RT809F Repair Jack Martin TV MX25L3205 Chip by VAG Cable

RT809F programmer support read and write function for some device by VAG cable.So here chipprogrammer.info show you guide on how to use RT809F programmer to read data from Jack Martin TV screen MX25L3205 chip by VAG cable,you don’t need remove chip,it will save you much time.



Power on Jack Martin TV screen,then build connection between TV screen and RT809F programmer by VAG cable.


Note:Please use short VAG cable to connect,if you use long VAG cable will cause communication error,it prompt can not identify chip.

After then run RT809F programmer software on PC

Click “Auto ISP AutoISP” button.

Now here show detail include manufacturers and part number

More chip details show on message information windows

Part number:TSUMV29/39/59

SPI Flash part number:MX25L3205@SOIC..

Wait reading processing

When it done,save bin file on your PC.