How to use EZP2019 Programmer Program PC BIOS Chip

How to use EZP2019 Programmer Program PC BIOS Chip (10)

If you want to use EZP2019 programmer to program PC BIOS chip,it will show you incorrect chip model type.So you need modify your EZP2019 programmer.

Tools you need:

1.Philips screw driver

2.Soldering iron

3.Solder wire

4.Jump wire (any wire will do)




Remove four screws

Solder a jumper wire from GND to pin 4

Making pin 4 directly to GND will make the voltage and current more stabilize while using the test clip.


Pin1 will be the upper left most socket,marked red circle.

Marked X for the lower part as it is not connected.


Insert SOP16/8-DIP8 board for test clip and latch it.

Insert the test clip ribbon connector.

Red wire will be your pin1

BIOS clip pin 1 will always have a dot indicator on it

Red wire on test clip will always be your pin 1 on BIOS clip


After Modification

EZP2019 programmer can identify BIOS model correctly