S-29U130A(FE) @SOIC8 *              S-29U130A(FS) @SSOP8                S-29U131A(DFE) @SOIC8

S-29U131A(FE) @SOIC8 *              S-29U131A(FS) @SSOP8                S-29U220A(DFE) @SOIC8               S-29U220A(FE) @SOIC8 *

S-29U220A(FS) @SSOP8                S-29U221A(DFE) @SOIC8               S-29U221A(FE) @SOIC8 *              S-29U221A(FS) @SSOP8

S-29U330A(DFE) @SOIC8               S-29U330A(FE) @SOIC8 *              S-29U330A(FS) @SSOP8                S-29U331A(DFE) @SOIC8

S-29U331A(FE) @SOIC8 *              S-29U331A(FS) @SSOP8                S-29Z330A(DFJA) @SOIC8              S-29Z330A(FS) @SSOP8

S-29Z430A(DFJA) @SOIC8              S-29Z430A(FS) @SSOP8                S-93A46A @SOIC8                     S-93A56A @SOIC8

S-93A66A @SOIC8                     S-93A86A @SOIC8                     S-93C46A(DP)                        S-93C46A(DFJ) @SOIC8

S-93C46A(FJ) @SOIC8 *               S-93C46A(FT) @TSOP8                 S-93C46B(DP)                        S-93C46B(DFJ) @SOIC8

S-93C46B(FJ) @SOIC8 *               S-93C46B(FT) @TSOP8                 S-93C56A(DP)                        S-93C56A(DFJ) @SOIC8

S-93C56A(FJ) @SOIC8 *               S-93C56A(FT) @TSOP8                 S-93C56B(DP)                        S-93C56B(DFJ) @SOIC8

S-93C56B(FJ) @SOIC8 *               S-93C56B(FT) @TSOP8                 S-93C66A(DP)                        S-93C66A(DFJ) @SOIC8

S-93C66A(FJ) @SOIC8 *               S-93C66A(FT) @TSOP8                 S-93C66B(DP)                        S-93C66B(DFJ) @SOIC8

S-93C66B(FJ) @SOIC8 *               S-93C66B(FT) @TSOP8                 S-93C76A(DP)                        S-93C76A(DFJ) @SOIC8

S-93C76A(FJ) @SOIC8 *               S-93C76A(FT) @TSOP8                 S-93C86A(DP)                        S-93C86A(DFJ) @SOIC8

S-93C86A(FJ) @SOIC8 *               S-93C86A(FT) @TSOP8                 S-93C86B @SOIC8                     S-93C86B @TSOP8

S-93L46A(D0I) @SOIC8                S-93L46A(R0I) @SOIC8 *              S-93L56A(D0I) @SOIC8                S-93L56A(R0I) @SOIC8 *

S-93L66A(D0I) @SOIC8                S-93L66A(R0I) @SOIC8 *              S-93L76A(D0I) @SOIC8                S-93L76A(R0I) @SOIC8 *


IC Support: 184 PCS




ETC2716 @DIP24                      ETC2732 @DIP24                      M24128                              M24128 @SOIC8

M24256                              M24256 @SOIC8                       M24512                              M24512 @SOIC8

M24C01                              M24C01 @SOIC8                       M24C02                              M24C02 @SOIC8

M24C04                              M24C04 @SOIC8                       M24C08                              M24C08 @SOIC8

M24C16                              M24C16 @SOIC8                       M24C32                              M24C32 @SOIC8

M24C32 @SSOP8                       M24C64                              M24C64 @SOIC8                       M24C64 @SSOP8

M27128A @DIP28                      M2716 @DIP24                        M27256 @DIP28                       M2732A @DIP24

M27512 @DIP28                       M2764A @DIP28                       M27C1001 @DIP32                     M27C1001 @PLCC32

M27C1001 @TSOP32                    M27C1024 @DIP40                     M27C2001 @DIP32                     M27C2001 @PLCC32

M27C2001 @TSOP32                    M27C202 @DIP40                      M27C256B @DIP28                     M27C256B @PLCC32

M27C4001 @DIP32                     M27C4001 @PLCC32                    M27C4001 @TSOP32                    M27C4002 @DIP40

M27C512 @DIP28                      M27C512 @PLCC32                     M27C64A @DIP28                      M27C64A @PLCC32

M27C801                             M27C801 @PLCC32                     M27C801 @TSOP32                     M27V101 @DIP32

M27V101 @PLCC32                     M27V101 @TSOP32                     M27V201 @DIP32                      M27V201 @PLCC32

M27V201 @TSOP32                     M27V401 @DIP32                      M27V401 @PLCC32                     M27V401 @TSOP32

M27V512 @DIP28                      M27V512 @PLCC32                     M27W201 @DIP32                      M27W201 @PLCC32

M27W201 @TSOP32                     M28010                              M28010  @PLCC32                     M28010  @TSOP32

M28C64                              M28C64 @PLCC32                      M28C64 @SOIC28                      M28C64A

M28C64A @PLCC32                     M28C64A @SOIC28                     M28C64-xxW                          M28C64-xxW @PLCC32

M28C64-xxW @SOIC28                  M28F101                             M28F101 @PLCC32                     M28F101 @TSOP32

M28F201                             M28F201 @PLCC32                     M28F201 @TSOP32                     M28W800BT @TSOP48

M28W800BB @TSOP48                   M28W800CT @TSOP48                   M28W800CB @TSOP48                   M28W160BT @TSOP48

M28W160BB @TSOP48                   M28W160CT @TSOP48                   M28W160CB @TSOP48                   M28W320BT @TSOP48

M28W320BB @TSOP48                   M28W320CT @TSOP48                   M28W320CB @TSOP48                   M28W640CT @TSOP48

M28W640CB @TSOP48                   M28W640ECT @TSOP48                  M28W640ECB @TSOP48                  M29DW323DB @TSOP48

M29DW323DT @TSOP48                  M29DW324DB @TSOP48                  M29DW324DT @TSOP48                  M29DW640D @TSOP48

M29DW640F @TSOP48                   M29DW641F @TSOP48                   M29F002B                            M29F002B @PLCC32

M29F002B @TSOP32                    M29F002BB                           M29F002BB @PLCC32                   M29F002BB @TSOP32

M29F002BT                           M29F002BT @PLCC32                   M29F002BT @TSOP32                   M29F002BNT

M29F002BNT @PLCC32                  M29F002BNT @TSOP32                  M29F002BNB                          M29F002BNB @PLCC32

M29F002BNB @TSOP32                  M29F002NT                           M29F002NT @PLCC32                   M29F002NT @TSOP32

M29F002T                            M29F002T @PLCC32                    M29F002T @TSOP32                    M29F010B

M29F010B @PLCC32                    M29F010B @TSOP32                    M29F016B @TSOP40                    M29F016D @TSOP40

M29F040B                            M29F040B @PLCC32                    M29F040B @TSOP32                    M29F080A @TSOP40

M29F080D @TSOP40                    M29F100B  @TSOP48                   M29F100B  @SOP44                    M29F100BB @TSOP48

M29F100BB @SOP44                    M29F100BT @TSOP48                   M29F100BT @SOP44                    M29F100T  @TSOP48

M29F100T  @SOP44                    M29F102BB(10x14mm) @VSOP40          M29F160BB @TSOP48                   M29F160BT @TSOP48

M29F200B  @TSOP48                   M29F200B  @SOP44                    M29F200T  @TSOP48                   M29F200T  @SOP44

M29F400B  @TSOP48                   M29F400B  @SOP44                    M29F400BB @TSOP48                   M29F400BB @SOP44

M29F400BT @TSOP48                   M29F400BT @SOP44                    M29F400T  @TSOP48                   M29F400T  @SOP44

M29F512B                            M29F512B @PLCC32                    M29F512B @TSOP32                    M29F800AB @TSOP48

M29F800AB @SOP44                    M29F800AT @TSOP48                   M29F800AT @SOP44                    M29F800DB @TSOP48

M29F800DB @SOP44                    M29F800DT @TSOP48                   M29F800DT @SOP44                    M29W002BB @TSOP40

M29W002BT @TSOP40                   M29W004B  @TSOP40                   M29W004T  @TSOP40                   M29W008AB @TSOP40

M29W008AT @TSOP40                   M29W008B  @TSOP40                   M29W008T  @TSOP40                   M29W010B @PLCC32

M29W010B @TSOP32                    M29W017D  @TSOP40                   M29W040B @PLCC32                    M29W040B @TSOP32

M29W102BB(10x14mm) @VSOP40          M29W102BT(10x14mm) @VSOP40          M29W200BB @TSOP48                   M29W200BB @SOP44

M29W200BT @TSOP48                   M29W200BT @SOP44                    M29W400B  @TSOP48                   M29W400B  @SOP44

M29W400BB @TSOP48                   M29W400BB @SOP44                    M29W400BT @TSOP48                   M29W400BT @SOP44

M29W400T  @TSOP48                   M29W400T  @SOP44                    M29W512B @PLCC32                    M29W512B @TSOP32

M29W800AB @TSOP48                   M29W800AB @SOP44                    M29W800AT @TSOP48                   M29W800AT @SOP44

M29W800DB @TSOP48                   M29W800DB @SOP44                    M29W800DT @TSOP48                   M29W800DT @SOP44

M29W160BB @TSOP48                   M29W160BT @TSOP48                   M29W160DB @TSOP48                   M29W160DT @TSOP48

M29W160EB @TSOP48                   M29W160ET @TSOP48                   M29W320DB @TSOP48                   M29W320DT @TSOP48

M29W320EB @TSOP48                   M29W320ET @TSOP48                   M29W640DB @TSOP48                   M29W640DT @TSOP48

M29W640Gx @TSOP48                   M29W641DH @TSOP48                   M29W641DL @TSOP48                   M29W641DU @TSOP48

M48T02                              M48T08                              M48T08Y                             M48T12

M48T18                              M48T35AY                            M48T35AV                            M48T58

M48T58Y                             M48T59                              M48T59Y                             M48T59V

M48T128Y @DIP32                     M48T128V @DIP32                     M48T129Y @DIP32                     M48T129V @DIP32

M48T512Y @DIP32                     M48T512V @DIP32                     M48T513Y @DIP32                     M48T513V @DIP32

M48Z02                              M48Z08                              M48Z08Y                             M48Z12

M48Z18                              M48Z35AY                            M48Z35AV                            M48Z58

M48Z58Y                             M48Z59                              M48Z59Y                             M48Z59V

M48Z128Y @DIP32                     M48Z128V @DIP32                     M48Z129Y @DIP32                     M48Z129V @DIP32

M48Z512Y @DIP32                     M48Z512V @DIP32                     M48Z2M1                             M48Z2M1Y

M50FLW040A @PLCC32                  M50FLW040A @TSOP32                  M50FLW040A @TSOP40                  M50FLW040B @PLCC32

M50FLW040B @TSOP32                  M50FLW040B @TSOP40                  M50FLW080A @PLCC32                  M50FLW080A @TSOP32

M50FLW080A @TSOP40                  M50FLW080B @PLCC32                  M50FLW080B @TSOP32                  M50FLW080B @TSOP40

M50FW002 @PLCC32                    M50FW040                            M50FW040 @PLCC32                    M50FW040 @TSOP32

M50FW040 @TSOP40                    M50FW080                            M50FW080 @PLCC32                    M50FW080 @TSOP32

M50FW080 @TSOP40                    M50FW016 @TSOP40                    M50LPW002 @PLCC32                   M50LPW040 @PLCC32

M50LPW040 @TSOP40                   M50LPW041 @PLCC32                   M50LPW041 @TSOP40                   M50LPW080 @PLCC32

M50LPW080 @TSOP40                   M50LPW116 @TSOP40                   M87C257 @DIP28                      M87C257 @PLCC32

M87C257(8D) @DIP28                  M87C257(8D) @PLCC32                 M93C06(x8)                          M93C06(x8) @SOIC8

M93C06(x16)                         M93C06(x16) @SOIC8                  M93S46                              M93S46 @SOIC8

M93S46 @TSOP8                       ST24C01                             ST24C01 @SOIC8                      ST24C02

ST24C02 @SOIC8                      ST24C04                             ST24C04 @SOIC8                      ST24C08

ST24C08 @SOIC8                      ST24C16                             ST24C16 @SOIC8                      ST24W01

ST24W01 @SOIC8                      ST24W02                             ST24W02 @SOIC8                      ST24W04

ST24W04 @SOIC8                      ST24W08                             ST24W08 @SOIC8                      ST24W16

ST24W16 @SOIC8                      ST27128A @DIP28                     ST27256 @DIP28                      ST2764A @DIP28

ST27C256 @DIP28                     ST27C256 @PLCC32                    ST93C06(x8)                         ST93C06(x8) @SOIC8

ST93C06(x16)                        ST93C06(x16) @SOIC8                 ST93CS46                            ST93CS46 @SOIC8

ST93CS46 @TSOP8                     TS27C256 @DIP28                     TS27C64A @DIP28                     TS27C64A @PLCC32


IC Support: 340 PCS




LH28F002SCHT @TSOP40                LH28F002SCT @TSOP40                 LH28F004SCHT @TSOP40                LH28F004SCT @TSOP40

LH28F004SUT-L @TSOP40               LH28F004SUT-N @TSOP40               LH28F008BJT-BTLZ @TSOP40            LH28F008BJT-TTLZ @TSOP40

LH28F008SA @TSOP40                  LH28F008SC @TSOP40                  LH28F016SC @TSOP40                  LH28F160BJE-B @TSOP48

LH28F160BJE-T @TSOP48               LH28F320BJE-PB @TSOP48              LH28F320BJE-PT @TSOP48              LH28F400SU @TSOP48

LH28F400SU @SOP44                   LH28F400BVE @TSOP48                 LH28F400BGE-B @TSOP48               LH28F400BGE-T @TSOP48

LH28F400BGHE-B @TSOP48              LH28F400BGHE-T @TSOP48              LH28F400BVHE-B @TSOP48              LH28F400BVHE-T @TSOP48

LH28F640BFE-PB @TSOP48              LH28F640BFE-PT @TSOP48              LH28F640BFHE-PBTL60 @TSOP48         LH28F640BFHE-PBTL65 @TSOP48

LH28F640BFHE-PBTL70A @TSOP48        LH28F640BFHE-PBTL80 @TSOP48         LH28F640BFHE-PBTL90 @TSOP48         LH28F640BFHE-PTTL60 @TSOP48

LH28F640BFHE-PTTL65 @TSOP48         LH28F640BFHE-PTTL70A @TSOP48        LH28F640BFHE-PTTL80 @TSOP48         LH28F640BFHE-PTTL90 @TSOP48

LH28F640BFHE-PTTLHIA @TSOP48        LH28F800BGE-B @TSOP48               LH28F800BGE-T @TSOP48               LH28F800BGHE-B @TSOP48

LH28F800BGHE-T @TSOP48              LH28F800BVHE-BTL @TSOP48            LH28F800BVHE-TTL @TSOP48


IC Support: 43 PCS




SLA24C01                            SLA24C01 @SOIC8                     SLA24C02                            SLA24C02 @SOIC8

SLA24C04                            SLA24C04 @SOIC8                     SLA24C08                            SLA24C08 @SOIC8

SLA24C16                            SLA24C16 @SOIC8                     SLA24C32                            SLA24C32 @SOIC8

SLA24C64                            SLA24C64 @SOIC8                     SLA25010                            SLA25010  @SOIC8

SLA25020                            SLA25020  @SOIC8                    SLA25040                            SLA25040  @SOIC8

SLA25080                            SLA25080  @SOIC8                    SLA25160                            SLA25160  @SOIC8

SLA25320                            SLA25320  @SOIC8                    SLE24C01                            SLE24C01 @SOIC8

SLE24C02                            SLE24C02 @SOIC8                     SLE24C04                            SLE24C04 @SOIC8

SLE24C08                            SLE24C08 @SOIC8                     SLE24C16                            SLE24C16 @SOIC8

SLE24C32                            SLE24C32 @SOIC8                     SLE24C64                            SLE24C64 @SOIC8

SLE25010                            SLE25010  @SOIC8                    SLE25020                            SLE25020  @SOIC8

SLE25040                            SLE25040  @SOIC8                    SLE25080                            SLE25080  @SOIC8

SLE25160                            SLE25160  @SOIC8                    SLE25320                            SLE25320  @SOIC8


IC Support: 52 PCS





IC Support: 0 PCS




AM29BL162CB  @SOP56                 AM29BL802CB  @SOP56                 AM29DL161DB @TSOP48                 AM29DL161DT @TSOP48

AM29DL162DB @TSOP48                 AM29DL162DT @TSOP48                 AM29DL163DB @TSOP48                 AM29DL163DT @TSOP48

AM29DL164DB @TSOP48                 AM29DL164DT @TSOP48                 AM29DL320GB    @TSOP48              AM29DL320GT     @TSOP48

AM29DL322DB @TSOP48                 AM29DL322DT @TSOP48                 AM29DL322GB @TSOP48                 AM29DL322GT @TSOP48

AM29DL323DB @TSOP48                 AM29DL323DT @TSOP48                 AM29DL323GB @TSOP48                 AM29DL323GT @TSOP48

AM29DL324DB @TSOP48                 AM29DL324DT @TSOP48                 AM29DL324GB @TSOP48                 AM29DL324GT @TSOP48

AM29DL400BB @TSOP48                 AM29DL400BB @SOP44                  AM29DL400BT @TSOP48                 AM29DL400BT @SOP44

AM29DL800BB @TSOP48                 AM29DL800BB @SOP44                  AM29DL800BT @TSOP48                 AM29DL800BT @SOP44

AM29DL640D @TSOP48                  AM29DL640H @TSOP48                  AM29DL640G @TSOP48                  AM29DS163DB @TSOP48

AM29DS163DT @TSOP48                 AM29DS323DB @TSOP48                 AM29DS323DT @TSOP48                 AM29F002B   @DIP32

AM29F002B   @PLCC32                 AM29F002B   @TSOP32                 AM29F002BB  @DIP32                  AM29F002BB  @PLCC32

AM29F002BB  @TSOP32                 AM29F002BT  @DIP32                  AM29F002BT  @PLCC32                 AM29F002BT  @TSOP32

AM29F002NB  @DIP32                  AM29F002NB  @PLCC32                 AM29F002NB  @TSOP32                 AM29F002NBB @DIP32

AM29F002NBB @PLCC32                 AM29F002NBB @TSOP32                 AM29F002NBT @DIP32                  AM29F002NBT @PLCC32

AM29F002NBT @TSOP32                 AM29F002NT  @DIP32                  AM29F002NT  @PLCC32                 AM29F002NT  @TSOP32

AM29F002T   @DIP32                  AM29F002T   @PLCC32                 AM29F002T   @TSOP32                 AM29F010    @DIP32

AM29F010    @PLCC32                 AM29F010    @TSOP32                 AM29F010B   @DIP32                  AM29F010B   @PLCC32

AM29F010B   @TSOP32                 AM29F016D   @TSOP40                 AM29F040    @DIP32                  AM29F040    @PLCC32

AM29F040    @TSOP32                 AM29F040B   @DIP2                   AM29F040B   @PLCC32                 AM29F040B   @TSOP32

AM29F080    @TSOP40                 AM29F080B   @TSOP40                 AM29F100AB  @TSOP48                 AM29F100AB  @SOP44

AM29F100AT  @TSOP48                 AM29F100AT  @SOP44                  AM29F100B   @TSOP48                 AM29F100B   @SOP44

AM29F100T   @TSOP48                 AM29F100T   @SOP44                  AM29F160DB  @TSOP48                 AM29F160DT  @TSOP48

AM29F200AB  @TSOP48                 AM29F200AB  @SOP44                  AM29F200AT  @TSOP48                 AM29F200AT  @SOP44

AM29F200BB  @TSOP48                 AM29F200BB  @SOP44                  AM29F200BT  @TSOP48                 AM29F200BT  @SOP44

AM29F400AB  @TSOP48                 AM29F400AB  @SOP44                  AM29F400AT  @TSOP48                 AM29F400AT  @SOP44

AM29F400BB  @TSOP48                 AM29F400BB  @SOP44                  AM29F400BT  @TSOP48                 AM29F400BT  @SOP44

AM29F800AB  @TSOP48                 AM29F800AB  @SOP44                  AM29F800AT  @TSOP48                 AM29F800AT  @SOP44

AM29F800B   @TSOP48                 AM29F800B   @SOP44                  AM29F800BB  @TSOP48                 AM29F800BB  @SOP44

AM29F800BT  @TSOP48                 AM29F800BT  @SOP44                  AM29F800T   @TSOP48                 AM29F800T   @SOP44

AM29LV001B  @PLCC32                 AM29LV001B  @TSOP32                 AM29LV001BB @PLCC32                 AM29LV001BB @TSOP32

AM29LV001BT @PLCC32                 AM29LV001BT @TSOP32                 AM29LV001T  @PLCC32                 AM29LV001T  @TSOP32

AM29LV002B  @TSOP40                 AM29LV002T  @TSOP40                 AM29LV004B  @TSOP40                 AM29LV004BB @TSOP40

AM29LV004BT @TSOP40                 AM29LV004T  @TSOP40                 AM29LV008B  @TSOP40                 AM29LV008BB @TSOP40

AM29LV008BT @TSOP40                 AM29LV008T  @TSOP40                 AM29LV010B  @PLCC32                 AM29LV010B  @TSOP32

AM29LV017   @TSOP40                 AM29LV020B  @PLCC32                 AM29LV020B  @TSOP32                 AM29LV033C  @TSOP40

AM29LV033M  @TSOP40                 AM29LV040B  @PLCC32                 AM29LV040B  @TSOP32                 AM29LV081   @TSOP40

AM29LV200BB @TSOP48                 AM29LV200BB @SOP44                  AM29LV200BT @TSOP48                 AM29LV200BT @SOP44

AM29LV200T  @SOP44                  AM29LV200T  @TSOP48                 AM29LV400B  @TSOP48                 AM29LV400B  @SOP44

AM29LV400BB @TSOP48                 AM29LV400BB @SOP44                  AM29LV400BT @TSOP48                 AM29LV400BT @SOP44

AM29LV400T  @TSOP48                 AM29LV400T  @SOP44                  AM29LV800B  @TSOP48                 AM29LV800B  @SOP44

AM29LV800BB @TSOP48                 AM29LV800BB @SOP44                  AM29LV800BT @TSOP48                 AM29LV800BT @SOP44

AM29LV800T  @TSOP48                 AM29LV800T  @SOP44                  AM29LV160BB  @TSOP48                AM29LV160BT @TSOP48

AM29LV160DB @TSOP48                 AM29LV160DT @TSOP48                 AM29LV160MB @TSOP48                 AM29LV160MT @TSOP48

AM29LV320DB @TSOP48                 AM29LV320DT @TSOP48                 AM29LV320MB @TSOP48                 AM29LV320MT @TSOP48

AM29LV641D  @TSOP48                 MBM29DL161BD @TSOP48                MBM29DL161BE @TSOP48                MBM29DL161TD @TSOP48

MBM29DL161TE @TSOP48                MBM29DL162BD @TSOP48                MBM29DL162BE @TSOP48                MBM29DL162TD @TSOP48

MBM29DL162TE @TSOP48                MBM29DL163BD @TSOP48                MBM29DL163BE @TSOP48                MBM29DL163TD @TSOP48

MBM29DL163TE @TSOP48                MBM29DL164BD @TSOP48                MBM29DL164BE @TSOP48                MBM29DL164TD @TSOP48

MBM29DL164TE @TSOP48                MBM29DL321BD @TSOP48                MBM29DL321BE @TSOP48                MBM29DL321TD @TSOP48

MBM29DL321TE @TSOP48                MBM29DL322BD @TSOP48                MBM29DL322BE @TSOP48                MBM29DL322TD @TSOP48

MBM29DL322TE @TSOP48                MBM29DL323BD @TSOP48                MBM29DL323BE @TSOP48                MBM29DL323BF @TSOP48

MBM29DL323TD @TSOP48                MBM29DL323TE @TSOP48                MBM29DL323TF @TSOP48                MBM29DL324BD @TSOP48

MBM29DL324BE @TSOP48                MBM29DL324TD @TSOP48                MBM29DL324TE @TSOP48                MBM29DL32BF  @TSOP48

MBM29DL32TF  @TSOP48                MBM29DL34BF  @TSOP48                MBM29DL34TF  @TSOP48                MBM29DL400BB @TSOP48

MBM29DL400BB @SOP44                 MBM29DL400BC @TSOP48                MBM29DL400BC @SOP44                 MBM29DL400BT @TSOP48

MBM29DL400BT @SOP44                 MBM29DL400TC @TSOP48                MBM29DL400TC @SOP44                 MBM29DL800B  @TSOP48

MBM29DL800B  @SOP44                 MBM29DL800BA @TSOP48                MBM29DL800BA @SOP44                 MBM29DL800BB @TSOP48

MBM29DL800BB @SOP44                 MBM29DL800BT @TSOP48                MBM29DL800BT @SOP44                 MBM29DL800T  @TSOP48

MBM29DL800T  @SOP44                 MBM29DL800TA @TSOP48                MBM29DL800TA @SOP44                 MBM29DL640E  @TSOP48

MBM29DL640D  @TSOP48                MBM29F002B                          MBM29F002B  @PLCC32                 MBM29F002B  @TSOP32

MBM29F002T                          MBM29F002T  @PLCC32                 MBM29F002T  @TSOP32                 MBM29F002SB @TSOP40

MBM29F002ST @TSOP40                 MBM29F033C PTN @TSOP40              MBM29F040                           MBM29F040 @PLCC32

MBM29F040 @TSOP32                   MBM29F040A  @PLCC32                 MBM29F040A  @TSOP32                 MBM29F040C  @PLCC32

MBM29F040C  @TSOP32                 MBM29F160TE @TSOP48                 MBM29F160BE @TSOP48                 MBM29F200AB @TSOP48

MBM29F200AB @SOP44                  MBM29F200AT @TSOP48                 MBM29F200AT @SOP44                  MBM29F200B  @TSOP48

MBM29F200B  @SOP44                  MBM29F200BC @TSOP48                 MBM29F200BC @SOP44                  MBM29F200T  @TSOP48

MBM29F200T  @SOP44                  MBM29F200TC @TSOP48                 MBM29F200TC @SOP44                  MBM29F400AB @TSOP48

MBM29F400AB @SOP44                  MBM29F400AT @TSOP48                 MBM29F400AT @SOP44                  MBM29F400B  @TSOP48

MBM29F400B  @SOP44                  MBM29F400BC @TSOP48                 MBM29F400BC @SOP44                  MBM29F400T  @TSOP48

MBM29F400T  @SOP44                  MBM29F400TC @TSOP48                 MBM29F400TC @SOP44                  MBM29F800B  @TSOP48

MBM29F800B  @SOP44                  MBM29F800BA @TSOP48                 MBM29F800BA @SOP44                  MBM29F800BB @TSOP48

MBM29F800BB @SOP44                  MBM29F800BT @TSOP48                 MBM29F800BT @SOP44                  MBM29F800T  @TSOP48

MBM29F800T  @SOP44                  MBM29F800TA @TSOP48                 MBM29F800TA @SOP44                  MBM29LV001B  @PLCC32

MBM29LV001B  @TSOP32                MBM29LV001BB @PLCC32                MBM29LV001BB @TSOP32                MBM29LV001BC @PLCC32

MBM29LV001BC @TSOP32                MBM29LV001BT @PLCC32                MBM29LV001BT @TSOP32                MBM29LV001T  @PLCC32

MBM29LV001T  @TSOP32                MBM29LV001TC @PLCC32                MBM29LV001TC @TSOP32                MBM29LV002B  @TSOP40

MBM29LV002BC @TSOP40                MBM29LV002T  @TSOP40                MBM29LV002TC @TSOP40                MBM29LV004B  @TSOP40

MBM29LV004BB @TSOP40                MBM29LV004BC @TSOP40                MBM29LV004BT @TSOP40                MBM29LV004T  @TSOP40

MBM29LV004TC @TSOP40                MBM29LV008B  @TSOP40                MBM29LV008BA @TSOP40                MBM29LV008BB @TSOP40

MBM29LV008BT @TSOP40                MBM29LV008T  @TSOP40                MBM29LV008TA @TSOP40                MBM29LV016T  @TSOP40

MBM29LV016B  @TSOP40                MBM29LV017   @TSOP40                MBM29LV017B  @TSOP40                MBM29LV017E  @TSOP40

MBM29LV160B  @TSOP48                MBM29LV160BE @TSOP48                MBM29LV160BM @TSOP48                MBM29LV160T  @TSOP48

MBM29LV160TE @TSOP48                MBM29LV160TM @TSOP48                MBM29LV200B  @TSOP48                MBM29LV200B  @SOP44

MBM29LV200BB @TSOP48                MBM29LV200BB @SOP44                 MBM29LV200BC @TSOP48                MBM29LV200BC @SOP44

MBM29LV200BT @TSOP48                MBM29LV200BT @SOP44                 MBM29LV200T  @TSOP48                MBM29LV200T  @SOP44

MBM29LV200TC @TSOP48                MBM29LV200TC @SOP44                 MBM29LV320T  @TSOP48                MBM29LV320B  @TSOP48

MBM29LV400B  @TSOP48                MBM29LV400B  @SOP44                 MBM29LV400BB @TSOP48                MBM29LV400BB @SOP44

MBM29LV400BC @TSOP48                MBM29LV400BC @SOP44                 MBM29LV400BT @TSOP48                MBM29LV400BT @SOP44

MBM29LV400T  @TSOP48                MBM29LV400T  @SOP44                 MBM29LV400TC @TSOP48                MBM29LV400TC @SOP44

MBM29LV650UE @TSOP48                MBM29LV651UE @TSOP48                MBM29LV800B  @TSOP48                MBM29LV800B  @SOP44

MBM29LV800BA @TSOP48                MBM29LV800BA @SOP44                 MBM29LV800BB @TSOP48                MBM29LV800BB @SOP44

MBM29LV800BE @TSOP48                MBM29LV800BE @SOP44                 MBM29LV800T  @TSOP48                MBM29LV800T  @SOP44

MBM29LV800TA @TSOP48                MBM29LV800TA @SOP44                 MBM29LV800TE @TSOP48                MBM29LV800TE @SOP44

MBM29PL64LM @TSOP48                 S25FL001D @SOIC8                    S25FL001D @WSON8                    S25FL002D @SOIC8

S25FL002D @WSON8                    S25FL004A @SOIC8                    S25FL004A @WSON8                    S25FL004D @SOIC8

S25FL004D @WSON8                    S25FL004K @SOIC8                    S25FL004K @WSON8                    S25FL008A @SOIC8

S25FL008A @WSON8                    S25FL008D @SOIC8                    S25FL008D @WSON8                    S25FL008K @SOIC8

S25FL008K @WSON8                    S25FL016A @SOIC8                    S25FL016A @SOIC16                   S25FL016A @SOIC16 (9V)

S25FL016K @SOIC8                    S25FL016K @SOIC16                   S25FL032A @SOIC8                    S25FL032A @SOIC16

S25FL032A @SOIC16 (9V)              S25FL032K @SOIC8                    S25FL032K @SOIC16                   S25FL032K @SOIC16 (9V)

S25FL032P @SOIC8                    S25FL032P @SOIC16                   S25FL032P @SOIC16 (9V)              S25FL040A @SOIC8

S25FL040A @WSON8                    S25FL040A(BOT) @SOIC8               S25FL040A(BOT) @WSON8               S25FL040A(TOP) @SOIC8

S25FL040A(TOP) @WSON8               S25FL064A @SOIC8                    S25FL064A @SOIC16                   S25FL064A @SOIC16 (9V)

S25FL064K @SOIC8                    S25FL064K @SOIC16                   S25FL064K @SOIC16 (9V)              S25FL064P @SOIC8

S25FL064P @SOIC16                   S25FL064P @SOIC16 (9V)              S25FL116K @SOIC8                    S25FL116K @USON

S25FL116K @WSON                     S25FL116K @SOIC16                   S25FL128K @SOIC8                    S25FL128K @SOIC16

S25FL128K @SOIC16 (9V)              S25FL128P(64KB) @SOIC8              S25FL128P(64KB) @SOIC16             S25FL128P(64KB) @SOIC16 (9V)

S25FL128P(256KB) @SOIC8             S25FL128P(256KB) @SOIC16            S25FL128P(256KB) @SOIC16 (9V)       S25FL128S(Page=256) @SOIC8

S25FL128S(Page=256) @SOIC16         S25FL128S(Page=256) @SOIC16 (9V)    S25FL128S(Page=512) @SOIC8          S25FL128S(Page=512) @SOIC16

S25FL128S(Page=512) @SOIC16 (9V)    S25FL132K @SOIC8                    S25FL132K @USON                     S25FL132K @WSON

S25FL132K @SOIC16                   S25FL164K @SOIC8                    S25FL164K @USON                     S25FL164K @WSON

S25FL164K @SOIC16                   S25FL064L @SOIC8                    S25FL064L @SOIC16                   S25FL128L @SOIC8

S25FL128L @SOIC16                   S25FL256L @SOIC8                    S25FL256L @SOIC16                   S25FL256S(Page=256) @SOIC8

S25FL256S(Page=256) @SOIC16         S25FL256S(Page=512) @SOIC8          S25FL256S(Page=512) @SOIC16         S25FL512S(Page=256) @SOIC8

S25FL512S(Page=256) @SOIC16         S25FL512S(Page=512) @SOIC8          S25FL512S(Page=512) @SOIC16         S25FS128S(1.8V Page=256) @SOIC8

S25FS128S(1.8V Page=256) @SOIC16    S25FS128S(1.8V Page=512) @SOIC8     S25FS128S(1.8V Page=512) @SOIC16    S29AL004D55MAI01 @SOP44

S29AL004D55MAI02 @SOP44             S29AL004D55MANR1 @SOP44             S29AL004D55MANR2 @SOP44             S29AL004D55MFI01 @SOP44

S29AL004D55MFI02 @SOP44             S29AL004D55MFNR1 @SOP44             S29AL004D55MFNR2 @SOP44             S29AL004D55TAI01 @TSOP48

S29AL004D55TAI02 @TSOP48            S29AL004D55TANR1 @TSOP48            S29AL004D55TANR2 @TSOP48            S29AL004D55TFI01 @TSOP48

S29AL004D55TFI02 @TSOP48            S29AL004D55TFNR1 @TSOP48            S29AL004D55TFNR2 @TSOP48            S29AL004D70MAI01 @SOP44

S29AL004D70MAI02 @SOP44             S29AL004D70MAN01 @SOP44             S29AL004D70MAN02 @SOP44             S29AL004D70MFI01 @SOP44

S29AL004D70MFI02 @SOP44             S29AL004D70MFN01 @SOP44             S29AL004D70MFN02 @SOP44             S29AL004D70TAI01 @TSOP48

S29AL004D70TAI02 @TSOP48            S29AL004D70TAN01 @TSOP48            S29AL004D70TAN02 @TSOP48            S29AL004D70TFI01 @TSOP48

S29AL004D70TFI02 @TSOP48            S29AL004D70TFN01 @TSOP48            S29AL004D70TFN02 @TSOP48            S29AL004D90MAI01 @SOP44

S29AL004D90MAI02 @SOP44             S29AL004D90MAN01 @SOP44             S29AL004D90MAN02 @SOP44             S29AL004D90MFI01 @SOP44

S29AL004D90MFI02 @SOP44             S29AL004D90MFN01 @SOP44             S29AL004D90MFN02 @SOP44             S29AL004D90TAI01 @TSOP48

S29AL004D90TAI02 @TSOP48            S29AL004D90TAN01 @TSOP48            S29AL004D90TAN02 @TSOP48            S29AL004D90TFI01 @TSOP48

S29AL004D90TFI02 @TSOP48            S29AL004D90TFN01 @TSOP48            S29AL004D90TFN02 @TSOP48            S29AL008D55MAIR1 @SOP44

S29AL008D55MAIR2 @SOP44             S29AL008D55MFIR1 @SOP44             S29AL008D55MFIR2 @SOP44             S29AL008D55TAIR1 @TSOP48

S29AL008D55TAIR2 @TSOP48            S29AL008D55TFIR1 @TSOP48            S29AL008D55TFIR2 @TSOP48            S29AL008D60MAI01 @SOP44

S29AL008D60MAI02 @SOP44             S29AL008D60MAN01 @SOP44             S29AL008D60MAN02 @SOP44             S29AL008D60MFI01 @SOP44

S29AL008D60MFI02 @SOP44             S29AL008D60MFN01 @SOP44             S29AL008D60MFN02 @SOP44             S29AL008D60TAI01 @TSOP48

S29AL008D60TAI02 @TSOP48            S29AL008D60TAN01 @TSOP48            S29AL008D60TAN02 @TSOP48            S29AL008D60TFI01 @TSOP48

S29AL008D60TFI02 @TSOP48            S29AL008D60TFN01 @TSOP48            S29AL008D60TFN02 @TSOP48            S29AL008D70MAI01 @SOP44

S29AL008D70MAI02 @SOP44             S29AL008D70MAN01 @SOP44             S29AL008D70MAN02 @SOP44             S29AL008D70MFI01 @SOP44

S29AL008D70MFI02 @SOP44             S29AL008D70MFN01 @SOP44             S29AL008D70MFN02 @SOP44             S29AL008D70TAI01 @TSOP48

S29AL008D70TAI02 @TSOP48            S29AL008D70TAN01 @TSOP48            S29AL008D70TAN02 @TSOP48            S29AL008D70TFI01 @TSOP48

S29AL008D70TFI02 @TSOP48            S29AL008D70TFN01 @TSOP48            S29AL008D70TFN02 @TSOP48            S29AL008D90MAI01 @SOP44

S29AL008D90MAI02 @SOP44             S29AL008D90MAN01 @SOP44             S29AL008D90MAN02 @SOP44             S29AL008D90MFI01 @SOP44

S29AL008D90MFI02 @SOP44             S29AL008D90MFN01 @SOP44             S29AL008D90MFN02 @SOP44             S29AL008D90TAI01 @TSOP48

S29AL008D90TAI02 @TSOP48            S29AL008D90TAN01 @TSOP48            S29AL008D90TAN02 @TSOP48            S29AL008D90TFI01 @TSOP48

S29AL008D90TFI02 @TSOP48            S29AL008D90TFN01 @TSOP48            S29AL008D90TFN02 @TSOP48            S29AL008J55TFIR1 @TSOP48

S29AL008J55TFIR2 @TSOP48            S29AL008J55TFNR1 @TSOP48            S29AL008J55TFNR2 @TSOP48            S29AL008J70TFI01 @TSOP48

S29AL008J70TFI02 @TSOP48            S29AL008J70TFI03 @TSOP48            S29AL008J70TFI04 @TSOP48            S29AL008J70TFN01 @TSOP48

S29AL008J70TFN02 @TSOP48            S29AL016D70TAI01 @TSOP48            S29AL016D70TAI02 @TSOP48            S29AL016D70TAN01 @TSOP48

S29AL016D70TAN02 @TSOP48            S29AL016D70TFI01 @TSOP48            S29AL016D70TFI02 @TSOP48            S29AL016D70TFN01 @TSOP48

S29AL016D70TFN02 @TSOP48            S29AL016D90TAI01 @TSOP48            S29AL016D90TAI02 @TSOP48            S29AL016D90TAN01 @TSOP48

S29AL016D90TAN02 @TSOP48            S29AL016D90TFI01 @TSOP48            S29AL016D90TFI02 @TSOP48            S29AL016D90TFN01 @TSOP48

S29AL016D90TFN02 @TSOP48            S29AL016J55TFIR1 @TSOP48            S29AL016J55TFIR2 @TSOP48            S29AL016J55TFNR1 @TSOP48

S29AL016J55TFNR2 @TSOP48            S29AL016J70TFI01 @TSOP48            S29AL016J70TFI02 @TSOP48            S29AL016J70TFI03 @TSOP48

S29AL016J70TFI04 @TSOP48            S29AL016J70TFN01 @TSOP48            S29AL016J70TFN02 @TSOP48            S29AL016M10TAI01 @TSOP48

S29AL016M10TAI02 @TSOP48            S29AL016M10TAIR1 @TSOP48            S29AL016M10TAIR2 @TSOP48            S29AL016M10TFI01 @TSOP48

S29AL016M10TFI02 @TSOP48            S29AL016M10TFIR1 @TSOP48            S29AL016M10TFIR2 @TSOP48            S29AL016M90TAI01 @TSOP48

S29AL016M90TAI02 @TSOP48            S29AL016M90TAIR1 @TSOP48            S29AL016M90TAIR2 @TSOP48            S29AL016M90TFI01 @TSOP48

S29AL016M90TFI02 @TSOP48            S29AL016M90TFIR1 @TSOP48            S29AL016M90TFIR2 @TSOP48            S29AL032D70TAI00 @TSOP40

S29AL032D70TFI00 @TSOP40            S29AL032D90TAI00 @TSOP40            S29AL032D90TAN00 @TSOP40            S29AL032D90TFI00 @TSOP40

S29AL032D90TFN00 @TSOP40            S29AL032D70TAI03 @TSOP48            S29AL032D70TAI04 @TSOP48            S29AL032D70TFI03 @TSOP48

S29AL032D70TFI04 @TSOP48            S29AL032D90TAI03 @TSOP48            S29AL032D90TAI04 @TSOP48            S29AL032D90TAN03 @TSOP48

S29AL032D90TAN04 @TSOP48            S29AL032D90TFI03 @TSOP48            S29AL032D90TFI04 @TSOP48            S29AL032D90TFN03 @TSOP48

S29AL032D90TFN04 @TSOP48            S29GL016A10TAI01 @TSOP48            S29GL016A10TAI02 @TSOP48            S29GL016A10TAIR1 @TSOP48

S29GL016A10TAIR2 @TSOP48            S29GL016A10TFI01 @TSOP48            S29GL016A10TFI02 @TSOP48            S29GL016A10TFIR1 @TSOP48

S29GL016A10TFIR2 @TSOP48            S29GL016A90TAIR1 @TSOP48            S29GL016A90TAIR2 @TSOP48            S29GL016A90TFIR1 @TSOP48

S29GL016A90TFIR2 @TSOP48            S29GL032A10TAIR3 @TSOP48            S29GL032A10TAIR4 @TSOP48            S29GL032A10TFIR3 @TSOP48

S29GL032A10TFIR4 @TSOP48            S29GL032A11TAIR3 @TSOP48            S29GL032A11TAIR4 @TSOP48            S29GL032A11TFIR3 @TSOP48

S29GL032A11TFIR4 @TSOP48            S29GL032A90TAIR3 @TSOP48            S29GL032A90TAIR4 @TSOP48            S29GL032A90TFIR3 @TSOP48

S29GL032A90TFIR4 @TSOP48            S29GL032M10TAIR0 @TSOP40            S29GL032M10TFIR0 @TSOP40            S29GL032M10TAIR3 @TSOP48

S29GL032M10TAIR4 @TSOP48            S29GL032M10TBIR3 @TSOP48            S29GL032M10TBIR4 @TSOP48            S29GL032M10TCIR3 @TSOP48

S29GL032M10TCIR4 @TSOP48            S29GL032M10TFIR3 @TSOP48            S29GL032M10TFIR4 @TSOP48            S29GL032M11TAIR0 @TSOP40

S29GL032M11TFIR0 @TSOP40            S29GL032M11TAIR3 @TSOP48            S29GL032M11TAIR4 @TSOP48            S29GL032M11TBIR3 @TSOP48

S29GL032M11TBIR4 @TSOP48            S29GL032M11TCIR3 @TSOP48            S29GL032M11TCIR4 @TSOP48            S29GL032M11TFIR3 @TSOP48

S29GL032M11TFIR4 @TSOP48            S29GL032M90TACR0 @TSOP40            S29GL032M90TAIR0 @TSOP40            S29GL032M90TFCR0 @TSOP40

S29GL032M90TFIR0 @TSOP40            S29GL032M90TACR3 @TSOP48            S29GL032M90TACR4 @TSOP48            S29GL032M90TAIR3 @TSOP48

S29GL032M90TAIR4 @TSOP48            S29GL032M90TBIR3 @TSOP48            S29GL032M90TBIR4 @TSOP48            S29GL032M90TCIR3 @TSOP48

S29GL032M90TCIR4 @TSOP48            S29GL032M90TFCR3 @TSOP48            S29GL032M90TFCR4 @TSOP48            S29GL032M90TFIR3 @TSOP48

S29GL032M90TFIR4 @TSOP48            S29GL032N70TAI03 @TSOP48            S29GL032N70TAI04 @TSOP48            S29GL032N70TAIR3 @TSOP48

S29GL032N70TAIR4 @TSOP48            S29GL032N70TFI03 @TSOP48            S29GL032N70TFI04 @TSOP48            S29GL032N70TFIR3 @TSOP48

S29GL032N70TFIR4 @TSOP48            S29GL032N90TAI03 @TSOP48            S29GL032N90TAI04 @TSOP48            S29GL032N90TAIR3 @TSOP48

S29GL032N90TAIR4 @TSOP48            S29GL032N90TFI03 @TSOP48            S29GL032N90TFI04 @TSOP48            S29GL032N90TFIR3 @TSOP48

S29GL032N90TFIR4 @TSOP48            S29GL064A10TAIR3 @TSOP48            S29GL064A10TAIR4 @TSOP48            S29GL064A10TAIR6 @TSOP48

S29GL064A10TAIR7 @TSOP48            S29GL064A10TAIR8 @TSOP48            S29GL064A10TAIR9 @TSOP48            S29GL064A10TFIR3 @TSOP48

S29GL064A10TFIR4 @TSOP48            S29GL064A10TFIR6 @TSOP48            S29GL064A10TFIR7 @TSOP48            S29GL064A10TFIR8 @TSOP48

S29GL064A10TFIR9 @TSOP48            S29GL064A11TAIR3 @TSOP48            S29GL064A11TAIR4 @TSOP48            S29GL064A11TAIR6 @TSOP48

S29GL064A11TAIR7 @TSOP48            S29GL064A11TAIR8 @TSOP48            S29GL064A11TAIR9 @TSOP48            S29GL064A11TFIR3 @TSOP48

S29GL064A11TFIR4 @TSOP48            S29GL064A11TFIR6 @TSOP48            S29GL064A11TFIR7 @TSOP48            S29GL064A11TFIR8 @TSOP48

S29GL064A11TFIR9 @TSOP48            S29GL064A90TAIR3 @TSOP48            S29GL064A90TAIR4 @TSOP48            S29GL064A90TAIR6 @TSOP48

S29GL064A90TAIR7 @TSOP48            S29GL064A90TAIR8 @TSOP48            S29GL064A90TAIR9 @TSOP48            S29GL064A90TFIR3 @TSOP48

S29GL064A90TFIR4 @TSOP48            S29GL064A90TFIR6 @TSOP48            S29GL064A90TFIR7 @TSOP48            S29GL064A90TFIR8 @TSOP48

S29GL064A90TFIR9 @TSOP48            S29GL064M10TAIR3 @TSOP48            S29GL064M10TAIR4 @TSOP48            S29GL064M10TAIR6 @TSOP48

S29GL064M10TAIR7 @TSOP48            S29GL064M10TBIR2 @TSOP48            S29GL064M10TBIR7 @TSOP48            S29GL064M10TCIR2 @TSOP48

S29GL064M10TCIR7 @TSOP48            S29GL064M10TFIR3 @TSOP48            S29GL064M10TFIR4 @TSOP48            S29GL064M10TFIR6 @TSOP48

S29GL064M10TFIR7 @TSOP48            S29GL064M11TAIR3 @TSOP48            S29GL064M11TAIR4 @TSOP48            S29GL064M11TAIR6 @TSOP48

S29GL064M11TAIR7 @TSOP48            S29GL064M11TBIR2 @TSOP48            S29GL064M11TBIR7 @TSOP48            S29GL064M11TCIR2 @TSOP48

S29GL064M11TCIR7 @TSOP48            S29GL064M11TFIR3 @TSOP48            S29GL064M11TFIR4 @TSOP48            S29GL064M11TFIR6 @TSOP48

S29GL064M11TFIR7 @TSOP48            S29GL064M90TAIR3 @TSOP48            S29GL064M90TAIR4 @TSOP48            S29GL064M90TAIR6 @TSOP48

S29GL064M90TAIR7 @TSOP48            S29GL064M90TBIR2 @TSOP48            S29GL064M90TBIR7 @TSOP48            S29GL064M90TCIR2 @TSOP48

S29GL064M90TCIR7 @TSOP48            S29GL064M90TFIR3 @TSOP48            S29GL064M90TFIR4 @TSOP48            S29GL064M90TFIR6 @TSOP48

S29GL064M90TFIR7 @TSOP48            S29GL064N11TAIV6 @TSOP48            S29GL064N11TAIV7 @TSOP48            S29GL064N11TFIV6 @TSOP48

S29GL064N11TFIV7 @TSOP48            S29GL064N70TAI03 @TSOP48            S29GL064N70TAI04 @TSOP48            S29GL064N70TAI06 @TSOP48

S29GL064N70TAI07 @TSOP48            S29GL064N70TAIR3 @TSOP48            S29GL064N70TAIR4 @TSOP48            S29GL064N70TAIR6 @TSOP48

S29GL064N70TAIR7 @TSOP48            S29GL064N70TFI03 @TSOP48            S29GL064N70TFI04 @TSOP48            S29GL064N70TFI06 @TSOP48

S29GL064N70TFI07 @TSOP48            S29GL064N70TFIR3 @TSOP48            S29GL064N70TFIR4 @TSOP48            S29GL064N70TFIR6 @TSOP48

S29GL064N70TFIR7 @TSOP48            S29GL064N90TAI03 @TSOP48            S29GL064N90TAI04 @TSOP48            S29GL064N90TAI06 @TSOP48

S29GL064N90TAI07 @TSOP48            S29GL064N90TAIR3 @TSOP48            S29GL064N90TAIR4 @TSOP48            S29GL064N90TAIR6 @TSOP48

S29GL064N90TAIR7 @TSOP48            S29GL064N90TAIV6 @TSOP48            S29GL064N90TAIV7 @TSOP48            S29GL064N90TFI03 @TSOP48

S29GL064N90TFI04 @TSOP48            S29GL064N90TFI06 @TSOP48            S29GL064N90TFI07 @TSOP48            S29GL064N90TFIR3 @TSOP48

S29GL064N90TFIR4 @TSOP48            S29GL064N90TFIR6 @TSOP48            S29GL064N90TFIR7 @TSOP48            S29GL064N90TFIV6 @TSOP48

S29GL064N90TFIV7 @TSOP48            S29JL032H55TAI01 @TSOP48            S29JL032H55TAI02 @TSOP48            S29JL032H55TAI21 @TSOP48

S29JL032H55TAI22 @TSOP48            S29JL032H55TAI31 @TSOP48            S29JL032H55TAI32 @TSOP48            S29JL032H55TAI41 @TSOP48

S29JL032H55TAI42 @TSOP48            S29JL032H55TFI01 @TSOP48            S29JL032H55TFI02 @TSOP48            S29JL032H55TFI21 @TSOP48

S29JL032H55TFI22 @TSOP48            S29JL032H55TFI31 @TSOP48            S29JL032H55TFI32 @TSOP48            S29JL032H55TFI41 @TSOP48

S29JL032H55TFI42 @TSOP48            S29JL032H60TAI01 @TSOP48            S29JL032H60TAI02 @TSOP48            S29JL032H60TAI21 @TSOP48

S29JL032H60TAI22 @TSOP48            S29JL032H60TAI31 @TSOP48            S29JL032H60TAI32 @TSOP48            S29JL032H60TAI41 @TSOP48

S29JL032H60TAI42 @TSOP48            S29JL032H60TFI01 @TSOP48            S29JL032H60TFI02 @TSOP48            S29JL032H60TFI21 @TSOP48

S29JL032H60TFI22 @TSOP48            S29JL032H60TFI31 @TSOP48            S29JL032H60TFI32 @TSOP48            S29JL032H60TFI41 @TSOP48

S29JL032H60TFI42 @TSOP48            S29JL032H70TAI01 @TSOP48            S29JL032H70TAI02 @TSOP48            S29JL032H70TAI21 @TSOP48

S29JL032H70TAI22 @TSOP48            S29JL032H70TAI31 @TSOP48            S29JL032H70TAI32 @TSOP48            S29JL032H70TAI41 @TSOP48

S29JL032H70TAI42 @TSOP48            S29JL032H70TFI01 @TSOP48            S29JL032H70TFI02 @TSOP48            S29JL032H70TFI21 @TSOP48

S29JL032H70TFI22 @TSOP48            S29JL032H70TFI31 @TSOP48            S29JL032H70TFI32 @TSOP48            S29JL032H70TFI41 @TSOP48

S29JL032H70TFI42 @TSOP48            S29JL032H90TAI01 @TSOP48            S29JL032H90TAI02 @TSOP48            S29JL032H90TAI21 @TSOP48

S29JL032H90TAI22 @TSOP48            S29JL032H90TAI31 @TSOP48            S29JL032H90TAI32 @TSOP48            S29JL032H90TAI41 @TSOP48

S29JL032H90TAI42 @TSOP48            S29JL032H90TFI01 @TSOP48            S29JL032H90TFI02 @TSOP48            S29JL032H90TFI21 @TSOP48

S29JL032H90TFI22 @TSOP48            S29JL032H90TFI31 @TSOP48            S29JL032H90TFI32 @TSOP48            S29JL032H90TFI41 @TSOP48

S29JL032H90TFI42 @TSOP48            S29JL032J60TFI01 @TSOP48            S29JL032J60TFI02 @TSOP48            S29JL032J60TFI21 @TSOP48

S29JL032J60TFI22 @TSOP48            S29JL032J60TFI31 @TSOP48            S29JL032J60TFI32 @TSOP48            S29JL032J60TFI41 @TSOP48

S29JL032J60TFI42 @TSOP48            S29JL032J70TFI01 @TSOP48            S29JL032J70TFI02 @TSOP48            S29JL032J70TFI21 @TSOP48

S29JL032J70TFI22 @TSOP48            S29JL032J70TFI31 @TSOP48            S29JL032J70TFI32 @TSOP48            S29JL032J70TFI41 @TSOP48

S29JL032J70TFI42 @TSOP48            S29JL064H55TAI00 @TSOP48            S29JL064H55TFI00 @TSOP48            S29JL064H60TAI00 @TSOP48

S29JL064H60TFI00 @TSOP48            S29JL064H70TAI00 @TSOP48            S29JL064H70TFI00 @TSOP48            S29JL064H90TAI00 @TSOP48

S29JL064H90TFI00 @TSOP48            S29JL064J55TFI00 @TSOP48            S29JL064J60TFI00 @TSOP48            S29JL064J70TFI00 @TSOP48


IC Support: 916 PCS




S34ML01G1 @TSOP48                   S34ML01G2 @TSOP48                   S34ML02G1 @TSOP48                   S34ML02G2 @TSOP48

S34ML04G1 @TSOP48                   S34ML04G2 @TSOP48


IC Support: 6 PCS


[ SST ]


SST25LF020A                         SST25LF020A @SOIC8                  SST25LF020A @WSON8                  SST25LF040A

SST25LF040A @SOIC8                  SST25LF040A @WSON8                  SST25LF080A                         SST25LF080A @SOIC8

SST25LF080A @WSON8                  SST25VF010                          SST25VF010 @SOIC8                   SST25VF010 @WSON8

SST25VF010A                         SST25VF010A @SOIC8                  SST25VF010A @WSON8                  SST25VF016B

SST25VF016B @SOIC8                  SST25VF016B @WSON8                  SST25VF020                          SST25VF020 @SOIC8

SST25VF020 @WSON8                   SST25VF020A                         SST25VF020A @SOIC8                  SST25VF020A @WSON8

SST25VF020B                         SST25VF020B @SOIC8                  SST25VF020B @WSON8                  SST25VF032B

SST25VF032B @SOIC8                  SST25VF032B @WSON8                  SST25VF064C @SOIC8                  SST25VF064C @SOIC16

SST25VF040                          SST25VF040 @SOIC8                   SST25VF040 @WSON8                   SST25VF040A

SST25VF040A @SOIC8                  SST25VF040A @WSON8                  SST25VF040B                         SST25VF040B @SOIC8

SST25VF040B @WSON8                  SST25VF080B                         SST25VF080B @SOIC8                  SST25VF080B @WSON8

SST25VF512                          SST25VF512 @SOIC8                   SST25VF512 @WSON8                   SST25VF512A

SST25VF512A @SOIC8                  SST25VF512A @WSON8                  SST26VF016 @SOIC8                   SST26VF016 @SOIC16

SST26VF016B @SOIC8                  SST26VF016B @SOIC16                 SST26VF032 @SOIC8                   SST26VF032 @SOIC16

SST26VF032B @SOIC8                  SST26VF032B @SOIC16                 SST26VF064 @SOIC8                   SST26VF064 @SOIC16

SST26VF064B @SOIC8                  SST26VF064B @SOIC16                 SST27SF010 @DIP32                   SST27SF010 @PLCC32

SST27SF010 @TSOP32                  SST27SF020 @DIP32                   SST27SF020 @PLCC32                  SST27SF020 @TSOP32

SST27SF256 @DIP28                   SST27SF256 @PLCC32                  SST27SF512 @DIP28                   SST27SF512 @PLCC32

SST27VF010 @DIP32                   SST27VF010 @PLCC32                  SST27VF010 @TSOP32                  SST27VF020 @DIP32

SST27VF020 @PLCC32                  SST27VF020 @TSOP32                  SST27VF256 @DIP28                   SST27VF256 @PLCC32

SST27VF512 @DIP28                   SST27VF512 @PLCC32                  SST28LF040                          SST28LF040 @PLCC32

SST28LF040 @TSOP32                  SST28LF040A                         SST28LF040A @PLCC32                 SST28LF040A @TSOP32

SST28SF040                          SST28SF040 @PLCC32                  SST28SF040 @TSOP32                  SST28SF040A

SST28SF040A @PLCC32                 SST28SF040A @TSOP32                 SST28VF040                          SST28VF040 @PLCC32

SST28VF040 @TSOP32                  SST28VF040A                         SST28VF040A @PLCC32                 SST28VF040A @TSOP32

SST29EE010                          SST29EE010 @PLCC32                  SST29EE010 @TSOP32                  SST29EE020

SST29EE020 @PLCC32                  SST29EE020 @TSOP32                  SST29EE512                          SST29EE512 @PLCC32

SST29EE512 @TSOP32                  SST29LE010                          SST29LE010 @PLCC32                  SST29LE010 @TSOP32

SST29LE020                          SST29LE020 @PLCC32                  SST29LE020 @TSOP32                  SST29LE512

SST29LE512 @PLCC32                  SST29LE512 @TSOP32                  SST29SF010                          SST29SF010 @PLCC32

SST29SF010 @TSOP32                  SST29SF020                          SST29SF020 @PLCC32                  SST29SF020 @TSOP32

SST29SF040                          SST29SF040 @PLCC32                  SST29SF040 @TSOP32                  SST29SF512

SST29SF512 @PLCC32                  SST29SF512 @TSOP32                  SST29VE010                          SST29VE010 @PLCC32

SST29VE010 @TSOP32                  SST29VE020                          SST29VE020 @PLCC32                  SST29VE020 @TSOP32

SST29VE512                          SST29VE512 @PLCC32                  SST29VE512 @TSOP32                  SST29VF010

SST29VF010 @PLCC32                  SST29VF010 @TSOP32                  SST29VF020                          SST29VF020 @PLCC32

SST29VF020 @TSOP32                  SST29VF040                          SST29VF040 @PLCC32                  SST29VF040 @TSOP32

SST29VF512                          SST29VF512 @PLCC32                  SST29VF512 @TSOP32                  SST36VF1601 @TSOP48

SST36VF1602 @TSOP48                 SST36VF3203 @TSOP48                 SST36VF3204 @TSOP48                 SST37VF010

SST37VF010 @PLCC32                  SST37VF010 @TSOP32                  SST37VF020                          SST37VF020 @PLCC32

SST37VF020 @TSOP32                  SST37VF040                          SST37VF040 @PLCC32                  SST37VF040 @TSOP32

SST37VF512                          SST37VF512 @PLCC32                  SST37VF512 @TSOP32                  SST39LF010 @PLCC32

SST39LF010 @TSOP32                  SST39LF016  @TSOP40                 SST39LF020 @PLCC32                  SST39LF020 @TSOP32

SST39LF040 @PLCC32                  SST39LF040 @TSOP32                  SST39LF080  @TSOP40                 SST39LF160  @TSOP48

SST39LF200A @TSOP48                 SST39LF400A @TSOP48                 SST39LF512 @PLCC32                  SST39LF512 @TSOP32

SST39LF800A @TSOP48                 SST39LH010                          SST39LH010 @PLCC32                  SST39LH010 @TSOP32

SST39LH020                          SST39LH020 @PLCC32                  SST39LH020 @TSOP32                  SST39LH040

SST39LH040 @PLCC32                  SST39LH040 @TSOP32                  SST39LH512                          SST39LH512 @PLCC32

SST39LH512 @TSOP32                  SST39SF010                          SST39SF010 @PLCC32                  SST39SF010 @TSOP32

SST39SF010A                         SST39SF010A @PLCC32                 SST39SF010A @TSOP32                 SST39SF020

SST39SF020 @PLCC32                  SST39SF020 @TSOP32                  SST39SF020A                         SST39SF020A @PLCC32

SST39SF020A @TSOP32                 SST39SF040                          SST39SF040 @PLCC32                  SST39SF040 @TSOP32

SST39SF512                          SST39SF512 @PLCC32                  SST39SF512 @TSOP32                  SST39SF512A

SST39SF512A @PLCC32                 SST39SF512A @TSOP32                 SST39VF010                          SST39VF010 @PLCC32

SST39VF010 @TSOP32                  SST39VF016  @TSOP40                 SST39VF020                          SST39VF020 @PLCC32

SST39VF020 @TSOP32                  SST39VF040                          SST39VF040 @PLCC32                  SST39VF040 @TSOP32

SST39VF040A                         SST39VF040A @PLCC32                 SST39VF040A @TSOP32                 SST39VF080  @TSOP40

SST39VF088  @TSOP48                 SST39VF512                          SST39VF512 @PLCC32                  SST39VF512 @TSOP32

SST39VF200A @TSOP48                 SST39VF400A @TSOP48                 SST39VF800A @TSOP48                 SST39VF160  @TSOP48

SST39VF1601 @TSOP48                 SST39VF1601B @TSOP48                SST39VF1602 @TSOP48                 SST39VF1602B @TSOP48

SST39VF320  @TSOP48                 SST39VF3201 @TSOP48                 SST39VF3201B @TSOP48                SST39VF3202 @TSOP48

SST39VF3202B @TSOP48                SST39VF6401 @TSOP48                 SST39VF6401B @TSOP48                SST39VF6402 @TSOP48

SST39VF6402B @TSOP48                SST49LF002A @PLCC32                 SST49LF002A @TSOP32                 SST49LF002B @PLCC32

SST49LF002B @TSOP32                 SST49LF003A @PLCC32                 SST49LF003A @TSOP32                 SST49LF004  @PLCC32

SST49LF004  @TSOP32                 SST49LF004A @PLCC32                 SST49LF004A @TSOP32                 SST49LF004B @PLCC32

SST49LF004B @TSOP40                 SST49LF004C @PLCC32                 SST49LF004C @TSOP40                 SST49LF008A @PLCC32

SST49LF008A @TSOP32                 SST49LF008A @TSOP40                 SST49LF008C @PLCC32                 SST49LF008C @TSOP40

SST49LF020  @PLCC32                 SST49LF020  @TSOP32                 SST49LF020A @PLCC32                 SST49LF020A @TSOP32

SST49LF030A @PLCC32                 SST49LF030A @TSOP32                 SST49LF040  @PLCC32                 SST49LF040  @TSOP32

SST49LF040A @PLCC32                 SST49LF040A @TSOP32                 SST49LF040B @PLCC32                 SST49LF040B @TSOP32

SST49LF080  @PLCC32                 SST49LF080  @TSOP32                 SST49LF080A @PLCC32                 SST49LF080A @TSOP32

SST89C54 @DIP40                     SST89C54 @PLCC44                    SST89C58 @DIP40                     SST89C58 @PLCC44

SST89E516RD @DIP40                  SST89E516RD @PLCC44                 SST89E516RD2 @DIP40                 SST89E516RD2 @PLCC44

SST89E52RD @DIP40                   SST89E52RD @PLCC44                  SST89E52RD2 @DIP40                  SST89E52RD2 @PLCC44

SST89E54RD @DIP40                   SST89E54RD @PLCC44                  SST89E54RD2 @DIP40                  SST89E54RD2 @PLCC44

SST89E554 @DIP40                    SST89E554 @PLCC44                   SST89E554RC @DIP40                  SST89E554RC @PLCC44

SST89E564 @DIP40                    SST89E564 @PLCC44                   SST89E564RD @DIP40                  SST89E564RD @PLCC44

SST89E58RD @DIP40                   SST89E58RD @PLCC44                  SST89E58RD2 @DIP40                  SST89E58RD2 @PLCC44

SST89F54 @DIP40                     SST89F54 @PLCC44                    SST89F58 @DIP40                     SST89F58 @PLCC44

SST89V516RD @DIP40                  SST89V516RD @PLCC44                 SST89V516RD2 @DIP40                 SST89V516RD2 @PLCC44

SST89V52RD @DIP40                   SST89V52RD @PLCC44                  SST89V52RD2 @DIP40                  SST89V52RD2 @PLCC44

SST89V54RD2 @DIP40                  SST89V54RD2 @PLCC44                 SST89V54RD @DIP40                   SST89V54RD @PLCC44

SST89V554 @DIP40                    SST89V554 @PLCC44                   SST89V554RC @DIP40                  SST89V554RC @PLCC44

SST89V564 @DIP40                    SST89V564 @PLCC44                   SST89V564RD @DIP40                  SST89V564RD @PLCC44

SST89V58RD @DIP40                   SST89V58RD @PLCC44                  SST89V58RD2 @DIP40                  SST89V58RD2 @PLCC44


IC Support: 340 PCS


[ ST ]


ETC2716 @DIP24                      ETC2732 @DIP24                      M24128                              M24128 @SOIC8

M24128 @TSOP8                       M24256                              M24256 @SOIC8                       M24256 @TSOP8

M24256BF                            M24256BF @SOIC8                     M24256BF @TSOP8                     M24256BR

M24256BR @SOIC8                     M24256BR @TSOP8                     M24256BW                            M24256BW @SOIC8

M24256BW @TSOP8                     M24512                              M24512 @SOIC8                       M24512 @TSOP8

M24C01                              M24C01 @SOIC8                       M24C01 @TSOP8                       M24C01R

M24C01R @SOIC8                      M24C01R @TSOP8                      M24C01W                             M24C01W @SOIC8

M24C01W @TSOP8                      M24C02                              M24C02 @SOIC8                       M24C02 @TSOP8

M24C02R                             M24C02R @SOIC8                      M24C02R @TSOP8                      M24C02W

M24C02W @SOIC8                      M24C02W @TSOP8                      M24C04                              M24C04 @SOIC8

M24C04 @TSOP8                       M24C04R                             M24C04R @SOIC8                      M24C04R @TSOP8

M24C04W                             M24C04W @SOIC8                      M24C04W @TSOP8                      M24C08

M24C08 @SOIC8                       M24C08 @TSOP8                       M24C08R                             M24C08R @SOIC8

M24C08R @TSOP8                      M24C08W                             M24C08W @SOIC8                      M24C08W @TSOP8

M24C128                             M24C128 @SOIC8                      M24C128 @TSOP8                      M24C128B

M24C128B @SOIC8                     M24C128B @TSOP8                     M24C16                              M24C16 @SOIC8

M24C16 @SOIC8                       M24C16R                             M24C16R @SOIC8                      M24C16R @SOIC8

M24C16W                             M24C16W @SOIC8                      M24C16W @SOIC8                      M24C256

M24C256 @SOIC8                      M24C256 @TSSOP8                     M24C256A                            M24C256A @SOIC8

M24C256A @TSSOP8                    M24C256B                            M24C256B @SOIC8                     M24C256B @TSSOP8

M24C256W                            M24C256W @SOIC8                     M24C256W @TSSOP8                    M24C32

M24C32 @SOIC8                       M24C32 @SSOP8                       M24C32W                             M24C32W @SOIC8

M24C32W @SSOP8                      M24C64                              M24C64 @SOIC8                       M24C64 @SSOP8

M24C64W                             M24C64W @SOIC8                      M24C64W @SSOP8                      M24M01-HR @SOIC8

M24M01-R @SOIC8                     M24M01-S @SOIC8                     M24M01-V @SOIC8                     M24M01-W @SOIC8

M24W01                              M24W01 @SOIC8                       M24W02                              M24W02 @SOIC8

M24W04                              M24W04 @SOIC8                       M24W08                              M24W08 @SOIC8

M24W16                              M24W16 @SOIC8                       M25C01                              M25C02

M25C04                              M25C08                              M25C16                              M25P05

M25P05 @SOIC8                       M25P05A @SOIC8                      M25P05A @TSOP8                      M25P10

M25P10 @SOIC8                       M25P10A                             M25P10A @SOIC8                      M25P16 @SOIC8

M25P16 @SOIC16                      M25P20                              M25P20 @SOIC8                       M25P32 @SOIC8

M25P32 @SOIC16                      M25P40                              M25P40 @SOIC8                       M25P64 @SOIC8

M25P64 @SOIC16                      M25P80 @SOIC8                       M25P80 @SOIC16                      M25PE10

M25PE10 @SOIC8                      M25PE16                             M25PE16 @SOIC8                      M25PE20

M25PE20 @SOIC8                      M25PE40                             M25PE40 @SOIC8                      M25PE80

M25PE80 @SOIC8                      M25PX16 @SOIC8                      M25PX16 @SOIC16                     M25PX32 @SOIC8

M25PX32 @SOIC16                     M25PX64 @SOIC8                      M25PX64 @SOIC16                     M25PX80

M25PX80 @SOIC8                      M25W01                              M25W02                              M25W04

M25W08                              M25W16                              M35080-3                            M35080-3 @SOIC8

M35080-6                            M35080-6 @SOIC8                     M35080V6                            M35080V6 @SOIC8

M35080VP                            M35080VP @SOIC8                     M27128A @DIP28                      M2716 @DIP24

M27256 @DIP28                       M2732A @DIP24                       M27512 @DIP28                       M2764A @DIP28

M27C1001 @DIP32                     M27C1001 @PLCC32                    M27C1001 @TSOP32                    M27C1024 @DIP40

M27C2001 @DIP32                     M27C2001 @PLCC32                    M27C2001 @TSOP32                    M27C202 @DIP40

M27C256B @DIP28                     M27C256B @PLCC32                    M27C4001 @DIP32                     M27C4001 @PLCC32

M27C4001 @TSOP32                    M27C4002 @DIP40                     M27C512 @DIP28                      M27C512 @PLCC32

M27C64A @DIP28                      M27C64A @PLCC32                     M27C801                             M27C801 @PLCC32

M27C801 @TSOP32                     M27V101 @DIP32                      M27V101 @PLCC32                     M27V101 @TSOP32

M27V201 @DIP32                      M27V201 @PLCC32                     M27V201 @TSOP32                     M27V401 @DIP32

M27V401 @PLCC32                     M27V401 @TSOP32                     M27V512 @DIP28                      M27V512 @PLCC32

M27W101 @DIP32                      M27W101 @PLCC32                     M27W101 @TSOP32                     M27W201 @DIP32

M27W201 @PLCC32                     M27W201 @TSOP32                     M27W401 @DIP32                      M27W401 @PLCC32

M27W401 @TSOP32                     M27W512 @DIP28                      M27W512 @PLCC32                     M28010

M28010  @PLCC32                     M28010  @TSOP32                     M28C64                              M28C64 @PLCC32

M28C64 @SOIC28                      M28C64A                             M28C64A @PLCC32                     M28C64A @SOIC28

M28C64-xxW                          M28C64-xxW @PLCC32                  M28C64-xxW @SOIC28                  M28F101

M28F101 @PLCC32                     M28F101 @TSOP32                     M28F201                             M28F201 @PLCC32

M28F201 @TSOP32                     M28LV64                             M28LV64 @PLCC32                     M28LV64 @SOIC28

M28W160BB @TSOP48                   M28W160BT @TSOP48                   M28W160CB @TSOP48                   M28W160CT @TSOP48

M28W320BB @TSOP48                   M28W320BT @TSOP48                   M28W320CB @TSOP48                   M28W320CT @TSOP48

M28W640CB @TSOP48                   M28W640CT @TSOP48                   M28W640ECB @TSOP48                  M28W640ECT @TSOP48

M28W800BB @TSOP48                   M28W800BT @TSOP48                   M28W800CB @TSOP48                   M28W800CT @TSOP48

M29DW323DB @TSOP48                  M29DW323DT @TSOP48                  M29DW324DB @TSOP48                  M29DW324DT @TSOP48

M29DW640D @TSOP48                   M29DW640F @TSOP48                   M29DW641F @TSOP48                   M29F002B

M29F002B @PLCC32                    M29F002B @TSOP32                    M29F002BB                           M29F002BB @PLCC32

M29F002BB @TSOP32                   M29F002BT                           M29F002BT @PLCC32                   M29F002BT @TSOP32

M29F002BNT                          M29F002BNT @PLCC32                  M29F002BNT @TSOP32                  M29F002BNB

M29F002BNB @PLCC32                  M29F002BNB @TSOP32                  M29F002NT                           M29F002NT @PLCC32

M29F002NT @TSOP32                   M29F002T                            M29F002T @PLCC32                    M29F002T @TSOP32

M29F010B                            M29F010B @PLCC32                    M29F010B @TSOP32                    M29F016B @TSOP40

M29F016D @TSOP40                    M29F040B                            M29F040B @PLCC32                    M29F040B @TSOP32

M29F080A @TSOP40                    M29F080D @TSOP40                    M29F100B  @TSOP48                   M29F100B  @SOP44

M29F100BB @TSOP48                   M29F100BB @SOP44                    M29F100BT @TSOP48                   M29F100BT @SOP44

M29F100T  @TSOP48                   M29F100T  @SOP44                    M29F102BB(10x14mm) @VSOP40          M29F160BB @TSOP48

M29F160BT @TSOP48                   M29F200B  @TSOP48                   M29F200B  @SOP44                    M29F200T  @TSOP48

M29F200T  @SOP44                    M29F400B  @TSOP48                   M29F400B  @SOP44                    M29F400BB @TSOP48

M29F400BB @SOP44                    M29F400BT @TSOP48                   M29F400BT @SOP44                    M29F400T  @TSOP48

M29F400T  @SOP44                    M29F512B                            M29F512B @PLCC32                    M29F512B @TSOP32

M29F800AB @TSOP48                   M29F800AB @SOP44                    M29F800AT @TSOP48                   M29F800AT @SOP44

M29F800DB @TSOP48                   M29F800DB @SOP44                    M29F800DT @TSOP48                   M29F800DT @SOP44

M29W002BB @TSOP40                   M29W002BT @TSOP40                   M29W004B  @TSOP40                   M29W004T  @TSOP40

M29W008AB @TSOP40                   M29W008AT @TSOP40                   M29W008B  @TSOP40                   M29W008T  @TSOP40

M29W010B @PLCC32                    M29W010B @TSOP32                    M29W017D  @TSOP40                   M29W040B @PLCC32

M29W040B @TSOP32                    M29W102BB(10x14mm) @VSOP40          M29W102BT(10x14mm) @VSOP40          M29W160BB @TSOP48

M29W160BT @TSOP48                   M29W160DB @TSOP48                   M29W160DT @TSOP48                   M29W160EB @TSOP48

M29W160ET @TSOP48                   M29W200BB @TSOP48                   M29W200BB @SOP44                    M29W200BT @TSOP48

M29W200BT @SOP44                    M29W320DB @TSOP48                   M29W320DT @TSOP48                   M29W320EB @TSOP48

M29W320ET @TSOP48                   M29W400B  @TSOP48                   M29W400B  @SOP44                    M29W400BB @TSOP48

M29W400BB @SOP44                    M29W400BT @TSOP48                   M29W400BT @SOP44                    M29W400T  @TSOP48

M29W400T  @SOP44                    M29W512B @PLCC32                    M29W512B @TSOP32                    M29W640DB @TSOP48

M29W640DT @TSOP48                   M29W640FB @TSOP48                   M29W640FT @TSOP48                   M29W640Gx @TSOP48

M29W641DH @TSOP48                   M29W641DL @TSOP48                   M29W641DU @TSOP48                   M29W800AB @TSOP48

M29W800AB @SOP44                    M29W800AT @TSOP48                   M29W800AT @SOP44                    M29W800DB @TSOP48

M29W800DB @SOP44                    M29W800DT @TSOP48                   M29W800DT @SOP44                    M48T02

M48T08                              M48T08Y                             M48T12                              M48T18

M48T35AY                            M48T35AV                            M48T58                              M48T58Y

M48T59                              M48T59Y                             M48T59V                             M48T128Y @DIP32

M48T128V @DIP32                     M48T129Y @DIP32                     M48T129V @DIP32                     M48T512Y @DIP32

M48T512V @DIP32                     M48T513Y @DIP32                     M48T513V @DIP32                     M50FLW040A @PLCC32

M50FLW040A @TSOP32                  M50FLW040A @TSOP40                  M50FLW040B @PLCC32                  M50FLW040B @TSOP32

M50FLW040B @TSOP40                  M50FLW080A @PLCC32                  M50FLW080A @TSOP32                  M50FLW080A @TSOP40

M50FLW080B @PLCC32                  M50FLW080B @TSOP32                  M50FLW080B @TSOP40                  M50FW002 @PLCC32

M50FW040                            M50FW040 @PLCC32                    M50FW040 @TSOP32                    M50FW040 @TSOP40

M50FW080                            M50FW080 @PLCC32                    M50FW080 @TSOP32                    M50FW080 @TSOP40

M50FW016 @TSOP40                    M50LPW002 @PLCC32                   M50LPW040 @PLCC32                   M50LPW040 @TSOP40

M50LPW041 @PLCC32                   M50LPW041 @TSOP40                   M50LPW080 @PLCC32                   M50LPW080 @TSOP40

M50LPW116 @TSOP40                   M87C257 @DIP28                      M87C257 @PLCC32                     M87C257(8D) @DIP28

M87C257(8D) @PLCC32                 M93C06(x8)                          M93C06(x8) @SOIC8                   M93C06(x16)

M93C06(x16) @SOIC8                  M93C46(x8)                          M93C46(x8) @MSOP8                   M93C46(x8) @SOIC8

M93C46(x8) @TSOP8                   M93C46(x16)                         M93C46(x16) @MSOP8                  M93C46(x16) @SOIC8

M93C46(x16) @TSOP8                  M93C46R(x8)                         M93C46R(x8) @MSOP8                  M93C46R(x8) @SOIC8

M93C46R(x8) @TSOP8                  M93C46R(x16)                        M93C46R(x16) @MSOP8                 M93C46R(x16) @SOIC8

M93C46R(x16) @TSOP8                 M93C46W(x8)                         M93C46W(x8) @MSOP8                  M93C46W(x8) @SOIC8

M93C46W(x8) @TSOP8                  M93C46W(x16)                        M93C46W(x16) @MSOP8                 M93C46W(x16) @SOIC8

M93C46W(x16) @TSOP8                 M93C56(x8)                          M93C56(x8) @MSOP8                   M93C56(x8) @SOIC8

M93C56(x8) @TSOP8                   M93C56(x16)                         M93C56(x16) @MSOP8                  M93C56(x16) @SOIC8

M93C56(x16) @TSOP8                  M93C56R(x8)                         M93C56R(x8) @MSOP8                  M93C56R(x8) @SOIC8

M93C56R(x8) @TSOP8                  M93C56R(x16)                        M93C56R(x16) @MSOP8                 M93C56R(x16) @SOIC8

M93C56R(x16) @TSOP8                 M93C56W(x8)                         M93C56W(x8) @MSOP8                  M93C56W(x8) @SOIC8

M93C56W(x8) @TSOP8                  M93C56W(x16)                        M93C56W(x16) @MSOP8                 M93C56W(x16) @SOIC8

M93C56W(x16) @TSOP8                 M93C66(x8)                          M93C66(x8) @MSOP8                   M93C66(x8) @SOIC8

M93C66(x8) @TSOP8                   M93C66(x16)                         M93C66(x16) @MSOP8                  M93C66(x16) @SOIC8

M93C66(x16) @TSOP8                  M93C66R(x8)                         M93C66R(x8) @MSOP8                  M93C66R(x8) @SOIC8

M93C66R(x8) @TSOP8                  M93C66R(x16)                        M93C66R(x16) @MSOP8                 M93C66R(x16) @SOIC8

M93C66R(x16) @TSOP8                 M93C66W(x8)                         M93C66W(x8) @MSOP8                  M93C66W(x8) @SOIC8

M93C66W(x8) @TSOP8                  M93C66W(x16)                        M93C66W(x16) @MSOP8                 M93C66W(x16) @SOIC8

M93C66W(x16) @TSOP8                 M93C76(x8)                          M93C76(x8) @MSOP8                   M93C76(x8) @SOIC8

M93C76(x8) @TSOP8                   M93C76(x16)                         M93C76(x16) @MSOP8                  M93C76(x16) @SOIC8

M93C76(x16) @TSOP8                  M93C76R(x8)                         M93C76R(x8) @MSOP8                  M93C76R(x8) @SOIC8

M93C76R(x8) @TSOP8                  M93C76R(x16)                        M93C76R(x16) @MSOP8                 M93C76R(x16) @SOIC8

M93C76R(x16) @TSOP8                 M93C76W(x8)                         M93C76W(x8) @MSOP8                  M93C76W(x8) @SOIC8

M93C76W(x8) @TSOP8                  M93C76W(x16)                        M93C76W(x16) @MSOP8                 M93C76W(x16) @SOIC8

M93C76W(x16) @TSOP8                 M93C86(x8)                          M93C86(x8) @MSOP8                   M93C86(x8) @SOIC8

M93C86(x8) @TSOP8                   M93C86(x16)                         M93C86(x16) @MSOP8                  M93C86(x16) @SOIC8

M93C86(x16) @TSOP8                  M93C86R(x8)                         M93C86R(x8) @MSOP8                  M93C86R(x8) @SOIC8

M93C86R(x8) @TSOP8                  M93C86R(x16)                        M93C86R(x16) @MSOP8                 M93C86R(x16) @SOIC8

M93C86R(x16) @TSOP8                 M93C86W(x8)                         M93C86W(x8) @MSOP8                  M93C86W(x8) @SOIC8

M93C86W(x8) @TSOP8                  M93C86W(x16)                        M93C86W(x16) @MSOP8                 M93C86W(x16) @SOIC8

M93C86W(x16) @TSOP8                 M93S46                              M93S46 @SOIC8                       M93S46 @TSOP8

M93S46R                             M93S46R @SOIC8                      M93S46R @TSOP8                      M93S46W

M93S46W @SOIC8                      M93S46W @TSOP8                      M93S56                              M93S56 @SOIC8

M93S56 @TSOP8                       M93S56R                             M93S56R @SOIC8                      M93S56R @TSOP8

M93S56W                             M93S56W @SOIC8                      M93S56W @TSOP8                      M93S66

M93S66 @SOIC8                       M93S66 @TSOP8                       M93S66R                             M93S66R @SOIC8

M93S66R @TSOP8                      M93S66W                             M93S66W @SOIC8                      M93S66W @TSOP8

M95010                              M95010 @SOIC8                       M95010 @TSOP8                       M95010R

M95010R @SOIC8                      M95010R @TSOP8                      M95010W                             M95010W @SOIC8

M95010W @TSOP8                      M95020                              M95020 @SOIC8                       M95020 @TSOP8

M95020R                             M95020R @SOIC8                      M95020R @TSOP8                      M95020W

M95020W @SOIC8                      M95020W @TSOP8                      M95040                              M95040 @SOIC8

M95040 @TSOP8                       M95040R                             M95040R @SOIC8                      M95040R @TSOP8

M95040W                             M95040W @SOIC8                      M95040W @TSOP8                      M95080

M95080 @SOIC8                       M95080 @TSOP8                       M95080R                             M95080R @SOIC8

M95080R @TSOP8                      M95080W                             M95080W @SOIC8                      M95080W @TSOP8

M95080 (Page=16)                    M95080 (Page=16)@SOIC8              M95080 (Page=16)@TSOP8              M95080R(Page=16)

M95080R(Page=16) @SOIC8             M95080R(Page=16) @TSOP8             M95080W(Page=16)                    M95080W(Page=16) @SOIC8

M95080W(Page=16) @TSOP8             M95128                              M95128 @SOIC8                       M95128 @TSOP8

M95128R                             M95128R @SOIC8                      M95128R @TSOP8                      M95128W

M95128W @SOIC8                      M95128W @TSOP8                      M95160 (Page=16)                    M95160 (Page=16)@SOIC8

M95160 (Page=16)@TSOP8              M95160R(Page=16)                    M95160R(Page=16) @SOIC8             M95160R(Page=16) @TSOP8

M95160W(Page=16)                    M95160W(Page=16) @SOIC8             M95160W(Page=16) @TSOP8             M95160

M95160 @SOIC8                       M95160 @TSOP8                       M95160R                             M95160R @SOIC8

M95160R @TSOP8                      M95160W                             M95160W @SOIC8                      M95160W @TSOP8

M95256                              M95256 @SOIC8                       M95256 @TSOP8                       M95256R

M95256R @SOIC8                      M95256R @TSOP8                      M95256W                             M95256W @SOIC8

M95256W @TSOP8                      M95320  (page=16)                   M95320  (page=16) @SOIC8            M95320  (page=16) @TSOP8

M95320R (page=16)                   M95320R (page=16)  @SOIC8           M95320R (page=16)  @TSOP8           M95320W (page=16)

M95320W (page=16)  @SOIC8           M95320W (page=16)  @TSOP8           M95320                              M95320 @SOIC8

M95320 @TSOP8                       M95320R                             M95320R @SOIC8                      M95320R @TSOP8

M95320W                             M95320W @SOIC8                      M95320W @TSOP8                      M95512R @SOIC8

M95512R @TSOP8                      M95512W @SOIC8                      M95512W @TSOP8                      M95640

M95640 @SOIC8                       M95640 @TSOP8                       M95640R                             M95640R @SOIC8

M95640R @TSOP8                      M95640W                             M95640W @SOIC8                      M95640W @TSOP8

M95640  (page=16)                   M95640  (page=16) @SOIC8            M95640  (page=16) @TSOP8            M95640R (page=16)

M95640R (page=16)  @SOIC8           M95640R (page=16)  @TSOP8           M95640W (page=16)                   M95640W (page=16)  @SOIC8

M95640W (page=16)  @TSOP8           M95M01R @SOIC8                      M95M01R @TSOP8                      M95M01W @SOIC8

M95M01W @TSOP8                      NAND128W3A2A @TSOP48                NAND128W3A2B @TSOP48                NAND128W3B2BN6 @TSOP48

NAND256W3A2A @TSOP48                NAND256W3A2B @TSOP48                NAND256W3A0AN6 @TSOP48              NAND512W3A2B @TSOP48

NAND512W3A2C @TSOP48                NAND512W3A2BN6 @TSOP48              NAND01GW3A0A @TSOP48                NAND01GW3B2A @TSOP48

NAND01GW3B2B @TSOP48                NAND01GW3B2C @TSOP48                NAND02GW3B @TSOP48                  NAND04GW3B @TSOP48

NAND08GW3B @TSOP48                  NAND08GW3C @TSOP48                  ST24C01                             ST24C01 @SOIC8

ST24C02                             ST24C02 @SOIC8                      ST24C04                             ST24C04 @SOIC8

ST24C08                             ST24C08 @SOIC8                      ST24C16                             ST24C16 @SOIC8

ST24FC21                            ST24FC21 @SOIC8                     ST24LC21B                           ST24LC21B @SOIC8

ST24W01                             ST24W01 @SOIC8                      ST24W02                             ST24W02 @SOIC8

ST24W04                             ST24W04 @SOIC8                      ST24W08                             ST24W08 @SOIC8

ST24W16                             ST24W16 @SOIC8                      ST25C01                             ST25C02

ST25C04                             ST25C08                             ST25C16                             ST25P05

ST25P05 @SOIC8                      ST25P05A @SOIC8                     ST25P05A @TSOP8                     ST25P10

ST25P10 @SOIC8                      ST25P10A                            ST25P10A @SOIC8                     ST25P16 @SOIC8

ST25P16 @SOIC16                     ST25P20                             ST25P20 @SOIC8                      ST25P32 @SOIC8

ST25P32 @SOIC16                     ST25P40                             ST25P40 @SOIC8                      ST25P64 @SOIC8

ST25P64 @SOIC16                     ST25P80 @SOIC8                      ST25P80 @SOIC16                     ST25W01

ST25W02                             ST25W04                             ST25W08                             ST25W16

ST27128A @DIP28                     ST27256 @DIP28                      ST2764A @DIP28                      ST27C256 @DIP28

ST27C256 @PLCC32                    ST93C06(x8)                         ST93C06(x8) @SOIC8                  ST93C06(x16)

ST93C06(x16) @SOIC8                 ST93C46(x8)                         ST93C46(x8) @SOIC8                  ST93C46(x16)

ST93C46(x16) @SOIC8                 ST93C46A(x8)                        ST93C46A(x8) @SOIC8                 ST93C46A(x16)

ST93C46A(x16) @SOIC8                ST93C46C(x8)                        ST93C46C(x8) @SOIC8                 ST93C46C(x16)

ST93C46C(x16) @SOIC8                ST93C46T(x8)                        ST93C46T(x8) @SOIC8                 ST93C46T(x16)

ST93C46T(x16) @SOIC8                ST93C47C(x8)                        ST93C47C(x8) @SOIC8                 ST93C47C(x16)

ST93C47C(x16) @SOIC8                ST93C47T(x8)                        ST93C47T(x8) @SOIC8                 ST93C47T(x16)

ST93C47T(x16) @SOIC8                ST93C56(x8)                         ST93C56(x8) @SOIC8                  ST93C56(x16)

ST93C56(x16) @SOIC8                 ST93C56B(x8)                        ST93C56B(x8) @SOIC8                 ST93C56B(x16)

ST93C56B(x16) @SOIC8                ST93C56C(x8)                        ST93C56C(x8) @SOIC8                 ST93C56C(x16)

ST93C56C(x16) @SOIC8                ST93C57C(x8)                        ST93C57C(x8) @SOIC8                 ST93C57C(x16)

ST93C57C(x16) @SOIC8                ST93C66(x8)                         ST93C66(x8) @SOIC8                  ST93C66(x16)

ST93C66(x16) @SOIC8                 ST93C67(x8)                         ST93C67(x8) @SOIC8                  ST93C67(x16)

ST93C67(x16) @SOIC8                 ST93C76(x8)                         ST93C76(x8) @SOIC8                  ST93C76(x16)

ST93C76(x16) @SOIC8                 ST93C86(x8)                         ST93C86(x8) @SOIC8                  ST93C86(x16)

ST93C86(x16) @SOIC8                 ST93CS46                            ST93CS46 @SOIC8                     ST93CS47

ST93CS47 @SOIC8                     ST93CS56                            ST93CS56 @SOIC8                     ST93CS57

ST93CS57 @SOIC8                     ST93CS66                            ST93CS66 @SOIC8                     ST93CS66 @SOIC14

ST93CS67                            ST93CS67 @SOIC8                     ST93CS67 @SOIC14                    ST95P02

ST95P02 @SOIC8                      ST95P04                             ST95P04 @SOIC8                      ST95P08

ST95P08 @SOIC8                      TS27C256 @DIP28                     TS27C64A @DIP28                     TS27C64A @PLCC32


IC Support: 868 PCS




S24VP02P                            S24VP02S @SOIC8                     S24VP04P                            S24VP04S @SOIC8

S24VP08P                            S24VP08S @SOIC8                     S24VP16P                            S24VP16S @SOIC8

S93462                              S93462 @SOIC8                       S93463                              S93463 @SOIC8

S93662                              S93662 @SOIC8                       S93663                              S93664 @SOIC8

S93VP462                            S93VP462 @SOIC8                     S93VP463                            S93VP463 @SOIC8

S93VP662                            S93VP662 @SOIC8                     S93VP663                            S93VP664 @SOIC8

S93WD462                            S93WD462 @SOIC8                     S93WD463                            S93WD463 @SOIC8

S93WD662                            S93WD662 @SOIC8                     S93WD663                            S93WD664 @SOIC8


IC Support: 32 PCS




SM24C02                             SM24C02 @SOIC8                      SM24C04                             SM24C04 @SOIC8

SM24C08                             SM24C08 @SOIC8                      SM24C16                             SM24C16 @SOIC8


IC Support: 8 PCS





IC Support: 0 PCS




F29C31004B @DIP32                   F29C31004B @PLCC32                  F29C31004B @TSOP32                  F29C31004T @DIP32

F29C31004T @PLCC32                  F29C31004T @TSOP32                  F29C51001B @DIP32                   F29C51001B @PLCC32

F29C51001B @TSOP32                  F29C51001T @DIP32                   F29C51001T @PLCC32                  F29C51001T @TSOP32

F29C51002B @DIP32                   F29C51002B @PLCC32                  F29C51002B @TSOP32                  F29C51002T @DIP32

F29C51002T @PLCC32                  F29C51002T @TSOP32                  F29C51004B @DIP32                   F29C51004B @PLCC32

F29C51004B @TSOP32                  F29C51004T @DIP32                   F29C51004T @PLCC32                  F29C51004T @TSOP32

F29LC51000 @DIP32                   F29LC51000 @PLCC32                  F29LC51000 @TSOP32                  F29LC51001 @DIP32

F29LC51001 @PLCC32                  F29LC51001 @TSOP32                  F29LC51002 @DIP32                   F29LC51002 @PLCC32

F29LC51002 @TSOP32                  S29C31001B @DIP32                   S29C31001B @PLCC32                  S29C31001B @TSOP32

S29C31001T @DIP32                   S29C31001T @PLCC32                  S29C31001T @TSOP32                  S29C31002B @DIP32

S29C31002B @PLCC32                  S29C31002B @TSOP32                  S29C31002T @DIP32                   S29C31002T @PLCC32

S29C31002T @TSOP32                  S29C31004B @DIP32                   S29C31004B @PLCC32                  S29C31004B @TSOP32

S29C31004T @DIP32                   S29C31004T @PLCC32                  S29C31004T @TSOP32                  S29C51001B @DIP32

S29C51001B @PLCC32                  S29C51001B @TSOP32                  S29C51001T @DIP32                   S29C51001T @PLCC32

S29C51001T @TSOP32                  S29C51002B @DIP32                   S29C51002B @PLCC32                  S29C51002B @TSOP32

S29C51002T @DIP32                   S29C51002T @PLCC32                  S29C51002T @TSOP32                  S29C51004B @DIP32

S29C51004B @PLCC32                  S29C51004B @TSOP32                  S29C51004T @DIP32                   S29C51004T @PLCC32

S29C51004T @TSOP32                  SM39R08A2 @ICP only                 SM39R12A2 @ICP only                 SM39R16A2 @ICP only

SM39R2051 @ICP only                 SM39R4051 @ICP only                 SM59128C                            SM59128C @PLCC44

SM59264C                            SM59264C @PLCC44                    SM5964AC                            SM5964AC @PLCC44

SM5964AL                            SM5964AL @PLCC44                    SM5964C                             SM5964C @PLCC44

SM59D03G2C                          SM59D03G2C @PLCC44                  SM59D03G2L                          SM59D03G2L @PLCC44

SM59D04G2C                          SM59D04G2C @PLCC44                  SM59D04G2L                          SM59D04G2L @PLCC44

SM59R02A1C                          SM59R02A1C @PLCC44                  SM59R02A1L                          SM59R02A1L @PLCC44

SM59R02A2C                          SM59R02A2C @PLCC44                  SM59R02A2L                          SM59R02A2L @PLCC44

SM59R03A1C                          SM59R03A1C @PLCC44                  SM59R03A1L                          SM59R03A1L @PLCC44

SM59R03A2C                          SM59R03A2C @PLCC44                  SM59R03A2L                          SM59R03A2L @PLCC44

SM59R04A1C                          SM59R04A1C @PLCC44                  SM59R04A1L                          SM59R04A1L @PLCC44

SM59R04A2C                          SM59R04A2C @PLCC44                  SM59R04A2L                          SM59R04A2L @PLCC44

SM59R05A3C                          SM59R05A3C @PLCC44                  SM59R05A3L                          SM59R05A3L @PLCC44

SM59R05A5C                          SM59R05A5C @PLCC44                  SM59R05A5L                          SM59R05A5L @PLCC44

SM59R05G6                           SM59R05G6 @PLCC44                   SM59R09A3C                          SM59R09A3C @PLCC44

SM59R09A3L                          SM59R09A3L @PLCC44                  SM59R09A5C                          SM59R09A5C @PLCC44

SM59R09A5L                          SM59R09A5L @PLCC44                  SM59R09G6                           SM59R09G6 @PLCC44

SM59R16A3C                          SM59R16A3C @PLCC44                  SM59R16A3L                          SM59R16A3L @PLCC44

SM59R16A5C                          SM59R16A5C @PLCC44                  SM59R16A5L                          SM59R16A5L @PLCC44

SM59R16G6                           SM59R16G6 @PLCC44                   SM79108C                            SM79108C @PLCC44

SM79108L                            SM79108L @PLCC44                    SM79164C                            SM79164C @PLCC44

SM79164L                            SM79164L @PLCC44                    SM894051C                           SM894051C @SOIC20

SM894051L                           SM894051L @SOIC20                   SM89516AC                           SM89516AC @PLCC44

SM89516AL                           SM89516AL @PLCC44                   SM8951AC                            SM8951AC @PLCC44

SM8951AL                            SM8951AL @PLCC44                    SM8951BC                            SM8951BC @PLCC44

SM8951BL                            SM8951BL @PLCC44                    SM8952AC                            SM8952AC @PLCC44

SM8952AL                            SM8952AL @PLCC44                    SM8954AC                            SM8954AC @PLCC44

SM8954AL                            SM8954A @PLCC44                     SM8958AC                            SM8958AC @PLCC44

SM8958AL                            SM8958AL @PLCC44


IC Support: 182 PCS


[ TI ]


BQ4010YMA (RW)                      BQ4010YMA (TEST)                    BQ4011YMA (RW)                      BQ4011YMA (TEST)

BQ4011LYMA (RW 3.3V)                BQ4011LYMA (TEST 3.3V)              BQ4013YMA(RW)                       BQ4013YMA(TEST)

BQ4013LYMA (RW 3.3V)                BQ4013LYMA (TEST 3.3V)              BQ4014YMA(RW)                       BQ4014YMA(TEST)

BQ4014LYMA (RW 3.3V)                BQ4014LYMA (TEST 3.3V)              BQ4015YMA(RW)                       BQ4015YMA(TEST)

BQ4015LYMA (RW 3.3V)                BQ4015LYMA (TEST 3.3V)              SMJ27C128 @DIP28                    SMJ27C128 @PLCC32

SMJ27C256 @DIP28                    SMJ27C256 @PLCC32                   SMJ27C512 @DIP28                    SMJ27C512 @PLCC32

TMS2716 @DIP24                      TMS2732A @DIP24                     TMS2764 @DIP28                      TMS27C010 @DIP32

TMS27C010 @PLCC32                   TMS27C010 @TSOP32                   TMS27C010A @DIP32                   TMS27C010A @PLCC32

TMS27C010A @TSOP32                  TMS27C020 @DIP32                    TMS27C020 @PLCC32                   TMS27C020 @TSOP32

TMS27C040 @DIP32                    TMS27C040 @PLCC32                   TMS27C040 @TSOP32                   TMS27C64 @DIP28

TMS27PC64 @DIP28                    TMS27C128 @DIP28                    TMS27C128 @PLCC32                   TMS27C210A @DIP40

TMS27C240 @DIP40                    TMS27C256 @DIP28                    TMS27C256 @PLCC32                   TMS27C512 @DIP28

TMS27C512 @PLCC32                   TMS27PC010A @DIP32                  TMS27PC010A @PLCC32                 TMS27PC010A @TSOP32

TMS27PC020 @DIP32                   TMS27PC020 @PLCC32                  TMS27PC020 @TSOP32                  TMS27PC040 @DIP32

TMS27PC040 @PLCC32                  TMS27PC040 @TSOP32                  TMS27PC128 @DIP28                   TMS27PC128 @PLCC32

TMS27PC210A @DIP40                  TMS27PC240 @DIP40                   TMS27PC256 @DIP28                   TMS27PC256 @PLCC32

TMS27PC512 @DIP28                   TMS27PC512 @PLCC32                  TMS28F002Axx-T @TSOP40              TMS28F002Axx-B @TSOP40

TMS28F004Axx-T @TSOP40              TMS28F004Axx-B @TSOP40              TMS28F008Axx-T @TSOP40              TMS28F008Axx-B @TSOP40

TMS28F010                           TMS28F010 @PLCC32                   TMS28F010 @TSOP32                   TMS28F010A

TMS28F010A @PLCC32                  TMS28F010A @TSOP32                  TMS28F010B                          TMS28F010B @PLCC32

TMS28F010B @TSOP32                  TMS28F020                           TMS28F020 @PLCC32                   TMS28F020 @TSOP32

TMS28F200AF-B @TSOP48               TMS28F200AF-B @SOP44                TMS28F200AF-T @TSOP48               TMS28F200AF-T @SOP44

TMS28F200BZ-B @SOP44                TMS28F200BZ-T @SOP44                TMS28F400AE-B @TSOP48               TMS28F400AE-B @SOP44

TMS28F400AE-T @TSOP48               TMS28F400AE-T @SOP44                TMS28F400AF-B @TSOP48               TMS28F400AF-B @SOP44

TMS28F400AF-T @TSOP48               TMS28F400AF-T @SOP44                TMS28F400AM-B @TSOP48               TMS28F400AM-B @SOP44

TMS28F400AM-T @TSOP48               TMS28F400AM-T @SOP44                TMS28F400AS-B @TSOP48               TMS28F400AS-B @SOP44

TMS28F400AS-T @TSOP48               TMS28F400AS-T @SOP44                TMS28F400AZ-B @TSOP48               TMS28F400AZ-B @SOP44

TMS28F400AZ-T @TSOP48               TMS28F400AZ-T @SOP44                TMS28F400BZB @SOP44                 TMS28F400BZT @SOP44

TMS28F800AE-B @TSOP48               TMS28F800AE-B @SOP44                TMS28F800AE-T @TSOP48               TMS28F800AE-T @SOP44

TMS28F800AL-B @TSOP48               TMS28F800AL-B @SOP44                TMS28F800AL-T @TSOP48               TMS28F800AL-T @SOP44

TMS28F800AS-B @TSOP48               TMS28F800AS-B @SOP44                TMS28F800AS-T @TSOP48               TMS28F800AS-T @SOP44

TMS28F800AV-B @TSOP48               TMS28F800AV-B @SOP44                TMS28F800AV-T @TSOP48               TMS28F800AV-T @SOP44

TMS28F800AZ-B @TSOP48               TMS28F800AZ-B @SOP44                TMS28F800AZ-T @TSOP48               TMS28F800AZ-T @SOP44

TMS28F1600B @TSOP48                 TMS28F1600T @TSOP48                 TMS29F002RT @PLCC32                 TMS29F002RB @PLCC32

TMS29F010 @PLCC32                   TMS29F040 @PLCC32                   TMS29LF040  @PLCC32                 TMS29VF040  @PLCC32

TMS87C257 @DIP28                    TMS87C257 @PLCC32


IC Support: 142 PCS


[ TMC ]


TMC24A01                            TMC24A01 @SOIC8                     TMC24A01 @TSSOP8                    TMC24A02

TMC24A02 @SOIC8                     TMC24A02 @TSSOP8                    TMC24A04                            TMC24A04 @SOIC8

TMC24A04 @TSSOP8                    TMC24A08                            TMC24A08 @SOIC8                     TMC24A08 @TSSOP8

TMC24A16                            TMC24A16 @SOIC8                     TMC24A16 @TSSOP8                    TMC93LC46(x8)

TMC93LC46(x8)(J,W) @SOIC8 *         TMC93LC46(x8)(K,X) @SOIC8           TMC93LC46(x8)(S,V) @SOIC8           TMC93LC46(x8)(U,Y) @TSOP8

TMC93LC46(x16)                      TMC93LC46(x16)(J,W) @SOIC8 *        TMC93LC46(x16)(K,X) @SOIC8          TMC93LC46(x16)(S,V) @SOIC8

TMC93LC46(x16)(U,Y) @TSOP8          TMC93LC56(x8)                       TMC93LC56(x8)(J,W) @SOIC8 *         TMC93LC56(x8)(K,X) @SOIC8

TMC93LC56(x8)(S,V) @SOIC8           TMC93LC56(x8)(U,Y) @TSOP8           TMC93LC56(x16)                      TMC93LC56(x16)(J,W) @SOIC8 *

TMC93LC56(x16)(K,X) @SOIC8          TMC93LC56(x16)(S,V) @SOIC8          TMC93LC56(x16)(U,Y) @TSOP8          TMC93LC57(x8)

TMC93LC57(x8)(J,W) @SOIC8 *         TMC93LC57(x8)(K,X) @SOIC8           TMC93LC57(x8)(S,V) @SOIC8           TMC93LC57(x8)(U,Y) @TSOP8

TMC93LC57(x16)                      TMC93LC57(x16)(J,W) @SOIC8 *        TMC93LC57(x16)(K,X) @SOIC8          TMC93LC57(x16)(S,V) @SOIC8

TMC93LC57(x16)(U,Y) @TSOP8          TMC93LC66(x8)                       TMC93LC66(x8)(J,W) @SOIC8 *         TMC93LC66(x8)(K,X) @SOIC8

TMC93LC66(x8)(S,V) @SOIC8           TMC93LC66(x8)(U,Y) @TSOP8           TMC93LC66(x16)                      TMC93LC66(x16)(J,W) @SOIC8 *

TMC93LC66(x16)(K,X) @SOIC8          TMC93LC66(x16)(S,V) @SOIC8          TMC93LC66(x16)(U,Y) @TSOP8          TMC93LC86(x8)

TMC93LC86(x8)(J,W) @SOIC8 *         TMC93LC86(x8)(K,X) @SOIC8           TMC93LC86(x8)(S,V) @SOIC8           TMC93LC86(x8)(U,Y) @TSOP8

TMC93LC86(x16)                      TMC93LC86(x16)(J,W) @SOIC8 *        TMC93LC86(x16)(K,X) @SOIC8          TMC93LC86(x16)(S,V) @SOIC8

TMC93LC86(x16)(U,Y) @TSOP8


IC Support: 65 PCS




TC54256AF @DIP28                    TC54256AF @SOIC28                   TC54256AP @DIP28                    TC54256AP @SOIC28

TC57256D @DIP28                     TC57512AD @DIP28                    TC57512AD @PLCC32                   TC58DVM72A1FT00 @TSOP48

TC58DVM82A1FT00 @TSOP48             TC58DVM92A1FTI0 @TSOP48             TC58DVM92A3TA00 @TSOP48             TC58DVM92A5TA10 @TSOP48

TC58DVM92A5TA00 @TSOP48             TC58NVM9S3ETA00 @TSOP48             TC58NVM9S3ETAI0 @TSOP48             TC58DVG02D5TA00 @TSOP48

TC58DVG02D5TAI0 @TSOP48             TC58NVG0S3HTA00 @TSOP48             TC58NVG0S3HTAI0 @TSOP48             TC58NVG1S3ETA00 @TSOP48

TC58NVG1S3ETAI0 @TSOP48             TC58NVG1S3HTA00 @TSOP48             TC58NVG1S3HTAI0 @TSOP48             TH58NVG2S3HTA00 @TSOP48

TH58NVG2S3HTAI0 @TSOP48             TC58NVG2S3ETA00 @TSOP48             TC58NVG2S3ETAI0 @TSOP48             TC58NVG2S0FTA00 @TSOP48

TC58NVG2S0FTAI0 @TSOP48             TC58NVG0S3ETA00 @TSOP48             TC58NVG0S3ETAI0 @TSOP48             TC58NVG0S3AFT05 @TSOP48

TC58NVG0S3ATGL0 @TSOP48             TC58NVG1S3BFT00 @TSOP48             TC58BVG0S3HTA00 @TSOP48             TC58BVG0S3HTAI0 @TSOP48

TC58BVG1S3HTA00 @TSOP48             TC58BVG1S3HTAI0 @TSOP48             TC58BVG2S0HTA00 @TSOP48             TC58BVG2S0HTAI0 @TSOP48

TC58NVG2S0HTA00 @TSOP48             TC58NVG2S0HTAI0 @TSOP48             TH58BVG2S3HTA00 @TSOP48             TH58BVG2S3HTAI0 @TSOP48

TH58BVG3S0HTA00 @TSOP48             TH58BVG3S0HTAI0 @TSOP48             TH58NVG3S0HTA00 @TSOP48             TH58NVG3S0HTAI0 @TSOP48

TC58FVB004 @TSOP40                  TC58FVB008 @TSOP40                  TC58FVB016 @TSOP40                  TC58FVB160 @TSOP48

TC58FVB321 @TSOP48                  TC58FVB400 @TSOP48                  TC58FVB400 @SOP44                   TC58FVB641 @TSOP48

TC58FVB800 @TSOP48                  TC58FVB800 @SOP44                   TC58FVM5B2A @TSOP48                 TC58FVM5T2A @TSOP48

TC58FVM5B3A @TSOP48                 TC58FVM5T3A @TSOP48                 TC58FVM6B2A @TSOP48                 TC58FVM6T2A @TSOP48

TC58FVM6B5B @TSOP48                 TC58FVM6T5B @TSOP48                 TC58FVT004 @TSOP40                  TC58FVT008 @TSOP40

TC58FVT016 @TSOP40                  TC58FVT160 @TSOP48                  TC58FVT321 @TSOP48                  TC58FVT400 @TSOP48

TC58FVT400 @SOP44                   TC58FVT641 @TSOP48                  TC58FVT800 @TSOP48                  TC58FVT800 @SOP44


IC Support: 76 PCS




TU24C01                             TU24C01 @SOIC8                      TU24C01 @TSSOP8                     TU24C02

TU24C02 @SOIC8                      TU24C02 @TSSOP8                     TU24C04                             TU24C04 @SOIC8

TU24C04 @TSSOP8                     TU24C08                             TU24C08 @SOIC8                      TU24C08 @TSSOP8

TU24C16                             TU24C16 @SOIC8                      TU24C16 @TSSOP8                     TU24C32

TU24C32 @SOIC8                      TU24C32 @TSSOP8                     TU24C64                             TU24C64 @SOIC8

TU24C64 @TSSOP8                     TU93C46(x8)                         TU93C46(x8) @SOIC8                  TU93C46(x16)

TU93C46(x16) @SOIC8                 TU93C56(x8)                         TU93C56(x8) @SOIC8                  TU93C56(x16)

TU93C56(x16) @SOIC8                 TU93C66(x8)                         TU93C66(x8) @SOIC8                  TU93C66(x16)

TU93C66(x16) @SOIC8


IC Support: 33 PCS




UG24C01                             UG24C01 @SOIC8                      UG24C01 @TSSOP8                     UG24C02

UG24C02 @SOIC8                      UG24C02 @TSSOP8                     UG24C04                             UG24C04 @SOIC8

UG24C04 @TSSOP8                     UG24C08                             UG24C08 @SOIC8                      UG24C08 @TSSOP8

UG24C16                             UG24C16 @SOIC8                      UG24C16 @TSSOP8                     UG24C32

UG24C32 @SOIC8                      UG24C32 @TSSOP8                     UG24C64                             UG24C64 @SOIC8

UG24C64 @TSSOP8                     UG93C46-A(x8)                       UG93C46-A(x8) @SOIC8                UG93C46-A(x16)

UG93C46-A(x16) @SOIC8               UG93C46-B(x8) @SOIC8                UG93C46-B(x16) @SOIC8               UG93C56-A(x8)

UG93C56-A(x8) @SOIC8                UG93C56-A(x16)                      UG93C56-A(x16) @SOIC8               UG93C56-B(x8) @SOIC8

UG93C56-B(x16) @SOIC8               UG93C66-A(x8)                       UG93C66-A(x8) @SOIC8                UG93C66-A(x16)

UG93C66-A(x16) @SOIC8               UG93C66-B(x8) @SOIC8                UG93C66-B(x16) @SOIC8


IC Support: 39 PCS




W93C46(x8)                          W93C46(x8) @SOIC8                   W93C46(x8) @TSOP8                   W93C46(x16)

W93C46(x16) @SOIC8                  W93C46(x16) @TSOP8                  W93C56(x8)                          W93C56(x8) @SOIC8

W93C56(x8) @TSOP8                   W93C56(x16)                         W93C56(x16) @SOIC8                  W93C56(x16) @TSOP8

W93C66(x8)                          W93C66(x8) @SOIC8                   W93C66(x8) @TSOP8                   W93C66(x16)

W93C66(x16) @SOIC8                  W93C66(x16) @TSOP8                  W93C86(x8)                          W93C86(x8) @SOIC8

W93C86(x8) @TSOP8                   W93C86(x16)                         W93C86(x16) @SOIC8                  W93C86(x16) @TSOP8


IC Support: 24 PCS


[ WED ]


WE128K8                             WE256K8                             WE512K8                             WME128K8

WME128K8 @CSOJ32                    WME128K8 @PLCC32


IC Support: 6 PCS




W24010                              W24020                              W24040                              W24256

W24257A                             W24512                              W2464                               W2465

W25P10 @MLP8                        W25P10 @SOIC8                       W25P16 @MLP8                        W25P16 @SOIC8

W25P16 @SOIC16                      W25P20 @MLP8                        W25P20 @SOIC8                       W25P32 @MLP8

W25P32 @SOIC8                       W25P32 @SOIC16                      W25P40 @MLP8                        W25P40 @SOIC8

W25P64 @MLP8                        W25P64 @SOIC16                      W25P80 @MLP8                        W25P80 @SOIC8

W25Q05CL                            W25Q05CL @WSON8                     W25Q05CL @SOIC8                     W25Q10CL

W25Q10CL @WSON8                     W25Q10CL @SOIC8                     W25Q10EW 1.8V                       W25Q10EW 1.8V @WSON8

W25Q10EW 1.8V @SOIC8                W25Q10EW 1.8V(OTP)                  W25Q10EW 1.8V(OTP) @WSON8           W25Q10EW 1.8V(OTP) @SOIC8

W25Q20CL                            W25Q20CL @WSON8                     W25Q20CL @SOIC8                     W25Q20CL(OTP)

W25Q20CL(OTP) @WSON8                W25Q20CL(OTP) @SOIC8                W25Q20BW 1.8V @SOIC8                W25Q20BW 1.8V @WSON8

W25Q20BW 1.8V(OTP) @SOIC8           W25Q20BW 1.8V(OTP) @WSON8           W25Q20EW 1.8V                       W25Q20EW 1.8V @SOIC8

W25Q20EW 1.8V @WSON8                W25Q20EW 1.8V(OTP)                  W25Q20EW 1.8V(OTP) @SOIC8           W25Q20EW 1.8V(OTP) @WSON8

W25Q40BL                            W25Q40BL @WSON8                     W25Q40BL @SOIC8                     W25Q40BL(OTP)

W25Q40BL(OTP) @WSON8                W25Q40BL(OTP) @SOIC8                W25Q40BV                            W25Q40BV @WSON8

W25Q40BV @SOIC8                     W25Q40BV(OTP)                       W25Q40BV(OTP) @WSON8                W25Q40BV(OTP) @SOIC8

W25Q40BW 1.8V @WSON8                W25Q40BW 1.8V @SOIC8                W25Q40BW 1.8V(OTP) @WSON8           W25Q40BW 1.8V(OTP) @SOIC8

W25Q40CL                            W25Q40CL @SOIC8                     W25Q40CL(OTP)                       W25Q40CL(OTP) @SOIC8

W25Q40EW 1.8V                       W25Q40EW 1.8V @WSON8                W25Q40EW 1.8V @SOIC8                W25Q40EW 1.8V(OTP)

W25Q40EW 1.8V(OTP) @WSON8           W25Q40EW 1.8V(OTP) @SOIC8           W25Q80BL                            W25Q80BL @WSON8

W25Q80BL @SOIC8                     W25Q80BL @SOIC16                    W25Q80BL(OTP)                       W25Q80BL(OTP) @WSON8

W25Q80BL(OTP) @SOIC8                W25Q80BL(OTP) @SOIC16               W25Q80BV                            W25Q80BV @WSON8

W25Q80BV @SOIC8                     W25Q80BV @SOIC16                    W25Q80BV(OTP)                       W25Q80BV(OTP) @WSON8

W25Q80BV(OTP) @SOIC8                W25Q80BV(OTP) @SOIC16               W25Q80BW 1.8V @WSON8                W25Q80BW 1.8V @SOIC8

W25Q80BW 1.8V @SOIC16               W25Q80BW 1.8V(OTP)@WSON8            W25Q80BW 1.8V(OTP)@SOIC8            W25Q80BW 1.8V(OTP)@SOIC16

W25Q80DL @WSON8                     W25Q80DL @SOIC8                     W25Q80DL @SOIC16                    W25Q80DL(OTP) @WSON8

W25Q80DL(OTP) @SOIC8                W25Q80DL(OTP) @SOIC16               W25Q80DV @WSON8                     W25Q80DV @SOIC8

W25Q80DV @SOIC16                    W25Q80DV(OTP) @WSON8                W25Q80DV(OTP) @SOIC8                W25Q80DV(OTP) @SOIC16

W25Q80EW 1.8V @WSON8                W25Q80EW 1.8V @SOIC8                W25Q80EW 1.8V @SOIC16               W25Q80EW 1.8V(OTP)@WSON8

W25Q80EW 1.8V(OTP)@SOIC8            W25Q80EW 1.8V(OTP)@SOIC16           W25Q80JV @WSON8                     W25Q80JV @SOIC8

W25Q80JV @SOIC16                    W25Q80JV(OTP) @WSON8                W25Q80JV(OTP) @SOIC8                W25Q80JV(OTP) @SOIC16

W25Q80JW 1.8V @WSON8                W25Q80JW 1.8V @SOIC8                W25Q80JW 1.8V @SOIC16               W25Q80JW 1.8V(OTP)@WSON8

W25Q80JW 1.8V(OTP)@SOIC8            W25Q80JW 1.8V(OTP)@SOIC16           W25Q16 @MLP8                        W25Q16 @SOIC8

W25Q16 @SOIC16                      W25Q16(OTP) @MLP8                   W25Q16(OTP) @SOIC8                  W25Q16(OTP) @SOIC16

W25Q16BV                            W25Q16BV @WSON8                     W25Q16BV @SOIC8                     W25Q16BV @SOIC16

W25Q16BV(OTP)                       W25Q16BV(OTP) @WSON8                W25Q16BV(OTP) @SOIC8                W25Q16BV(OTP) @SOIC16

W25Q16BW(OTP)                       W25Q16BW(OTP) @WSON8                W25Q16BW(OTP) @SOIC8                W25Q16BW(OTP) @SOIC16

W25Q16CL                            W25Q16CL @WSON8                     W25Q16CL @SOIC8                     W25Q16CL @SOIC16

W25Q16CL(OTP)                       W25Q16CL(OTP) @WSON8                W25Q16CL(OTP) @SOIC8                W25Q16CL(OTP) @SOIC16

W25Q16CV                            W25Q16CV @WSON8                     W25Q16CV @SOIC8                     W25Q16CV @SOIC16

W25Q16CV(OTP)                       W25Q16CV(OTP) @WSON8                W25Q16CV(OTP) @SOIC8                W25Q16CV(OTP) @SOIC16

W25Q16DV                            W25Q16DV @WSON8                     W25Q16DV @SOIC8                     W25Q16DV @SOIC16

W25Q16DV(OTP)                       W25Q16DV(OTP) @WSON8                W25Q16DV(OTP) @SOIC8                W25Q16DV(OTP) @SOIC16

W25Q16DW 1.8V @WSON8                W25Q16DW 1.8V @SOIC8                W25Q16DW 1.8V @SOIC16               W25Q16DW 1.8V(OTP)@WSON8

W25Q16DW 1.8V(OTP)@SOIC8            W25Q16DW 1.8V(OTP)@SOIC16           W25Q16FW 1.8V @WSON8                W25Q16FW 1.8V @SOIC8

W25Q16FW 1.8V @SOIC16               W25Q16FW 1.8V(OTP)@WSON8            W25Q16FW 1.8V(OTP)@SOIC8            W25Q16FW 1.8V(OTP)@SOIC16

W25Q16JV @WSON8                     W25Q16JV @SOIC8                     W25Q16JV @SOIC16                    W25Q16JV(OTP) @WSON8

W25Q16JV(OTP) @SOIC8                W25Q16JV(OTP) @SOIC16               W25Q16V @WSON8                      W25Q16V @SOIC8

W25Q16V @SOIC16                     W25Q16V(OTP) @WSON8                 W25Q16V(OTP) @SOIC8                 W25Q16V(OTP) @SOIC16

W25Q32 @MLP8                        W25Q32 @SOIC16                      W25Q32(OTP) @MLP8                   W25Q32(OTP) @SOIC16

W25Q32BV                            W25Q32BV @WSON8                     W25Q32BV @SOIC8                     W25Q32BV @SOIC16

W25Q32BV(OTP)                       W25Q32BV(OTP) @WSON8                W25Q32BV(OTP) @SOIC8                W25Q32BV(OTP) @SOIC16

W25Q32BW 1.8V                       W25Q32BW 1.8V @WSON8                W25Q32BW 1.8V @SOIC8                W25Q32BW 1.8V @SOIC16

W25Q32BW 1.8V(OTP)                  W25Q32BW 1.8V(OTP)@WSON8            W25Q32BW 1.8V(OTP)@SOIC8            W25Q32BW 1.8V(OTP)@SOIC16

W25Q32DW 1.8V                       W25Q32DW 1.8V @WSON8                W25Q32DW 1.8V @SOIC8                W25Q32DW 1.8V @SOIC16

W25Q32DW 1.8V(OTP)                  W25Q32DW 1.8V(OTP)@WSON8            W25Q32DW 1.8V(OTP)@SOIC8            W25Q32DW 1.8V(OTP)@SOIC16

W25Q32FV                            W25Q32FV @WSON8                     W25Q32FV @SOIC8                     W25Q32FV @SOIC16

W25Q32FV(OTP)                       W25Q32FV(OTP) @WSON8                W25Q32FV(OTP) @SOIC8                W25Q32FV(OTP) @SOIC16

W25Q32FW 1.8V                       W25Q32FW 1.8V @WSON8                W25Q32FW 1.8V @SOIC8                W25Q32FW 1.8V @SOIC16

W25Q32FW 1.8V(OTP)                  W25Q32FW 1.8V(OTP)@WSON8            W25Q32FW 1.8V(OTP)@SOIC8            W25Q32FW 1.8V(OTP)@SOIC16

W25Q32JV                            W25Q32JV @WSON8                     W25Q32JV @SOIC8                     W25Q32JV @SOIC16

W25Q32JV(OTP)                       W25Q32JV(OTP) @WSON8                W25Q32JV(OTP) @SOIC8                W25Q32JV(OTP) @SOIC16

W25Q32V @MLP8                       W25Q32V @SOIC16                     W25Q32V(OTP) @MLP8                  W25Q32V(OTP) @SOIC16

W25Q64BV                            W25Q64BV @WSON8                     W25Q64BV @SOIC8                     W25Q64BV @SOIC16

W25Q64BV(OTP)                       W25Q64BV(OTP) @WSON8                W25Q64BV(OTP) @SOIC8                W25Q64BV(OTP) @SOIC16

W25Q64CV                            W25Q64CV @WSON8                     W25Q64CV @SOIC8                     W25Q64CV @SOIC16

W25Q64CV(OTP)                       W25Q64CV(OTP) @WSON8                W25Q64CV(OTP) @SOIC8                W25Q64CV(OTP) @SOIC16

W25Q64DW 1.8V                       W25Q64DW 1.8V @WSON8                W25Q64DW 1.8V @SOIC8                W25Q64DW 1.8V @SOIC16

W25Q64DW 1.8V(OTP)                  W25Q64DW 1.8V(OTP)@WSON8            W25Q64DW 1.8V(OTP)@SOIC8            W25Q64DW 1.8V(OTP)@SOIC16

W25Q64FV                            W25Q64FV @WSON8                     W25Q64FV @SOIC8                     W25Q64FV @SOIC16

W25Q64FV(OTP)                       W25Q64FV(OTP) @WSON8                W25Q64FV(OTP) @SOIC8                W25Q64FV(OTP) @SOIC16

W25Q64FW 1.8V                       W25Q64FW 1.8V @WSON8                W25Q64FW 1.8V @SOIC8                W25Q64FW 1.8V @SOIC16

W25Q64FW 1.8V(OTP)                  W25Q64FW 1.8V(OTP)@WSON8            W25Q64FW 1.8V(OTP)@SOIC8            W25Q64FW 1.8V(OTP)@SOIC16

W25Q64JV                            W25Q64JV @WSON8                     W25Q64JV @SOIC8                     W25Q64JV @SOIC16

W25Q64JV(OTP)                       W25Q64JV(OTP) @WSON8                W25Q64JV(OTP) @SOIC8                W25Q64JV(OTP) @SOIC16

W25Q128BV @SOIC8                    W25Q128BV @SOIC16                   W25Q128BV(OTP) @SOIC8               W25Q128BV(OTP) @SOIC16

W25Q128FV @SOIC8                    W25Q128FV @SOIC16                   W25Q128FV(OTP) @SOIC8               W25Q128FV(OTP) @SOIC16

W25Q128FW 1.8V @SOIC8               W25Q128FW 1.8V @SOIC16              W25Q128FW 1.8V(OTP)@SOIC8           W25Q128FW 1.8V(OTP)@SOIC16

W25Q128JV @SOIC8                    W25Q128JV @SOIC16                   W25Q128JV(OTP) @SOIC8               W25Q128JV(OTP) @SOIC16

W25Q128JW 1.8V @SOIC8               W25Q128JW 1.8V @SOIC16              W25Q128JW 1.8V(OTP)@SOIC8           W25Q128JW 1.8V(OTP)@SOIC16

W25Q256FV @SOIC8                    W25Q256FV @SOIC16                   W25Q256FV(OTP) @SOIC8               W25Q256FV(OTP) @SOIC16

W25Q256FW(1.8V) @SOIC8              W25Q256FW(1.8V) @SOIC16             W25Q256FW(1.8V)(OTP) @SOIC8         W25Q256FW(1.8V)(OTP) @SOIC16

W25Q256JV @SOIC8                    W25Q256JV @SOIC16                   W25Q256JV(OTP) @SOIC8               W25Q256JV(OTP) @SOIC16

W25Q256JW(1.8V) @SOIC8              W25Q256JW(1.8V) @SOIC16             W25Q256JW(1.8V)(OTP) @SOIC8         W25Q256JW(1.8V)(OTP) @SOIC16

W25X05                              W25X05 @WSON8                       W25X05 @SOIC8                       W25X05CL

W25X05CL @WSON8                     W25X05CL @SOIC8                     W25X10AV                            W25X10AV @WSON8

W25X10AV @SOIC8                     W25X10BL                            W25X10BL @WSON8                     W25X10BL @SOIC8

W25X10BV                            W25X10BV @WSON8                     W25X10BV @SOIC8                     W25X10CL

W25X10CL @WSON8                     W25X10CL @SOIC8                     W25X10L                             W25X10L @WSON8

W25X10L @SOIC8                      W25X10V                             W25X10V @WSON8                      W25X10V @SOIC8

W25X20AL                            W25X20AL @WSON8                     W25X20AL @SOIC8                     W25X20AV

W25X20AV @WSON8                     W25X20AV @SOIC8                     W25X20BL                            W25X20BL @WSON8

W25X20BL @SOIC8                     W25X20BV                            W25X20BV @WSON8                     W25X20BV @SOIC8

W25X20CL                            W25X20CL @WSON8                     W25X20CL @SOIC8                     W25X20L

W25X20L @WSON8                      W25X20L @SOIC8                      W25X20V                             W25X20V @WSON8

W25X20V @SOIC8                      W25X40AL                            W25X40AL @WSON8                     W25X40AL @SOIC8

W25X40AV                            W25X40AV @WSON8                     W25X40AV @SOIC8                     W25X40BL

W25X40BL @WSON8                     W25X40BL @SOIC8                     W25X40BV                            W25X40BV @WSON8

W25X40BV @SOIC8                     W25X40CL                            W25X40CL @WSON8                     W25X40CL @SOIC8

W25X40L                             W25X40L @WSON8                      W25X40L @SOIC8                      W25X40V

W25X40V @WSON8                      W25X40V @SOIC8                      W25X80AL                            W25X80AL @WSON8

W25X80AL @SOIC8                     W25X80AV                            W25X80AV @WSON8                     W25X80AV @SOIC8

W25X80BV                            W25X80BV @WSON8                     W25X80BV @SOIC8                     W25X80L

W25X80L @WSON8                      W25X80L @SOIC8                      W25X80V                             W25X80V @WSON8

W25X80V @SOIC8                      W25X16                              W25X16 @SOIC8                       W25X16 @SOIC16

W25X16AL                            W25X16AL @SOIC8                     W25X16AL @SOIC16                    W25X16AV

W25X16AV @SOIC8                     W25X16AV @SOIC16                    W25X16BV                            W25X16BV @SOIC8

W25X16BV @SOIC16                    W25X16V                             W25X16V @SOIC8                      W25X16V @SOIC16

W25X32                              W25X32 @SOIC8                       W25X32 @SOIC16                      W25X32AV

W25X32AV @SOIC8                     W25X32AV @SOIC16                    W25X32BV                            W25X32BV @SOIC8

W25X32BV @SOIC16                    W25X32V                             W25X32V @SOIC8                      W25X32V @SOIC16

W25X64 @SOIC8                       W25X64 @SOIC16                      W25X64BV @SOIC8                     W25X64BV @SOIC16

W25X64V @SOIC8                      W25X64V @SOIC16                     W27C01                              W27C01 @PLCC32

W27C01 @TSOP32                      W27C010                             W27C010 @PLCC32                     W27C010 @TSOP32

W27C02                              W27C02 @PLCC32                      W27C02 @TSOP32                      W27C020

W27C020 @PLCC32                     W27C020 @TSOP32                     W27C04                              W27C04 @PLCC32

W27C04 @TSOP32                      W27C040                             W27C040 @PLCC32                     W27C040 @TSOP32

W27C257 @DIP28                      W27C257 @PLCC32                     W27C512 @DIP28                      W27C512 @PLCC32

W27E01                              W27E01 @PLCC32                      W27E01 @TSOP32                      W27E010

W27E010 @PLCC32                     W27E010 @TSOP32                     W27E02                              W27E02 @PLCC32

W27E02 @TSOP32                      W27E020                             W27E020 @PLCC32                     W27E020 @TSOP32

W27E040                             W27E040 @PLCC32                     W27E040 @TSOP32                     W27E257 @DIP28

W27E257 @PLCC32                     W27E512 @DIP28                      W27E512 @PLCC32                     W27L01

W27L01 @PLCC32                      W27L01 @TSOP32                      W27L010                             W27L010 @PLCC32

W27L010 @TSOP32                     W27L02                              W27L02 @PLCC32                      W27L02 @TSOP32

W29C010                             W29C010 @PLCC32                     W29C010 @TSOP32                     W29C011

W29C011 @PLCC32                     W29C011 @TSOP32                     W29C020                             W29C020 @PLCC32

W29C020 @TSOP32                     W29C020C                            W29C020C @PLCC32                    W29C020C @TSOP32

W29C022                             W29C022 @PLCC32                     W29C022 @TSOP32                     W29C040

W29C040 @PLCC32                     W29C040 @TSOP32                     W29C042                             W29C042 @PLCC32

W29C042 @TSOP32                     W29C512                             W29C512 @PLCC32                     W29C512 @TSOP32

W29EE010                            W29EE010 @PLCC32                    W29EE010 @TSOP32                    W29EE011

W29EE011 @PLCC32                    W29EE011 @TSOP32                    W29EE012                            W29EE012 @PLCC32

W29EE012 @TSOP32                    W29EE512                            W29EE512 @PLCC32                    W29EE512 @TSOP32

W29N01HVSI  @TSOP48                 W29N01GVSCAA @TSOP48                W29N01GVSIAA @TSOP48                W29N02GVSIAA @TSOP48

W29N02GVSIAF @TSOP48                W29N02KVSIAF @TSOP48                W29N04GVSIAA @TSOP48                W29N08GVSIAA @TSOP48

W29N08GVSIAF @TSOP48                W39F010                             W39F010 @PLCC32                     W39F010 @TSOP32

W39L010 @PLCC32                     W39L010 @TSOP32                     W39L020 @PLCC32                     W39L020 @TSOP32

W39L040 @PLCC32                     W39L040 @TSOP32                     W39L040A                            W39L040AP @PLCC32

W39L040AT @TSOP32                   W39L040AQ @VSOP32                   W39L512 @PLCC32                     W39L512 @TSOP32

W39V040A  @PLCC32                   W39V040A  @TSOP32                   W39V040B  @PLCC32                   W39V040B  @TSOP32

W39V040C  @PLCC32                   W39V040C  @TSOP32                   W39V040FA @PLCC32                   W39V040FA @TSOP32

W39V040FB @PLCC32                   W39V040FB @TSOP32                   W39V040FC @PLCC32                   W39V040FC @TSOP32

W39V080A  @PLCC32                   W39V080A  @TSOP32                   W39V080A  @TSOP40                   W39V080FA @PLCC32

W39V080FA @TSOP32                   W39V080FA @TSOP40                   W49F002                             W49F002 @PLCC32

W49F002 @TSOP32                     W49F002A                            W49F002A @PLCC32                    W49F002A @TSOP32

W49F002B                            W49F002B @PLCC32                    W49F002B @TSOP32                    W49F002U

W49F002U @PLCC32                    W49F002U @TSOP32                    W49F020                             W49F020 @PLCC32

W49F020 @TSOP32                     W49F102Q(10x14mm) @VSOP40           W49F201T @TSOP48                    W49F201S @SOP44

W49L102Q(10x14mm) @VSOP40           W49L201T @TSOP48                    W49L201S @SOP44                     W49V002 @PLCC32

W49V002 @TSOP32                     W49V002A @PLCC32                    W49V002A @TSOP32                    W49V002F @PLCC32

W49V002F @TSOP32                    W49V002FA @PLCC32                   W49V002FA @TSOP32                   W78E51 @DIP40

W78E51 @PLCC44                      W78E51B @DIP40                      W78E51BP @PLCC44                    W78E51C @DIP40

W78E51CP @PLCC44                    W78E52 @DIP40                       W78E52 @PLCC44                      W78E52B @DIP40

W78E52BP @PLCC44                    W78E52C @DIP40                      W78E52CP @PLCC44                    W78E54 @DIP40

W78E54 @PLCC44                      W78E54B @DIP40                      W78E54BP @PLCC44                    W78E54C @DIP40

W78E54CP @PLCC44                    W78E58 @DIP40                       W78E58P @PLCC44


IC Support: 627 PCS




WS24C02                             WS24C02 @SOIC8                      WS24C04                             WS24C04 @SOIC8

WS24C08                             WS24C08 @SOIC8                      WS24C16                             WS24C16 @SOIC8

WS24W04                             WS24W04 @SOIC8                      WS24W08                             WS24W08 @SOIC8

WS24W16                             WS24W16 @SOIC8


IC Support: 14 PCS


[ WSI ]


WS27C010F @DIP32                    WS27C010F @PLCC32                   WS27C010L @DIP32                    WS27C010L @PLCC32

WS27C010L @TSOP32                   WS27C128F @DIP28                    WS27C128F @PLCC32                   WS27C256L @DIP28

WS27C256L @PLCC32                   WS27C512F @DIP28                    WS27C512F @PLCC32                   WS27C512L @DIP28

WS27C512L @PLCC32                   WS27C64 @DIP28                      WS27C64 @PLCC32                     WS57C128FB @DIP28

WS57C128FB @PLCC32                  WS57C256F @DIP28                    WS57C256F @PLCC32


IC Support: 19 PCS




X2402                               X2402 @SOIC8                        X2444                               X2444 @SOIC8

X2444I                              X2444I @SOIC8                       X24C01                              X24C01 @SOIC8

X24C01A                             X24C01A @SOIC8                      X24C02                              X24C02 @SOIC8

X24C04                              X24C04 @SOIC8                       X24C04I                             X24C04I @SOIC8

X24C08                              X24C08 @SOIC8                       X24C08I                             X24C08I @SOIC8

X24C16                              X24C16 @SOIC8                       X24C16I                             X24C16I @SOIC8

X24C44                              X24C44 @SOIC8                       X24C44I                             X24C44I @SOIC8

X24C45                              X24C45 @SOIC8                       X24C45I                             X24C45I @SOIC8

X25010                              X25010 @SOIC8                       X25020                              X25020 @SOIC8

X25040                              X25040 @SOIC8                       X25041                              X25041 @SOIC8

X25043                              X25043 @SOIC8                       X25045                              X25045 @SOIC8

X25080                              X25080 @SOIC8                       X25128                              X25128 @SOIC8

X25160                              X25160 @SOIC8                       X25170                              X25170 @SOIC8

X25320                              X25320 @SOIC8                       X25330                              X25330 @SOIC8

X25640                              X25640 @SOIC8                       X25642                              X25642 @SOIC8

X25650                              X25650 @SOIC8                       X25F008-5                           X25F008-5 @SOIC8

X25F008(1.8v)                       X25F008(1.8v) @SOIC8                X25F016-5                           X25F016-5 @SOIC8

X25F016(1.8v)                       X25F016(1.8v) @SOIC8                X25F032-5                           X25F032-5 @SOIC8

X25F032(1.8v)                       X25F032(1.8v) @SOIC8                X25F064-5                           X25F064-5 @SOIC8

X25F064(1.8v)                       X25F064(1.8v) @SOIC8                X2804A                              X2804AI

X2816A                              X2816B                              X2816C                              X28256

X2864AP                             X28C010                             X28C010 @PLCC32                     X28C010 @TSOP32

X28C64                              X28C64 @PLCC32                      X28C64 @SOIC28                      X28HC64

X28HC64 @PLCC32                     X28HC64 @SOIC28                     X28C64(Non Standard)                X28C64(Non Standard) @PLCC32

X28C64(Non Standard) @SOIC28        X28HC64(Non Standard)               X28HC64(Non Standard) @PLCC32       X28HC64(Non Standard) @SOIC28

X28C256                             X5043                               X5043 @SOIC8                        X5045

X5045 @SOIC8


IC Support: 105 PCS


[ XMC ]


XM25QA64A @SOIC8                    XM25QA64A @WSON8                    XM25QA128A @SOIC8                   XM25QA128A @WSON8

XM25QE16B @SOIC8                    XM25QE16B @USON8                    XM25QE32B @SOIC8                    XM25QE32B @USON8

XM25QH40B @SOIC8                    XM25QH40B @USON8                    XM25QH80B @SOIC8                    XM25QH80B @USON8

XM25QH16B @SOIC8                    XM25QH16B @USON8                    XM25QH16B(OTP) @SOIC8               XM25QH16B(OTP) @USON8

XM25QH16C @SOIC8                    XM25QH16C @USON8                    XM25QH16C(OTP) @SOIC8               XM25QH16C(OTP) @USON8

XM25QH32B @SOIC8                    XM25QH32B @USON8                    XM25QH32B(OTP) @SOIC8               XM25QH32B(OTP) @USON8

XM25QH32C @SOIC8                    XM25QH32C @USON8                    XM25QH32C(OTP) @SOIC8               XM25QH32C(OTP) @USON8

XM25QH64A @SOIC8                    XM25QH64A @WSON8                    XM25QH64B @SOIC8                    XM25QH64B @WSON8

XM25QH64C @SOIC8                    XM25QH64C @USON8                    XM25QH64C(OTP) @SOIC8               XM25QH64C(OTP) @USON8

XM25QH128A @SOIC8                   XM25QH128A @WSON8                   XM25QH128B @SOIC8                   XM25QH128B @WSON8

XM25QH128C @SOIC8                   XM25QH128C @USON8                   XM25QH128C(OTP) @SOIC8              XM25QH128C(OTP) @USON8

XM25QH256B @WSON8                   XM25QH256B @SOIC16                  XM25QW16C @SOIC8                    XM25QW16C @WSON8

XM25QW32C @SOIC8                    XM25QW32C @WSON8                    XM25QW64C @SOIC8                    XM25QW64C @WSON8

XM25QW128C @SOIC8                   XM25QW128C @WSON8


IC Support: 54 PCS


[ XTXtect ]


PN25F04A @SOP8                      PN25F04A @TSSOP8                    PN25F04C @SOP8                      PN25F04C(OTP) @SOP8

PN25F04C @VDFN8                     PN25F04C(OTP) @VDFN8                PN25F08                             PN25F08 @WSON8

PN25F08 @SOIC8                      PN25F08B                            PN25F08B @WSON8                     PN25F08B @SOIC8

PN25F16                             PN25F16 @SOIC8                      PN25F16 @SOIC16                     PN25F16B

PN25F16B @SOIC8                     PN25F16B @SOIC16                    PN25F32                             PN25F32 @SOIC8

PN25F32 @SOIC16                     PN25F32B                            PN25F32B @SOIC8                     PN25F32B @SOIC16

PN25F64                             PN25F64 @SOIC8                      PN25F64 @SOIC16                     PN25F64B

PN25F64B @SOIC8                     PN25F64B @SOIC16                    PN25F128B                           PN25F128B @SOIC8

PN25F128B @SOIC16                   XT25F16(OLD)                        XT25F16(OLD) @SOIC8                 XT25F16(OLD) @SOIC16

XT25F16B(OLD)                       XT25F16B(OLD) @SOIC8                XT25F16B(OLD) @SOIC16               XT25F32(OLD)

XT25F32(OLD) @SOIC8                 XT25F32(OLD) @SOIC16                XT25F32B(OLD)                       XT25F32B(OLD) @SOIC8

XT25F32B(OLD) @SOIC16               XT25F64(OLD)                        XT25F64(OLD) @SOIC8                 XT25F64(OLD) @SOIC16

XT25F64B(OLD)                       XT25F64B(OLD) @SOIC8                XT25F64B(OLD) @SOIC16               XT25F128B(OLD)

XT25F128B(OLD) @SOIC8               XT25F128B(OLD) @SOIC16              XT25F02D @SOP8                      XT25F02D @DFN8

XT25F02D @SOP8                      XT25F02D @DFN8                      XT25F04D @SOP8                      XT25F04D @DFN8

XT25F08B @SOP8                      XT25F08B @DFN8                      XT25F16B @SOP8                      XT25F16B @DFN8

XT25F32B @SOP8                      XT25F32B @DFN8                      XT25F32B @SOP16                     XT25F64B @SOP8

XT25F64B @DFN8                      XT25F64B @SOP16                     XT25F64BB @SOP8                     XT25F128B @SOP8

XT25F128B @DFN8                     XT25F128B @SOP16


IC Support: 74 PCS


[ YMC ]


Y24LC02                             Y24LC02 @SOIC8                      Y24LC02 @TSSOP8                     Y24LC04

Y24LC04 @SOIC8                      Y24LC04 @TSSOP8                     Y24LC08                             Y24LC08 @SOIC8

Y24LC08 @TSSOP8                     Y24LC16                             Y24LC16 @SOIC8                      Y24LC16 @TSSOP8

Y93LC46(x8)                         Y93LC46(x8) @SOIC8                  Y93LC46(x8) @TSOP8                  Y93LC46(x16)

Y93LC46(x16) @SOIC8                 Y93LC46(x16) @TSOP8                 Y93LC56(x8)                         Y93LC56(x8) @SOIC8

Y93LC56(x8) @TSOP8                  Y93LC56(x16)                        Y93LC56(x16) @SOIC8                 Y93LC56(x16) @TSOP8

Y93LC66(x8)                         Y93LC66(x8) @SOIC8                  Y93LC66(x8) @TSOP8                  Y93LC66(x16)

Y93LC66(x16) @SOIC8                 Y93LC66(x16) @TSOP8                 Y93LC76(x8)                         Y93LC76(x8) @SOIC8

Y93LC76(x8) @TSOP8                  Y93LC76(x16)                        Y93LC76(x16) @SOIC8                 Y93LC76(x16) @TSOP8

Y93LC86(x8)                         Y93LC86(x8) @SOIC8                  Y93LC86(x8) @TSOP8                  Y93LC86(x16)

Y93LC86(x16) @SOIC8                 Y93LC86(x16) @TSOP8


IC Support: 42 PCS


[ ZBIT Semi. ]


ZB25D40 @DIP8                       ZB25D40 @WSON8                      ZB25D40 @SOIC8                      ZB25D80 @DIP8

ZB25D80 @WSON8                      ZB25D80 @SOIC8                      ZB25D16 @DIP8                       ZB25D16 @WSON8

ZB25D16 @SOIC8                      ZB25LQ40 1.8V@DIP8                  ZB25LQ40 1.8V@WSON8                 ZB25LQ40 1.8V@SOIC8

ZB25VQ20 @DIP8                      ZB25VQ20 @WSON8                     ZB25VQ20 @SOIC8                     ZB25VQ40 @DIP8

ZB25VQ40 @WSON8                     ZB25VQ40 @SOIC8                     ZB25VQ80 @DIP8                      ZB25VQ80 @WSON8

ZB25VQ80 @SOIC8                     ZB25VQ16 @DIP8                      ZB25VQ16 @WSON8                     ZB25VQ16 @SOIC8

ZB25VQ32 @DIP8                      ZB25VQ32 @WSON8                     ZB25VQ32 @SOIC8                     ZB25VQ64 @DIP8

ZB25VQ64 @WSON8                     ZB25VQ64 @SOIC8                     ZB25VQ128 @DIP8                     ZB25VQ128 @WSON8

ZB25VQ128 @SOIC8                    ZB25LQ40(OTP) 1.8V@DIP8             ZB25LQ40(OTP) 1.8V@WSON8            ZB25LQ40(OTP) 1.8V@SOIC8

ZB25VQ20(OTP) @DIP8                 ZB25VQ20(OTP) @WSON8                ZB25VQ20(OTP) @SOIC8                ZB25VQ40(OTP) @DIP8

ZB25VQ40(OTP) @WSON8                ZB25VQ40(OTP) @SOIC8                ZB25VQ80(OTP) @DIP8                 ZB25VQ80(OTP) @WSON8

ZB25VQ80(OTP) @SOIC8                ZB25VQ16(OTP) @DIP8                 ZB25VQ16(OTP) @WSON8                ZB25VQ16(OTP) @SOIC8

ZB25VQ32(OTP) @DIP8                 ZB25VQ32(OTP) @WSON8                ZB25VQ32(OTP) @SOIC8                ZB25VQ64(OTP) @DIP8

ZB25VQ64(OTP) @WSON8                ZB25VQ64(OTP) @SOIC8                ZB25VQ128(OTP) @DIP8                ZB25VQ128(OTP) @WSON8

ZB25VQ128(OTP) @SOIC8               ZB25WD20 @DIP8                      ZB25WD20 @WSON8                     ZB25WD20 @SOIC8

ZB25WD40 @DIP8                      ZB25WD40 @WSON8                     ZB25WD40 @SOIC8                     ZB25WD80 @DIP8

ZB25WD80 @WSON8                     ZB25WD80 @SOIC8


IC Support: 66 PCS


[ ZEMPRO Elec ]


TS25L512A                           TS25L512A @SOP8                     TS25L010A                           TS25L010A @SOP8

TS25L020A                           TS25L020A @SOP8                     TS25L16AP                           TS25L16AP @SOP8

TS25L16BP                           TS25L16BP @SOP8                     TS25L16P                            TS25L16P @SOP8


IC Support: 12 PCS




LX24C02                             LX24C02 @SOIC8                      LX24C04                             LX24C04 @SOIC8

LX24C08                             LX24C08 @SOIC8                      LX24C16                             LX24C16 @SOIC8

PSU1GA30AT @TSOP48                  PSU1GA30BT @TSOP48                  PSU1GA30HT @TSOP48                  PSU2GA30BT @TSOP48

PSU4GA30BT @TSOP48                  FS33ND01GS108 @TSOP48               FS33ND02GS108 @TSOP48               FS33ND04GS108 @TSOP48

FS33ND02GH208(2048+64) @TSOP48      FS33ND02GH208(2048+128) @TSOP48     MR25H10CD (EVERSPIN) @DFN8


IC Support: 19 PCS


[ Standard SRAM ]


6116                                6164                                61256                               61512

6264                                62256                               62512                               628128

628256                              628512


IC Support: 10 PCS


[ Customize ]


KM-1M (User)


IC Support: 1 PCS


[ Logic Test ]


4000            4001            4002            4007

4008            4009            4010            40106

4011            4012            4013            4015

4016            40161           40162           4017

40174           40175           4018            4019

40193           4020            4022            4023

4024            4025            4026            4027

4028            4029            4030            4031

4034            4040            4041            4042

4043            4044            4048            4049

4050            4051            4052            4053

4060            4063            4066            4067

4068            4069            4070            4071

4072            4073            4075            4076

4077            4078            4081            4082

4085            4093            4099            4501

4503            4506            4510            4511

4512            4514            4515            4516

4518            4519            4520            4529

4531            4532            4539            4543

4555            4556            4572            4584

6821            7400            7401            7402

7403            7404            7405(NonStandard)7405(OC/OD)

7406(NonStandard)7406(OC/OD)     7407(NonStandard)7407(OC/OD)

7408            7409            7410            741035

74107           74109           7411            74112

74113           74114           7412            74123

74125           74126           74128           7413

74132           74133           74136           74137

74138           74139           7414            74140

74145           74147           74148           74149

7415            74150           74151           74153

74154           74155           74156           74157

74158           7416            74160           74161

74162           74163           74164           74165

74166           74168           7417            74173

74174           74175           74177           7418

74181           74182           7419            74190

74191           74192           74193           74194

74195           7420            7421            7422

74237           74238           7424            74240

74241           74242           74243           74244

74245           74248           74249           7425

74250           74251           74253           74257

74258           74259           7426            74260

74266           7427            74273           74279

7428            74280           74283           74290

74292           74293           74294           74298

74299           7430            7432            7433

74322           74347           74348           74354

74356           74365           74366           74367

74368           7437            74373           74374

74375           74377           74378           74379

7438            74386           74390           74393

74395           74399           744053          7440

7442            74445           7445            7447

74490           7450            7451            7452

74533           74534           7454            74LS54

74540           74541           7455            74563

74564           74573           74574           7458

74589           74595           74597           7460

7461            7462            74623           74640

74641           74642           74643           74645

74646           74648           7465            74688

747266          7473            7474            7475

7476            7483            7485            7486

7487            7490            74906           7491

7492            7493            7495            7497

8155            8255            8259            8279

IC Support: 276 PCS



Total: 16723 PCS